Who is on Team Kerrey?

New Yorker, Bob Kerrey

We have no idea what Bob Kerrey will ultimately say today (or potentially tomorrow?) about running for the U.S. Senate.

But we have our suspicions.

For one, he was at the Omaha Central High School basketball game (vs Kearney) last night, with Warren Buffett’s daughter Susie. Because Bob can’t get enough quality high school basketball at his home in New York City? Because (private school) Omaha Creighton Prep, where he sent his older son, wasn’t playing that night? Because he and Susie couldn’t get a table at the Dundee Dell?

No, because Bob wanted to look like “The Man of the People”, out with the other parents at a high school basketball game. Oh, and someone told the P.A. guy, who announced and recognized Kerrey at halftime. Gee, wonder who passed his name along. Bob probably just wanted to be anonymous there!

So, as we expect Kerrey to announce that he changed his mind and is going to “move” himself (though not his family) to Nebraska to run for Senate, we ask, Who is supporting New Yorker, Bob Kerrey in a Senate run?

Well, it looks like Nevada’s Harry Reid is behind him. He said he has had “lots” of calls with Bob Kerrey over the past few weeks. (Wonder how many calls Kerrey has had with Chuck Hassebrook.) And Delaware’s Tom Carper (jokingly) said he would give up his committee seat for Kerrey (if he won). And apparently a dozen other Senate Democrats are encouraging him to run.

But here is a list of NEBRASKA Democrats who are NOT behind Kerrey:

  • Nebraska Regent, Chuck Hassebrook, whom just three weeks ago, Kerrey had told he would give his full support. Hassebrook has even taken to the YouTubes to let Nebraskans know that the man from Lyons, Nebraska will not be bullied out by the guy who considered running for Mayor of New York, New York.
  • Nebraska Democrat Comitteeman, Vince Powers, who committed to Hassebrook, and is going to honor that commitment. (You know, unlike Kerrey.)
  • Nebraska Democrat Chairman of County Chairs, Bud Pettigrew. As quoted in Politico, Pettigrew said that if Kerrey runs, he didn’t think there’d be a lot of happy people.
  • Democrat Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle. Not certain about this one, but Suttle has apparently told Hassebrook he would stand by his endorsement.  (Again, the opposite of what Kerrey did.)

And who does Kerrey apparently have on his side, besides all of these Nevadans, Delawarians, and of course Louisianan, manager Paul Johnson?

Well, apparently Susie Buffett. So while Kerrey may not have “the 99%” on his side, he does have the top 1000th of the 1%.

That’s probably good for a check.

We will see you on the other side…

**UPDATE 9:55am**

A Tweet from OWH’s Robynn Tysver:

Kerrey registered, using his sister’s home in west Omaha, according to Dave Phipps, Douglas County Election Commissioner

We thought Kerrey was buying a home in Omaha! You know, to live in Nebraska.

Does this mean if we stay at a cousin’s apartment in Mississippi, we can vote and run for Congress there?

My oh my, does that  have a whiff of a court challenge.

**UPDATE 10:15am**

We are no legal experts, but this from the Nebraska Secretary of State’s website:

To register to vote in Nebraska your (sic) must:

  • Be a United States Citizen;
  • Be at least 18 years of age on or before the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November;
  • Live in the State of Nebraska;
  • Have not been convicted of a felony, or if convicted, at least two years have passed since the completion of your sentence for the felony including any parole term;
  • Have not been officially found to be mentally incompetent.

Is there some misunderstanding of the plain meaning there? Did Bob Kerrey just lie to the Douglas County Election Commissioner? (And can Chuck Hassebrook now commiserate with Dave Phipps?)


  1. Scout says:

    Vince powers was never chair fo the Democratic Party. Bud is a nut. Lovable, but a nut. Under the ruels, there is no such thing as the Chair of County Chairs. Each personally made a committment. The party does not endorse in primaries.

  2. Bud says:

    You might contact me first to see whose side I am on or not. I was misquoted in the Politico. You Republicans need to worry about your WEAK Senate and Presidential candidates and don’t worry so much about the GOOD guys. i have not written on this blog in months because it is a waste of time. But thought you might like this information.

  3. DEM DEMS says:

    The money support will be there for Kerrey, but I’m not sure the hardcore Dem support will be there. Many people are upset about this flip-flop.

    …but did anyone else here Hassebrook on KLIN yesterday say that he’s already raised into the 6 figures in only 14 days (including commitments of course, so who knows)? If true, whoa.

    A contested primary is actually a good thing for all the Dem candidates running in other races, especially in the state legislative races.

  4. Resume on Committeman Powers, updated.
    Bud! If you were misquoted by Politico, here is your opportunity to correct said quote. And it doesn’t look like you stated who you ARE supporting. You can guarantee that inquiring minds would like to know.
    Republicans aren’t worried about any of their candidates. But a good campaign always scouts the opposition. Hey look, at least now if Kerrey gets in, Nebraska Democrats will have a choice between an actual Nebraskan, or nominating a potential third Senator for New York. Heck, since they had to settle for Bobby Kennedy and Hillary Clinton, they deserve to get an extra for themselves, right!?

  5. Anonymous says:

    The GOP calls Senator Kerrey a carpet bagger because he has lived in New York. Yet they have no problem with Spencer Zimmerman who on the Nebraska State Dept. web site says his mailing address is 6403 Crestwood Cir.
    McFarland, WI 53558- What is that H word for Republicans? PS. Bobby Kennedy gave his life for his country while running for President. Bob Kerrey almost lost his life for his country.

