Thompson’s gamble

Omaha City Councilman, Franklin Thompson

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Point being, did anyone — ANYONE — really think that the Powers That Be at the University of Nebraska said…

“You know, being the big state school, we should really weigh-in on that gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gender ordinance they are discussing in the Omaha City Council. Someone tell our Lincoln school’s football team running backs coach to put on his best hoodie and let them know what the University’s OFFICIAL opinion on this matter is. And to please do so quoting the Bible. That should make it clear to everyone where the entire University of Nebraska stands on this proposed Omaha ordinance.”

Because we are pretty sure that is the way it went down.


WHEW! It sure is a good thing Harvey Perlman let us know that Ron Brown was speaking on his own! Because otherwise we would just have ASSUMED that he was speaking for the University of Nebraska.

Wait a minute. Does this also mean that Darrin Erstad’s batboy’s recent Tweet that “Justin Bieber sux!” is also not the official University position? Aw crap. So much for that post…


We have already written that we think the proposed Omaha ordinance by City Councilman Ben Gray on the “you can’t discriminate against Gay, Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender people” is a bad idea — not necessarily in principle, but in the way they propose to practice it. The ordinance is poorly written, not well thought-out, and will invite lawsuits a plenty to try to fix a non-existent problem. And even if you think you can prove that there IS a problem this ordinance not only will not fix it, but will screw up lots more.

That being said, there are people who are against Gray’s proposed ordinance, who might be willing to go with Councilman Garry Gernandt’s version, which would apply to City employees only.

But, it is our understanding that Gray is still trying to go forward with his version of the ordinance, and that Councilman Franklin Thompson is still the deciding vote. Should Thompson go through with it and vote in favor, we have been informed that the villagers plan to rally.

The plan goes, that those against the ordinance will collect the needed 17,000 signatures (about 10K less than were needed to spark a Mayoral recall vote), and put the issue on the ballot for the 2013 Mayoral and City Council elections. At that point, it would cause all of those who were for the ordinance to defend their vote, particularly on that issue.

If that were the case, Thompson would likely find his reelection chances dramatically changed in his West O District. Chris Jerram would likely find his chances swerved in his heavily Catholic district. Heck, Ben Gray might discover that the pastors in his district are not crazy about the ordinance either.

But hey, that’s politics, yeah? That Gernandt may have found an “out” with his plan could let his colleagues breath a sigh of relief. Or if they reject it, it could just ratchet things up.

We only know that it has the potential to be a volatile issue in 2013.


And other than football coaches who work in Lincoln and movie producers who live in Holywood, California, we have yet to figure out how so many people are able to take the time off, in the middle of a work day, to sit in the Omaha City Council chamber for five hours.

We are time-strapped every, single, day. We are just amazed that it is that easy to get out of one’s 8-5 gig. Or even the evening for that matter. But hey, Democracy! We are for it!


Back on the Senate race…

While Jon Bruning and Deb Fischer have pretty much been silent on criticizing their primary opponents, nary a day goes by that we don’t see or get something from the Don Stenberg campaign hammering Jon Bruning. Much of it we doubt will stick. We just aren’t convinced that GOP voters will buy that Jon Bruning would not vote as a conservative in the U.S. Senate. Stenberg’s camp tends to base their critiques on Bruning’s Daily Nebraskan stuff and we have yet to see that carry much weight.

But we will say that Stenberg’s release today has something with potentially a little bit of teeth. Don points to Bruning’s endorsement, along with a number of other state AGs, of then-Attorney General nominee Eric Holder to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Bruning signed on to a sort of blanket statement that Holder would be a good U.S. Attorney General and blah blah blah.

Of course since then, Holder has been somewhat of a conservative’s nightmare, with his decisions to pursue and not pursue certain civil rights issues and the whole clusterf**k on the “Fast and Furious” gun running scam.

Now Don tries to follow that up by saying that because of his Holder endorsement, Bruning cannot be trusted on gun rights. We are not sure we see that connection. But it really begs another question of Why would Bruning have signed on with Holder in the first place? Was there a real need? Did we really think that Barack Obama’s choice for Attorney General was going to work out well? Confusing, it is.

So while there is little to grab ahold of on anything for comparison’s sake…this one has a little bit to glom on to. Will it be a big deal? Maybe not. But in an otherwise blurry race, it is a something.


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  1. Leavenworth Bar Expat says:

    Hey now,

    I’m a longtime reader who generally disagrees with Street Sweeper, but this is the first time that I’ve been so offended that I feel compelled to comment. I can keep my criticism to myself when you defame Jane Kleeb, the oil pipeline or Ben Nelson. However, I will not let you criticize Neighber’s Bar on my watch. If you need a drink at 8:00 am, where else are you going to go? The morning crowd there is very nice. As far as the evening crowd goes, I’ve been there after midnight several times and the only ruckus I’ve ever seen was one THREATENED stabbing (not even attempted or succesfully completed). If you would have said that the antiques at Jim’s Seek N’ Save are overpriced, I would have agreed with you, but I will not let you libelize Neighber’s good name.

