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While we were all gesticulating over Bob Kerrey’s sleep-over at his sister’s basement (from his home in Greenwich Village), we held off on a few stories from last week:

Bill Clinton came out in favor of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Mark our words: after he dies, unless he really does something weird to screw up his legacy (which we won’t discount) Democrats will speak about Bill Clinton and the Bill Clinton years and the Bill Clinton policies the way Republicans talk about Ronald Reagan. Just you watch.

In the mean time Clinton, who loves to stay in the game said…

Democrats should “embrace” the pipeline. That’s right Jane and Ken and Don: Get out there and give that pipe a big huuuug. Like ya mean it! Bill wants you to!

And then Slick Willy, er, former President Slick Willy, chastised TransCanada for not just going around the Sandhills in the first place. OK, fair point really. But he adds this:

“…they could’ve gone around the Nebraska Sandhills and avoided most the the dangers, no matter how imagined, to the Ogallala aquifer with a different route…”

So, that just shows a couple of things. Clinton concedes, essentially, that the “dangers” to the Sandhills and aquifer were imagined.
Thank you, Mr. President Bubba.

But, like a good Democrat, he notes that what is important is not what the facts are, it is how people feel. And because people felt — with no scientific evidence to back them up — that there was a danger, TransCanada should have ignored all scientific fact and spent the cash to change the route.

Well, in hind-sight what a great idea. But two years ago, TC was sitting there saying, “The scientists and reviewers and the State Department and everyone else says this is the best route. Not only that, but going around the Sandhills will mean going over more water, which is in fact, much more dangerous! And it would be more expensive. So why would we change the route?”

Well, because they didn’t factor in just how NIMBY-rific people could (be convinced to) be. Ah well.

Once President Obama finally gets out of the way, maybe he can have a beer-summit next to the pipe. And they can all give it a big hug.


The other thing we were going to point out is that all of the Congressmen now have opponents for November.

Which will make rich, meaty lamb chops for the Democrats the day after the election.


We love reading the LJS’s Don Walton’s Monday column! If only because it gives us an opportunity to chuckle while he does specialized yoga moves for the Democrats.

Ohmygish! That early leak could have dashed Bob Kerrey’s candidacy! Because it was early! And it was leaked! And…and…uh…yeah!

No actual follow-up on just HOW it could have dashed the candidacy. At all. But hey…drama! And Bob Kerrey!

And then Don notes that “Kerrey is laser-focused on entitlement reform.” Lasers! You hear that Nebraskans! Bob Kerrey, who was in the Senate for twelve years, and to our knowledge accomplished zero on medicare or medicaid or Social Security, will now pull out actual lasers (what?) to fix it all now.

So, ignore Kerrey’s record of voting for tax increases, and supporting ObamaCare, and Cap and Trade and partial birth abortions. Because Bob Kerrey will purchase an actual laser pointer at Walgreens and aim it right at your Social Security card! Ho, ho! Reconsidering your vote now, aren’t you Nebraskans!


And finishing up on Don’s other big point, that John Ewing’s campaign will now start crushing all comers because the Obama campaign said they were re-opening their Omaha office.

Which would be awesome for John Ewing…if this were 2008. Because if it were 2008, everyone would be talking about Hope! and Change! and would be crowding to get into the Obama office and they would jam-pack into the Civic Auditorium to see him and they would talk about how much they hate George W. Bush!

But it is not (wait, hold on, calendar check. Nope) 2008 anymore. There is no excitement for Barack Obama and his tide-receding candidacy. There is just high unemployment, a near-nuclear Iran, a sucking economy and a realization that maybe he isn’t actually “The One” and instead was just a Community Organizer from Chicago.

Oh, and by the way, the former Speaker of the House and current House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, was just in Omaha. To raise money for an Iowa Congressman. And NOT to raise a nickel for John Ewing. Oh, and she wouldn’t even talk to an OWH reporter.

And Ewing isn’t on the Dem’s Red-to-Blue list either. But other than that, awesome week for Ewing.


At some point we will make a “college try”* delve into the contested Unicameral races. Maybe we will try to do one a week or something.
Candidates, that means the less work we have to do to write something about you, means the better chance that you will see something on Leavenworth Street.

(*We would note that we wrote all of our college papers the night before they were due.)


And the Bluejays are dancing BABY!


  1. Kortezzi says:

    District 9 is special because Leavenworth Street runs right through the heart of it. Check the map.

    So good to know Obama is opening a campaign office here in Omaha. Will it be in Bob Kerrey’s sister’s basement? Or maybe John Ewing’s garage?

    Remember how Clinton gave Kerrey an entitlements commission to get him to vote for his 1993 tax increases. Lotta good that did us. He ignored it, and Obama did the same to his. Like most folks, I’ll remember the Bill Clinton years as the Monica Lewinksy Era. Oh, how he made us proud…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Each District is important and deserves attention. Vernon’s excitement is understandable, he’s running for LD 9.

