What is political to Bob Kerrey?

Nebraskan Deb Fischer, with John Gale, properly filing for Senate

For those who looked up from their brackets long enough to notice, Nebraska Secretary of State John Gale said Bob Kerrey could run for Senate in Nebraska. But Gale also made a few points about Kerrey, saying Kerrey was playing fast and loose with residency requirements when registering to vote in Nebraska.

Kerrey shot back today, accusing Gale of being “political”, when Kerrey has ALWAYS taken his “oath” seriously — like when he signed up for the Navy.

(A side note here: we would appreciate it if some aspiring young blogger would take it up on themselves to plant a tree every time Bob Kerrey or one of his underlings notes that Kerrey served in the military, was a Navy SEAL, or is a decorated veteran. We are going to see if we can mend that ozone layer hole before November.)

But is Gale, a Republican, being political, or is he just stating the obvious for Nebraskans to know the cavalier, POLITICAL attitude that New Yorker Bob Kerrey is taking while running for Senate in his old state.

Let us quote Bob Kerrey, last month when he told Nebraskans that his family meant too much for him to run for Senate in Nebraska:

Oh, and the headline of the OWH story:

“For Kerry, family came first”

Oh my! That Bob Kerrey is so dreamy that he only thought of his wife and little boy when deciding that staying with them in New York came first.
Uh…wait a minute.
We must have missed that OWH headline that said,

“Kerrey reconsiders. Screw the family.”

Anyway, back to the “family-man Bob Kerrey” story,

Kerrey had said he would not take (his 10 year old son) out of school in New York and enroll him in a Nebraska school for political reasons.

Or, you know, what people who actually move their family to Nebraska when they change jobs call, “moving your family with you”.

But hey, we all love to give plain-speaking Bob Kerrey credit for calling a spade a spade, right? So when Kerrey says he doesn’t want his kid to move, we all wink and nod at him. So when John Gale refuses to wink and nod, and instead says that Kerrey calling a hotel his residence, and his sister’s house his residence and then his buddy’s guest house his residence, Nebraskans are supposed to reverently bow to Kerrey’s oath of residency?

Of course not.

So please Bob Kerrey, leave your sanctimonious claims that someone else is playing politics when you are a first-team All American at the game. If it is OK for you to call it politics when you won’t move your family, then it is OK for Gale to call politics when you are pretending that you live in Nebraska.

You know that you are a New Yorker and we know that you are a New Yorker. Because if/when you lose, that is where you will go home to your wife and son.

And THEY will say, “Welcome home Bob.”


Now here is the thing though, about Kerrey’s bitchy (yeah, we said bitchy) press release about Gale’s statement (Oh, Bob was “offended”! Oh that delicate Greenwich Village sensibility!):

Gale gave a scholarly review of the Kerrey matter.
He weighed all the facts that he had and gave his analysis.
There is nothing “political”, at all, about his analysis.

And the fact that Kerrey wrote out that long diatribe press release against Gale makes us think that the Kerrey camp is just a little bit worried about the GOP’s challenge here.

You can read the entire Gale opinion here.

Read it. It is not that long. It is sort of interesting. And it puts the whole “oh Gale is just a Republican!” thing in perspective.

Now, if we were to pull one quote out of the whole thing that Kerrey is hanging his NYC beanie on, it would be this:

Gale talks about how Kerrey rolled into town, gave an OATH that his new home was his sister’s house, then ran back to the Election Commissioner’s office and gave ANOTHER OATH that his home was actually at Jay Noddle’s house. And when asked by Gale, Kerrey said (under oath?) that when he gave the oaths, he was actually staying at a hotel in Omaha and hadn’t moved any of his stuff to either “home”.

So Gale goes on to say,

This is troubling, without a doubt. An oath is an oath, and should be done with a serious intent because of the threat of perjury. The oath he took with his first voter registration was treated pretty cavalierly by Mr. Kerrey.

Anyone find that “political”? Most Nebraskans call that “plain speak”. In other words, Kerrey found all this “residency” business to be so many Nebraska cow-chips to hop around before he can go be a You-Knighted-States Senator. And Gale was calling him on it. Good for Gale.

Not to mention, Gale followed-up with Kerrey to get more information. In other words, Gale played BY THE RULES.

Kerrey does not like those rules, so he took to his friends in the media to call out Gale for him. Expect more of this as the campaign wears on, politicos.