  2. Macdaddy says:

    I pledge allegiance to the rainbow flag of the LGBT community (plus whatever letters get added in the future) and to the pseudo-tolerance for which it stands, one nation, God is dead, with libertinism and “justice” for all, except for anybody whose “religion” thinks we’re weird or immoral, in which case we will banish you to the furthest reaches of the Appalachians, because that’s what you are, a meanie, redneck, hillbilly, and you probably have no idea who this year’s hottest designers are anyway so why shouldn’t you live in a trailer that’s probably going to get hit by a tornado like in Wizard of Oz, and don’t you just love Dorothy’s ruby red slippers, I once wore a pair of those for an entire weekend during that festival in Provincetown. My feet were killing me and I turned to Tyrone and I said, Tyrone, you know I love you but these ruby red slippers are killing me and so let me slip into these nice flip flops that I bedazzled with ruby red rhinestones” and then we met up with…

  3. Omaha Politico says:

    Wow, whoever came up with the idea of placing an Initiative on the Ben Gray ordinance to coincide with the May 2013 elections is a political genius. The Charter requires the city council to respond to the turned in petitions (11500 valid signatures) and then it goes to the voters. This would take Ashford and Suttle out as well as half the city council. Franklin would be a certain goner!!! Nice job to whomever thought this up.

  4. Omaha Voter says:

    Putting the Gray Ordinance on the ballot would be a great idea. I know the voters here in Benson would kick Petet out of office over this. If Dave Nabity can get 27,000 signatures, it shouldn’t be too hart to get 15,000 signatures against this horrible ordinance.

  5. Present says:

    Two groups of people showed up for the hearing – the young and the old. If you wonder where the young are coming from, it’s Spring break. If you’re wondering where the elderly are coming from, they are either self-employed pastors, collecting social security, or their workday ended before the proponents finished (6PM).

    Can you please elaborate on your curt and vague statements: “the Omaha ordinance… is a bad idea…. The ordinance is poorly written, not well thought-out, and will invite lawsuits a plenty to try to fix a non-existent problem. And even if you think you can prove that there IS a problem this ordinance not only will not fix it, but will screw up lots more.”

    Why do you still believe discrimination is non-existent? Did you not actually observe the testimony – both sides illustrated the existence of discrimination? Why do you believe that this Ordinance is not well-thought out – it’s in effect verbatim in over 160 municipalities and seven states? Why do you think that it invited lawsuits “a-plenty” – those municipalities with this protection have reported 2/10,000 discrimination litigants were LGBT per year? Why do you think that the Ordinance will exacerbate the problem?

    I may be out on a limb here, but you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. Your claims are baseless and lack substance. I encourage you to keep your 8-5 job- unless this is in fact your job.

  6. upforlunch says:

    I discriminate against all sexuality If you marry in a church and spawn kids, or buy a kid with a gay lover, or clone yourself, my primary aim is to make sure that nothing I send to the IRS ends up subsidizing your orgasms or parenthood. Who actually can gripe about that? America isn’t under-populated. We don’t need to pay people to be married or to raise more kids. If we suddenly got rid of every tax deduction for all marrieds, parents, children, family expenses, etc., the gay marriage issue would largely evaporate, because this issue, like many issues, is the result of your money being transformed into the power of those we elect.

    Uncle Sam isn’t trying to kill you. You are the old SOB’s dinner. He feeds off your wallet while puking out big liberal chunks and little conservative chunks of federal subsidies that are so addictive that that normally self-reliant good citizens like yourself get down on your knees to slurp up his vomited-out undigested bits of your tax dollars that weren’t nutritious enough to add to Uncle Sam’s obesity. We all are down in it and most of us stupid enough to think it is only the other guy across the puke-puddle who is acting like a slaving dog. …So, who’s up for some lunch

  7. To Present says:

    If you think this is such a great idea, put it on the ballot. Let Omahans decide if this is what they want. I don’t think this ordinance has as much support as you think.

  8. Eliminate it all says:

    Let’s put multiple referenda on the ballot to repeal existing discrimination protections – race, gender, disability, ethnicity, veteran status, etc. Why not? Let’s let the majority decide on certain Omahans rights. Have a problem with that?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Headline “Ben Gray’s BenGay for Those Who’ve Been Gay” On a sore issue like this, there is nothing like a nice mentholated muscle rub.

  10. Check Mate says:

    Franklin only has 2 options to politically survive this issue. Vote No or to resurrect. his amendment to place this on the popular ballot. If he votes for it he takes down himself down, Suttle and a few other councilman with him.

  11. GeosUser says:

    Franklin “All Hat No Cattle” Thompson is going to have at least one serious Republican challenger in next Spring’s primary. If he caves into pressure from his fellow faculty and the GLBT/TFU radical students at UNO, he’s toast the minute he votes “Yes”. Franklin has a wonderful vocabulary and can string together more impressive words while saying absolutely nothing. He pulled this same kind of indecisive crappola back when the West Dodge Expressway was under consideration. He stated at that time, “I have to pray over my decision”. That’s an exact quote. He’d better pray over this vote long and hard. Then actually represent his district and vote a resounding “No” on this Mayor Moron “I made promises to the UNO radicals for help in the recall” Susie told me to bring it up again Ben Gray terrible idea…just like each and every idea Ben Gray has ever had.

