Poll: Kerrey’s roll-out a bust?

We miss Bob's old haircut...

A poll to start your Monday.

Democrat pollster, Public Policy Polling has tweeted some initial results of polling in Nebraska this past weekend.

Bob Kerrey
Favorable 36%
Unfavorable 51%

Compare that to their October 2011 poll that showed:

Bob Kerrey
Favorable 39%
Unfavorable 34%

As PPP so subtly put it:

Has not been a successful rollout.

How could the best campaign manager in the country (BCMITC) allow his guy to drop 17 points? Amazing.


On the GOP front, PPP says that Jon Bruning has a 25% lead in the Primary, “even among Tea Party supporters”. Of course Bruning has been endorsed by one national Tea Party group, so that shouldn’t be all that shocking.

We will update this with more when they post to their website.


We always look forward to The Don Walton’s Monday LJS column, because he is one of the few in the MSM that discusses Nebraska politics in column form — without trying to pretend that he is writing a fact-based news story. And we also enjoy it, because we know that there will be something in there that bugs us.

Case in point, Don points out that the Omaha World Herald wrote editorials 1) criticizing the Douglas County Election commissioner reducing the number of polling places and 2) criticizing the Nebraska GOP’s court challenges to Bob Kerrey’s Senate candidacy. But the funny thing here is that Don was cryptic, just simply pointing out that a (rival) paper was saying this stuff. “Hard not to notice,” he wrote.

So was Don noting the obvious bias that the OWH was showing on these points? Heh. Having read Don for many years, we doubt it. More likely the gist was, “Hey if the OWH is saying this it MUST be a) important and b) worthwhile because he thinks the OWH is a GOP mouthpiece.”

But let us just spell this out for everyone (yes, we are glad to help): For the next eight months, you are only going to see glowing accounts of war hero, plain speaking rational Nebraskan Bob Kerrey. And you will see dismal account of halitosis-addled, wild-eyed puppy-maimer Jon Bruning. If Don Stenberg mentioned, his love of evicting senior citizens might be referenced. And they could possibly throw in a kindly thumbs up for Deb Fischer, followed by an account of Bob Kerrey helping a local farmer bale soybean leaves while deeply discussing the Fed’s monetary policy.

But the OWH does not control the news they way the once did. Kerrey will not get the free ride that he would have in the time of, say, his frat brother being the publisher of the OWH.


Politico spoke to a cranky Ben Nelson the other day, mainly to show that he still bristles like a cornered badger when his term “Cornhusker Kickback” comes up. We always get a kick out him still trying to sell the, “It was just a place holder for the other states! I swear!!“, but knowing that no one will buy it.

And then there is the rage associated with the thought that the phrase was so catchy.

But then, this is the guy who ran and won with the term, “Wall Street Pete,” so we do not have that much sympathy for him.
One of the Goose and Gander situations, yeah?


The two Democrat challengers for the NE02 House seat, Jon Ewing and Gwen Howard, debated each other last week.

As expected, it was a battle of, “No I’M more liberal!”
“I’m a progressive liberal progressive!”
“Yeah, well I would vote for ObamaCare twice!”
“Well, not only would I do that, but I would vote to personally tie a knot in the Keystone XL Pipeline and drive a windmill powered mo-ped to Iran and give them the Sudentenland.”

And on and on.

And you wonder why the Democrats did not want Bob Kerrey to debate Chuck Hassebrook?

Oh, and while we are at it, one of Jeff Fortenberry’s Democrat NE01 opponents just dropped by the wayside. When an extra Democrat shows up for a primary it turns into Baptism Day in the Godfather.


We have heard from a couple different people that Don Stenberg’s pollsters are also in the field now. They are apparently trying out a new anti-Bruning message — though we would note that just because they are doing so, does not make it a “push poll”. Unless of course they try to sell that to the press, without noting the questions asked.

So you may not see the results, if they are just trying to see what idea works for them.

Be on the lookout.


And we will guess that the Nebraska Supreme Court will rule any second that Bob Kerrey can be on the ballot.
Color us shocked.


And congrats to Creighton basketball’s AP All-American Doug McDermott! (Can’t wait for next year!)


