Erin Go Braghkets

While speaking at a fundraiser for NE02 Rep. Lee Terry this morning, Tea Party darling, Rep. Allen West (R-FL) referred to Terry’s Republican opponents as “Knuckleheads”.

We are just reporting the news, peoples.


President Obama went off on Republicans yesterday for not getting on board with his plan to pick which “energy” companies to support — such as Solyndra and other futuristic bankrupt entities. We went on to say that Republicans were like the “Flat Earth” people in Columbus’s time who thought he’d fall off on his way across the Atlantic. And he then knocked former President Rutherford B. Hayes, saying that Hayes said no one would want to won one of these new “telephones”.

Except that Hayes was the first President to have a phone in the oval office and constantly marveled at how awesome it was. (Until he started to get calls from his Alumni association asking him to donate more…)

Oh, and in Columbus’s time, pretty much all educated people knew the Earth was round. The debate back then was about the distance across the Atlantic to India, and whether Columbus would run out of fresh water before he got there.

But Obama is acting just like a true Democrat, yeah? Ignore the facts. And science and history. Just forge ahead, using the strongest emotional argument you can muster, and make up stuff about those who do not agree with you.

Now where have we seen this done in Nebraska? Hmmmmm.


Warren & Astrid at the White House

Hey and speaking of the President, a few of his good buddies from Omaha were at the White House for the state dinner with the British PM. That would be Warren Buffett and his daughter Susie, fresh off her victory of pushing through the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender anti-discrimination ordinance in Omaha.

Nothing like the very, very, very, very TIP top of the 1% representing with the President, eh Occupiers?

And then speaking of the Susie Buffett and her new ordinance, Joe Jordan interviewed Councilman Ben Gray at the signing ceremony, about the prospect of putting the issue on next year’s ballot in Omaha. Gray responded that that would be a bad thing, because it would be “too polarizing” for Omaha.

So, just to be clear, Gray presents a divisive issue before the city; rams it through the Council; but then does not want to have a vote on his divisive issue because it is too divisive? That is right up there with yelling to someone, “Do not think about a green hippopotamus!


Hey, we see that the vandals got ahold of our logo up top, and instead referenced the street Creighton University is located on.
And to that we say, “DAMN STRAIGHT! GOOOOOOOOO JAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Have fun and be safe tomorrow! Don’t drink too much Green Dye #7!


  1. Anonymous says:

    The GOP is one for talking about people making up facts. Let’s see you have Rush, Beck , FOX news. Rick Perry, Michele Bachman , Newt, Mitt. The list could go on and on.

  2. Oh, here, let me do that:
    Mwwwaahhhhha the DEMOCRATS! Maher, Olberman, Obama, Biden, Matthews, O’Brien, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR. The list can go on and on and on and on and on!

    Please, do come back…when you have ANYTHING to say.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Okay, reality check time. This is a false equivalency. The right is much, much, much more profligate when it comes to telling complete, baldface lies without a shred of truth. Unless you consider your opinions “facts” (maybe that’s the problem), the right is very much worse than the left in this regard.

  4. #ToMyUnbornChild says:

    Anyone see that twitter trend? Talk about a positive idea taking an utterly brutal and wicked turn for the worse. Such hate.

  5. OK, I’m a little more mellow now, after coming down from my adrenaline rush.
    I won’t be so harsh on the stupid comments…
    …er…I mean there’s NO such thing as a stupid comment!

    Way to go Jays!!!!!!!

  6. Btw, we will post photos of anyone who gets their pic with Marv Albert and/or Steve Kerr this weekend. (Have to have them smiling for the camera. Not just them in the background.)

  7. Dukes Of Douglas County says:

    I saw Boss Hogg standing in the City Council meeting glaring at the council during Ben Gray’s Ordinance. She presided over that meeting as if she owned those 4 council members. I thought Omaha hasn’t had a new city boss since Tom Dennison but now I have changed my mind. Who funded the legal efforts of OPS in the “One City, One School District” issue? Who helped elect and retain Jim Suttle? Who supported the Learning Community? Who was Ben Gray’s Sugar Mama on the Gay Rights Ordinance? Who’s father owns the Omaha Word Herald and pushed a poll to support her agenda? Who is backing Bob Kerry to run fur US Senate? Who dumped massive amounts of cash in 2008 to make CD2 Blue electoral pickup?

