“Bob Kerrey will run!”

"Yeah, I live in my sister's basement, what of it!"

“Bob Kerrey will run!”

That quote comes from a Tweet from MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell. It makes sense that Kerrey would let the news slip to the national press instead of local press, seeing as Kerrey has not lived in Nebraska for the past 11 years.

O’Donnell goes on to Tweet…

Bob Kerrey is in Nebraska now ready to discuss plans with local media. He will run.


We noted earlier how strange it seemed that Kerrey registered to vote with his sister’s home address. We are told that that is most likely legal, for reasons we can discuss at a later time.

From @danmoser1961

Once a SEAL, always a SEAL, apparently. Ask Chuck Hassebrook, now bleeding out from the knife he just took in the back. #NESEN #Kerrey #fb


Want to know how Paul Johnson will try to sell Kerrey? Gee, is that Kerrey’s Navy SEAL photo on the Kerrey2012.com?

And the quote: “I hope you will join me on this mission.”
Really? That’s what you’re going with, huh? Interesting.

Hey, it is almost as if it is 1982 all over again! Tabula rasa.

And thus Team Kerrey goes with the olllllllld Kerrey logo as well:

Wonder if Kerrey will trot out Debra Winger again, just for old time’s sake.


Report is that Kerrey emailed — EMAILED — an “apology” to NU Regent Chuck Hassebrook, who quit his regent gig to run for Senate based on Kerrey’s promise that he was out of the race.

What Bob? A direct Twitter Direct Message wasn’t available?

@Vote4Chuck Srry bout lying to you b4. Gd lck on the campaign. #suxtobeyou


Your move, Charley Thone. #NESEN


And from the leader of the ultra libs on the web:


So Kerrey has THAT going for him, at least.


Nebraska Right to Life (which supported Ben Nelson in 2006) stated that they will, “vigorously oppose Bob Kerrey’s candidacy for the U.S. Senate,” stating…

During his two terms in the U.S. Senate (1989-2000), Kerrey cast three votes in accord with NRLC’s positions, while he voted against NRLC 70 times, for a career Senate score of 4% (four percent).

Kerrey voted against the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act five times, and for NRLC-scored pro-abortion amendments to the PBABA twice.

In 1999, he voted for the Harkin Amendment to endorse Roe v. Wade (10/21/99).


Deena Winter at Watchdog spoke to Chuck Hassebrook. She confirms that Kerrey..

  • Has not called Chuck Hassebrook
  • Only e-mailed Hassebrook
  • Did not tell Hassebrook that he was running for Senate
  • Did not apologize to Hassebrook for going back on his word

So essentially Kerrey kicked Hassebrook in the nuts and told him “sucks to be you.”

Bob Kerrey 2012 everyone!


Kerrey tells Joe Jordan that he does “not feel personally responsible (to Chuck Hassebrook) for the decision that he made.”

Of course, Hassebrook made that decision — to quit his job as Regent and run for Senate — based on Kerrey TELLING HIM that he was not going to run. Just like Bob Kerrey made his deal with Senator Harry Reid before he decided to run.

We hope Bob Kerrey would be “an adult” if Reid backed out of his deal with Kerrey. But in any case, if elected, any Senator should know that Bob Kerrey may change his mind on a deal if Kerrey’s wife tells him to.

We are waiting to hear from Chuck Hassebrook on whether he still believes that Kerrey is a “man of integrity”.


We will continue to update…


  1. Using your sister's address is legal for voting? says:

    SS: I know you said you will discuss why it is legal later..but, can ANYONE explain to me why it is okay to use someone else’s address to vote, but not for school purposes? Oct 1, 2011 story by Michael Flaherty in the Wall Street Journal talks about parents who go to jail for listing a relatives address as theirs so their kids can go to a better school district. It’s called “The Latest Crime Wave: Sending Your Child to a Better School “

  2. Daniel says:

    Currently the unicameral is having a fierce debate over a law that would require voters to show ID before voting. However, with the recent revelations on Bob Kerry, I would think they need to improve the laws on getting registered to vote in Nebraska. If any person from out of state that has a friend or relative that lives in Nebraska can fly in and use their friend’s address to register to vote what are we inviting to happen here? If any campaign goes down to the wire, a new campaign strategy should be to bus in your friends and relatives and have them register using your address! I have friends that live in Ohio. That state seems to decide the presidential elections; maybe I’ll follow Bob Kerry’s lead and register to vote there.

