The campaigns roll on

Jon Bruning has a new ad up — in response to the Bob Kerrey candidacy for the U.S. Senate. See it here:

Bruning is jumping out early to define Bob Kerrey on the terms that voters seem to actually care about these days: How they’ll vote in the Senate.

We look forward to seeing how the Kerrey camp plans to (re)introduce New Yorker Kerrey to Nebraskans.


Not to be outdone, South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund puts up a vid for Don Stenberg. See it here:


We hoped to update more this afternoon, but it just does not look like it’s going to happen.

In the mean time open forum in the Comments section to discuss Nebraska and national politics (like you didn’t treat it that way anyway). Keep it clean and civil, please.

And also feel free to discuss any of the Unicameral races, and new Congressional candidates.

We will do our best to hit that subject next week.


And Go Jays!!!


  1. Guy in the Stenberg ad says:

    I am NOT from Nebraska. I’m probably from somewhere around Philly. Or maybe mid/up-state New York. But NOT Nebraska.

  2. RWP says:

    Somewhere in the midwest; r’s are too strong and vowels not nasal enough for New York or Philly. Listen to Jim Cramer if you want Philly. But likely not Nebraska or Iowa, and definitely not Minnesota or Wisconsin.

  3. C3PO says:

    Using my vast knowledge and being fluent over six million forms of communication, I believe the gentleman is from Central Ohio.

  4. Anonymous says:

    We cannot allow Bruning to be the nominee. The Democrats have the goods on him. They are quietly waiting for Bruning to win the primary and then roll out the real dirt on him.

  5. Anon says:

    Anonymous 9:52 AM. Nice FUD. I’m bet your just a Democrat that afraid of running against Jon Bruning. He’s clearly the front runner and has a strong organization to take it to November.

  6. Guy in the Stenberg ad says:

    Getting warmer.

    Frankly, I don’t even know where Nebraska is. (Next to Texas, right?) Some clown with a South Carolina accent and a flip cam came up to me with a check and a flannel shirt, stuck me in this diner in Fairfax, Virginia, and handed me a script.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It’s all about turning out the Dem vote in the 2nd CD so Obama can win the electoral vote.

    It reminds me of the picture of a line of fish where they are all in a line and waiting to eat the one in front of them. The wee fish up front are the Dem’s thinking they are going to take out Terry. Then you have Kerry thinking he is going to take out Bruning. Finally you have Obama Taking out Kerry.

    Each level telling the next down on the ballot “… no really you can with this race and I’m right behind you……” Sucker. Poor old Chuck wasn’t going to bring out the Dem base and Obama knew it. So he baits Kerry into the race not really caring if Kerry wins or not, just wants the votes. Kerry is thinking okay I get to be somewhat relevant again, even if only for a few months, and gets a golden parachute for trying.

    Oh and the D’s think by having as many races as they can contested they will drain the money out of the system, but they are of wrong again. Sure there will be some casualties along the way but in the end the 2nd won’t go to Obama, Kerry will not have won, and the other two GOP held seats will stay in GOP hands. At the state level is where you may see some bleeding, but then again it may be the D’s who end up with a few less in the Legislature.

    It will be interesting to watch it unfold.

  8. Anonymostly says:

    I agree with the anonymous who says the Dems have (or think they have) the goods on Bruning. I’ve heard wind of some unpleasantries. It’ll be interesting to see if any of it sticks. They need to remember that when you go flinging feces around, you end up getting a lot of it on you.

  9. @ Pinkerton says:

    So based on your avatar I assume that anything you post on here represents not only your opinions but also those of the Nebraska Young Republicans, right?

  10. YRs for Bonnett says:

    If Osborne endorsed a candidate with UNL letter head dont you think he would get reprimanded? It amazes me that the YRs have a chair that has such a lapse in critical thinking skills

  11. Nice try Stenberg trolls says:

    Bruning’s only been in the public eye since 1995, and every year the dems love to crow about how they are going to get him, and every election he keeps winning. With a 30 point lead in the primary and a 10-1 money advantage, it’s hard to bet against him. And by the way, have you seen him on the stump?

  12. Bob Loblaw says:

    I’m just a regular Nebraskan like you. I like to eat at Ranzas and Valentines pizza just like everyone else. I can remember growing up and going to Penny Park and my dad taking me to AK-Ben-Sar race track. Vote for Dan Steinberg!!

  13. Folks,
    We hoped to update more this afternoon, but it just does not look like it’s going to happen.
    In the mean time open forum to discuss Nebraska and national politics (like you didn’t treat it that way anyway). Keep it clean and civil, please.
    And also feel free to discuss any of the Unicameral races, and new Congressional candidates.
    We will do our best to hit that subject next week.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of Legislative races, the libs worked overtime to be sure. The only problem is there is going to be a lot of focus on how union dues are being poured into political races. It is really going to be a campaign issue for the GOP. The working, dues paying members are tired of seeing all their mandatory dues being used for the trash being mailed out. Will be interesting to see how much the unions, NSEA etc., put into the races. And then see how much they complain about lagging memberships.

