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GOP Senate candidates at the Washington Co. debate

Here is what you need to know about the Nebraska Supreme Court decision about Bob Kerrey’s Senate candidacy: The OWH accompanied this online story about a court decision regarding subject matter jurisdiction…with a photo of Kerrey looking wistfully into the distance on the bridge bearing his name. And then it has a photo gallery of “Bob Kerrey through the years“.

You want to know why we got into blogging? It is because of stuff like that. Yeah, we noticed.

Oh, sure you could read the ruling that states that the SC dismissed the case because Kerrey filed so late that any objection to his filing shenanigans is outweighed by the requirements to print the darn ballots! That, friends of the court, is what is known as a “technicality” — as pointed out by attorney and NEGOP Chairman Mark Fahleson (buried at the bottom of the OWH story…)

But let us hear from Louisianan, and New Yorker Kerrey campaign manager Paul Johnson (probably invoking Louisiana’s Code Napoleon), who says that the court dismissed a frivolous lawsuit. Really, Paul? Gee we missed that when we read the whole opinion, but we are sure you can come up with it somewhere. Maybe while Kerrey is siting down with Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid next week at his posh Washington, DC $1,000 a person fundraiser, he can delve into that somewhere. And then he and Schumer can talk about the best places in Manhattan to find some good deli.

Look, we believed soon after that the GOP was going to have a difficult time winning this case based on the evidence before the court. But it is interesting that we now know that no matter how much you jack around with your candidate filing, as long as you wait until the very last minute to file, you will be OK.

And we wonder why a Democrat polling firm found Kerrey’s unfavorables up to 51% after Kerrey’s two statewide ads ran for weeks…


The Nebraska GOP Senate candidates debated last night. But as we suspected, Jon Bruning, who temporarily took part over a video hook up, eventually gave up because of bad audio. Those things almost never work, and we really don’t know why Bruning agreed to do it in the first place. As his manager noted, he is taking part in four debates with the candidate prior to the primary. That is a very reasonable number, and as much as Don Stenberg or Deb Fischer would like debate him ten or fifteen times, it just is not going to happen. And you cannot convince anyone that four is not enough when the reality is that the public is unlikely to pay attention to one.

In the mean time, we are waiting for more numbers from the recent PPP poll on this primary (and will update as soon as they are published), but the report yesterday was Bruning with a 25 point lead. That being said, the Washington County Republicans had a Straw Poll last night! It was of 79 people, but the results were as follows:
Deb Fischer – 46
Pat Flynn – 17
Don Stenberg – 13
Jon Bruning – 3

Now we are not saying this isn’t scientific… but when Pat Flynn comes in second, you start to think that maybe we should just be happy that they had a nice turnout on a Monday evening.


We still are not sure if enough outrage has been made about the President’s “hot mic” comments to the Russian Prime President. He stated that he needed the Ruskies to give him some “space” until AFTER the election, when he could then negotiate with them without fear of those pesky voters.

You got that America? President Obama has acted with restraint while courting voters these past 4 years. But after he gets another four years, he will allow himself to get his freaky-deeky liberal thing ON. Give him another four years and he will be able to go stimulus and ObamaCare and Solyndra crazy. He will go on a four year worldwide apology tour, making sure that America bows to any and everyone.

And we are only be a little hyperbolic. Hey, we didn’t say it. The PRESIDENT did. Oh, and as soon as that came up it freaked the Poles the hell out. (They have a little history with the Russians, see.)

But let us pull this back to our Nebraska race. If 68 year old Bob Kerrey were elected, there is a pretty decent chance he’d only bother with one term right? He certainly has a history of not bothering with reelection. At 74 would he really want to drive around diners in Beemer and Holdrege, trying to explain himself? Not likely, yeah?

So while Kerrey may try to sell his Nebraska roots to you, he is really all about Bob Kerrey and what HE thinks should be done in Washington. And a Bob Kerrey, answering to no one, freed up to vote however he wants, means more ObamaCare, more Cap and Trade to cure the world of global warming. More stimuluseses. More everything.

But if you play your cards right, Omaha, you could get yourself ANOTHER bike bridge over to Council Bluffs. Isn’t freedom wonderful?