    Omaha has a new Boss Hogg and Suttle and Grey are her Enis and Sheriff Rosco.

  8. Anonymous says:

    In February 2003, a Florida Court of Appeals unanimously agreed with an assertion by FOX News that there is no rule against distorting or falsifying the news in the United States. So you GOPHERS have no problem with FOX news not telling the truth? Or since the owner of FOX said the purpose of FOX news is tell their viewers what they want to hear , even if it is not true. No wonder GOPHERS are so nutty. Sounds shameful to me.

  9. To Dukes Of Douglas County says:

    I agree Susie Buffet is trying to run the city of Omaha. The Comparison of her to Boss Hogg fits her more ways than one!

  10. May of 2013 says:

    This issue will be on the ballot and Ben Gray’s district will lead the charge to repeal this unpopular ordinance.

  11. RWP says:

    The right is much, much, much more profligate when it comes to telling complete, baldface lies without a shred of truth

    This guy is delusional to the point of psychosis.

    Bill Clinton, anyone?

    Or Bob Kerrey? “Look, who doesn’t lie”

    “Right” Russert replied, weakly.

    “Show me someone who doesn’t lie, and it’s someone I don’t want to hang out with”

  12. Sooooooooooo. Saint Santorum has declared a jihad on porn! It wasn’t enough that he declared America’s vaginas off limits, even to their owners, for any purpose other than procreation. Now he doesn’t even want us looking at ’em!
    How is that going to go over with his buddies at Fox News? After all, their parent company, Newscorp, is one of the largest distributors of hardcore pornography in the U.S. and Britain! It is documented that the states with the largest percentage of porn consumers are all conservative. The biggest of them all is Utah!
    Oh how I love this circus! Ron Paul, the guy with the big shoes and foam nose that drives the little car into the center ring at the GOP debates, is beginning to look like the smartest of the bunch!

  13. Silver Spoon says:

    Susie Buffet would be nothing without her fathers money. She has accomplished nothing on her own and throws temper tantrums when she does not get what she wants.

  14. Macdaddy says:

    Bill Clinton, I did not have sex with that woman; Ted Kennedy, I AM wearing pants; Barack Obama, anything that comes after “Let me be perfectly clear.”

  15. Sorry MaryJ Superweed … I’m not jealous of Ricky Poo’s morality at all. I find it as threatening to this nation as I do the morality of the Taliban. I think even Jesus would be wary of the guy.

    Macdaddy, “If I’m a typin’ I’m a lyin’.”

  16. Anonymous says:

    Leno commented last eve that if people thought gun owners were up in arms when their rights to guns were threatened wait and see what happens when they try to take away porn. He also pointed out that Santorum thought KY Jelly was a jam made in Kentucky. So many social issues so little time to lose what could be Mitt’s to win.

    Good post BTO.

  17. Divisive Force says:

    Susie Buffett is the most divisive person in Omaha. She has tries to ram her liberal agenda down omahans throats. She is the Boss Hogg of Omaha politics.

  18. Texas Annie, It isn’t that I’m wising up on Ron Paul as much as I am wising up on all of his competitors. I’ll admit, some things Ron comes up with almost make sense … almost.

    Kortezzi, I’ll forgive your latest ridiculous statement, since that is what we’ve come to expect from you.

    Why all the hatred over Susie Buffett? I’ve never met her, and really haven’t heard so much about her, but since she’s such a PITA to you all, I’m sure she’s just the kind of gal I’d like to meet. Maybe if she stops in at CHEEX tonight for Chef Jim’s famous corned beef and cabbage I’d buy her a green beer or two. I certain Trish would like her too.

  19. To Progressive Oasis says:

    How does councilwoman Stothert thinks she runs the council? It’s you liberals that have passed the taxes and the other liberal drivel that comes out of Suttle’s office. You guys have the majority now and worship all things Susie. Let’s see who’s mayor next year and let’s see who the voters keep in the council.

  20. Lil Mac says:

    Regarding “knuckleheads” running against Lee Terry (R), is that the same Lee Terry who couldn’t be pried out of office even when his own district voted for Obama? Most normal people would see that as formidable strength. Yet seven people feel they can beat Terry.

    Those knuckleheads are; a (R) choo-choo train repairman, (R) Air Force file clerk, (R) math teacher, (R) ex- football player, (D) ex-cop with a criminal record, (D) social worker, and (I) chef.

    Let’s all vote for the chef. The food in this blog sucks.

