Bruning up and Kerrey way behind in new poll

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A new poll published by Public Policy Polling — a Democrat polling firm — shows Bob Kerrey plummeting in his General Election matchups with Republican candidates.

The poll conducted last weekend by PPP shows the following for November matchups:

Jon Bruning…..54%
Bob Kerrey ……37%

Don Stenberg….52%
Bob Kerrey…….38%

Deb Fischer……48%
Bob Kerrey ……38%

When PPP put up these candidates against Ben Nelson a few months ago, Nelson was behind each by only a few points. But even after Kerry rolled out two new TV ads statewide, his numbers have dropped dramatically — especially with Independents. His Favorable/Unfavorable ratings with I’s dropped from 47/24 to 36/38. With Republicans they went from 23/47 to 16/74.

And Kerrey even loses 18% of the Democrat vote to Bruning!


The GOP primary results (“if the primary election were held today”) from PPP were as follows:

Jon Bruning…………..46%
Don Stenberg………..18%
Deb Fischer…………..12%
Pat Flynn……………….4%

Sharyn Elander………..3% (wait, who?)
Spencer Zimmerman…0% (aww…)
Not sure……………….18% (yow, still…)

There does not seem to be much denying that Bruning has a commanding lead.

Bruning is also in good shape with both those who describe themselves as “very conservative” and Tea Partiers. He has a 48-25 lead with the former and a 48-23 lead with the latter.

29% considered themselves Team Party members.
52% called themselves Evangelical Christians.
40% said, “somewhat conservative” and 37% said “very conservative”.

Find the poll questions and crosstabs here.


  1. Anonymous says:

    That is by far the best photo I’ve seen of Bruning. The campaign needs to use it. Repeatedly. Even his ears are at a flattering angle. Not that beauty counts.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hehehe Kerry is just an old has been wanna be. In November Kerry will be kicked out of Nebraska and back to the Village.

  3. ChristianConservative says:

    3:19 – Wait on what? Good grief, he’s been attacked for his views in college, for his Nelnet connections, for his trip to Washington this week. You think anything that COULD have been used hasn’t already? Stenberg and his backers would have found it and used it by now. Try again. Just because your boy Kerrey has shown his true colors and Nebraskans don’t like what they see doesn’t mean that everything about Jon hasn’t already been put out there. I’m willing to state, right now, that I don’t think Kerrey will get closer than 10 points at any time in this race, and on election day, that Bruning wins by 15 points, +/- 2 on either side. The only way that doesn’t happen is if Jon makes a mistake in the election process at some point, which is possible. But it won’t be from a ‘smoking gun’ you and others seem to have a delusion is still out there.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Stenberg and Fischer have not moved in the polls since November. Meanwhile Bruning has been pounded by the World Herald and others, and has since increased his ballot strength to close to 50% or over 50% depending on what poll you look at. Now he’s building a lead on Kerrey who has a 51% unfavorable rating. Bruning looks strong while the others look weak.

  5. Macdaddy says:

    The only chance Kerrey has is if the US supreme court finds Obamacare unconstitutional because then it won’t matter that Kerrey thinks it didn’t go far enough. In the meantime, the Dems better have pictures of Bruning with a dead girl or a live boy because Kerrey has no credibility in Nebraska.

  6. RWP says:

    The Dem’s fundamental problem is that they’re selling a product – expanded Federal government – that few people want. They can try adding little gimcrack giveways (Ben Nelson: now with 49% less socialism! Bob Kerrey: free replica MOH with every vote!), but ultimately, people are looking beyond the the little plastic toy and realizing the Happy Meal is pink slime between wonder bread buns.

    We know what a steak looks like, NDP, and this isn’t it!

  7. Boss Hogg says:

    I’m glad my pick is a finalist for OPS Superintendent. It’s nice to have a Grey on the city council and ob the OPS board.

  8. Some Thoughts says:

    I like this picture of Bruning too. It gives off a “nice guy” vibe that his more serious official pictures do not.

  9. Senator Snowplow says:

    Those are awesome poll numbers. Bob has John just where he wants him.

    (And don’t forget – democrats do a lot better job of opposition research than Team Stenberg could ever hope to do.)

  10. Lil Mac says:

    Bruning aims to be a US Senator. Fischer to get her feet wet. Stenberg gets aroused by hitting people. Hassebrooke sought respect until he was screwed by Bob. But why is Kerrey running? Not to re-marry his ex-wife-ish former job. If he’s here to plow up electoral points for Obama, even that is looking iffy by these poll numbers.

    The fact that these numbers are from a Democratic polling firm makes one wonder. Who is really footing that poll? A pissed off Chuck Hassebrook? A wary DNC that finds Bob unreliable? A hesitant Harry? Bob’s wife? Maybe Obama remembers how snotty Kerrey kept crapping on Barry as “Hussein” back when Kerrey backed Hillary.

    Who talked Bob into this nut-grinder of a race and why? It sure as hell wasn’t the GOP.

    Come on Dems, throw in here. Kerrey just won a NE Superduper Court decision. He’s on a roll, but from where to where and why? Elephants can guess but donkeys actually might know.