And here is the other thing. As we understand it, there is case law on this topic. And the Nebraska GOP, once they get their water-fowl to queue up, have a very interesting court case to make. Gale gave his opinion that the Constitution addresses this matter. But it also gives the states the ability to do things like set Election Dates. And deadlines. And other candidate requirements (signatures, and the like).

Hey, we have no doubt that Kerrey would bet that he will be a valid candidate on the Democrat ballot in May. That is the easy bet.

But we wouldn’t be surprised if Kerrey gets thrown out of the casino altogether. One must always observe the house rules.


Helluva season Bluejays! We can’t wait for more next year!

And just to keep it political, former Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey Street (what?) made the trip to Greensboro to cheer on the Jays. (If only he had cheered a little harder…)


  1. Kortezzi says:

    The letter from Gale is businesslike and professional. Kerrey stayed at a hotel on a night when he claimed he lived at Noddle’s guest house. He had NEVER stayed the night at that house before registering to vote with that address identified as his residence (even if he intended to do so later, which is a different question than asked on the voter registration). Fahleson’s simply got him right there. Gale could not truthfully state otherwise.

    If he was smart, Kerrey would have simply noted Gale determined he can be on the ballot and run for the Senate seat, and moved on. But he stupidly responded with this statement that he’s “offended”. This is a half-assed attempt to allege Gale acted improperly in the conduct of his job as Sec. of State. Maybe I watched to much basketball this weekend, but I know it’s foolish to trash-talk a ref who calls you for calling you for a foul, even when it is a rarely called foul.

  2. Macdaddy says:

    Stanley Fish, law professor and New York Times contributor spilled the beans the other day and basically said that rules were to keep evil Republicans from succeeding but were, in the words of Captain Jack Sparrow, “more like guidelines, really,” when it came to Democrats. His point was that issues of justice could only be examined in the larger picture of Good vs Evil and that fairness was actually not a virtue when examined in that light. In other words, Kerrey can do what he wants, you rubes.

  3. Anonymous says:

    When they bury Senator Kerrey at Arlington National cemetery. You know the place for heroes. I wonder if anyone will care where he lived the first few days when he moved back to Nebraska? Or will they talk about how he risked his life above and beyond the call of duty for his country. How he lost his leg. How he saved the life’s of his men. Then went on to a very successful career has a businessman in Nebraska . From there he had a term has the Governor of Nebraska then 3 terms has a Senator from Nebraska . Will where he lived those first few days in the campaign of 2012 will any one really care when it is put into the context of his entire life? Any more did anyone really care that John McCain was born in Panama, or was really was from Florida when he moved to Arizona to find a more republican state to be a congressman in?

  4. 5:05,
    And when the bury Kerrey in Arlington, it won’t be because he was Governor, or Senator, or because he dated Debra Winger. It will be because he served in the military. So let us stop pretending that he should get a pass on how he will vote for ObamaCare or that he lives with his family in New York or that he thinks he can vote to stop global warming, all because he got the MOH.

  5. ricky says:

    Never in a million years would I vote for A G Bruning or Treasurer Stenberg for Senate but Kerrey was mighty arrogant when he filled out his voter registration forms. First Kerrey wants us all to accept that a guy who lived in New York the last ten years is the best Democratic politician Nebraska has, then he treats it like a game.
    Not a good start for Cosmic Bob, but it will all be forgotten by Fall, after A G Bruning makes another bug-eating raccoon statement or something else dumb he will no doubt manage.

    ricky from omaha

  6. Anonymous says:

    Poor answer to 5:05 SS very poor you better up your game a lot to take on a winner like Bob Kerrey. PS do you have anything on your resume to be buried in Arlington? I don’t think Bruning does. LOL

  7. Anonymous says:

    Keep trotting out the war hero stuff, Dems. We all respect military service but Nebraskans will see thru the Kerrey campaign’s constant referencing of it. After a while, what WWII vets are left, Korea, VietNam and the rest are going to tell him to stuff it. Serving your country does not give you the Pass, Go card to the Senate. Looking forward to scrutiny of Mr. Kerrey’s previous Senate record. Oh, and he might be a little discombobulated here. His previous runs for office did not encounter bloggers with memories.

  8. To War Crimes says:

    The story of Kerrey’s raid was first uncovered in 1998 by Gregory L. Vistica, then a reporter at Newsweek. But Newsweek declined to run Vistica’s scoop at a moment when it might have derailed Kerrey’s fledgling presidential candidacy, and the story lay gathering dust for over two years. In late April, it was finally published in the New York Times Magazine, where it ignited this year’s furious controversy.