  21. Kortezzi says:

    BTO, thanks for your forgiveness. I so appreciate it.
    Should have known you’d be more interested in a rich gal like Susie Buffett!
    But if you’re thinking Susie would ever stoop to your level, dream on.
    To attract her interest, you need to get elected to something first.

  22. Kortezzi,
    I, like you, am unelectable. My reason for that is that I tell the truth without any consideration for the consequences to myself. Your reason for that is … well, let’s just say – the opposite.

  23. Also, Kortezzi, I believe Suzie Buffett is probably used to being surrounded by kiss-asses attracted to her money like flies on poop. She’d have to “stoop to my level,” if she wanted to keep up with me financially, but I think that, intellectually and culturally, she would find my company stimulating. Don’t you wish you could say the same for yourself?

    Is féidir leat greim mo thóin.

  24. Anonymous says:

    With all the craziness that the Ron Paul people are causing down in Missouri tonight, I am sure glad that Scott Petersen is not in charge of Douglas County’s convention…now only to remove him from being DCRP chair..

  25. Commoner says:

    Tired of Liberals, go away and let me keep what I earn. I’m tired of paying for those who can, and won’t. I’m tired of bearing the load for those who get more services than I do because they qualify at 180% of poverty.

    Life isn’t fair, the best you can hope for is Just. So just go find a job, there are THOUSANDS of jobs out there, sure you may make more than welfare allows, suck it up and quite whining. Life is tough, it happens.

  26. Commoner, the people that are REALLY sucking up your hard earned dollars are NOT those few poor souls that are on what you perceive as “welfare.” If you tally up all the farmers and ranchers that are receiving subsidies for doing diddly squat, the officers of major corporations that are reaping the benefits of “economic incentives,” and the gazillions of dollars that get flushed down the crapper every year by the military-industrial complex, the bucks going to welfare moms is but a speck of dust in your eye. Sure it is irritating, but the aforementioned are performing a lobotomy on you and you don’t care.
    You’re wasting your time and energy on the folks that shortchange you at the McDonald’s drive-thru while the real culprits have tunneled into your bank’s vault and are emptying your safe deposit box as well as breaking into your home and stripping it of all that is dear to you.
    Get some perspective for Christ’s sake!

  27. Lil Mac says:

    Interesting banter here regarding govt subsidies. Going back to Sweeper’s original comment about Obama wanting Republicans to choose which energy companies to subsidize, perceptive people see that as being asked if they prefer urine to feces. And that in turn suggests the greatest divide in voters is between those who don’t mind subsidization and those who see it as subtly subverting freedom.

    Whether the government is giving your hard earned tax dollars liberally to the poor to buy the poor’s vote, or it is giving your hard earned tax dollars to the corporate rich to buy their campaign donations, the point is, individual power hungry A-holes who have the gall to stand up and dare say they deserve to be in charge of you, they use the IRS to steal your dollars which they then spend to buy their own reelections. They try very hard to make that seem like a battle of principles. In fact, they pit you against other principled voters to make us “marks” they can screw. Think of subsidies as the big con.

    For example, Obama has white antebellum and Islamic Kenyan slave Owners on all sides of his genetic code, zero slave blood, more Slave Owner blood than a KKK chief, but his videos to Black voters say he is part of them “overcoming slavery”. In another con, when Obama demands we choose which “energy company” to subsidize, he’s trying to trap liberals with “energy” and conservatives with “company”; semantics not to cram bad government up your butt but himself down your throat. It’s not complicated by evil intent. It is simply a tyrannical ass like Bush getting himself another 4 years.

    If we get any good policy, and have any voice at all, that has to squeeze by the subsidies.

    Taxation’s purpose is to empower government. Government’s purpose is to govern (i.e. control, limit, restrict) you and me. If you waffle on either of those rock solid realities, you have dined on either urine or feces and pronounced yourself as having the good taste to choose the better.

    Sorry for the length. I hate subtle things used to screw people unawares.

  28. Commoner says:

    BTO- I’d be fine with farmers paying 100% valuation and getting NO subsidies as I have the land, skills, and means to grow my own food. The rest of you though…… it would kind of suck trying to figure out the impact to farmers and the market once there were no controls at all. I suppose it would drive people back to rural America, but the time in between when people left the cities, the Govt breaking up large landowners properties for them to farm on, and getting the supply chains working, will be very hard times. The economy would go in the tank, particularly in the Food Belt, and there would be a lot of starvation. BUT if that is what you think is best for the country I suppose you are in a better position from where you sit to make such a call.