  12. I love it says:

    Franklin thought this was some game when he decided he was going to be the deciding vote and not say which way he was leaning. He now has been outsmarted with City Charter Section 2.19 which allows the people to force the issue with only a small amount of signatures. Well Played Franklin, Well Played!

  13. Macdaddy says:

    Thompson is in a tough spot: vote Yes and lose his council seat. Vote No and lose his job. I bet he’s real happy with Gray about now.

  14. YouGetWhatYouDeserve says:

    This is the perfect example of the major fault of electing the city council by district instead of citywide. We need to return to that method of electing the city council quickly.

  15. Kortezzi says:

    If Thompson wants to spend the rest of his career on this issue, he’ll vote NO on the LGBT ordinance and when UNO fires him, he’ll sue for discrimination based on his Christian beliefs. His lawsuit would be a 50/50 proposition, and take years of appeals.

    If Thompson just wants to keep his job, he’ll abstain. UNO won’t fire him for doing that. Otherwise, his employer is seeking to exercise control over an elected official, actively requiring him to vote a certain way as a condition of keeping his job. The University’s lawyers should block any retribution against Thompson for a mere abstention. Thompson would definitely win a lawsuit if UNO takes it that far.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to hear a challenger announce their candidacy for Thompson’s seat right after he votes yes on Tuesday….he’s going to be a goner politically

  17. Cubs Fan says:

    I hear a big donor who likes baseball will fund the Initiative for the May 2013 ballot. What will Suttle and Ashford do on this one? Mayor Stothert sounds pretty good to me.

  18. ricky says:

    What a surprise! Councilman Thompson is riding the fence all the way to the end of the line; basking in the limelight and attention. That is usually a main goal for Mr Thompson, and has been in this case since he abstained the first go-round.
    I can see both sides of the argument on the ordinance; hard to implement and perhaps not written impeccably. But seeing how much Gray’s attempt at fairness for GLBT is passionately advocated by the young people of the area, the message Omaha would send to the young would far outweigh the potential problems.
    This issue won’t be a problem for the next generation, the time is coming fast for anti-bias ordinance’s all over America. I hope it happens here soon.
    Would you rather see a future for Omaha of the smart and talented young people of Saddle Creek Records, Film Streams, emerging terrain, and all the other up and coming start-ups, or would you rather see Omaha’s future dominated by people like Council Person Jean Stothert and her G O P financial backers and fuddy-duddy Republicans of the Omaha Alliance for the Private Sector?
    I know which way I am leaning.

    ricky from omaha

  19. Macdaddy says:

    You know what, Ricky? There’s very little money in indie music and art house films. That stuff could go away tomorrow and maybe 50 people would notice.

  20. Some Thoughts says:

    At first when I heard about Ron Brown’s comments and Perlman’s response, I thought he was being singled out unfairly, because other professors probably weren’t being asked to specifically disclaim association with the university before making public comments.

    But then… it turns out he prefaced his remarks by saying he lives at Memorial Stadium! Oh, ha ha, he doesn’t really live there, but he spends all his time there. Now that’s a different story. You don’t get to do that, Ron. If you’re going to identify yourself first and foremost as a public employee, then you had better say you’re not speaking as one in the subsequent political discussion.

    ricky, you’re right that this issue is quickly becoming a dinosaur. The under 40 crowd overwhelmingly accepts homosexuality and gay rights, gay marriage, the whole nine yards. Nebraska is still a lot more socially conservative than other places, but even here, this goose will be cooked before long.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Refresh my memory. Would this city law let teachers cross dress? Or does it just force Burger King managers to hire some bearded guy who wears a dress? I ask because once you put a thing like this under the unbrella of non-discrimination law, it becomes a tacit crime not to allow it. The burden of pressure if not proof then rests with everyone who isn’t dressed like one of the Villiage People.

  22. TexasAnnie says:

    Having lived in Omaha, I’m betting the majority would oppose Gray’s ordinance if permitted to vote on the issue. And that’s just another reason I’m glad I no longer live in Omaha. Some of the comments posted above, stressing political power over civil rights, chill the social consciousness.

    But the gay rights issue is of lesser importance that tax equity. And I’ve been of the impression that Councilman Thompson approves an idea of tax equity. If my impression is true, it would be a shame for Omahans to loose him.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Omaha needs an ordinance prohibiting discrimination against consentual adult incestuous sexual relationships. Such is entirely normal if we as society choose to deem it the norm, regardless whether it includes a wish to have children. And why not? The law does not prohibit mental defectives, the genetically damaged or elected officials from procreating.