  6. Bud says:

    I would appreciate you taking my name down on who I am supporting or not supporting. I will make that decision when I know who is all running for the office . Right now I believe we have some outstanding candidates running to be a US Senator. It shows how WEAK the GOP is in Nebraska that they have to attack democrats who may or may not be running, before they even know which one of their bad candidates gets to loose in November. Now we had a huge blizzard here in Valentine my break is over and I have more snow to push. take care.

  7. 9:43

    We will not stand for Spencer Zimmerman bashing here on Leavenworth Street! Zimmerman is a proud United States Veteran, and has chosen to commit himself to serve his country, and has offered his services to Nebraska. We can guarantee that if Zimmerman is elected, he will do stuff, and vote on stuff and maybe take part in the Nebraska breakfasts. Take it all back!!!

    Oh, and awesome non-sequiturs on Kennedy and Kerrey. (And what, no defense of Hillary?) Totally relevant to the question of carpetbagging. Sure we won’t see Kerrey’s medals brought up again…

  8. Dem on Dem Crime says:

    Word on the streets is Democrat sacrificial lamb-hopeful John Ewing is in deep with Kerrey, too, and has been in the know on this lie for a good long while. It’s a crystal clear display of the unrivaled arrogance and staggering dishonesty of Nebraska Democrats that they’re all standing around patting each other on the back gushing over the return of their vapid savior, while completely ignoring the fact that said savior (and surrogates, to the extent they knew/were involved in the scam) lied through his soy latte-stained teeth to members of his party, the local press, and the people of Nebraska because he was afraid of what Republicans could throw at him.

  9. RWP says:

    Did Bob Kerrey de-register in NY before he registered in Nebraska? And, since my sister lives in London, can I vote for Mayor there?

    I think you’re being churlish, Sweep. New York is the third most populous state in the country. It’s an honor for Nebraska to be given the option of choosing their third senator.

  10. DEM DEMS says:

    Kerrey stealing a page out of the Brent Smoyer playbook I see. Claiming to live in a district/state while claiming to crash on someone’s couch. Love it.

    Hassebrook has a chance in this primary. Mark our words.

  11. JJ says:

    Mike Royko summed up Kerrey pretty well during the ’92 Presidential Campaign when he said, “take away his medal, and give him back his leg and he has nothing.”

  12. anon says:

    Wow, there is a lot of Republican fear of Kerrey. Don’t worry though. Now that Snowe is retiring, the pressure from national Dems for Kerrey to run may subside.

  13. Kortezzi says:

    Omaha’s daily newspaper just ran a story that Kerrey registered to vote at the Douglas County Election Commissioner’s office this morning, and he listed his sister’s home in West Omaha as his residence.
    What do you suppose Cosmic Bob will pay his sister for rent? Will he cough up for 1/2 of the utilities? Will he get a NE driver’s license? Will he register a car in Nebraska, or borrow his sister’s wheels? Or get a loaner Prius from Susie Buffett?

  14. RWP says:

    More on residence for registration purposes (from the SoS webpage)

    By law, your residence is that place at which you have established a home, where you are habitually present, and to which, when you depart, you intend to return.

    Doesn’t seem to me that an overnight crash at your sister’s place counts. Definitely some space for a lawsuit here.

  15. Oh Mander says:

    Might be time to up the Xanny dosage, SS. I haven’t seen you this riled up since Jane Kleeb wore that FFA jacket. I am going to go out on a limb and assume that Bob wouldn’t do what he’s doing unless multiple high-priced attorneys and/or election officials convinced him that he would be able to meet all of the legal requirements for a Senate run in Nebraska. A bunch of amateurs crying foul doesn’t mean a whole lot right now. Deep breaths everyone…

  16. Bob Kerrey says:

    I’m only staying at my sisters crib until they get my tent set up at that bridge they named after me. I plan to set up the tent right at that nice Nebraska/Iowa line on the bridge, so I can stay as close as I can to my Greenwich Village home.

  17. Omaha Native says:

    To Bud, nice grammar. I believe “lose” rather than “loose” is more appropriate in your last post. And by the way, fill me in on how many statewide office holders do the dems currently hold besides Sen Nelson? We will anxiously be waiting for your response. Hint: ZERO.

  18. RWP says:

    As of today, according to the NY State Voter Registration website, Joseph Robert Kerrey of 278 West 4 St, NY, NY 10014, born August 27 1943, is registered to vote as a Democrat in the state of New York. Significance?

    Nebraska Revised Statutes 32-1503. Registration of voters; prohibited acts; penalty.
    Any person who…(3) knowingly or fraudulently registers in two election districts, (4) having registered in one district, fraudulently attempts or offers to register at any other election district in which he or she does not have a lawful right to register… shall be guilty of a Class IV felony.

  19. Macdaddy says:

    You idiot rubes. Rules are there only to keep Republicans from carrying out their nefarious schemes. Rules were not meant to keep Democrats from holding onto power for the advancement of Goodness and Light.

  20. Whatever says:

    First off, Article 1, Section 3 of the US Constitution lays out requirements for being eligible to run for Senate: “No Person shall be a Senator who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty Years, and been nine Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State for which he shall be chosen.” In other words, on election day he has to be a resident. Mike Johanns announced his run and didn’t established residence until he bought an Omaha condo 3 months after he began his run for Senate. His wife never moved from Arlington, and his Arlington home has continued to be his home before and since. Kerrey can establish a residence with family while he gets a home if he wants. Nothing says he can’t.

    And Bud, I don’t think you were misquoted. You grabbed the spotlight and your ego inflated because you got called by Politico. This is why you should say “no comment” and refer to the party for any comments. You’re an idiot.

    Personally I don’t care which Dem wins, but both are far better than the current batch of Republicans.

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