    Vistica offers a gripping account. On the night of February 25, 1969, a unit led by Kerrey was assigned to find and seize, or kill, a Vietcong leader in Thanh Phong, a remote peasant village in the Mekong Delta. According to what Kerrey himself told Vistica, as he and his group of SEALs approached the hamlet they encountered several men in a hooch (a Vietnamese hut) whom they presumed to be Vietcong watchmen and whom, to avoid betraying their own presence, they swiftly killed. A short time later, Kerrey and his men came under fire from the village itself, and immediately returned fire from a distance of about 100 yards, letting loose a fusillade of approximately 1,200 rounds of ammunition and an armor-piercing rocket. After the shooting stopped, they approached the center of the hamlet and found a scene of horror: no Vietcong guerrillas at all, but fourteen or so women and children all clumped together, all of them unarmed, all of them dead.

    That, at least, is Kerrey’s side of the story; it is disturbing enough, raising more than a few questions about whether he had done anything to deserve the Bronze Star he was awarded for his soldiering that night. (The official citation speaks only of 21 Vietcong dead, making no mention of civilian casualties.) But Vistica also found one member of Kerrey’s unit with something even more troubling to recount. Gerhard Klann, a twenty-year SEAL veteran who had been in on the action that night, told Vistica that the first hooch was inhabited not by watchmen but by a Vietnamese family: an elderly man and woman and three children under twelve. Kerrey, according to Klann, gave the order to kill them, which his men then proceeded to do with knives. When Klann had difficulty dispatching the old man, Kerrey himself stepped in, putting his knee on the man’s chest and holding him down while Klann dragged a blade across his throat.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The Republicans assault on veterans never ends. Between Valerie Plame, passing out purple heart band aids at their national convention, Swift Boat ads, claiming Congressman Max Clelland didn’t have the courage to defend America after he lost both his legs in combat, now Bob Kerrey. I thought it was supposed to be anarchist and hippies that spit on veterans, looks like anonymous NEGOP bloggers are doing plenty of it.

  10. To Anonymous above says:

    A Anonymous at 10:44 CNN did a story of the massacre at Thanh Phong in 2001. Kerrey it seems, gave the order to kill civilians. You check your candidates own words on the matter 10 years ago, then pontificate on this.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Having served I can honestly say that Kerry’s service was good, but not good enough to blindly follow him now that we know what we do about his political character. What happened in the tragedy at Thanh Phong is all available in Kerry’s words.

    BUT,,,,,, we know who he is now from his insatiable love for the media. We know he loves the liberal agenda, we have had more than 4 years of that agenda with Reid, Pelosi, and Obama now, and we are tired of it. They will all lose big time.

    It’s like the song at closing time says, you don’t gotta go home, but you do have to go!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Anybody notice how the R’s in the Legislature moved the ball into the red zone today? Man was Speaker Flood masterful in maneuvering the various bills and amendments, even though it was close one time.

    If we have to keep listening to Snow Plow on the irresponsibility of the PEOPLE receiving some of their hard earned money back from the clutches of the government, people will really turn out in the upcoming election. She is one of the best motivations for Republicans to vote. All The NEGOP needs to do is capture the Plow’s inane commentary and have sub-titles references the liberal speak to normal language. Run a few of those as adds on Kerry and the other chuckle-heads running for office on the Lib side, and it will be a sweep for the NEGOP.

    By the way is there an over-under on Ken Haar getting back to the legislature? That guy is TOAST!!

  13. Roger says:

    Nebraskan Deb Fischer, with John Gale, properly filing for Senate and setting herself up for a huge loss. I mean seriously, just go away.