  24. Placement says:

    JB shows some love to Eric Holder and SS buries it in the blog post. So much for JB just having a couple of college articles to worry about…tip of the iceberg, in my opinion.

  25. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 7:51: If you want to take the reasoning behind this ordinance and same sex marriage in general to its logical conclusion, then you are exactly right. Throw bigamists in there as well. And what if the parents of a 15 year-old boy say he can get married to a 50 year-old man? Why should that be prohibited? The same could be applied to UNL’s proposed + 1 benefits. Why couldn’t my elderly mother be my +1? That’s ageist! And the circus continues.

  26. Wait a minute: We write 5 paragraphs about Stenberg’s press release, and you bitch that it’s buried? In the only mention of the Senate race in the whole post? Really?????

    You people are freaking amazing.

  27. Anonymous says:

    You got same sex civil unions now. 20 years from now all 50 states will have same sex marriage. There is nothing the prejudice right wing can do about it. Times change, people grow out of the backwards hillbilly thought process. Talk to any young person today. You will hear the future. Just like black people getting their civil rights in the 60’s now we have a black President. There was nothing the prejudice right wing could do about that either.

  28. ricky says:

    It was a sad day for Omaha when the proponent’s rested and the opponents starting speaking last Tuesday on Ben Gray’s ordinance. Never in my life did I think this city had so many closed-minded religious “bullies” as that guy wrote in an email to Tom Osborne.
    But one good thing that came out of the hearing is now everybody knows how radical is Coach Ron Brown of Nebraska. For far too long he has used his position as untouchable Husker football coach to spread his religious ideology. And also how out of touch Nebraska’s Tom Osborne is for hiring and putting up with Brown.
    But what do I know, seems Ron Brown has a hot-line to God and knows best. That’s his problem; rules do not apply to Brown and Tom Osborne regarding the Separation of Church and State.

    ricky from omaha

  29. Macdaddy says:

    Out of curiosity, do any of you supporters of Gray’s resolution think the middle school teacher who was allegedly making porn films should have been suspended pending an investigation?

    BTW, Coach Brown is not the radical here. The minority of people who want to turn our society on its head are the radicals.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Geo, well said! So glad Nebraska flushed TA down to Tx. Too bad Ricky is too big of a ()$rd to flush with Annie.

  31. Wondering says:

    Is it true that Street Sweeper created this blog for his new home after he became homeless when they tore down the old Cross Town Tavern?

  32. RWP says:

    I just got done reading Greg Vistica’s The Education of Lieutenant Kerrey

    Damn, just read it.

    The atrocities in Vietnam are just a minor part of the book. Much more relevant are the thieving, the lying, the betrayal of everyone who’s ever trusted him. The man is a semi-functioning sociopath. The Hassebrook episode is just the most recent of a dozen similar betrayals.

    Every member of the state GOP should read this.

  33. Anonymous says:

    this book is nothing more than the author’s opinion. He never supports any of his claims/conclusion with fact. All he has is the claims of one man, Gerhard Klann, who he says he believes because, unlike others, his story never changed. Maybe the reason his story never changed is because it is not true. The stories of other members of Kerrey’s team did change – perhaps because in thinking back on that horrific night, new insights arose. Also is it possible that, as Kerrey admits, that there is some blockage of those events.
    Vistica only mentions once (outside of quoting Kerrey) that Klann admittedly had a grudge again Kerrey because Kerrey got the medal of honor and Klann did not – despite that fact that Kerrey lobbied for that for his efforts in the Middle East. Why is that not pursued more? Perhaps because it does not fit with Vistica’s preconceived plan to do a hatchet job on Kerrey.

    Bottom line: you will like this book if you hate soldiers or hate Kerrey because it will support those predispositions. But if you are looking for a balanced, fact-filled story, this is most definitely NOT a book for you

  34. RWP says:

    Read the book. Check Vistica’s account against other sources. Most of it is public and searchable. Make up your own mind.

    Remember, despite what anonymous coward at 10:10 keyed off on, I said what ‘s interesting Is not Kerrey’s Vietnam atrocities. It’s the rest; the reflexive history of lying and betrayal.It started long before Vietnam, and continues to this day. What Kerrey did to Hassebrook is just a reprise of what he did to Hoppner 20 years earlier.

    The establishment has always covered for Bob Kerrey.

  35. TexasAnnie says:

    Well I haven’t read the book and don’t plan to. Since I can’t vote for or against Kerrey, nothing is to be gained by changing my mind about him. But like I said above, tax equity is the most important political attribute, and Kerrey does not emulate this value.

    I will state this: I was disappointed in both Kerrey and J. Rasmussen while I lived in Nebraska. They had a brother with developmental disability and they were both in a position to consider the neglected social needs of the developmentally disabled. But…

  36. Rock and a hard place says:

    The anti-bias ordinance is headed down a fast track to being thrown on the ballot for the 2013 City General Elections. Seems support for a public vote is growing and on both sides of the issue. Selling having it on the ballot is an easy proposition and takes far fewer signers than recall.

