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Heineman gives the non-curse toast

We got our little Google reader fired up this morning and caught an Op-Ed in the LJS by Jane Kleeb complaining about the Keystone XL Pipeline developments.
She blathered on about “Lee Terry and his cronies“, about “Terry’s ploy” on the pipe and about “Terry and his henchmen“.
Typical Jane Kleeb liberal red-meat stuff.

And then we searched the byline.
And couldn’t find Jane’s name.
Couldn’t find Ken Haar’s name or even maybe Sean Penn’s name.

No, that is because that little piece of Editorial “journalism” came from the Lincoln Journal Star’s editorial staff itself.

What is a joke is that the LJS somehow is suggesting that the good Democrats in Congress and the White House just want a “process” to work out and that those nasty Republicans are just playing politics.
Which is complete and utter bovine manure.

Every poll shows that Americans want the pipeline to be built.
It benefits America’s energy, America’s economy and America’s jobs.

The radical environmentalists do not want it built at all. The ruse of “oh the Aquifer!” and “oh the Sandhills” was all a setup to stop the pipeline and give the Democrats cover. Which they got.

(FYI, again, the actual scientists who studied it for three years found the original route to be the safest one. And NO OTHER SCIENTIST ever countered that. We note this to counter the LJS’s NON-scientific min-discussion about porous soil and water tables, which was completely refuted by UNL hydrogeologist Dr. Jim Goeke. We are just guessing that the LJS editorialist is not a hydrogeologist who has been drilling wells in Sandhills for 35 years.)

So while we have seen Jane Kleeb Tweeting her Sierra Club talking points all weekend long, we did not realize that LJS would just go and flesh out her Tweets in an editorial.
But isn’t it so much easier to talk about “cronies” and “henchman” than about established science and the fact that the President of the United States is the one who is personally preventing the pipe from being built?

Yes, that is easier for the LJS. Not that we are surprised…


And as we meander over to Don Walton of the LJS’s column, we will just toss in that indeed Don DID just print Jane’s email to him complaining about Lee Terry and the pipeline. See LJS Editorial staff? You CAN just let Jane do it for you!

But Don has a couple of other interesting points.

One is a discussion of voter turnout, and the very recent stance by the Obama campaign that they will/may try to compete for the NE02 Electoral Vote once again.

“Obama for America” tweeted,

“Great news Nebraska! We will be officially opening our OFA-NE headquarters in Omaha March 15th. Stay tuned for details!”

To which NEGOP ED, Jordan McGrain, tweeted back:

“Rematch. Bring it on.”

Now, no one could deny the excitement and enthusiasm for the Obama campaign back in 2008. Why “Hope!” and “Change!” were in the air and the simple idea of an African American president signaled that once in office, everything in America would be awesome.

How is that all working out for you now? Your life better? You job? Your safety as an American on the world stage? Heck, race relations must be just hunky dory now, yeah?

We will wait to see the sort of excitement at the Obamaha HQ this year, but let us just guess that it will be a little more subdued than four years ago.

So is there an equally rabid Romney-Santorum-Paul-Gingrich sect in the Omaha area? Nope, probably not. But here is what there IS: a strong anti-Obama sentiment. We got that from the townhalls held by Senator Mike Johanns recently. Normally these type of events can be a little sleepy or mundane. This year? A fired up audience which has had enough of the President’s policies and overtures and is ready to vote him out.

(Oh and by the way, Walton will likely tell you or hint that these are mostly gun nuts, hillbillies and racists. But you already knew that.)

But do note: the Dems have a potential African American Congressional candidate in Omaha who would likely dovetail nicely with the African American President for Democrat base voter turnout. Yet Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is going to Omaha — to campaign for an Iowa Congressman. And Rep. Lee Terry is not even on their Red-to-Blue list.

We will wait to see the real effort by Obama in Omaha.


Continuing with our picking apart of The Don’s column, note this line:

“Pending in the Legislature is a voter photo ID bill that could result in reduced voting by college students and other youths, low-income Nebraskans, minority citizens and the elderly.”


Back in the 60’s, during the Age of Aquarius and Free Love, voter suppression was a real thing. Votes were stolen and particularly in the south, voters were kept from voting – sometimes by the use of IDs. Of course, that was before the day when you had to show your ID for EVERYTHING.