  14. I love how all the armchair generals that never faced an armed enemy can pontificate on the actions of those that have. I’ll admit, I fought my war (the cold one) with a pair of O-scope probes and a multi-meter, but I served with some of the guys that did see action and have a brother that was a plank-holder in HAL-3. Listening to their stories make one wonder how they maintained their sanity, let alone stayed alive.
    I had a roomie, Bill Williams, in Jacksonville at VP-30 that had been a brown water sailor. His legs were a mass of scars after he took a rocket across his legs while manning a machine gun on a swift boat. The guy next to him passed out, so Willie had to tie his own tourniquet to save his life. He later transitioned to be a sewer pipe sailor, and later yet, as a reservist came into the VP Navy. He told me that, in the fog of war, you didn’t have time to think about who you were killing or why – you just shot until what you were shooting at quit shooting back.
    Another guy I met, in Sigonella, was a Marine I stood watch with one night at the CO’s office. He had a mess of scars all over his face and chest that were made by a buddy’s bones that were blasted through him. They were in a foxhole together and took a mortar hit. He lived because his buddy was on the other side of it. He told me about some things he did after that which would make what Bob Kerry did look like a romp in the park.
    Another friend of mine shot and killed a young boy in Saigon. While on liberty, he and some pals were sitting at an outdoor table at a bar enjoying some suds when they saw a guy give this kid a package and indicate that he should carry it over to the GIs. My friend recognized the package as a Claymore, pulled his 45 and did what he had to do. He hasn’t been right since.
    My oldest brother won’t even talk about the things he had to do over there. He gave me all of his 8mm films of action on the Mekong Delta, and his projector, telling me he didn’t want to remember what he had to do there. He says his CO told them before they left there to “leave it here, don’t take it home.”
    But all you guys that are so wise can strut your patriotism around and act like you are so much holier than Bob. At least he went over there, did what he had to do, and had the courage to tell people that what he did wasn’t something he was particularly proud of. But, when our nation told him to go, he did. Where the hell were YOU buzzards?

  15. If Secretary of State, John Gale, had found anything in Nebraska State Statutes that would preclude Mr. Kerrey from appearing on our state’s ballots, he would have been bound by law to deny it. He didn’t. But that didn’t keep him from staining his own shiny reputation for the benefit of the NEGOP.
    I would hope that our Attorney General will have good enough sense to not touch this with a ten foot pole. It would be a waste of taxpayers’ money (we know how important THAT is to Republicans) and serve only put the NEGOP in an even worse light than it already is.
    Federal law is quite clear on the propriety of Mr. Kerrey being a legal candidate for the office he is seeking. Why is it that Republicans are such strong advocates for the “rule of law” when it comes to stains on dresses, but ignore the law when it goes against what they wish it actually said?
    I will admit that I am none too pleased about the way this worked out, but if Mr. Hassebrook is OK with Bob Kerrey being the Democratic nominee, then I’ll go along with it. The alternative, any of the current Republican candidates, is unthinkable.

  16. Bam says:

    “Hey, want to go out and campaign for Bob Kerrey?”
    “Why not?”
    “Because it’s not the NINETEEN EIGHTIES!”

    BTO, what do your war stories have to do with the topic at hand? Save it for the VFW. And remember – less said, more read.

  17. To the Kerrey camp says:

    “Gerhard Klann, a twenty-year SEAL veteran who had been in on the action that night, told Vistica that the first hooch was inhabited not by watchmen but by a Vietnamese family: an elderly man and woman and three children under twelve. Kerrey, according to Klann, gave the order to kill them”

    If Paul Johnson is going to keep bringing up the War Hero aspect then we need to know what happened that night.

  18. To: To the Kerrey camp says:

    Bob Kerrey is deathly afraid of this issue and tried to do damage control on this in 2002 after releasing his book. When confronted about his account in 2002 Kerrey said “I pointed out then, and I’m pointing out now, both sides did a lot of damage in the Vietnam War,” he said. “You gotta get beyond it. I’m quite certain the majority of people in Vietnam want to go on with their lives.”

  19. Commenters:
    This is a Comments section, and not a space to cut and paste long sections from some other source. We understand your desire to tell the Kerrey 60 minutes story, but this isn’t the place to print it. Feel free to reference it, or suggest a way for readers to find it, and then make your comment.
    Thank you.

  20. BAM, I’m sorry that I can’t express myself in small words and bumper sticker sized sentences. You might do your reading over at Sesame Street. They don’t use grown up words over there.
    I’ll bet you have one of those magnetic yellow ribbons on your pickup that says, “Support Our Troops,” don’t you? That’s nice, but lip service alone doesn’t hack it, General. Oh, and the boys down at the Legion told me to tell you to go (bleep) yourself.
    I know … I know … too many words. Have your mommy explain them to you.

    I wonder what Gerhard Klamm’s motivation is for his uncorroborated story? Jealous because HE didn’t get the MOH?