    This would be a crushing blow to Suttle, Gray and Jerram. Putting the issue ion the ballot is a game changer in terms of the make up of city government. Guess Suttle and Gray should have been careful what they wished for and now they are taking Jerram along for the ride.

  37. Wow, what a boring weekend! It’s grey and drizzling outside, and here on Leavenworth Street things seem to have fizzled out after a flurry of homo hate. I guess it is time for me to toss one of my firebombs into the mix to get people’s passions fired up again.
    I think my position on the Rush Limbaugh furor is probably well known, or at least imaginable, to all of Sweeper’s readers, so before I fan the flames, I’m going to just toss out this little spark and see where it takes us. I’m asking all of you armchair pundits where you stand on the issue. Do you think that Limbaugh calling a private citizen a “slut” and a “prostitute” then asking her to send him pornographic videos of herself having sex were appropriate for a broadcast radio program in Nebraska? Do you think his “apology” was sufficient?
    Of course I’ll be back to argue my take on it, but I’ll give you all the chance to piss me off first.

  38. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Brian, I don’t agree with what Rush said. However, since SS doesn’t allow links, I would refer you to Michelle Malkin’s page for a run-down on all the vile things that have been spewed towards women from Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, et al. You might also check out Megan Kelly’s take on it on FOX. Or check in on Laura Ingraham or Sarah Palin. These women have all been the victims of hateful rants from the other side with language and suggestions even more gutter than Rush’s. The only difference is their mysognistic haters didn’t lose their jobs or audience for what they said. Wonder why that is?

  39. Macdaddy says:

    Rush obviously had a problem with what he said and so, for whatever reason in his heart, he apologized. Ms. Fluke, for whatever reason is in her own heart, rejected his apology. Beyond his apology, he should pay whatever fine the FCC normally hands out in such circumstances and the matter should be closed so we can get back to making TV shows about Christian bitches. Also broadcast over our precious Nebraska airwaves, and carefully planned and plotted, I might add.

  40. TexasAnnie says:

    TV shows about Christian bitches? I don’t watch many TV shows and this doesn’t ring a bell.
    At any rate, Rush and Maher and TV shows aren’t as important in the public arena as tax equity!
    How come y’all don’t speak up for tax equaity?

  41. TexasAnnie says:

    Okay, so I have a typo on “equity” above, before anybody jumps to criticism, as usual on Leavenworth St….

  42. Julie, you failed to note one very important word in my post … BROADCAST. If you receive media over a cable, then YOU paid for it and are responsible for supporting it, or complaining about it. If it comes over the ether, then it has used the federally regulated radio spectrum and I, as a citizen of these United States, should have some say over what content is propagated there. I cut the cable to my home years ago.
    I did notice that all the people you suggested that I consult on this matter are Faux Noise propagandists. Should I refer all of your concerns about reproductive rights to Karl Marx?
    I don’t support anyone, not Limbaugh, not Maher, nor any of the others calling women filthy names. If they are pilloried for their positions on issues, slammed for their own slanderous statements, or vigorously taken to task for spreading lies, well, they’re big girls and should be able to handle themselves in the playground.

    Macdaddy, Saying, “oh gosh, I used the wrong words when I called you a slut and asked you to send me pornographic videos of yourself having sex,” just doesn’t amount to what I would consider …. an apology. So tell me, what would be “appropriate” words to ask a woman to sell sex for hire and have her make lewd videos for you? Perhaps you have some experience with that?
    Again, the FCC doesn’t have the same standards for BROADCAST radio and television that it does for the media you receive through your cable.
    Oh, and Macdaddy, your tin foil hat is tarnished. Better shine that sucker up if you want to protect yourself from those nasty gay, Hollywood screenwriters that are soooooooooo obviously carefully planning and plotting with President Obama, and all of us Communists. Seen any black helicopters or been abducted by aliens lately?
    The FOX network (yeah, that one) broadcasts that very popular soft-porn program “Two and a Half Men” right at the peak of family hour in my neighborhood. They seem to broadcast plenty of questionable “entertainment” over the airwaves, but you don’t complain about them, so I take that as tacit acceptance of the values they represent.

    At any rate, it appears that a large number of advertisers agree with me. That’s nice.

  43. Annie, we all have our favorite things to get pissed about. You want tax equity, Julie wants every sperm cell fired out of the cannon to result in yet another welfare baby taxing the HHS system, and Macdaddy … well, I think he’s still waiting for E.T. to come back.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Rush has said he was sorry, it a beer by Obama can cover what he did to an officer of the law, then I figure Rush is square.

    The others to whom Albin refers have not made any apologies, nor do I expect they will. It is a badge of honor for an individual in the Liberal camp to disparage women. All one has too do is look at Bill Clinton and Maher etc. to see the proof of how biased the “Liberal” media is.

    Most people are seeing through all the bs of the liberal establishment and this is why you will see Liberals continue to lose, and lose big, in the up coming elections. When the general population was living large in the hey day’s of a roaring economy the spirit of charity was prevalent. Now with so many out of work, and or working harder for less, while paying ~$4/gallon for gas, you see a lot less tolerance.