    Life long Nebraska resident that actually lives here,

    Daniel Thompson

  3. Kortezzi says:

    Look at that sneer of Kerrey’s. He is not the cheerful, young energetic man-of-the-people from the 1980s.

    People who automatically expect Kerrey to win the NE Senate race need to take a good look at how Bob has changed over the years.

    He’s old. He’s grumpy. He’s an elitist who just attended a HS basketball game for show. He’s sarcastic and pessimistic. And he’s drifted further into the liberal camp, while Nebraska has stayed conservative.

    It’s more likely Kerrey and his donors will spend $10 mil. + and lose this race, Kos.

  4. Lil Mac says:

    When you hand it to Kerrey on a silver platter, don’t bitch about him picking it up. His actions in all this were minimally smart. Republicans had the means to make this not happen. Republicans screwed up. Could easily have had a GOP governor and two GOP Senatos. Instead they may have given Senate control to Democrats. How stupid is that?

    The GOP has the cure for America’s ills but they keep swallowing that suppository. Principles are never strong enough to overcome stupidity.

  5. Bob Loblaw says:

    Lil Mac- you are 100% right. The GOP has seemingly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Anybody know any good Nebraska media stocks I could invest in? Think this race may get a LOT more attention and money than we’ve ever seen in Nebraska.

  6. I just got an e-mail from Senator Johanns wherein he states that he is sponsoring an amendment that will “prevent the Administration from forcing religious employers to violate their deeply-held moral beliefs.” Sooooooooo. That raises the question, if you work for a Rastafarian, does that mean the government won’t be able to keep them from providing you with high quality Jamaican ganja?

    Genesis 1: 11-12 Hmmmmmmmm?

  7. Ikon says:

    Let’s chalk it up to Male Menopause, in the case of Kerrey. BTW: I’d take the menopausal Rep before I’d vote for a Major CROOK WANNABEE like AH Jon Bruning!!!

  8. RWP says:

    If Kerrey decided to run while watching the Oscars Sunday night (should be a disqualification right there!), flew to Chicago on Monday, flew here Tuesday, I doubt he had time to go to the election office in NY to revoke his voter registration. Registering to vote in Nebraska while already registered to vote in New York would be a Class IV felony, and his Nebraska registration would be invalid, regardless of where he’s living.

  9. Yeah, RWP. That’s the problem when people go off half-cocked with legislation that appeals to emotional issues for political gain, rather than considering all of the possible repercussions of their actions. It’s like allowing prayer in schools – Satanism IS a religion, and its followers would have the same rights as Evangelicals to publicly invoke THEIR deity at graduations, before basketball games, etc.. Do we REALLY want to go there?
    We’re getting the same baloney in our Legislature with the Voter ID bill. Personally, I could care less if I have to show a photo ID to vote, but the brouhaha that is going on over the issue has more political, than practical, ramifications. You can’t tell me that Nebraska’s lawmakers are REALLY concerned about voter fraud when they’re still allowing us to vote with ESS machines!