  1. Kortezzi says:

    Wow – – the PPP guys (official polsters of DailyKos lunatics) find 51% unfav – 39% fav on Bob Kerrey in NE? In the same month he rides to the rescue in the Democrat race for the Senate?
    That will seriously dampen the fundraising on the coasts for Kerrey!

    You are right, Sweeper, that Don Walton still sees the OWH as a country club Republican institution, which it was a couple decades ago. It has slid steadily to the left, and Buffett’s purchase will only cause that trend to accelerate. Don needs to be careful, or he’ll find himself criticizing the OWH for something that turns out to be official Democrat policy.

    My polling place in midtown Omaha was among those axed by Dave Phipps. Except for Obamamania in Nov. 2008, every election at the old place was a low-turnout yawner at the old place. Instead of a 3 block walk to a nearby church, I have a 2.5 mile roundtrip to make now, although of course I will do so. Voting in person (rather than by mail) is a custom we must maintain, and with a Voter ID requirement such as the one introduced by Sen. Janssen.

  2. Macdaddy says:

    That stupid “country first” slogan couldn’t have had anything to do with it. Nor could the fact that Kerrey does not live here have anything to do with it either. It must be the campaign of hate to be undertaken by the Koch brothers and Karl Rove and that will begin any time now that is responsible for the poor poll numbers from last week.

  3. support the union says:

    Voting in person is a thumb in the eye of the mail carrier’s union. Do the right thing; vote absentee.

  4. Bam says:

    I’m sure it will be a campaign of hate, Macdaddy. Bob hates that it’s pointed out he doesn’t live here. He hates that he said he could go further left on healthcare and he said it on tape. He hates that the kid-killer side of his Vietnam service came out. He hates that he’s not young and single anymore, able to fly in a starlet to make people forget how out of touch he his with the electorate.

    Yeah, that dude’s going to be carrying a lot of hate this year.

  5. stenburger to go says:

    I’m surprised Kerrey’s unfav is that low and Bruning’s lead isn’t larger. Stenberg is a dog and everyone except Jim DeMint knows it.

    Kerrey has really offended Nebraskans with this announcement stunt…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Dan, here’s some homework for you. When’s the last time the OWH endorsed a Democrat for president? Or a Democrat for the House (I’ll give you Kleeb in 2006).

  7. Sweetwater Observer says:

    The OWH will do everything in their power to present all the positive “news” they can on Bob Kerrey, and all of the negative news they can on any Republican running for the Senate.

    And, the OWH will endorse Kerrey for the job along with his die-hard pro partial-birth abortion stance. It simply doesn’t matter…carpetbagger, high taxes, abortion….they will endorse him.

    Because that’s what Susie and Warren want, and Warren is the sugar daddy. Ever notice how the news articles on Warren have jumped exponentially since he bought the OWH?

    It’s called the Omaha Warren Herald for a reason.

  8. Anonymous says:

    It’s all about Obama. Kerry is just hoping he can help deliver the 2CD is all. Then Kerry is looking for payback for the sacraficed time away from the village to the hinterlands.

    Speaking of libs in trouble, word on the street and in the lobby of the Capitol is that Sen Ken Haar is in deep trouble in his bid for reelection. If Haar looses then there will only be 9 liberals left in the legislature:-) Conrad, McGill, Hello, Nordquist, Cook, Dubas, Lathrop, Council, and Wallman. Maybe Cook loses and it will be 8! Then of course you still have Avery, Karpisek, Harr, and Sullivan. Getting rid of Haar will leave to legislature with about a 27% democrat participation rate which is comparable to the voting rate. Of course the State would be better off without Conrad, McGill, Nordquist, Lathrop, and Cook. But maybe when 2015 rolls in they won’t be there:-) we can always hope.

  9. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If you don’t like what you read in the OWH, quit freaking reading it! If you don’t like that a Democrat owns the OWH, go buy yourself a printing press, some paper, and some ink.
    Geez! I thought you Republicans were supposedly all for free enterprise. No one is stopping you from starting up your own newspaper.

  10. Sweetwater Observer says:


    I don’t have enough money to run a newspaper. But then, neither did the Omaha World-Herald until Warren came to their rescue. Now, it is no longer the great Nebraska newspaper that I grew up reading and beliving……it has become a Nebraska version of the New York Times. If you don’t believe it, just count the number of “news” articles and opinion pieces that come directly from the New York Times in the OWH every day.