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  1. Apparently the D’s lawyers are better than the R’s lawyers. Fahleson should have known about that date restriction before he wasted the courts’ time. I’ll bet that little bit of trivia didn’t escape Vince Powers.
    Sweeper, there is one really disturbing, albeit true, statement you made concerning debates, “… the reality is that the public is unlikely to pay attention to one.” That is so sad, but so true. I’ve found it holds true even amongst those that are “politically active.” You’ve heard my rants about those in my party that only want to go to the meetings for the free donuts, so I won’t delve into that for now.
    The majority of Nebraskans only care about football. They don’t have time to listen to the people that would write the laws that they can be punished for if they fail to abide by them. They just wait until the laws are passed, then bitch about them … until the first Husker game.

  2. Anon says:

    @In Trouble in case you missed the second post Bruning was up 34% in polls on the straw poll winner and 42% on the second place winner. The 110 in that room is hardly telling.

    …. Who’s Deb Fischer?

  3. ChristianConservative says:

    I’ll agree with both SS and BTO. The general public, for the most part, really doesn’t pay much attention to the debates, other than what they might casually read in the OWH or the LJS. Just doesn’t matter that much to them.

    I think, as I have for a while now even after Kerrey decided to hop in, that this race is Jon’s to lose, both the primary and the general. While Jon has the propensity, at times, to stick his foot in his mouth, I think it would take something monumental to not see him at the next Senator come the second Tuesday after the second Monday next November.

  4. Kickin It and Lickin It says:

    I, for one, am glad that Kerrey is so far behind. It means his campaign will dish out all the goods they have on Jon – and it’s a pretty big dish.

  5. ChristianConservative says:

    K&L – More than what Stenberg has already dished out? Yeah, doubtful that you can find anything that hasn’t already been discussed in this campaign on Jon. Trust me, Stenberg and his backers would have found it if it was there to find. Keep that hope alive after two successive bad polls three weeks apart for Kerrey, though.

  6. stenburger to go says:

    Stenberg is now in trouble of finishing 3rd in this race. Looks like all that negative campaigning has only worked to move Don down on the ballot. Some people never learn.

  7. Kortezzi says:

    It’s easy to say the Democrat lawyers are better than the Republican lawyers when Kerrey prevails. But in a case decided by a NE Supreme Court packed full of Ben Nelson’s judges? The fix was in from the start.

    If Obamacare gets overturned by the US Supreme Court next month, will it be because the Republican lawyers – – including NE AG Jon Bruning – – are better than Obama’s lawyers?

  8. RWP says:

    Things are bad for a Dem when even the Kossacks think you have no hope. This is bad enough that it will hurt Kerrey’s fundraising. And with a lot of tight Senate seats to defend, I can’t see the national Dems wasting any money on this race.

    Which will leave Kerrey with the dregs of Nelson’s campaign chest, still reeking with the rich stench of the Cornhusker Kickback….

    …which, judging from today’s SCOTUS action, was all for naught. Looks pretty smart now to have delayed setting up the health exchange.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Kortezzi, you righties really show your cards with posts like 1:49. Pure psychological projection. The fix was in from the start. Why is it that everyone who rules against your desires is “on the fix”, but not if the ruling was in your favor? If the U.S. Supreme Court rules against the individual mandate, I hope you’ll agree that “the fix was in”. Your viewpoint only shows how you would act if you were in any position to make a ruling, and says nothing about those mostly honorable people that actually do.

  10. Kortezzi says:

    Six out of 7 justices on the NE Sup Ct were Nelson appointees. Only Mike Heavican was appointed by Heineman.

    But on the US Sup Ct. there is a nearly even split of Republican appointees (Scalia, Roberts, Alito, Thomas and Kennedy) and Democrat appointees (Ginsburg, Sotomayor, Breyer, and Kagan). And when you consider Kennedy’s frequent decisions that join the court’s liberals, it’s really closer to 50/50 than 5:4.

    It’s not psychological projection to conclude the 6:1 ratio foretold a pro-Kerrey outcome in the NE.
    The ratios of liberal vs. conservative judges are dramatically different.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Psychological projection is where you assume others would severely bias their judgement based on their position on the left-right continuum, just because you would.

  12. Some Thoughts says:

    It is not only possible, but in Nebraska even likely, that our Supreme Court and other judges rule not based on ideology, but based on their expertise in and respect for the law. When the court basically thinks you haven’t managed to show any actual evidence for your claim, it’s one nice way of saying your claim was frivolous. Now, can we actually talk about Obamacare, and what Kerrey would do if it were overturned or upheld by the Supreme Court, and put the schoolyard stuff behind for a change?

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