  21. Lil Mac says:

    Bob Kerrey did great service for this nation. There wasn’t politics in that at the time. But his oath to defend the Constitution as an elected official puts him in a position to do more than pull a trigger; it allows him to spend other people’s money and say when they go to jail. And as voters, they have a say in how that’s to be done, if at all, by him. Coach Tom O was a walking football god and his choice to play politics brought him down to earth. Well, Tom wanted to dick with our money like Bob wants to dick with our money; telling us how to live, having power over what we do, etc.

    If Kerrey wanted to be a Navy Seal MOH hero without mucking around in politics, he could have done that. But it is a little late for that after he’s filed as a candidate. He was a Governor and Senator and that is the political record he’s running on right now. If he wants to invoke his SEAL-hood, he does so as a Coach Tom-like character who chose to drag it into the political arena.

    It is disingenuous of Kerrey to say others are “playing politics” while he’s using his Seal oath to slide sideways around on the fact that he re-filed his candidacy residency at two different addresses because he cannot make up his mind which fake Nebraska address to use. If anyone is dragging his MOH on the pavement it is Bob. God bless all who serve and damn those who use it to make political hay. No one mentioned his service until it popped out of Bob’s own political mouth.

  22. It is a sad state of affairs every time the GOP feels that they are so weak that they must besmirch the honorable service of guys like Bob Kerrey, John Kerry and Max Cleland. They puff their chests out, wrap themselves in the flag and point to their little magnetic sticker (made in China) that “proves” they Support Our Troops. If that isn’t enough they start quoting scripture as if God were a Republican! Too often the mouthpieces for the GOP are chickens that never found the time to serve this nation but find plenty of time to trash those who did.
    Tell me, Lil Mac, were you one of those guys at the airport that spit on my brother when he came back from overseas? You sure sound like one of them.

  23. RWP says:

    Sorry, BTO, all service is not honorable service. That might be the default assumption, but it can be contradicted by facts. For example, Calley’s was not honorable service.

    We’ll never know what really happened when Kerrey and Kerry were in Vietnam, but we can make our minds up based on the preponderance of the evidence. As you, apparently, have made up your mind about Gerhard Klann (sp!), who had a longer and far more distinguished service record than Kerrey.

  24. Bam says:

    BTO – I don’t have a problem with big words or a lot of ’em; I have a problem with incessant blathering about things that don’t relate to the topic.

    I’m guessing if your Legion boys told you to tell me off after I posted at 7:45 a.m., it means you’ve been down at the club drinking all morning. Go home, dry out, and THEN get back on. Work on ways to defend your boy Bob instead of attacking those telling you things you can’t bear to hear about your hero.

  25. RWP, good points about dishonorable service. Not so good on confusing a preponderance of propaganda as “evidence.” Oh, thanks for the spell check, can you go correct your misspellings over on Nebraska Watchdog? We don’t spell our state’s Name “Nwebraska.” You should know that by now.

    Bam, You came here to blather about my blathering? Sesame Street is still looking for you. Oh, and we drink coffee in the a.m.. Put down your own jug of rotgut. Yeah, I’ll defend Bob, because, unlike YOU, he had the balls to defend us all. How supportive of the troops for you to assume that all we do at veterans organizations is sit around, tell old war tales and get drunk. Typical winger a$$hole.

  26. Bam says:

    Brian, Brian, Brian… no reason to go the angry, potty-mouth route. No one’s attacking the troops, so you don’t have to drag them into your rant, either.

    As far as the war service goes, Bob has already played out the “reluctant hero” in campaigns going back to the early ’80s. The only thing “new” about what he did in the war is the stuff he doesn’t want discussed at all. If you want keep talking about Bob and Vietnam (and it kills me when liberals make exceptions for war heroes when they’re Democrats), then his role in civilian deaths gets the focus, too. Bob would probably tell you to shut up at this point.

    So you’ve spent the morning at the Legion AND have conversations with Sesame Street, too. We really should do better for our vets.

  27. RWP says:


    Greg Vistica, a New York Times Pulitzer-nominated reporter with left-wing leanings, writes ‘propaganda’?

    I’m not sure how stabbing a couple of Vietnamese grandparents and three small kids to death contributed to the defense of the United States. You’ll have to explain that to me. Must have been covered in your military training, right? Or maybe not. Kerrey claims they never told him about the Geneva Convention and the rules of land warfare. Plausible, I suppose; Geneva’s inland, and Kerrey was Navy.