    I would say there is a desperate cry in the electorate for a message that is not Liberal or Conservative. Yet what will prevail is conservative as it becomes a lesser of two evils.

    Look at Greece and you see a foreshadowing of what is plausible here in the US with so many paying next to nothing into the system and getting so much. How do people expect the system to support giving back more than put in? People who pay next to nothing in payroll taxes get thousands of dollars from uncle sugar in the form of a refund check., Funny thing is how do you call it a refund if it was never PAID!!!!!!

  45. RWP says:

    The distinction between broadcast radio and cable TV is important. There aren’t any liberals on broadcast radio. Therefore it needs to be tightly controlled.

    And, after all, hardly anyone gets cable TV, and no one under 18 watches it.

  46. Macdaddy says:

    I realize you people have no lives and are far out of the loop, but ABC broadcast a TV series premier last Sunday entitled “GCB” based on the book Good Christian Bitches. Maybe you aren’t sure how things work in Hollywood, but things don’t just magically appear on the boob tube. Somebody at ABC thought the idea was awesome and then they spent time and money bringing it to production. This all takes what we in the business world call planning. Frankly, BTO, I’m embarrassed for you. There is this thing called Google that has lots of wonderful information on it. But at least you’re familiar with 2and a half men and I’m heartened that you didn’t bring up that other soft porn show on Fox, Glee. I’d be really, really happy if none of that stuff was on, but apparently that’s what young people want, along with gay rights and free contraception.

  47. RWP says:

    I honestly thought you were making that up, Macdaddy.

    Unbefreakinglievable. And I’m sitting here reading Charles Murray. Out of the loop is right.

  48. To BTO says:

    Ms Fluke made herself a public figure when she put herself before a staged press conference made to look like a congressional hearing, just like Warren Buffet’s secretary did when she went to the state of the union. She made herself fair game. Of course Rush shouldn’t have called her a slut and a prostitute, but he already apologized for calling her those names.

    But this is all just a side show the real travesty: The secular fundamentalists in the administration (and locally) trying to eradicate religion from the public sphere, and to wishing we would hide in closets to worship, if at all. I was very alarmed last Tuesday at the Omaha city council meeting when one of the proponents for Ben Gray’s EEO ordinance said that they had the right to “freedom FROM religion”. And forcing religious organizations affiliated with churches to go against their beliefs is immoral and unconstitutional.

    What’s next? The feds decreeing that no one under 21 can partake in Holy Communion?

  49. Rush was only sorry that he lost his advertisers. How can you say, “In this instance, I chose the wrong words in my analogy of the situation. I did not mean a personal attack on Ms. Fluke,” after calling her, by name, a “slut,” a “prostitute,” and begging her to send you videos of her having sex? He expects us to believe that? Well, maybe you, but definitely NOT me.
    As for those on the left that have been boorish towards women, if all they did was beat on them for their barrage of lies, then I’d say they are big girls and should be able to handle it. If they used filthy euphemisms to describe them, then they should be condemned. But is THAT what you are doing? NO, you’re using the excuse of, “Well, they did it first,” and crawling into the gutter to snuggle up with your Fluffy Rushy. You could have claimed the moral high road, and condemned him as well, but you didn’t. That reveals much about you.
    You guys are always decrying the “liberal media” and those Hollywood heretics. Why, then, don’t YOU get off your dead asses and build your own Hollywood empire and produce the kind of wonderful entertainment that made Pat Boone the cultural icon that he is? I think it is the same reason why your guys didn’t do anything about abortion when they held the House, the Senate, and the White House. It’s more important for you to BITCH, than it is to actually DO anything. It would take something called … planning. Something you guys are really poor at.
    People on welfare aren’t paying in enough because they don’t have a pot to poop in. If you want to bitch about where your hard earned tax dollars are going, take a look at the REAL WORLD. It is going to feather the nests of those already porking out on foi gras and Moët Chandon. YOU are paying for your farming neighbor’s kid’s F-350 that he parks in front of the high school. YOU are paying for the vacation home in Aspen that the guy who built $300 Billion dollars worth of defective planes sold the government.

    As for GBC, Macdaddy, I loved it and will watch it again. It is hilarious. I love watching shows that show how hypocritical you people really are. But, then again I’m an aging hippy, heathen, socialist.

    RWP, I’ll forgive your untrained Scottish ears, but yeah, we Yanks still sometimes use outdated terms just for the effect. Now go put on your rubbers, it’s raining outside.
    As for my “defunct” politics? Let’s discuss that after November, once the Republican implosion is complete, shall we? How in the HELL do you people expect to win anything when you’re so busy pissing off EVERYONE that votes. You won’t get the women, the Hispanics, the poor (which is more and more of us every day,) nor any of us on the left. The right wing has shot its load and has run out of powder. America has grown weary of you.

