One more time, Bob!

Cosmic Bob

We think Bob Kerrey should run for the United States Senate. In Nebraska. This year.

(We note, “in Nebraska”, because we do not want you to be confused, since Kerrey has lived in New York City for the past 12 years, where he lives with his wife (a former SNL staffer!), and his son, who was born in New York. Also, Kerrey was planning a few years ago to run for Mayor of New York City. And two days ago (2!), joined New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in a plan to reform New York’s campaign finance system. So you would think he would be running for Senate from New York. But you would be wrong. Because he wants to “move back” to Nebraska and run for Senate there. From Nebraska. As a Senator from Nebraska. This will all make sense later.)

As you all know by now, we are patiently waiting for Kerrey to make his decision about whether or not to change his decision, which was to not run, which he made three weeks ago. Three days ago, Kerrey reportedly began talking to Senators, including Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid, that he either “was interested in” or “planned to” change his mind, and run.

Yesterday, Kerrey’s renewed interest in the gig leaked.

As an aside, one Democrat operative told Roll Call,

“True or not, the leak is frustrating and damaging because it takes the control of the message away from the candidate. Apparently, we have a bunch of bozos masquerading as political operatives in D.C. You wonder if they actually wear their clown makeup to the office.”

Well now.

Anyway, back to our support for Kerrey’s Senate run (in Nebraska).

Obviously Kerrey cannot get that bug to run out of his underpants. As summed up in the OWH today, Kerrey likes nothing better than to dither back and forth, in public, about whether or not to run for office. Be it Governor. Or Senator. Or Mayor. Or Senator. Or Senator. It is really awesome for him to think about it, and we imagine, have all sorts of people call up and say, “Bob! Please run! Be our savior! Only you can do it Bob!” And then he puts his chin on his fist and imagines that he is on the Gates of Hell, contemplating it all.

So our hope, by supporting his run, is that he finally gets it out of his system. Oh, we know that he will not really ever get it out of his system. But at least it will put him (and us) at rest for a while. And then we can really dig in.


Because what a Bob Kerrey campaign will do, is allow voters to focus on the two very disparate views of politics these days. There is the generally liberal view of Bob Kerrey. Kerrey’s views are generally much more liberal than, say, Ben Nelson’s, and they will provide a clear contrast for voters. Sure Chuck Hassebrook (remember him?) is a liberal as well, but Democrats will spend much more of their money to focus on Kerrey than they ever would have for Hassebrook (who?).

So Bob Kerrey will argue that not only is he in favor of ObamaCare and that he would have voted for ObamaCare. But he has supported a full-on single payer health care system. Like they have in Europe. Heck don’t take it from us. Kerrey said, straight up, that living in New York’s Greenwich Village has made him more liberal, particularly on the health care issue:

“…the longer I live here, the further to the left I get on health care…”

But that is not the only place where Bob Kerrey pleads his liberal case. Bob Kerrey is also for legalizing partial birth abortion. We will not say he is “for it”. Just that he thinks that the procedure be legal. That is how he voted in the U.S. Senate back when he decided not to face the Nebraska voters again and have to defend that vote.

Oh and Bob Kerrey is also very concerned about Global Warming, and thinks he knows how to fix any global climate change that may or may not (“IS” in his case) be occurring on Earth. He thinks that Cap and Trade, that job killing, economy crushing plan, will turn the climate right around (and economics be damned). Our guess is that he would chalk it up to the “we have to do SOMETHING” way of thinking, but we are happy to let him explain.

And these are only a few of the issues that we are sure Bob Kerrey will want to jump out and discuss. Or at least, we would like to hear him discuss them.

Because we know that Nebraska voters will dismiss these ideas as radical, wrong, out of the mainstream and ultimately destructive to our country.


But what if Kerrey does run, and Nebraskans do decide that Bob Kerrey should get another shot at representing Nebraska (oh sure, his family may be living in New York. Or maybe Virginia. Or possibly the District of Columbia. But we are sure he would occasionally visit Nebraska and talk at a Rotary Club or two. So he would be representing “Nebraska”. In theory.)?

Well, the past month should give you an excellent preview:

You would get an indecisive, with no core principles, unpredictable Bob Kerrey who would have six years to vote however he wanted, with no checks on him at all.