  28. Anonymous says:

    BTO- I served, and was involved in operations in the Bosnian theater, and had the joy of crawling around on the ground using beefed up pick-up sticks to look for land mines and keep my body parts. So I can comment all I want. To RWP’s cooment on all service is not honorable service is SPOT on. Just think about the recent event where an individual went off and killed 16 civ’s. So I say good on Kerry for what he did to EARN the CMOH. But the rest of his actions are not washed lilly white.

  29. Some Thoughts says:

    Not one person here has adequate reason to criticize Bob Kerrey’s Vietnam service. As a result, doing so is offensive, period. If Kerrey should not be Nebraska’s senator, it’s for other reasons. I suggest that in particular, those who support “enhanced interrogation techniques” had better find those other reasons.

  30. Yeah, right, BAM, no one was trashing vets, just making allusions about our service organizations being nothing but watering holes for alcoholics. Go back and read the crap you wrote. Oh, and Sweeper will let me know if I’m too wordy for the children in the sandbox. As far as I know, it’s still his blog and he, not you, sets the rules.

    RWP, please explain to me the difference between stabbing, shooting or dropping a 2,000 lb. bomb on people — they still wind up dead. Since you never served, let me explain how it works. You enter the military and you do what the President and your officers command you to do. You don’t get the luxury of deciding which orders you get to follow. As for whether or not what Kerry was doing there was “moral” or “defending” the U.S. you’d have had to ask his Commander in Chief of the time, Richard Nixon. Kerrey obeyed the standard operating procedures he was ordered to follow by his superior officers. He has accepted the responsibility for what he and his men did. But you, and the others here, blessed with 20/20 hindsight are now second guessing what he was going through at that time.
    I’d love to see how cool, calm, and collected YOU would be, and how reasonable your decisions would be, with a bunch of people unloading AK-47s on you. I’m sure you’d just stand up, let the bullets bounce off your chest and try to reason with them.

  31. RWP says:

    Spare me the chest beating ‘I was a peacetime warrior’ crap, BTO. The killing of unarmed civilians in cold blood is a war crime for everyone, good guys and bad guys alike. It was a war crime for the Waffen SS and for Calley alike.

    No one issued orders for Kerrey to kill civilians, and if they had, it was still a war crime. ‘We were just following orders’ didn’t fly in Nuremberg, either. If Klann is gone believed, Kerrey thought he could kill anyone he made contact with. Show me where anyone issued that order.

    The military, in civilized countries, are under civilian control. We do get to put people like Milosevic and Charles Taylor on trial. I never fought in Liberia or Bosnia either. I still get to judge.

    When Kerrey’s squad put two old people and three children to the knife, according to Klann and the Vietnamese survivors, there were no bullets flying. Get serious. The whole reason to stab them to death was to kill them quietly. Kerrey, at that point in his career, had never had a shot fired at him.

    Kerrey did not accept responsibility for his squad’s actions. He waffled.

  32. Bam says:

    GEEZ, you’re sensitive, Brian! But I did go back and checked my post and – huh! – the only one I said was drinking was YOU. I didn’t say anything about anyone else. I didn’t refer to you or anyone at the club as “drunk” or “alcoholics” or questioned yours or their service – that thrashing out all came from you, probably because you can’t defend the accusations of Bob murdering civilians. The topic is BOB KERREY, not your psychotic fantasy that the service of anyone who wore a uniform is being questioned.

    In the words of Sgt. Hulka: “Lighten up, Francis.”

  33. Anonymous says:

    WOW if you go by RWP’s and others opinions, i would say most of our Air Force from WW2 and since then should be in jail for war crimes. No one thinks that outside of people looking for political advantage. i think what bothers many republicans is that their patriot myth gets exposed by Bob Kerrey. You see they can’t understand how Bob Kerrey MOH winner can be a democrat. They have been telling the country for years that democrats hate the military and hate America and the only way you can be a true patriot is to be a republican . Now that is nonsense, but a lot of tea party types have bought into this. Then to top it off, Bob Kerrey is a self made rich person. WTF? how can a democrat be rich and do it on his own? We thought only republicans knew how to make money. I mean we hear that on FOX 24/7. So your rich and your a military hero and your a democrat. How did that happen? It does not fit the canard of the right wing smear machine. So we have to go back to square one. Oh he does not live in Nebraska , and that constitution behind the curtain don’t pay any attention to it. Even if it says what Kerrey did was legal and ok. Get over it republicans.

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