Report: Hassebrook to drop out of Senate race

Nebraska Watchdog is reporting that Democrat Senate candidate Chuck Hassebrook will drop out of the U.S. Senate race and endorse Bob Kerrey. An announcement is expected later today.

No further details and we will update later.


  1. Macdaddy says:

    I swear I do not work for the NDP. Kerrey is in big trouble if he can’t even handle Hassebrook being on the ballot.

  2. Macdaddy says:

    BTW, this is a dumb move on the Dems part. Now 3rd parties have an extra 2 months to define Kerrey while Kerrey has zero chance to run to the right of anybody. The Dems can take a gamble and try to start knocking down Bruning, but what if that gives Stenberg a chance to grab the nomination? Basically their choice is to either waste money or sit quietly for 2 months while Bob Kerrey’s legacy gets destroyed and not punch back.

  3. Kortezzi says:

    My first thought was: Kerrey agreed to hire Hassebrook as his chief of state, and Chuck said OK.

    More likely, Kerrey got some big Soros type donor to agree to a big cash infusion for Chuck’s little rural think tank.

    Doesn’t take much to buy off a small-time guy like Hassebrook.

  4. Lil Mac says:

    It is no surprise that Democrat Hassebrook drops out to endorse Democrat icon Kerrey. That makes sense. But it is surprising that Rasmussen polls show Bruning, Stenberg and Fischer all beating the tar out of Kerrey because Kerrey’s own poll not long ago apparently suggested only Heineman could beat Kerrey. Kerrey is cosmic but not stupid. For all the plusses and minuses we can attribute to his candidacy, nothing explains why Kerrey would risk running if even Deb Fischer can whip his ass.

    Someone has made a huge miscalculation here. Or there is something going on behind the scenes with Kerrey that we cannot yet see, something beyond this race.

  5. Anonymous says:

    the funny part about all this is how Nebraska Watchdog broke this story ahead of the OWH and LJS

    why would anybody read the newspaper anymore?

  6. I thought says:

    I’m surprised Chuck would back out now. It was going to be an uphill battle for him, but I think he would have been a force that Bob couldn’t ignore. And, I think Chuck would have fared quite well in the primary. I think he had a good chance to beat Bob and be the Democratic nominee.

  7. RWP says:

    Meanwhile, unreported by the major newspapers, John Gale has opened an investigation into whether Bob Kerrey improperly registered to vote in Nebraska from his sister’s couch/financial backer’s guest room/Omaha Hilton/ middle of the Bob Kerrey bridge/ a coffee shop in Greenwich Village, NY.

    Reported by KOLN/KGIN last night.

  8. John says:

    Kerry will probably do well in Omaha and Lincoln, but this whole thing really stinks, an attack on probably Bruning after the primary is coming and it is going to be one of the foulest in Nebraska political history

  9. Anonymous says:

    Its all about Barry Obama, Kerry will get more of the base out in the 2nd, and that electoral vote is VERY important.

  10. anon says:

    Is it accurate that 28-30 states already have stricter mandates than the HHS mandate? That they have mandates that require employers to pay for the same things anyway? If so, why has the USCCB been silent up until now?

  11. Anonymous @ 10:06 AM says:

    Ah, very true. Good call. Without a big race to care about, the Presidential and Senate race having no Primary opponent, why care if you’re a democrat.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I’m going to be very disappointed if someone doesn’t follow up on big influxes of money to the Center for Rural Affairs or some new think tank that would have Hassebrook ties. “Follow the money”. Maybe Kerrey really is just doing this for attention and to help Obama with an electoral vote and if he wins the Senate, that’s all gravy. None of his own money invested, all the money he needs is put up by other entities. So what’s the loss, other than spending more time away from his wife and child over the next 8 months? Heck, once that private school in NYC is out, Junior can be on the campaign trail with Dad. It’s not all bad.

  13. hypoc(R)ite says:

    Wonder how much Mike payed Jon (in 2008) to step aside like a coward and bow down to the almighty Mundane Mike?

  14. hypoc(R)ite says:

    My first thought (in ’08) was: Johanns agreed to aid Bruning’s AG run, and Jon said OK.

    More likely, Johanns got some big frat brother types to agree to a big cash infusion for Jon’s little rural beach house.

    Doesn’t take much to buy off a small-time guy like Bruning.

  15. @Hypocrite says:

    Hassebrook essentially questioned Bob Kerrey’s character which Kerrey came through on and confirmed to us all that he is NOT a man of integrity by going back on his word and now Hassebrook is going to endorse him? Thats called being a coward and giving in to political pressure instead of standing up for himself. Totally different scenario, your post is not even relative.