Would he vote in favor of a liberal Supreme Court Justice who was known for legislating from the bench? “No! Wait, yes! Wait, let me think about that. Wait, I just don’t know. Maybe. Ultimately, I don’t know. But no. I mean yes. Let me see what the Majority Leader thinks. They need my vote? Then yes. What was the question?

Imagine President Obama gets re-elected. Do you think a term-limited Obama is going to get more conservative? How about a Bob Kerrey backing him up on whatever new scheme he comes up with to “fix” the economy, or make you buy electric cars, or finally make that plan to make the tides recede. You may only get four more of Obama, but you would have six of Kerrey!


By the way, much discussion has been held within the past 24 hours about whether or not Kerrey was planning this head-fake, post February 15th plan all along, to get Governor Dave Heineman out of the race.

We expressed yesterday, that Kerrey did plan it.  Or at least we suggested it.

Others, including Mike Johanns and NEGOP ED Jordan McGrain do not think Kerrey is that Machiavellian to make such a move. We are not that confident.

But even if Kerrey did “genuinely” quit three weeks ago and then “genuinely” reconsidered last week, it is still all about Dave Heineman for him. He rejected running three weeks ago because he did not know what Heineman would do. And he is considering getting in now because Dave Heineman is not in the race. If Heineman was in, this would not even be a discussion.

You never know what you are going to get with Cosmic Bob, eh? (Everyone chuckling and guffawing and slapping each other on the back!)

Just the quality you want in someone representing you, yeah?


But these are important times we are living in. (Ever hear someone suggest, “The times we are living in? Not that important…“) And with an entrance of Bob Kerrey into the Nebraska Senate race, it will give voters a very clear, well advertised, choice between two very different views of how America should move forward.

So we beseech you, Bob Kerrey. Move back to Nebraska and sell your views (of course you don’t have to “really” move to Nebraska; your family can continue to live in NYC while you campaign in Nebraska for the next nine months; we are just talking about an Omaha mid-town condo). Nebraska voters will be better for it. Republican candidates will be better for it. The local TV stations will be richer for it. And we will have much more to write about…for it.

Everyone wins.

(Except of course, Chuck Hassebrook. You royally screwed him.)


Did you know we wrote about a 2,000 word post yesterday, before the Kerrey news hit the fan? Yeah, we did. Go back and read for a non-Bobified post.

And we will update as we get more info. Though the OWH is reporting that, even though they said Kerrey would make a decision today, now he won’t. (Shocked! Shocked, we are!)


  1. Bam says:

    Remember, folks – this ain’t your grandpa’s Bob Kerrey. There’s no sexy actresses cavorting in the gov’s mansion this time around. There’s no untainted Vietnam war hero. There’s no Nebraska common sensibility. There’s just a grizzled, old, Democratic hack who lusts for the spotlight he used to have. Just sayin.’

  2. BRM says:

    I would call him a d-bag, but that would insult d-bags everywhere.

    God, I wish Nebraska had a practical limit on who could run for office. We could be rid of him and Stenberg in short order.

    We need new blood in the process. Look at how energized the Unicam is now that the same old group of politicos are not fighting it out with Ernie every year.

    The guy moved to New York. He has been there for a long time. He never really cared about being OUR senator and voted against us repeatedly. I wish him well in NY. He should stay there and let them deal with him.

    Oh, and Bam, the absence of sexy actresses means no more embarrassing stories about the cavorting in the public areas of the Gov’s mansion. Really don’t want any more Naked Barbie stories coming out from there.

  3. DEM DEMS says:

    I’m strictly talking Dem Primary here but people on the right are too readily jumping to the conclusion that Kerrey automatically beats Hassebrook in the primary, even despite the name recognition differences. Like SS said, this isn’t your parents’ Bob Kerrey. Does he even have the gusto that supporters and opponents alike are giving him credit for?

    That increased “primary” voter turn-out for Democrats would certainly help other Dem candidates running for other offices (ie: state legislature) is undeniable. If not for this Kerrey waffling, Dems really wouldn’t be showing up for the primary.