  15. Good job, Scott Peterson! says:

    No Republican candidate for Douglas County Clerk. No Republican candidates for County Board in the Boyle, Rodgers and Kraft seats. No Republican candidate for Public Defender.

    Impressive job of candidate recruitment, Scott.

  16. Chris Link says:

    “We cannot allow Bruning to be the nominee. The Democrats have the goods on him. They are quietly waiting for Bruning to win the primary and then roll out the real dirt on him.”

    If this is such common knowledge, why don’t his primary opponents bring any of this?

  17. Macdaddy says:

    According to the OWH, Kerrey moved into a friend’s guesthouse. Is he paying rent? If not, I think that would constitute a campaign contribution on the part of the friend. Ah, but then rules are for the little people.

  18. Anonymous says:

    It’s been an exciting week here in the Neb. Uncle Bob has graced us with his presence and promised us his campaign begins next week. He’s probably stocking up right now at the only Western Outfitters’ store in NYC so he can be properly attired for walking through manure-filled cattle lots with Jane shadowing his every move. She has to deliver all those independent, youth, populist votes after all.

  19. Kortezzi says:

    Wonder if Gov Dave’s tax cut plan has much of a chance.
    The revenue forecast isn’t making his allies in the Legislature inclined to go along.
    But a compromise deal would hardly be worth doing at all. Heineman’s proposal to cut the top rate from 6.84% to 6.7% is already just a baby step in the right direction.

    The conservatives in the Legislature better start looking NOW for spending cuts to make the Governor’s tax proposal viable. Because once Ernie Chambers gets his seat back, he’ll find ways to block any kind of tax cut.

  20. Some Thoughts says:

    What chance do you think Brenda Council has of beating Ernie? Not a rhetorical question. I really don’t know.

  21. LOL DCRP says:

    The most notable story stemming from filing day can be gleaned from the OWH’s consolidated summary of who filed for what office. Frankly, the Douglas County GOP ought to be ashamed. That so many Democrats are going unchallenged is a testament to the apparent recruitment ineptitude of the DCRP.

    But a quick run around the DCRP’s website and its surrogates’ various homes on the web clarifies why what should be a meaningful organization manages to accomplish so little in terms of candidate recruitment (much less election). Most of what they’re focusing on are NATIONAL agenda items (Obama this BOO! :(, Obama that BOO! :(, Eric Cantor did this YAY! :), Boehner did that YAY! :(, Fortenberry (Fortenberry?) intro’d this, etc). All that’s fine and good… but it’s Not. Their. Job. Their job is to bring to the forefront of the public’s conscience all the problems and shortcomings of city and county governance. To point out all that is awful about the metro’s current bosses. They’re focused on crap that’s not in their wheelhouse, and Democrats are getting a free pass as a result. It’s the rare news post that actually focuses (*gasp*) on something that’s happening LOCALLY.

    Ironically, these are the same clowns who would join state-oriented GOPers in gloating about the vapid shell that is the Nebraska Democratic Party. You don’t get to gloat until you start producing in your own corner of the world. Send an intern to a county board meeting. Have someone research and write a piece on the possible politicization of the city’s annexation policy. Something. Just get off Drudge, turn down Rush, and get to work. Make yourselves not locally irrelevant. Do your jobs.

  22. @ Matt, 2:04 says:

    Somehow we doubt anyone would ever mistake your opinions as representing those of the Honorable Dr. Tom Osborne, particularly given the widely available picture of you – red-faced, shirt untucked, jacket long-since discarded – drunkenly humping one of the former Coach and Congressman’s yard signs with a table of booze in the background. Stay classy.

  23. Voter who wants choices says:

    More candidates for the NRD slots that Douglas County. Looks like people are very interested in controlling floods. Good for them! I don’t want my business flooded out!!

  24. Regardless of your politics, it’s almost indisputable that Bob Kerrey is our best choice for this seat.

    Set aside for a moment that he was a SEAL team leader, a medal of honor recipient, a Governor, a Senator, president of a university…. he’s a man who is respected nation-wide. He has influence well beyond our state borders and he’s a man of great integrity.

    Bob Kerrey is a man who can advance Nebraska’s agenda effectively.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Ha! Bob Kerrey will vote what’s right for Bob Kerrey.
    If you polled (and they have), I am very confident you would find Nebraskans AGAINST ObamaCare, AGAINST Cap and Trade, and AGAINST partial birth abortion. Bob Kerrey is FOR all of those things and most of the regular Democrat agenda. To suggest he would “advance Nebraska’s agenda” is a joke.

  26. Macdaddy says:

    He also would vote for Harry Reid for Majority Leader. The same Harry Reid who hasn’t bothered to put together a budget in 3 years. The same Harry Reid who has blocked every bill coming out of the House that dared to address the myriad problems this country is facing and won’t even come up with his own alternatives. This is the guy Bob Kerrey gladly accepted his own Cornhusker Kickback from. But you know, Mike, you can throw all that other stuff in. Politics is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately game and moving to NYC for the last decade to leave us in peace is not what most people have in mind.