  3. I thought District 9 was where all the aliens from that crippled mothership were forced to live.

    I mean, anybody who watched that show could clearly tell that it was a documentary of events happening in real time.

    Now I’m confused.

  4. Really Robyn? says:

    So Robyn Tysver notes that the challengers who Fortenberry and Smith have, have never successfully ran for public office…she doesn’t even mention their names. Yet, she calls Terry’s republican opponenets “major.” huh? What has Heidel or Linstrom done to make them “major” contendors? Who are they? Freemen is the closest to a name in the primary, and it is not much of one.

  5. Dem on Dem Crime says:

    SEIU parrot Sara Howard, of Occupy Omaha fame, should run ads similar to the new Chrysler commercials. First, show Eminem cruising down Leavenworth Street with a “SARA” bumper sticker, then fade out to “Imported….From Chicago.”

  6. confused says:

    Don Walton: I missed the nexus between Obama and Ewing? How come an Obama office doesn’t boost Gwen Howard? Is is as simple as race and gender? Or is a Dem GOTV effort going to lift both candidates? What do other readers think the Obama office will mean for the Dem primary?

  7. Anonymostly says:

    Look for biiiiig money in the Haar vs. Hilgers race. You have a challenger who can raise cash and an incumbent whose party (in a non-partisan race, fancy that) reeeeeally wants to hold that seat. Should be a doozy. If the Republicans are smart, they’ll run a bunch of negative spots on Haar so that Hilgers can keep his hands clean. You know that lawyer in Lincoln with the lazy eye problem has been digging for dirt on Hilgers and will run any crap he can find (or make it up if he can’t find it.)

  8. @Really Robyn? says:

    I think Terry’s race will be a lot closer than people might think. Smith and Fortenberry will win re-election in a walk.

  9. Lil Mac says:

    Off subject, it turns out that Obama’s Jakarta tranny-nanny, a guy named “Turdi” who calls himself “Evie”, was going out on dates in full drag while caring for young impressionable Barry. Reports of Obama’s instability have floated for some time. As a product of an abused marxist-leaning deadbeat dad and batik tie-dyeing hippy mom and nurtured by a guy who wore Barry’s mom’s lipstick; Obama was raised in something akin to a Fellini film. What is running around inside his melon? Has Obama ever had a mental exam? No. Should he? Oh hell yes! Barry Obama makes “cosmic” Bob Kerrey seem downright grounded.

    I know we are supposed to feel sorry for the insane and emotionally crippled, but that doesn’t mean we should let them perform brain surgery on our kids or run the country. No kidding, a mental exam for all candidates for elective office seems a good idea, indeed a minimally safe idea.

    And in case you think I am kidding, every single American who has any access to nuclear weapons work must first pass a psychiatric exam, all except for the guy in the White House with his finger on the trigger. How crazy is that?

  10. Anonymostly says:

    Lil Mac, love reading your stuff. You and a few others on here. Always make sure to stop and check what you have to say. Where’s Lizzie these days? She was another one who was always good for a “here, here!” (Then there are the Texas Annies of the board whose posts I know I can skip over to save time.) Thanks, Lil Mac, for bringing intellect, wit and some off-the-beaten-path info to this board.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Lil Mac! I finally recognized you! You’re that guy that used to get us kids at the school playground to come over and pet your “pet snake” that you always kept in your lap.
    Hey, thanks for the candy.

  12. Anonymostly says:

    Yep, anonymous at post 14, that’s about the mentality we’ve come to expect of you liberals. “Someone pay for my condoms.” “I’m going to stay in a tent on the mall until the government gives me more free stuff.” “I can’t think of anything to say to debate you so I’ll just accuse you of being a pedophile.” Yep, pretty much the norm.

  13. To Don Walton says:

    “And finishing up on Don’s other big point, that John Ewing’s campaign will now start crushing all comers because the Obama campaign said they were re-opening their Omaha office.”

    So if Romney or Santorum open up an office that means Lee will crush all comers? Or is race the lens you look through Don?

  14. Dan Brown Must be a Suttle Staffer says:

    The only people who think its Howard work in a bubble on the 3rd Floor of the city county building. The are using their tax payer paid time working on The Howard for Congress campaign. When do you think the Deputy Chief of staff has time to be her Treasurer and Finance Director? Look at her reports and the Mayor’s reports. Gary Di Silvestor hasn’t been paid by Howard even though he is running that campaign. The Mayor pays him handsomely. Me thinks Suttle has announced he won’t for Mayor again. Why else would he have kissed off the North Omaha vote.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Anonymostly, Don’t you dare call me a liberal. I’m a Rush Limbaugh listener, Fox News fan, and I’ll be voting for Newt Gingrich because he is my kind of guy. You go live in a tent you damned snake hating log cabin republican.