    Brian, I don’t have the cash to start a newspaper, and you don’t have the cash to buy the Holdrege paper. But that does not mean that I can’t criticize the OWH and that you can’t criticize the Holdrege paper. Your thought process on my post is way beneath your usual snide contribution. Please try again.

  11. I see that Mark Fahleson is already being a crybaby about being spanked by Bob Kerrey. Hell, if Kerrey can get around the Republicans’ fearless leader so easily, why would anyone think he won’t do a good job representing Nebraska in that morass of political sludge in Washington, D.C.? Who would Jon Bruning get to take his classes for him there?

  12. SweetH20, I’ll agree that the OWH isn’t near the paper it used to be, but then again, neither is the Holdrege Daily Citizen. Sorry I couldn’t come up with anything higher on the Snide Scale for you, but really, your complaints just didn’t merit the effort.


  13. KerreyforAlderman says:

    If I had to pick between the Court telling Republicans “quit wasting our time” and polled voters telling Bob Kerrey “quit wasting our time”, I say Bob is getting the worst of it.

    Newspapers? Get real. A giant gorilla of a Dem pollster just pooped out a big wet stinkin’ pile in the middle of the room and you don’t notice that? Bob’s favorables didn’t just drop, his unfavorables are nearing toxic. Sure Bob can still win and Jon can lose and Don can grow a personality. But all that seems less likely. I mean, it’s a LOT of pollster poo.

  14. I only listen to the polls that take place on the Tuesday after the first Monday of November. There’s a lot of stuff that is going to happen between now and then … October surprises and such.

  15. Anonymous says:

    So what are the odds on all the Libs taking on the incumbent Republicans? The field of challengers for the Libs are looking pretty weak!

  16. Politico says:

    I was called on that poll. It was interesting because it asked questions at the end about the firing of Doc Sadler and Bo Pelini’s record. Is Bo running for Congress soon?

  17. FarmerRick says:

    Just FYI ~ Sen. Fischer kicked some tail last night at the debate in Blair. She also won the straw poll with over 58% of the vote.

  18. Sweetwater Observer says:

    Brian, yes I am satisfied. What would life on Leavenworth Street be with out you scaping your fingernails on the blackboard every day?

    Perhaps it is difficult for you to know the extent of the boot licking going on at the Omaha World-Herald since Warren took over……since you can’t get home delivery clear out there in Holdrege. And signing up to get day old news from the OWH snail mailed to you would be something even you would think is a monumental waste of money.

    And, of course, the online version of the OWH, which I am sure you read, is really the same as getting yesterday’s hard copy from the post office.

  19. SweetH2O, You’re welcome.
    I don”t read the Weird Herald much. If I find it laying on the table at the cafe, or someone has it at their home, I’ll pick it up and glance through it, but it usually old news by the time I see it there. I do, on occasion take a peek at their web version, especially if Sweeper mentions something that was in it, otherwise no.
    As for my hometown “news”paper, it mostly consists of AP stories that are already old news, five or six month old cartoons (we were still getting Christmas gags in February!), and the publisher’s diary of his extremely boring life. If it weren’t for the notes on the city council and county board meetings, some of the ads, and the occasional interest piece written by some local not associated with the paper, it wouldn’t be worth the paper its printed on. I believe newspapers will go the way of the Pony Express soon enough.

  20. Sweetwater Observer says:

    Progressive Oasis, my ass. Look at the horrible debt load that Omaha citizens will have to face in the very near future. Police chiefs who stay for a couple of years, then retire at a rediculous retirement salary. County employees who hire 85 year old retirees to drive around in a pickup and pay him 51,000 dollars a year for nothing! The red desert of regressive conservatism will be around a lot longer than the wonderful world of debt and high taxes that face citizens of Omaha.

    I am just waiting for the day that some progressive idiot in the legislature introduces a bill that requires all Nebraskans to pony up extra taxes to pull Omaha out of the sewer……That’s the day the $hit will hit the fan.

  21. to SweetH2O. And none of it compares to the embarrassment that is Nebraska’s state child care system. Omaha will do fine when the Big Red Government of Nebraska gives Omaha the space it deserves.

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