    To BTO @ 8:41, which sect of the Taliban did you say you belong to? OF COURSE I have the freedom from your religion. Look it up, it is in the Constitution. If you don’t like it here, then go where people think like you do. I hear they have openings in Afghanistan and Pakistan. And those of you who believe there is “too much government” in America, why don’t you try Somalia on for size?

  50. RWP says:

    BTO: I could forgive your ignorance, but your verbosity is intolerable.

    It is sad you have been unable to erect a filter between the mass media and your brain. For all your poseur rebellion, the garbage goes in your ears, and comes out your mouth, unexamined and unaltered. In case you didn’t notice, the GOP took the House a year ago, and it’s a far more conservative GOP than heretofore. And despite the crap coming out of the media trying to paint 8.3% unemployment and 2% growth as a recovery, the electorate will throw the rest of your mooching bum pals out in November.

  51. Macdaddy says:

    Ah, there we go. BTO, you even got the gratuitous comparison to the Taliban in. Does that get you extra points in your Mad Libs game? If I were scoring it, I’d take points off for being predictable and boring.

  52. Kortezzi says:

    I’ve actually started getting unsolicited calls from the Jon Bruning campaign and even the Deb Fischer campaign.

    But even though I’ve actually donated $$ and volunteered online to the Stenberg campaign, Don’s people haven’t called once. Or brought me the the yard sign I asked for. Or even the bumper stickers.

    There’s more to a Senate race then garnering out-of-state endorsements. Don is cruising to another primary defeat, I’m sad to say.

  53. RWP, have you been sniffing the stuff in the bottles back in your chemistry lab again? That isn’t good for your health, you know. If you forgive my verbosity, I’ll forgive your pomposity.

    You know, Gerard, I don’t waste that much time on the mass media. I find the blather spewed from one side has about as much value as that drooled by the other. For all YOUR supposedly superior intellect, the garbage goes in your ears, and then your ass speaks on your behalf, unfortunately digested through an infected alimentary canal.
    Whooooooop-de-do! The GOP took the House a year ago, then they unleashed the little circus car filled with Mitt, Rick, Newt, and Ronnie. The Ringmaster, El Rushbo, then stepped in the elephant doo and really made a mess of things.
    I’m looking forward to getting the House back under adult supervision. Simply because the GOP is more conservative than ever before, it will face the same future the dinosaurs did. Unemployment at 8.3% and 2% growth isn’t fantastic, but at least the Democratic Party has been filling in the hole left by your pal, George W., rather than digging it ever deeper.
    By the way, the mooching bums aren’t my friends either. Only I see the worst welfare queens not as those few poor folks that have learned to trick the system, but the military/industrial complex S.O.B.s that get huge bonuses for bilking us out of billions, if not trillions. You’re one of THEM aren’t you?

  54. Macdaddy, Nothing gratuitous about the comparison. Actually, I think it was pretty well spot on. And what is this Mad Libs game you refer to?
    “ToBTO” wrote that someone is trying to eradicate religion from the public sphere. What absolute bovine byproduct! Why does he believe he has a right to shove his religion down my throat in public? The Constitution protects me as much FROM religion as it does my right to practice any given faith. Tell me of ONE instance where anyone has been locked out of their church. Tell me of ONE instance where anyone was denied their right to say a silent prayer. If he wants to wear a cross, or a strand of garlic, in public, no one can stop him. If he wants to wear a funny religious hat in public, no one can stop him. If he wants to wear magic underwear under his khakis, who’s going to stop him? If he wants to wear an orange curtain and play a tambourine, he has every right in the world. But the line is drawn when YOUR religion gets in the way of my right to be free FROM religion. You go to your church, or bow your head and say your prayers, or stare at your belly button, whatever, I really don’t care. But you don’t get to tell me that I MUST join in with your antics.

  55. One more rant, then I’m going to take a shot of NyQuil and hit the sack. The Christians in Sweeper’s readership should appreciate this one. My grandfather, a Methodist minister, always said the words printed in red in the Bible were the most important ones. Here’s a sampling from the 6th Chapter of Matthew:

    5 – And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites [are]: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

    6 – But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.

    Good grief, sometimes I think this Jesus guy, unlike a lot of the Bible thumping right-wingers that twist his words around, might have had a few things right! They should give him a listen. It’s too bad that the EIB network can’t get Him to replace Rush.

  56. To BTO says:

    It affects me and my faith when the federal government tells me that I cannot hold onto my beliefs. That I must forget our teachings and do as the Dear Leader commands.

    And I contend that your militant secularization gets in the way of my religious freedoms. My faith says that I may not worship with any other Christian denomination, but when it occasionally happens I mostly go along with it. I don’t force them to conform to my beliefs like the godless heathens leading the Democrat party do. (Tho they are not really godless heathens, they think themselves to be god.)

    Besides BTO, the first amendment only says that the government can’t establish an official religion. Private citizens may proselytize all they want. Or do you wish to take our freedom of speech away as well?