  16. Lil Mac says:

    Thanks for the kudos 1:14. I was just commenting on what the AP is reporting about our President. I doubt that even the most liberal blogger here had a mommy who hired a transvestite to be thier nanny. But that doesn’t keep them from defending the bizarre and irrational.

    Insofar as 1:34 calling me a pedophile, that is “projection”, and I don’t mean the guy in the booth running the film. Projection is when a person internalizes some past abuse or damage and then projects that behaviour upon others. Misery loves company. To call a person a pedophile unfounded suggests a lot of disturbing things about the accuser.

    Plus, there is a strange self-destructive myopia in 1:34’s words. After all, I said “all candidates for elective office” need a mental exam. That isn’t partisan. We can assume that 1:34 thinks George Bush needed such exam. Yet when I said “all candidates” need a mental exam, 1:34 automatically assumed that meant only Democrat candidates.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Stenberg came out with a great policy plant to cut federal spending, while the Bruning campaign is silent. This is why Bruning will lose.

  18. Dan Brown says:

    To Post #18. I am hardly a Suttle staffer. I signed the Recall petition. I think Ewing is smoke and mirrors. Howard has Legislative experience. Neither will come close to Lee Terry.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Prairie Strategies. That’s Gary and Matt’s company. Moved across the hall from their last business and changed their name to protect the….innocent? It’s all there in the NADC reports if you connect the dots. THAT would make an interesting story of payments delayed. Like Howard has any traction. Yeah right.

  20. Robynn Tysver Predicted the Bogus OWH "Marquee Match of the Midlands" says:

    Robynn committed what independent analysts labeled “journalism malpractice” with respect to the 2010 Democratic Congressional challengers, Rebekah Davis, in Nebraska’s 3rd District, and Ivy Harper in the 1st District.

    A review of her “political coverage” shows not just gender bias but as with C. David Kotok, partisan bias as well.

    Both OWH partisans should – at the very least – recuse themselves from “covering” – or in their case – “not covering” the 2012 political races.

  21. Macdaddy says:

    Did Don Walton mention that Mr. Ewing had a warrant out for his arrest in the state of Colorado? And he was a cop when it happened. Bet that didn’t make it into the column.

  22. nostradamus says:

    I predict that in 2012, the Omaha World Herald will lose many subscriptions this year. Their support of Bob Kerrey, Ben Gray’s Gay Rights Ordinance and their love for all things Buffett will have readers canceling their subscriptions.

  23. Anonymous says:

    This election year will be very expensive for the D’s. What they forgot in their candidate recruitment efforts is what will happen when those candidates lose and the R’s return. There is a growing partisan stench coming out from under Snow Plow’s door in the Capitol. Come January of 2013 that fetid odor will get swept under the tsunami she wrought.

  24. Anonymous says:

    If Franklin Thompson continues his little game of waiting til the last possible minute to decide issues before the City Council to make himself seem more important (ex, the 2004 fire contract), I don’t see how he would be able to win reelection in 2013.

    He and Suttle pushed for the smoking ban, restricting property owner’s rights.
    He was the deciding vote for the 2004 fire contract that is killing the city. (voting yes after being allowed to sing 2 songs at the city’s MLK salute)
    He asked Frank Brown to publicly invite him to the Democratic Party in April 2004.
    He pushed for the wheel tax to be extended beyond the city limits in 2007.

    He is Republican in name only.

  25. Slight correction for MacDaddy says:

    I believe Ewing’s arrest and then bench warrant was in 2009/2010. He was retired at that point from the OPD, obviously.

    But the bigger question is how could a former cop not follow another cop’s directive–that’s why he got arrested in Colorado. And why didn’t he show up for the court date–the fact that he was AWOL is what led to a bench warrant for his arrest.

    Really good judgement, John.

    then, why didn’t he show up on the date cited in the ticket to Court to answer

  26. Anonymous says:

    I can barely stand to watch the Legislature on my tv now that Snow Plow is back from maternity leave. I had forgotten how irritating her liberal sing song voice was. Yikes, she and the other bleeding liberals never want to see how Federal Tax dollars still come out of our pockets. That and the fact that there are consequences for actions, or lack thereof.

    Oh and the argument of food insecure is a real ball of vomit. What is insecure? Most adults don’t know where food comes from so how will their kids?

    Oh and looking at Snow plow sitting behind Howard now, did she put on weight or what?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Well, I’m guessing if she just came back from maternity leave, she probably did just put on some weight — she JUST HAD A BABY! Criticize her policies all you want, but really? Criticizing a new mom for gaining some weight during their pregnancy? Obviously you are a man and obviously you are a SINGLE man.

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