    Most everyone I’ve talked to is more upset and miffed by Kerrey’s indecisiveness than excited by it. This could easily give more fuel to the Hassebrook supporters than people think. There are a large number of Nebraska Dems who don’t like that Kerrey is a New Yorker (much like Republicans don’t like it) and in fact, they feel emboldened to support Hassebrook due to his rural background and the latest Kerrey flip-flop.

    My sentiment: I’m rooting for Hassebrook to beat Kerrey in the primary…..and so are many more Nebraska Dems.

  4. Oh Mander says:

    I hear ya, DEM DEMS, but once Kerrey’s announcement is official, I really don’t see a viable path forward for Hassebrook. He has almost no name recognition, and with Kerrey siphoning off well over half of his prospective donors/cash between now and the primary, I don’t see that changing. The deep pockets are going to back Kerrey.

  5. Anonymous says:

    kerrey’s sudden entry in the race shows that Jon Bruning’s has baggage. stenberg is the clear pick if you actually want the GOP to win this seat. bruning has never been tested and he will collapse under the pressure.

  6. BadgerBenson says:

    Anyone else get a kick out of the Jack Heidel ad in the corner across from the Cosmic Bob picture? It’s like we’re watching an episode of Matlock.

  7. DEM DEMS says:

    Anonymous at 2:39 pm

    Wouldn’t that Bruning baggage have been shared with the Hassebrook camp as well? Not sure I agree with your logic re: “that’s why you should vote for Stenberg.”

    I think there will be a strong, anti-Bruning fueled, media campaign over the summer and early fall if he gets past the primary (which is expected), regardless of whether it’s Kerrey or Hassebrook as his opponent. Not to say that guarantees any general election victory, but those resources will be shared nonetheless if Bruning is the GOP’s guy.

  8. Curious George says:

    First, are their any rules on being a resident of a state in order to run for office in that state?

    Second, I don’t think that even if he declared earlier that Gov. Heineman would have jumped in. I would be willing to put money on if Romney wins the nomination that Heineman will be in the cabinent. Possibly Johanns old gig.

  9. Just a Thought says:

    I’m sure New Yorkers would be thrilled if Kerrey were to run and win. That would give them three members in the U.S. Senate, leaving Nebraska with one.

  10. Kortezzi says:

    Maybe painful indecision is a Senators-from-Nebraska thing. I also remember Chuck Hagel’s ridiculous press conference – – where everyone expected him to announce a run for the Presidency – – and he announced that he would have an announcement LATER about whether he would run, or not. The news media people who loved the way Chuck criticized GW Bush turned on Hagel after that stunt. They did not like coming all the way to Omaha from the East Coast just to get punked.

    I sense the irritation at Kerrey’s wishy-washy deliberations is having the same effect now. Oh Mander is probably right that Cosmic Bob’s name recognition would stil easily carry him to victory over Hassebrook in the primary. But it makes him less likely to beat Bruning or Stenberg in the general.

  11. Anonymous says:

    To be clear, while Bob Kerrey is eligible to run for United States Senate, he is ineligible to run for Nebraska State Senate.

  12. Macdaddy says:

    I, too, hope Kerrey runs. The big question is whether he gets Nelson’s cash before or after the primary. I think he’ll need it before. I think Chuckie can take him.

  13. ricky says:

    Cosmic Bob has done himself and the Ne Dems no favors by being so wishy washy. Not too many Donkeys are jumping up and down about Kerrey’s latest PR move.
    That being said, if Kerrey does get in eventually he could beat A G Bruning. But the lukewarm reception by the Dems makes it unlikely Mr Kerrey makes the leap.
    Also before the GOP jumps on Kerrey for being a not-Nebraskan, Mike Johanns must not know much about what it is like being a Nebraskan these days, living in Virginia and who knows how often he comes around here. What a windbag, we don’t think Johann’s has much credibility.

    ricky from omaha

  14. ricky says:

    Also I was in the Legislative Chambers at Omaha City Council today for the Ben Gray ordinance providing GLBT protection from discrimination. For all the bluster the state of Nebraska put on with Sen McCoy’s bill I did not realize that NO recourse exists for GLBT if they are victims of discrimination in the state.
    Mr Gray’s ordinance was #93 up in the agenda (out of 100 agenda items). Too bad the powers that be (Council President Mulligan – against) decided to put it off to the end of the council meeting to blunt a turnout by the motivated young people of Omaha that want this ordinance passed.
    I predict that the G O P money men that back Council Person Stothert will not be enough to get this ordinance squashed. In my mind the message this would send to the young professionals that Omaha is a welcoming place trumps any confusing or un-enforceable issues that the issue might bring up.