  57. Back to the Senate race...... says:

    Joe Morton has just an awful piece in Monday mornings Midlands section where he opens up the new front of Bob Kerrey’s ditherings on the pipeline. What a crock!!! Bob Kerrey can’t make up his mind on anything. I suppose Morton’s piece will mean that we will have to smitten with at least a dozen articles until Kosmic Bob finally makes up his mind on the pipeline. And I use the term “finally” very cautiously.

    Nebraska citizens have already made up their minds about the pipeline, and now we have to wait while one New Yorker makes up his mind? And read about that decision/indecision every day in the local paper?

    There are 8,300,000 people living in New York City. Why in the world should Nebraskans worry about how one of them, a very indecisive one at that, feels about the pipeline.

  58. Lil Mac says:

    Fluke sought either “government money” or insurance to pay for her sex tools. The problem is, it is my money. All government money comes from my taxes and insurance from my increased premiums, and from yours. Everything anyone gets “free”, the rest of us foot that bill. Frankly, I don’t care if Fluke has sex with chimps — I don’t care what you screw as long as it is adult and consensual – But I don’t want to pay for it. I don’t want IRS deductions for gay or straight marriage or to fund sex aids, birth control or your spawn, be they regular, clones or a kid you bought online. Do what you want but pay for it yourself.

    Fluke isn’t a prostitute. Fluke wants your money so she can have sex with other guys not you. That makes us her robbed victims and those willing to fund her, idiots. A hooker is a businesswoman. Fluke is a thieving slut. However, Fluke is also a savvy law student who now has jobs waiting. She grasps the entertainment value of politics, like Limbaugh and Obermann do, none of whom are anything more than entertaining.

    BTW, it is as just stupid for a Democrat to think Republicans obey Rush, as it is for Republicans to think Democrats obey Keith. These entertainers provide politik titillation, a snarking humoresque extension of reality that is diverting. Fluke is also playing the game. And every time we take them seriously, we end up essentially paying them to enjoy sex with someone not us. Get a good laugh from that because you are paying for it.

  59. Nincompoop @ 1:51 am,
    No one, I repeat, NO ONE, can tell you that you cannot hold onto your beliefs. This whole issue turns on whether or not your church accepts federal welfare. If your church is being subsidized by the government, which also belongs to us heathens, then you have to accept its rules. If you want to be independent from the government’s policies, then the answer is so very simple – be independent! Don’t take government money!
    No one, I repeat, NO ONE, can make you worship with any other Christian denomination, nor cause you to worship another faith. If someone is praying to what you perceive as a golden calf, just go about your business and ignore them. You can feel good knowing that they’re going to hell, and you aren’t.
    Yes, you can proselytize all you want, but don’t be surprised when MY God, the truly righteous one, uses me as his tool to smite thee. Your freedom of speech does not give you carte blanche to interfere with MY freedoms.

    Nincompoop @ 7:37 am,
    Medication that is used for birth control has a myriad of other applications, many of them concerning other health issues shared by a majority of women. It is medicine, not a sex toy. But you, no doubt, still giggle like a sixth grade girl every time you hear the word … sex.
    It is NOT your money, it is OUR money. YOU have no more say in how the treasury is allocated than I do. I don’t get to veto useless armaments. Nor do I get to veto bailouts of the privileged classes. But YOU think that YOU have the right to deny health care to people because it might fuel your sexual fantasies and your trying to quit masturbating.
    If you insist on not paying for the things I support, then keep your damned car off of MY highway. Dig a cesspool in your back yard and quit using MY sewage system. If someone robs you, go find them and shoot them, but don’t you be calling MY police. If your house is burning down … spit on it!
    If you don’t understand the difference between women’t health care concerns and prostitution then I must assume that you were raised by one.

  60. That last sentence didn’t come out too well, I’ll try again.
    If you don’t understand the difference between drugs used to treat women’s health care concerns and those used for sexual gratification then I must assume that you were raised by a woman that rented her body out to men for cash. (I wouldn’t want to use one of Limbaugh’s terms.)

  61. Some Thoughts says:

    “Do what you want but pay for it yourself.”

    Lil Mac, that’s an attractive saying, but it doesn’t hold up under scrutiny. If you are part of my insurance pool (heck, for all I know, you are!), then some of your dollars have paid hospitals and doctors when my kids were born. I did what I wanted, and I paid my insurance premiums into the system, and then insurance paid for most (though sadly, far from all) of the cost. However, the insurance company paid a lot more for that than it would have paid for the cost of birth control, so it would have been better for you if we had chosen not to have any kids!

    Every time someone pigs out at the buffet, sits around watching TV instead of exercising, and keeps smoking and drinking, they are “doing what they want” and then making you pay for it, in the form of shared insurance premiums for all of their health problems.

    So, which things should we pay for and which things shouldn’t we? Perhaps the government and private insurers should no longer cover Type 2 diabetes, or treatments for any illnesses caused by smoking cigarettes. Don’t want to pay for other people’s personal choices, right?

  62. Anonymous says:

    @Some Thoughts, very good posts. But don’t expect to even slightly sway folks like the Macs. They like things simple and easy to understand, though real life isn’t that way.

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