  10. ricky says:

    All this fretting on LWS and hand wringing about the ethics r e, Bob Kerrey. Get over it.
    Much of the angst from the G O P is realization that against AG Jon Bruning, Kerrey looks like as good of a politician as LBJ was.
    Feel bad for Mr Hassebrook, but it’s not like he is out of a job, he can go back to the CFRA. And as for the Regent gig, 16 years is probably enough, and besides, everybody knows Tom Osborne and the Athletic Department run the University.
    AG Bruning in the Senate would be embarrassing for Nebraska. While I no doubt think there are a lot of has beens in the US Senate, at least AG Bruning won’t be able to represent Nebraska, so look on the good side my fellow Nebraskans.

    ricky from omaha

  11. ricky says:

    Oh and I agree with Lil Mac; Blame this on the Nebraska G O P. Had Gov. Heineman ran for the Senate, both Senators from Nebraska would have been Republican, Lt Gov Sheehy would have taken over as Gov, and the U S Senate might have gone to the G O P.
    Now, especially with Senator Snowe retiring and Cosmic Bob the favorite to win in NE, the blame is on the Nebraska Repubs, not a carpetbagger from NYC.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Bob Kerrey and his stocking cap can have their pick of any number of unoccupied tents down on Centennial Mall in Lincoln. There’s even extras for his wife and kid on the weekends.

  13. Anonymous too says:

    Bruning’s lead will only get stronger as Nebraskans are inundated with the liberal messages BK has shared throughout his years in NYC. His pro-regulation, pro ObamaCare, pro abortion platform will not resonate with the Midwest voter. He has already shown himself to be an untrustworthy ally for his fellow Dems and begins the race with back room dealing. In a state where people still respect a man’s word and believe a handshake is bond, BK looks like a snake.

  14. Some Thoughts says:

    Well, if I could vote in the Dem primary I’d vote for Hassebrook, just because of what went down here. I still think Hassebrook is a really good guy and if I ran the world it would be Hassebrook vs. Deb Fischer in the Senate race, because then either way I would feel good about having a competent, trustworthy representative. As you can see, there’s little hope for someone like me!

    You guys had better start arguing against Kerrey’s record, though. The “legal eagle” stuff about his voter registration isn’t going to cut it. This is what happens when kids play too much D&D early on. I’ve seen it many times.

  15. Anonymous says:

    This is all giving me a flashback of Jessie Rasmussen when she was in the Legislature. E-gads I hope she doesn’t go on the campaign trail with him.

  16. Macdaddy says:

    Kerrey used his sister’s address because you can’t register to vote in a van down by the river, which, for all we know, is where Kerrey stays when he deigns to drop by the state.

  17. Warren's daughter's paper says:

    OMG !!! the top video of the day on Omaha.com is Susie Buffett and Bob Kerrey at the Central game. BARF!!! Their goes my subscription. How much you want to bet they endorse Kerrey?

  18. Anonymous says:

    This is just a ploy to help Obama. Without a heavy hitter, even if a loser, like Kerry there would be a pretty low turnout and that would hurt King Barry. So now there will be big numbers for the elections, which will help in down ballot races too. Again this isn’t about Kerry winning as much as it is about turning out the lethargic Dem Base.

    So, now the GOP needs to get their base active.

  19. Dennis says:

    The Nebraska Republicans are complaining about Kerrey’s entry into the race because they know Jon Bruning can’t beat him. For a few days the GOP was giddy over the prospect of picking up Ben Nelson’s Senate seat. With Kerrey’s entry into the race, those hopes are now dashed and the GOP is whining like a bunch of spoiled children.

  20. Macdaddy says:

    Dennis, we aren’t complaining, just batting around some ad ideas that will be devastating to the Prevaricator-on-the-Hudson. BTW, the Hudson is a river in New York, where Kerrey and his family currently live.

  21. TexasAnnie says:

    I regret that all Nebraska candidates for U.S. Senate neglect a pivotal value I hold dear: tax justice!
    So whomever y’all elect, I probably won’t like it.

    And hey, BobsSistersSofa: I remember Dave Maurstad too. Wasn’t he banished after having an affair with another legislator? What made you think of him?

  22. SoWhat??? says:

    Here’s why Bob Kerry is running. You’ve got a 68 year old guy who is unemployed with a huge ego that is staring rapidly approaching old age and complete irrelevance straight in the face. He sees one last shot at the brass ring of public relevance and he jumps at it. He’s even willing to sacrifice his marriage and family life for that one last ego boost and the excitement of a campaign. He still loses in the end and then retires to well-deserved anonymity back in his beloved New York City…as the tired old ex-officeholder who didn’t know when to quit while he was ahead.