    Me, I don’t really care for the price controls but I do like being able to go to the store and have a choice in just about every commodity I purchase. I have been to, as like lived in, countries where children didn’t know what an orange or a banana tasted like. I prefer it the way it is now, EXCEPT where 47% are net TAKERS of income tax dollars. How is it you can get back more than you paid in, if you paid in at all?

    But go ahead and find, or get elected, enough politicians to do your bidding. You know the same people who get elected by the voters. I’m sure you can at least influence enough individuals in Nebraska to force the issues you support?

  29. Lil Mac,
    Every form of energy used in this country has, at one time or another if not currently, been heavily subsidized by the government. We wouldn’t have all the hydro-electric power had it not been for government action, we wouldn’ t have the pipelines that criss-cross our nation had it not been for government action, we wouldn’t have a way to carry coal to markets had the railways not been heavily subsidized by the government. Good grief! Of couse the government helps to build the infrastructure that it takes to serve America’s populace. It always has and always will. To do otherwise would be to scuttle our own ship.

    Every stripe of politician has ALWAYS used the power of their office, from dogcatcher to the Presidency, to buy votes and reward their friends and family. The current administration is no different than any that has preceded it. Only since Citizen’s United have the fat cats come out so far into the open as they blatantly go about buying our government from us. Would that it had some benefit to the American people.

    What’s the beef with Obama’s forefathers? When his Irish ancestors (and mine) came over here they were faced with most businesses putting a NINA (No Irish Need Apply) sign in their windows. I’m one that believes it is high time we all get over who our ancestors were and the trials they faced. Each of us should stand for what we have done as individuals. We still have large segments of our population that are discriminated against for other reasons, as most recently discussed here on Leavenworth Street. And if Saint Santorum has his way, we’ll be enslaving our women once again.

    Taxation’s purpose is to finance the infrastructure and services required to make our nation a functioning entity. It is a myth that we can all be like Jeremiah Johnson and live off the land as rugged individualists. That is why our Constitution begins with “We the People …” and not “We, a variety of individuals …” It has nothing to do with our dietary predilections, and I’m sorry your plate has such a limited, and disgusting, variety.

    A lot of what I have to say to you is in my reply to Lil Mac above. We live in a society, and we must pay taxes to support it. If we were an engine, we couldn’t decide to just support the pistons and to hell with the crankshaft, the valves, and the ignition. But we don’t need to make the pistons out of platinum while forging the crankshaft from tin either, and that is what our system of unnecessary subsidies and patronage essentially does.

    Mine is but one voice in the political process. I wish that a lot more people were as willing to express theirs. Unfortunately, too many in the electorate are sheeple, and they like following the money.

  30. Lil Mac says:

    “What’s the beef with Obama’s forefathers?” They bought and sold human beings. I find that objectionable. BHO’s latest video to Black voters refers to himself as “overcoming slavery”. I don’t know a clearer case for hypocrisy. And speaking of hypocrisy, take it easy on the Irish-suffered-like-Black-slaves thing. The key Slave Owner in Gone With the Wind was named O’Hara.

    Our Constitution is more than a Preamble. Yes, it makes a more perfect union, but the entire rest of the document are procedures that hamstring the tyrannies of the majority, of states, of a federal, of courts, and of the executive –of government- with a great big thingy at the end called the “Bill of Rights” which makes it very clear that Individuals are key. That big thingy seemed to matter more to Democrats when GWB was Prez. Well, things do change don’t they?

    You say what you hope taxes are for. I said what candidates actually use taxes to do. I see a Republic where individuals form the basis of government, you apparently see a Democracy where people matter more than a person. I will err on the individualist side. Go right ahead and err on the governmentalist side. We shall disagree. And it sounds like we are mostly disagreeing honestly. So that’s A-okay.

    Sorry about the disgusting diet imagery. I forget some people might have left over corned beef and cabbage to deal with. I love the stuff. Anything that tastes that good has to be bad for you.

