UPDATE: Thompson votes NO, Gernandt votes YES; New ads for Kerrey

Franklin Thompson
In a vote that could spell full employment for political consultants and media buyers and sellers across Omaha, City Councilman Franklin Thompson is reported to be voting FOR the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender non-discrimination ordinance before the City Council.

Those opposing the ordinance have vowed to collect the required signatures to put the ordinance to a vote before Omahans in 2013. We understand that former Hal Daub aide Brinker Harding could also be an early declared opponent to Thompson in his West Omaha district.

We will update with further info and as necessary.


And as we noted earlier, Bob Kerrey made a $107,000 ad buy in Nebraska for this week. See his spots here

…and here:

In both the “Step Up” and “Welcome Home” spots, Kerrey finally admits that he has spent the last eleven years away from Nebraska.

…as a New York City liberal, who thought about running for Mayor there, and is looking forward to pushing through more and more ObamaCare.

Well…the rest is implied anyway.

And as a commenter notes, if Kerrey is “home” in Nebraska, where does he go when he wants to see his wife and young son? And where do THEY live?

**UPDATE at 3:30pm**

Thompson says that if the “gender identity” language stays in, he will NOT vote Yes…

**UPDATE at 3:40 pm**

Thompson proved us wrong and voted NO.

But, the ordinance passes anyway with Gernandt flipping.

Which, if we were gambling, tells us that Thompson realized they didn’t need his vote, and went safe. But he did note, as we did, the uncertainty contained in the ordinance language. Will be interesting to see how he plays it down the road.

Ah City politics…


  1. Kortezzi says:

    Is Franklin supporting the ordinance after Gernandt’s amendment makes it apply only to City of Omaha employees? If it passes, that amendment really could make the whole LGBT issue very minor in actual effect. It would also REALLY tick off the people behind it.

  2. ITK says:

    Gernandt’s amendment would do just that, but it would piss off the taxpayers who has to pay the benefits. Would they now be able to receive couple’s benefits? This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

    I would support Brinker most definately.

  3. RWP says:

    Kerrey went through 5 provosts at New School; he couldn’t find one he could work with. And so he’s going to work with Republicans?

  4. SS is wrong!! says:

    SorrySTreet Sweeper, Thompson voted no. Which means Reality Steve’s average is bertter than you at prediction based on sources LOL

  5. Nebraska Tea Partier says:

    If “Home is where the heart is”, do we really believe that heart is Nebraska? I’m not fooled, Bob. Also, who is the political idiot-stick behind the “Welcome Home, Bob” spots? How did that even look like a good idea on paper? Convinced these spots will backfire for dear-old-bob in Nebraska. New York political marketing messages don’t work so well here.

  6. Bam says:

    Either way, Bob calls Nebraska “home” only through Nov. 6. Once that day is over, never again will he be here more than a day or two.

  7. RWP says:

    Kerrey has not been employed in New York since January 1, 2011. If he was interested in coming home to Nebraska, he could have done it at any time since then. He could have moved over last summer, so his son would be able to start a new school year here. In fact, he had so little tie to the state he had to falsely register at the last minute.

  8. @ RWP says:

    Bob Kerrey is not a carpetbagger.

    And as far as being “employed,” for goodness sake, he’s several years beyond traditional retirement age in the first place, so cut him a break. You don’t move your family until you make a final decision so why would he have moved his wife and son here last summer; he wasn’t planning to run then. Sheesh.

    Beyond that, Nebraskans – like the rest of Americans – are concerned about issues.

    If Republicans continue to hammer away at this “non” issue, you’re going to further alienate Independent Cornhuskers who are disappointed in your party because of the Keystone Pipeline, the Rush stuff, and the GOP’s ever-escalating doctrinaire positions on social issues.

    Nebraska’s 1st & 2nd District voters are increasingly moving towards the Independent label plus you’ve got Crimson Country Cornhuskers – formerly dogmatic members of the GOP – upset by Trans Canada.

    For the GOP, all of this adds up to a Perfect Storm.

    And the Kerrey ship can now navigate a course that puts him safely in the Senate harbor next November, 2012.

  9. Senator Snowplow says:

    Post 15, thank you for that spirited defense of Sen Bob. Exactly right. Why would he move back if didn’t know yet that he was running? Duh. Had he decided not to run, he would have just stayed in New York and been a Nebxraska voice there. Such a non issue.