  23. Voter who wants choices says:

    If anyone saw Hasslebrook on the news last night, would you REALLY want him representing NE in DC?? I know we shouldn’t pick our candidates on their looks/presentation, but his body language told more of a story than his whining about being a potential loser. Now taking two simple facts: Lawyer vs. Medal of Honor Recipient, and my vote – just on those two facts – goes to the Honorable Senator Kerrey. If we add in everything else Mr. Kerrey has accomplished in his life, then the decision should become obvious.

  24. How shallow can you possibly be, Voter @9:09? If we went with your criteria of candidate choices, only beauty contest winners would be eligible. That would surely leave both you and I out of the running. Hell, you’re so ashamed of your own appearance and body language that you even sign your opinions anonymously. I guess that should tell you how much consideration your opinions are worth.

  25. BobsSistersSofa says:

    To MacDaddy: I am way more comfortable than a “van down by the river”. I take offense to your assertion.

  26. Kerry for NYC Mayor says:

    Loved the video with Joe Jordan. Kerrey – asked Joe if he ever parachutes (ya Bob – big past time in Nebraska) and then comments how we went to parachute training school in the Army…reminds me of another Kerry who loves to remind every voter that he served his country. Then is body language in response to mildly tough questions was very telling…very telling.

    There is a good deal of new voters who do not know who this guy is and there are a number of 501c3’s just lining up to help – using Kerrey’s one words, quotes and actions to help build a picture. This guy is toast and I can’t wait to watch his TV ads selling him a a son of Nebraska while others use his recent past, quotes and actions to tell Nebraska just how out of touch this guy is with them.

    Kerrey would have been smart to follow Hillary’s example: Move from a conservative state to a liberal bastion and have all the mindless liberals vote you into the senate. The only difference is that Kerrey was already a long-time resident of NYC.

  27. Macdaddy says:

    Kerrey obviously loves parachuting. Especially parachuting in to run for office. Question for the former Senator: if Hassebrook cleans your clock in May, how long are you planning on staying in Nebraska before moving back to NYC? A month? A week? First plane out?

  28. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t say the NEGOP is responsible. The NEGOP had nothing to offer Heineman that could counter the risk he would incur by being required to file earlier than Kerrey. GOP US Senate leaders, however, have a vested interest in keeping the Senate in GOP hands and the ability to incentivize-balance such risks as DH encountered. If the Senate ends up in Dem hands because of BK, then that was avoidable, in my opinion, if GOP Senate leaders had done their job. But that is history.

    Now, with Kerrey in it, we enter a crazy phase where those who donated to Hassebrook or Bruning, etc, frantically look for assurances that they haven’t wasted their time and money. Kerrey’s entry hurts them. Of course they whine. We all cry out when in pain. But make no mistake; most NE voters are far less focused, and it is delusional to think BK’s background (MOH, NE Gov, Sen) isn’t a game changer.

    He had 16 years as NE Gov/Sen. He is a carpet bagger to Republicans but he is coming out of political retirement to others. I am not saying this is good. I’m just trying to see where the facts point. Nebraska voters have elected and reelected this guy knowing he’s a liberal. So the writing seems pretty clear.

  29. RWP says:

    The last election Kerrey won in Nebraska was in 1994, against Jan Stoney, a retired businesswoman with no political resume. Previously he beat David Karnes, an appointee with no record of elective office. He hasn’t won an election in Nebraska in 18 years, and arguably the only tough election contest he’s ever faced was against Charlie Thone, almost 30 years ago. In the meantime he’s accumulated a lifetime of dumb statements and left-leaning votes.

    I see him as eminently beatable.

  30. Macdaddy says:

    I agree, RWP. For me this is just all kinds of great entertainment. I just wish I was in the media bidness. There’s money to be made out yonder.

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