Want to enter a Federal Courthouse? Show your ID.
Write a check? Show your ID.
Get on an airplane? Show your ID.
Buy a beer? Show your ID.
Enter the country? Show your ID.
Heck, open a bank account? Show your ID.

Is there any part of modern society where you do not have to prove who you are in order to do something based on WHO YOU ARE? And is not voting the ultimate act that is based on proving you are who you say you are? “I have the right to decide who represents me because I live in this district, and can prove this by showing you, lady at the voting polling place table, X document.”

So the Don’s suggestion above that, for instance, college students could not vote because they do not have IDs? Are you kidding? Frankly, they should make college students, who generally have nothing but time on their hands, show three forms of ID just to make sure they are not voting both at home and at school, and to get them out of bed before 10 am.

And minorities? My that is a racist sentiment. Why would minorities have a difficult time getting an ID? That is plainly absurd in 2012.

Low income Nebraskans? Again, we do not see it.

The elderly? Meh. Any elderly person who is voting is more than likely to already have an ID.

But what of those who don’t? The Republicans must be out to screw those people, yeah? (Because that is the not-at-all subtle hint that Don is throwing out: Republicans are pushing through ID plan because it will help them win an election. You know, not because it makes sense to eliminate voter fraud.)

So, under the proposed law, what happens to the ID-less?
Uh, they get mailed a voter-ID card…and can vote.
And if they show up at the poll without an ID or a voter-ID card, they are hauled off to an internment camp surrounded by barbed wire, pitbulls and a moat, right!?!?
No, they get a provisional ballot. (Aww….)

Frankly, the Voter ID complainants remind us of the Pipeline protesters. No science or logic on their side. Big yelling and emotional issue. And one on which the majority of Americans would say, “In 2012, this is basic common sense.

And for you conspiracy theorists, the slippery slope is that the same 80 year old grandmother has to show an ID to buy a bottle of Chardonnay at the grocery store. The ID at the voter booth should have happened a long time ago.


Governor Dave Heineman was at the White House over the weekend, presiding as the head of the Governors’ Association. In that role, he made a toast to President Obama, as follows:

On behalf of the nation’s governors and our guests here tonight, we are delighted to be with you. We appreciate the opportunity to join you and the First Lady.

We look forward to seeing you again tomorrow to discuss the important issues we face as a nation. However, as you said, tonight is an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and to celebrate how fortunate we are to live in the United States of America.

America is the land of opportunity, and each of us are grateful for the opportunity to lead our states. And I can say personally, as a young man growing up in Wahoo, Nebraska, I never dreamed that I’d be here in the White House tonight.

We believe in public service, and Mr. President, we want to thank you and the First Lady for your service to our country. For you and for us, it is an honor and privilege to serve the citizens of this great country.

And now I’d like to propose a toast. Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the nation’s governors, I propose a toast to the President of the United States and the First Lady.

Alas, this will not go down like George Costanza’s famous “curse-toast”, where George was reportedly like a “Red Foxx record”. Now THAT woulda made news…


Hey, and congrats to Nebraskan Alexander Payne for his Oscar (Best Adapted Screenplay) last night.  And kudos on his shoutout to Omaha!

You may remember that Payne wrote and directed the original film on Nebraska politics, “Election”.


  1. ricky says:

    But Mr Sweeper do you know what is really funny? Rep Terry still going on and on about the pipeline when Nebraska already killed it. His bill in Congress will never get by the Senate and everybody knows that. Looks like Rep Terry is just carrying the water for the national GOP which thinks this is an issue that will hurt Mr Obama. But it won’t.
    Also LB 239, a publicity seeking stunt by Senator Janssen egged on by his apparent buddy Kris Kobach of Kansas, won’t pass because most everybody hates that bill too. Or did you miss the lengthy list of organizations that lined up to speak out against voter suppression?

    ricky from omaha

  2. Lucky Ned says:

    You’re right, the Channel 3 interview was a joke. Several Democratic senators, including Mello and Lathrop, are also ALEC members. They must be on the take as well, right?

  3. Brian, I thought the basis for opposing the Iraq war is that Iraq never attacked us and Saddam, while an evil guy, was not responsible for an attack on the U.S.

    So what was the justification for the U.S. going after Gaddafi?

    You’re right, Detroit is back in business…and it only cost us $14 billion to prop them up after years of inferior products.

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