  10. HuskerBlueJay says:

    Jim Begley is in one of the Bob Kerrey ads. Jim used to be part of a group called Catholic Democrats. I wonder how Mr. Begley feels about Bob Kerrey’s votes in favor partial-birth abortion?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Brinker? Isn’t he the consultant who advised Hal to go negative and essentially tipped the scales to Suttle? What’s old is ….cough, cough…old again.

  12. To Anonymous says:

    Suttle’s lies not to raise taxes is what won him the election. Brinker has more support than you realize.

  13. Macdaddy says:

    He’s got some family here, anyway. The family that counts lives 1000 miles away. BTW, about that 9/11 commission, didn’t I see where Kerrey was trying to link the Saudi government to 9/11? Interesting that he would file an affidavit full of maybes, possibly’s, and suppositions. All that time on the commission and he can’t even come up with anything other than innuendo to keep the tin foil hat group going?

  14. RWP says:

    And as far as being “employed,” for goodness sake, he’s several years beyond traditional retirement age in the first place, so cut him a break.

    All the more reason he should stay retired.

    Kerrey is not a resident of Nebraska. In the unlikely event a majority of our state vote for him, his actual address will shift from Greenwich Village to somewhere like Chevy Chase MD. Nebraska does not have a zip code Cosmic Bob considers suitable for his New York wife and his New York son. He will maintain the cheapest possible legal address in Omaha to fulfill Constitutional requirements. Nebraska does not have a zip code suitable for Cosmic Bob’s lifestyle.

    He will not represent our state. He will represent the national Democratic party. And our local Dems are so desperate for statewide office they will sell their state out for the sake of one more vote in the Senate.

    To compare them to Judases does an injury to Mr. Iscariot.

  15. Macdaddy says:

    Is Cosmic Bob still in support of Obamacare now that it’s going to cost $1.76 trillion and add more to our crippling debt that he talks about? Sounds like we can’t afford it. How about the HHS mandate that if you go through the state exchange you will pay for elective abortions? Period. No opt out. Right on the bill, you get a line item showing you what Obama thinks you should believe and participate in. I guess if you’re poor, that whole First Amendnent thing doesn’t apply to you. But Cosmic Bob will take a solemn vow to overturn Obamacare, right?

  16. @Macdaddy says:

    Your estimates are way too conservative. Obamacare is going to cost closer to $16 trillion and, what’s worse, it’s going to require mandatory abortions. I think that’s wrong. No one should be forced to have mandatory abortions. What is this world coming to.

  17. Macdaddy says:

    Sarcasm grade: D+ If President Obama can make you pay for somebody else’s abortion, then just wait and see what President Santorum will make you pay for.

  18. Whatever says:

    Using the thinking of posters on here, Mike Johanns’ home was always (and continues to be) in Arlington, VA during his campaign because his wife never moved back to Nebraska, and he didn’t even get a small condo until about 3-4 months after he announced. But IOKIYAR.

    What most one here aren’t considering is that most Nebraska voters don’t think all nasty like ya’ll do. They will remember Kerrey and the “welcome back” ad is brilliant. It will knock down all the NEGOP attempts to say that his 57 years of life living in/serving Nebraska isn’t good enough and make them look like idiots.

  19. Anonymous says:


    Did you give birth to triplets or what? You looked very puffy yesterday when you were screeching on the mike. Was kinda of funny to watch you pout when Speaker Flood scolded you and Sen Lathrop. Sen Lathrop really screwed the pooch on his Gubanatorial speech yesterday.

  20. @Whatever…apples and freight trains, genius. Johanns was Governor, then appointed Secretary of Agriculture, then Senator. During that span, he never stopped serving Nebraska’s interests. Bob stopped serving Nebraska a long time ago, probably before he gave up his Senate gig. For quite some time now, his ‘job’ has been serving himself, and this latest stunt proves that he’s not about to retire from THAT gig.

  21. Sweepers Source says:

    To Street Sweeper is wrong. Franklin was telling people he was going to vote yes and publicly proposed an amendment yesterday that would have passed Ben Gray’s ordinance minus transgender protections. The amendment failed. Franklin Thompson not only supported most of the ordinance he is also a terrible signer!!! Sweeper was not wrong.