  27. REALITY CHECK says:

    @YRs for Bonnett – Seems like I only saw a post that questioned a Democrat in the race.
    And…should anyone associated with Bonnett be concerned about someone talking about endorsements? Seems the people who are supposed to be endorsing might want to know they are. Just sayin. Might not want to go down that road.

  28. I would like to officially state as the Omaha YR President:

    In today’s game at 2 PM against the Illinois State Redbirds, we would like to support the Creighton Bluejays. Go Jays!

    The UNO Mavericks Hockey team did lose to Denver last night, but no worries they’ll be traveling to the playoffs with the seventh seed. Go Mavs!

    And, of course, Go Big Red!

  29. Anonymous says:

    If you want to know what most voters think, don’t look in the mirror. You are here, so you absolutely are not like most voters.

  30. Sweetwater Observer says:

    To Mike McCready

    Would a man of great integrity stand firmly for partial-birth abortion?

    Would a man of great integrity allow his business in Lincoln to violate child labor laws?

    Would a man of great integrity support the closure of UNMC’s College of Pharmacy when he was Governor of Nebraska?

    Would a man of great integrity allow a crook like Mr. Hsu, a man convicted of political fraud, to be on his New York University board of trustees?

    Would a man of great integrity turn his back on his home state of Nebraska for 12 years, and then at the behest of Harry Reid, reclaim his Nebraska citizenship to screw Nebraskans out of a man of Nebraska..a man of legitimate and real be our next US Senator?

    Would a man of integrity dither until he was the very last vote, and then, after drawing nationwide media attention, vote for the largest tax increase in American history…in 1993?

    Would a man of integrity, a non-Catholic and a supporter of abortion and partial birth abortion, worship at a Catholic church in Omaha and actually take communtion?

    Need I go on?

    Mr. McCready, you need a refresher course on integrity and ethics.

  31. Observer says:

    Is it true that Matt Pinkerton is the new Executive Director of the Ringling Bros. Circus? I heard that one of his connections in the party hooked him up. Can anyone confirm this?

  32. Anonymous says:

    Interesting how O’Hanlon at the Journal Star is advocating for the silencing of the people. In his article/opinion piece in the Saturday edition he lays out the case for using the newly developed technology by the Japanese to silence people, and he intimate he wishes it were used at the Capitol because citizens, lobbyists, and senators are allowed to speak on the issues before them. Don Walton must have really liked the piece, you just know he can’t stand it if the “People” are heard. A liberal like Walton just want’s everybody to do it his way.

    You will hear a lot about things like this in the coming months. The liberal media is working overtime to silence the people, wouldn’t want some folks to get the idea they could get their own agenda heard in their government. No it’s way to dangerous a place as it is and the people should be glad Don and Kevin et. al. are out there taking care of us all.

  33. Seriously? says:

    All this vitriol over NRD? Why no R’s running for for OPPD? You see the half billion they spent and no power? CAN’T light the fires in the nuke plant? WALOS! See Joe Jordan’s stuff.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Anyone else seeing the anti-Kerrey ads here on Facebook and elsewhere? Attacking Bob for wanting to raise the retirement age. Paid for by Boldprogressives PAC. The same group that dumped millions to primary Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas. The Dem Primary could get very interesting if they go all in on Chuck Hassebrook.

  35. Hieronymous Merkin says:

    Can’t we find anyone in this list that is worthy of representing Nebraska in the Senate?

    Chuck Hassebrook (D) – University of Nebraska Regent & Think Tank Executive Director
    Bob Kerrey (D) – Ex-US Sen., Ex-Governor, Ex-University Pres., Vietnam War Veteran & ’92 Pres. Candidate
    Steven Lustgarten (D) – Attorney
    Larry Marvin (D) – USAF Veteran, Democratic Activist, ’08 Candidate & ’98 State Sen. Candidate
    Sherman Yates (D) – Non-Profit Executive & ’10 US Rep. Candidate
    Jon Bruning (R) – Attorney General & Ex-State Sen.
    Sharyn Elander (R) – Anti-Sex Offender Activist
    Deb Fischer (R) – State Sen., Ex-Valentine School Board Member & Rancher
    Pat Flynn (R) – Financial Advisor & ’08 Candidate
    Don Stenberg (R) – State Treasurer, Ex-Attorney General & ’96/’00/’06 US Sen. Candidate
    Spencer Zimmerman (R) – Truck Driver & USAF Veteran
    Russell Anderson (Independent) – USAF Veteran & Conspiracy Theorist

  36. Anonymous says:

    #47, are you always this paranoid? Seems to be a rampant disease among the righties who post here. I read O’Hanlon’s article, and the point was that some people consistently speak past their allotted time. There is only so much time in a day, and if one doesn’t impose reasonable time limits, some will have no time to speak at all. Would you prefer anarchy? Speaking over one another? Are you just griping, or do you have a better solution?

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