  16. Kerrey for NYC Mayor says:

    I wonder that Harry Reid promised Hassebrook to get out of the race? Was it any better than the promises made for Kerrey to get in?

  17. It seems pretty obvious to me what’s going on here, as it should everyone else. The Dems need this seat…BAD. They’re not about to have Chuck Hassebrook beating up on Kerrey in the primary, all the while providing ammunition for the Republicans in the general election. They’re perfectly happy to watch the Republican candidates beat up on each other, all the while, Kerrey sits back, watches, and takes notes. When the primaries are over, half of Kerrey’s work is done for him…he emerges mostly unscathed, while the GOP nominee has to control damage done during the primary.

    As for Hassebrook, I’m sure the Dems either (a) promised to help fund his center, as Kortezzi suggested, or (b) promised to submarine his candidacy to ensure a stronger Kerrey candidacy. Either way, the Dems are not about to risk damaging their golden boy…even if that means slitting the throat of their sacrificial lamb before the sacrifice ceremony begins.

  18. hypoc(R)ite says:

    @Hypocrite #19 – It is the same, identical scenario, and it is definitely relative. The difference is that Chuck Hassebrook may have accepted a shot in the arm to an organization that serves rural Nebraskans. Jon Bruning accepted a shot in the arm for a vacation home that serves himself.

  19. Macdaddy says:

    If Obama’s strategy to recapture CD 2 is for Kerrey to run, ROTFLMAO. Kerrey got flattered into this, pure and simple. The miscalculation is on the part of his backers who obviously were the same ones advising Nelson to vote for Obamacare. Kerrey has nothing better to do (no offense to Kerrey’s family) in his retirement and so he gets to spend some time, and none of his own money, getting sunshine blown up his arse. He has nothing to lose. His backers, however…well, a fool and his money are soon parted.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Wow do any of you people ever think that the reason Bob Kerrey is running is because he is a patriot and loves his country. That is the main reason he is running for the Senate. The fact he was a navy SEAL, lots his leg in combat that is not enough to persuade you Bob Kerrey loves the good ole USA.? You may not approve of his policies, so be it. But think before you write negative reasons why Senator Kerrey is running again.

  21. SoWhat??? says:

    Bob Kerry is running because he saw an opening to become relevant again in political circles. Otherwise, he’s an unemployed almost 70 year old guy consigned to Mr. Mom duty in NYC. Besides being a Navy SEAL, he could also be subject to arrest for self-admitted war crimes if he travels to Europe into the jurisdiction of the World Court. Don’t put it past some aspiring Eurozone politician to pull just such a stunt.

  22. Anonymostly says:

    If Chuck wants to get even more money for his little center in Walthill, he should declare a run for Gov in 2014.

  23. Bob Loblaw says:

    I have no doubt that Bob Kerrey loves America. But don’t think for a second that his reasons for running are all for love of country or belief in issues. Bob (just like Bruning, Stenberg and most every other politician) craves the limelight, loves being courted and coddled, and has an oversize ego. He is doing this because he wants to remain relevant and talked about in his twilight years. He’s not doing this because he cares about issues important to Nebraska. He’s doing this because he wants to fininsh off his legacy as being a winner.

  24. Dan Brown says:

    Kerry is in strictly to eat up some Republican money, get one Electoral vote and then get a Cabinet Appt if Osama Baracka wins!

  25. @Anon #24, if he was doing it for the love of his country, he could have made that decision before steamrolling Hassebrook. No, he’s doing it now because he and Dirty Harry Reid worked out some sweetheart backroom deal.

  26. Kortezzi is right; the OWH is irrelevant. says:

    But beyond that, C. David Kotok is known as an uber-Kerrey partisan. There’s just no way that he is capable of directing the OWH’s 2012 political coverage in an objective fashion.

    Robynn Tysver shows gender bias in her reporting.

    Kortezzi is also correct that the Kerrey campaign surely must have offered CH a high-paying federal job should Kerrey be elected.

    For the record, do you think most Americans are aware that Senator Harry Reid is a devout Mormom?

    The other day, I heard that the Democrats have been keeping that secret for years so just imagine how interesting it would be if Mitt Romney actually won and the top two positions in the whole United States were filled by Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

    Guess it would parallel having six of the sitting Supreme Court Justices be Catholics of some stripe or the other.

    In the meantime, despite what the polls say, Kerrey will be a contender.

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