  22. RWP says:

    Best line of the 2012 senatorial campaign so far…

    “Replacing Nelson with Kerrey is replacing the Cornhusker Kickback with the Cornhusker Throwback.”

    (Either way, no forward progress)

  23. Lil Mac says:

    All Kerrey needs are Independent voters, who vote for reasons Republicans find unreal. Yet such voters decide elections and are the same distracted apolitical voters who elected and reelected Kerrey before. They are impressed by terms like “veteran” and “governor”. NE Republicans have their own veteran/governor sitting on his ass in Lincoln. You got to be smarter than that to win.

    The “carpetbagger” term’s validity hinges on Kerrey’s residency being illegal. Yet it is obvious to all that Kerrey is airing TV ads because no court has ruled his candidacy illegal.

    The GOP needs to get a judge to rule Kerrey’s run illegal while quietly polling Independent voters to find out exactly which things they dislike in Kerrey’s past and then advertise that. The problem is, polls and ads cost money. With no Dem competitors, Kerrey has cash to find out exactly what voters want to hear and to run ads to tell them. He admits this is how he campaigns. Unfortunately, Republicans beggar themselves in fratricide leaving them too poor to pay to know what Nov voters what to hear. So they will pay to tell those November voters, who don’t think at all like Republicans, what Republicans want to hear.

    Which is the more dangerous? Kerrey’s rejection of big government while he is in NE, followed by his DC votes embracing it? Or GOP myopia that allows him to come to power and do that? They say voters always get what they deserve. I rather hoped they deserved better.

  24. Cosmic says:

    Considering Cosmic Bob retired one from the Senate. I would ask — “If you were to win, would you run for another term? Or, are you going to be a one hit wonder???

    Just asking, since Cosmic Bob is getting old.

  25. Duncan@gmail.com says:

    “Professor” Paul Landow as on KFAB’s Crash Davis show and said Councilman Gernandt’s vote was “courageous”. Please, give me a break.

    Gernandt has become more and more a part of the local Democratic Party which is now filled with cultural liberals- check out a convention sometime – Chair of the Native American caucus, Democratic Divas groups, secular humanist society, etc…

    Gernandt did the easy thing, the popular trends demanded this political correct ordinance, plus he felt pressure from potential challenger, Dr. Benjamin Averado, UNO political professor who testied in front of the Council stating his sister is a lesbian. Dr. Averado has been slowing building up a “progressive coalition” between Suttle, local Democrats and Hispanics and is toying with the idea of running for office. He’s also buddies with Fidel Castro and frequently travels to Cuba.

    Omaha is changing. We have our own George Soros – its Warren Buffett, Susie Buffett, Dick Holland, who are funding a secular liberal cultural revolution in Omaha – let’s give the key of the city to Alexander Payne and Jane Fonda at the Film Streams, Conor Oberst can sing a new song about how depressing and oppressed he was growing in up in Omaha, etc. Hot shops gay pride day, publilc schools mandatory nurses offices supplied by Planned Parenthood, no black fathers in north Omaha, out of wedlock stats, STD’s #1 in the country…

  26. Whatever says:

    @Grundle King, Mike Johanns wasn’t serving “Nebraska’s interest” when he quit his job to be a presidential appointee, and then puppet for Karl Rove, traveling around on the taxpayer dime to campaign for Republicans in several states. He quit his job halfway through to further his own career. He then quit that job to run for Senate long before a farm bill was even done, and even when he was in place, several people made statements at the time (all on the House & Senate Ag Committees) that Johanns really wasn’t even participating in discussions anyway so he was useless. But keep making excuses as to why you think It’s okay when Republicans do things, but not when Democrats do the exact same things. It’s funny, really. You all supported Chuck Hagel too when he hadn’t been in Nebraska for a very long time. By the way, Kerrey didn’t “leave” Nebraska, he has owned and expanded businesses (created jobs) consistently, unlike Johanns who had NO ties to Nebraska ( no residence or business) after he quit to further his career.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I heard that interview with “professor” Landow on KFAB and his unkind remarks about Council person Thompson. Still the same ole sour grapes Paul trying to seem intelligent and sounding …..arrogant and smug. Heard Gernandt this AM on Scott Voorhees’ show followed by Jean Stothert. I wonder if Jean goes home after those meetings and hits her head against the wall just to make it feel better.

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