    ricky from omaha

  15. Blatt Kinkerton says:

    I heard that channel seven’s news gives you bonus if you have news hair or news sideburns. (Todd Andrews and Ryan Lubbe) hint hint

    Go to Great Clips next weekend. they have a sale that Lee Terry can’t refuse.

  16. Idiot Democrat says:

    For all the bluster the state of Nebraska put on with Sen McCoy’s bill I did not realize that NO recourse exists for GLBT if they are victims of discrimination in the state.
    Mr Gray’s ordinance was #93 up in the agenda (out of 100 agenda items). Too bad the powers that be (Council President Mulligan – against) decided to put it off to the end of the council meeting to blunt a turnout by the motivated young people of Omaha that want this ordinance passed.

    Exactly, Ricky. The government doesn’t tell us enough what to do, what to think, where to smoke (or not), how to run our own business, who to hire, who to fire, etc. Can you imagine what a mess we’d have if the government just allowed people to figure things out on their own? Thank goodness we Democrats know better what’s good for people than they do. Can’t imagine what they’d do without us.

  17. BkDodge42 says:

    Ricky, the location on the agenda for Ben Gray’s proposal had nothing to do with the powers that be, it is on first reading and therefore located in the agenda with all the other ordinances that are on first reading. Next Tuesday, Mar 6 will be the public hearing on the ordinance.

  18. SoWhat??? says:

    I continue to be amazed at the local TV news coverage of Ben Gray’s GLBT/TFU ordinance. They interview some demure very young woman who softly says that without the ordinance she’ll probably have to relocate to a city that is more welcoming to her lifestyle. How will Omaha survive the departure of this English Lit undergrad??? Can’t the local newsies do an on-camera interview with some mid-50s transgendered dude who insists he has a right to work anywhere he wants??? We can thank Mike Fahey for this explosion of “gay rights” activism. He made it a city objective to “build” the homosexual community and gave it official recognition each year with a proclamation on gay pride day. How will Omaha survive the mass departure of all these deviants???

  19. To Ricky says:

    Hey Ricky do you know what Ben Gray’s ordinance will do to the boy scouts? Do you know that they will be labeled as a discriminatory organization? What are your thoughts about this?

  20. Voter who wants choices says:

    Run Bob Run. I will support you because there are no other choices that can do the job as well as you can. Chuck who?
    And speaking of choices…..there was an OWH letter where the writer wanted to vote everyone out of office. Ok, look at who has filed and tomorrow is the deadline. With all the buddy-buddy deals with Douglas Clowndy, how come no one has filed against the incumbents??? And look at the lack of competition, or even NO filings, with the other races? Seems to me there is just a lot of hot air moving through the plains of Nebraska, and it isn’t coming from the sky.

  21. Macdaddy says:

    Kerrey says he’ll have a decision today, Wednesday. But he notes that he has until tomorrow. This guy is a tool. Please run.

  22. Macdaddy says:

    And in the tradition of the Cornhusker Kickback, Kerrey has been working on his very own version that will benefit only him. This guy is all kinds of megalomaniacal.

  23. What makes me chuckle is this…if the Kosmonaut decides to run, the vast majority of Nebraska Dems will rejoice as they’ll now have a big name, big money candidate to put up against Bruning/Stenberg.

    But then Bob will spend the next several months lying to, err, [i]convincing[/i] voters that he’s really a conservative Republican at heart. Hmmm…sounds like another soon-to-be former Nebraska Senator. Strange.

  24. Kerry for NYC Mayor says:

    So now “rock’n Bob” shows up for a high school basketball game with Susie Buffet – the announcer sounds out his name and the OWH just happens to be there to capture the moment? This is exactly what Nebraska needs – another power hungry premadona politician. Didn’t we learn the last time this happened with Hagel? I think Nebraska voters are smart enough the figure this charade out…

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