Laser Cat

Don, Wayne Newton & Lasers

We mentioned yesterday that Don Walton of the LJS said that Bob Kerrey is “laser focused on entitlement reform.”
Lasers we tells ya!

And an L. St. reader reminded us that Don should know from lasers!

Don noted that Democrat Congressional candidate Tom White was “focused on (Lee) Terry with the intensity of a laser beam“!

And he zeroed in on Ben Nelson’s “laser-like focus on spending cuts“.

But it is not just the Dems who posses the photon stimulation gene.

The Don also postulated that the NEGOP “has become laser-focused on” Ben Nelson.

Now we are not suggesting that Don has been to a few too many of those Pink Floyd light shows at the planetarium but…
No…yes we are suggesting that.


On Bob Kerrey’s laser-cat focus, we will bet that the whole entitlement reform argument will be the basis of Kerrey’s “the powers that be in Washington may not like this, but I am willing to shake things up!” plea to voters.

(You know, since he sure as heck does not want them to look at his prior voting records to see how he would actually act in the Senate.)

And the gang at “Newsy” (not to be confused with the 1992 Disney musical about paperboys – starring The Dark Knight?) put together this compilation of “progressive” (liberal) sources who are not any more keen on a Kerrey candidacy than conservatives are:

Of course the Kerrey folks will eat this up to say, “Look, the ultra-libs hate Bob too! That means he is independent!”

Blah blah blah.

Ooh Markos! You’re so edgy! You do not want a Democrat like Kerrey unless he is fully on board with everything!
Yup, they would rather have a conjoined Jon Bruning and Don Stenberg than another Bob Kerrey or Ben Nelson. Yeah. Totally believable. Fight on and all that.

Because everyone saw Hassebrook as having a fighting chance.


Bob's new mailbox

Bob Kerrey’s man Paul Johnson pointed out that the NEGOP used “good campaign tactics” in challenging his client’s bogus voter registration address.
And in the mean time, Camp Kerrey is wasting no time in pretending that Kerrey is actually “residing” in Jay Noddle’s Guest House.

One of our spies noticed a brand spanking new jet-black mailbox that went up for Kerrey Guest House (nothing gets past us!).

“Guest” being the operative word there.


The OWH’s Robynn Tysver has apparently been allowed to get a bit frisky on her “Political Bites” column in Warren’s New Toy. She referred to Senator Jim DeMint as Don Stenberg’s “sugar daddy”, as Stenberg is waiting on DeMint’s Senate Conservative Fund PAC to finance another round of ads to compete with Jon Bruning’s latest barrage.

Now we are just waiting for Robynn to use the same term when describing the Jane Kleeb – Dick Holland relationship.


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If you haven’t seen it, the Club for Growth endorsed Don Stenberg for U.S. Senate.
Feel free to jump in with your thoughts, and we will talk more about it tomorrow.


  1. Macdaddy says:

    If Kerrey is staying at his friend’s house and is not paying rent, his friend is going to quickly blow past his max contribution in about a month judging by the picture above. Anytime past about a month, and Kerrey has his friend breaking the law. If Kerrey is renting the guest house, I wonder if that property is zoned for a multi-family dwelling? But it’s all OK because it’s for a good cause, right?

  2. Anonymostly says:

    No, of course Robynn (womyn) Tysver isn’t going to make the “sugar daddy” comment about Jane Kleeb because that would be offensive to all women. Because an insult against one woman is an insult against all women, apparently. Kinda like NATO. It’s funny how all the liberal commentators are in such high dudgeon about Rush Limbaugh’s comments but never uttered a peep about how liberals appropriated the slang name for a sex act as substitute terminology for members of the TEA Party. I mean, we’re supposed to be all upset about things that are offensive, right?

  3. Anonymostly says:

    Well, presently, I’m an undecided independent. Not sure I care who comes out on the Republican side but I think I’ll change my voter registration to Democrat so I can vote for Hassebrook for Senate.

  4. Speculator says:

    I read the National Journal article on Stenberg’s endorsement and came away with, “Count Chocula endorsed Don Stenberg??”

  5. How does one go about getting a “sugar daddy”, or even a “sugar mommy?” I could use the work, and I’d love to get paid for what I’ve been doing for free. I’m to the point where I’m willing to sell my soul to the highest bidder. Any offers?

  6. Jordan & Jamie says:

    Ever thought about writing for Leavenworth Street? We’re about to be fired. There should be openings.

  7. I already write for Leavenworth Street, but you guys haven’t paid me a dime! At least you haven’t COST me anything. Wish I could say the same for all of the (unappreciated) work I did for the NDP.

  8. Some Thoughts says:

    Anonymostly, what Rush said was in very poor taste. If we don’t think that the government should mandate birth control coverage, that’s one thing. To attack this woman’s character in such a crude way is another. I have daughters, you know, and a mother, so I find it kind of tiresome. I don’t really care whether the “other side” is crude or not; why stoop to that level, if you don’t like it?

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