  31. Lil Mac,
    OK, so you have a beef with people that died a long time ago, and with fictional characters in novels.
    The Constitution, along with ALL of its Amendments, not just the first ten, has always been a very important thing for me. I can’t vouch for each and every Democrat, nor Republican, but far too many people today seem to have some mighty weird ideas as to what is in the darned thing. All it takes is an ability to read and comprehend to understand it.
    It is because of people with minds incapable of holding thoughts more complex than can be expressed on a bumber sticker that get bozos that think the 2nd Amendment allows them to deny someone else’s 1st Amendment rights.
    i said what I believe the purpose of taxes are. If the people we elect use them for other purposes, the only reason they are getting away with it is because the people who are supposed to keep them straight aren’t doing their jobs. That would be you … and me.
    We have a nation in our world that is operating completely under the concept of “each man for himself.” That nation is Somalia. If you honestly think their model is better than we have here, then I guarantee you’ll have a fight on your hands before you try to turn this nation into a mess like that.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Another article in the Wierd-Harold over the weekend about Susie Buffett and some new book of hers about the “Buffett Women.” Is this what we can look forward to now that Daddy Warbucks Warren has bought the OWH? Two photos/articles of Susie in two weeks is too much and if they keep this up I predict employees with any professional integrity will want to flee before it becomes the National Enquirer for Buffett interests.

  33. Macdaddy says:

    Sure thing, BTO, just as soon as you show me the first Republican politician who advocates everyone living like Jeremiah Johnson or wants to turn America into Somalia.

  34. Macdaddy says:

    And by the way, your reference to the 2nd amendment trumping someone else’s 1st amendment rights is especially obscure. Could you perhaps explain that one to the rest of us? I must have missed reading that news story.

  35. John says:

    I wonder if the queen of Omaha’s book, with revisionist tales(all liberal history is revisionist) will touch on the quality of her mothers chicken soup

  36. Lil Mac says:

    BTO, seems we are agreeing in roundabout ways on what elected officials are doing with our taxes and what we aren’t doing to hold them accountable. That is what I said. But with respect to the Constitution and your mention of 1st and 2nd Amendments, they both begin with, respectively, “religion” and “militia”, not what most assume ala speech and guns. And by that I mean only to suggest that if the Constitution were crystal clear from all viewpoints, there wouldn’t be mountains of Court opinions clarifying it. Indeed our founders had the same mix of leanings for or against individualism, states, governmentalism as do you and i. So I lean from one direction, you from another, but we are all in the same boat.

    I will say this. “Every man for himself” are your words and a tad off the mark. I said the Constitution exists for “unity” based on individual freedom, so yea, unity. Yea, of course, joint purpose. But that can mean minimal or extensive government easing your wounds or up your butt. Viewpoints differ. I suspect we have both sweat, maybe even bled a bit, for this country. So let’s keep on keeping on.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Why is the GOP spending money on keeping A Medal of Honor Winner from serving his state and country. Especially when the Constitution says he can run for the Senate? Don’t the Republicans got this seat all wrapped up? Going by this logic a soldier who has spent most of his life in the middle east the last 11 years can’t run either , Even if he had spent most of his time in Nebraska before he moved to the middle east

  38. Lame Mom Politico says:

    MacDaddy, What? Do you think I only listen to politicians? My comments are about the ridiculous stands that MANY on the right take, and express daily in letters to editors and on blogs, not necessarily this one. Get out and expand your horizons!
    Anon@1:37, I would make a damned fine Chair of the Democratic Party because, rather than sitting on my ass in Lincoln or Omaha hobnobbing exclusively with my rich pals, I’d be out trying to get EVERY Democrat in this state to build the party, and not just expect them to send me money so that I could flush it down the crapper in some office in Lincoln. I’d make the party something that everyone could have an active role in, rather than kicking the volunteers in the teeth because they won’t cut me a freakin’ check.
    Scuttlebutt is there are already a couple of candidates. One will be the pre-ordained, hand-picked lovechild of the CEMOL (Committee to Elect Mayors of Lincoln and Omaha) and the other one won’t be.
    Lil Mac, You’re probably right.

  39. Macdaddy says:

    Lame Mom Politico: you know, I actually did get out and read what non-politicians write on blogs, but then I felt like I would need a shower after and so I quit reading DailyKos, MediaMatters,, and Huffington Post.

  40. I figured out what happened to my post above. I was at a friend’s house helping fix their computer and, while waiting for an external hard drive to initialize got online and posted a reply. The good thing is I know who one of my supporters here on LS is now. Hah!

  41. Macdaddy, It appears you quit reading altogether and are now just listening to the voices in your head. Have you ever considered trying on a tin foil hat? In your case, it might help.

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