  11. pj spin says:

    Paul Johnson must be off his game. 51 percent unfav for Kerrey and what kind of spin is “they didn’t call cell phones.” Mustard is off the hotdog.

  12. Macdaddy says:

    You think this is it, BTO? LOL. The whole non-residency thing was just the first act. After a while, Kerrey is going to be screaming that Republicans don’t want to talk about the issues. So then we talk about the issues and Kerrey’s negatives get into the low 60s. This is all to make sure that the attention stays on Kerrey and that he doesn’t get to redefine himself. The master politician is being played. Actually, you’re the one being played because I’m sure by now Kerrey knows what’s going on but it’s too late for him to bail. I predict we’ll get a Tom White type of effort from Kerrey now that he knows this was a mistake.

  13. Senator Snowplow says:

    Now that the Nebraska courts have settled the issue, Awesome Bob can move forward with getting his message out to the Nebraska people, which message is to lie and run as far as possible from his progressive lefty ideology as humanly possible. He can’t tell the truth, are you kidding me? This is Nebraska, not New York.

  14. Bam says:

    BTO, you mean the Lincoln Journal Star editorial that panders to the newspaper’s left-wing readership and their friends who are too cheap to buy a newspaper? Sure, bask in that for a day or two – it’s going to be a lonnnnnnnng, dry summer for liberalism in Nebraska.

  15. It’s probably a good thing for Mr. Kerrey that there are only about fifty of us people in the whole state that read and comment on political blogs, and most of them are anonymous. On the other hand, there are a LOT more of them that do read the “left wing” newspapers, the LJS and the OWH. Yup, it will be a long, dry summer for liberalism thanks to all the “right wing” newspapers in this state that will be dragging Mr. Kerrey over the coals.

    What? What is that you say? There are no more “right wing” newspapers in this state? Where will the right receive their marching orders? Oh, that’s right, Jon Bruning will mail them out as great big, four color glossy, “public service announcements” from the Attorney General’s office. They’ll have a HUGE photo of his mug, his name in 72 point Cooper Black, and, clear down in the corner, in 6 point Helvetica, something about keeping kids away from porn, so that he can say the expense to Nebraska’s taxpayers was “justifiable.”

  16. to bto says:

    What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this blog is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  17. RWP says:

    The real joke is that the LJS is going to try to charge for online content by end 2012. Even the leftists I know laugh at it. One of my former colleagues, who has strong family ties to Sweden, nearly had a heart attack back in the 90s when he saw an LJS headline ‘Airstrikes in the Baltic’.

    Turns out, they had confused ‘Baltic’ and ‘Balkans’.

    For a while we were using the LJS to cover the floor under the cat box. As soon as the cat noticed what it was, she started peeing in the corner instead. Cats have standards.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The “Welcome Home” theme seems to be a bust. Kerrey is no longer young, sexy and beguiling; he’s a far left senior citizen who is out of touch with the State he claims he can represent. Could see people voting for him if he was the old former statesman come back to help us all out but that’s not the case. Prediction: he will not be doing the parade route this summer and will only show after Labor Day to give it the bare minimum in person effort. The rest of the time we will see a lot of wasted TV dollars.

  19. I’m sorry “to bto,” I’ll try to put my comments in bumper-sticker sized words so that your limited intellect can absorb them.

    Anonymous@1:04, A lot of us that voted for Mr. Kerrey in the past are no longer young, sexy and beguiling either … but we vote. A lot of young, sexy and beguiling citizens … don’t.

  20. Kortezzi says:

    Kerrey has always had a snarky personality. But he hides it less well than when he was younger. His charisma has given way to increasingly crotchety outbursts. This will likely continue as Kerrey’s frustration grows, and drive his popularity even lower.

  21. Nate says:

    The LJS is doing so well that they’re sending people door to door during dinner time to drum up new subscriptions. As was the case at my house last night.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Charlie Jansen is a two-timr loser. His controsversial voter suppression bill was slapped down, just like last years’ racial pro fining bill. Has Jansen ever gotten anything passed? He’s turning into the Lee Terry of the legislature.

  23. Sweetwater Observer says:

    Nate and BTO:

    Neither the LJS nor the OWH have home delivery west of Grand Island or Kearney, so those of who live west of Kearney are really the lucky people. Not having to read the ultra-liberal LJS or the Buffett ring-kissing OWH and it’s nauseating stories about Warren, or it’s dependence on the New York Times for “news” articles and opinion pieces.

    BTO, I am surprised you found a LJS in Holdrege(only one d). Did you have to drive to Funk or Axtell to buy it? Perhaps you just read it online. Get ready to pay for that “privilege” in the future.

  24. SweetH20, Actually, Warren also owns newspapers in Council Bluffs, Grand Island, York, Kearney, North Platte and Scottsbluff. They were all part of the OWH purchase. Trish and I only get the Holdrege Daily Citizen – just to see who has died and for the unwitting Mayberry RFD humor when its publisher decides to pretend that he is a journalist.

    “A Friend”@3:07, I have plenty of friends that like me because I defend my beliefs and I defend their rights to disagree with me. You should try it sometime, rather than taking childish pot shots from behind your mommy’s skirts.

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