Why was Kerrey in DC? (And a new Bruning ad)

Kerrey trots into the DSCC on Wednesday
The OWH has an interesting story this morning about a meeting between Jon Bruning and Bob Kerrey in Washington, D.C. yesterday.

Joe Morton tells how Bruning was running back to his hotel after the Supreme Court arguments, and ran into Kerrey, who was eating lunch in the hotel restaurant. Kerrey asked Bruning to join him. Bruning declined, saying he was running somewhere else. They good-naturedly kidded each other (though we would have liked to have a mic on each of them after the other left).

Oh, and the story mentions that the Kerrey camp had attacked Bruning for having a fundraiser in DC, when he was there for the Supreme Court arguments. They go on to note that Bruning was front and center at the oral arguments, and was one of the lead state AG’s on the case.

But one thing that the story is missing…WHY WAS BOB KERREY IN DC???

Here, let us read through the story one more time to find that interesting nugget.

Nothing in there.

Well, let us tell you why Bob Kerrey was in DC.
Wait, no. Let us SHOW you why Bob Kerrey was in DC, and not in some diner in Madison talking about corn prices. Take a look here:

He was there at the Stewart Mott House – seen here walking in with Dem fundraising guru Don Schimanski (the bald guy) — for his OWN fundraiser. (Hey, and a thanks to our secret spies there!) And you can see Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid being dropped off as well.

(Exciting stuff, we know. But oftentimes the Thomases out there don’t believe unless they see.)

You remember Harry Reid. He is the one who arranged the Cornhusker Kickback with Ben Nelson. And then he is the one who negotiated a certain deal with Bob Kerrey to run for Senate. And Bob Kerrey said that deal was important for him to run. Except that Harry Reid said there was no deal and there is no deal.

Oh, but hey, that funder was a thousand bucks a person, so maybe that is part of the deal (if there is a deal).

Also scheduled to be at Kerrey’s funder was Kerrey’s Senator from New York, liberal Democrat Chuck Schumer. So the two of them can probably talk about how to reinstate ObamaCare, Cap and Trade, partial birth abortion and another trillion dollar stimulus.

And who else? Well a cavalcade of liberal Democrats including..

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
Senator Daniel Inouye
Senator Dick Durbin
Senator Chuck Schumer
Senator Patty Murray
Senator Max Baucus
Senator Ben Nelson
Senator Michael Bennet
Senator Mark Pryor
Senator Tom Carper
Senator Debbie Stabenow
Senator Carl Levin
Senator Mark Udall
Senator Robert Menendez
Senator Mark Warner

And remember, Nebraska voter: A vote for Kerrey is a vote for that crew. (Well, not Ben Nelson, who decided not to run after he knew Nebraskans would reject him, particularly after the Cornhusker Kickback. But you get the drift.)

Funny how we saw none of that in the paper, huh?


Jon Bruning has a new TV spot out. See it here first!

Little timely ObamaCare spot. Oh, and notice that “endorsed by…” tag at the end! As noted in the PPP poll, Bruning is doing very well — better than any of his GOP opponents — with Tea Party supporters.

(We don’t like the shoulder scrunching thing, but they can work on that for next time…)


Just a note that even National Public Radio’s Ken Rudin says of Kerrey,

“…wait a second, this guy is even more liberal than Ben Nelson, and he may not be the guy for Nebraska in 2012. His numbers don’t look good.”

When a Dem does not have NPR on their side, that is not a good thing.


Um, KHAS copy person, we don’t mean to be unkind, but it is “Scalia”. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Not “Scholea”.

We’re here to help.


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  1. Delusional says:

    The difference is easy. Bruning is allegeldy there to “lead the fight” when he is nothing more than an observer. He’s there, he says, because of his AG duties but he is really using the time to fundraise. If you ask Kerry – I am sure he would say he is there to fundraise – he just didn’t try to do it on the taxpayer’s dime until he was called out.

  2. RWP says:

    Nice job Sweeper. DC is Kerrey’s natural habitat. The lesser knit-capped Bob migrates seasonally between there and NYC.

    A really unusual sighting* would be of Kerrey in Nebraska. Recently. Has he been here since his ‘I live here, no there, I mean over there’ jaunt in February?

    *In the birding world, a sighting far out of the species’ usual range is called a ‘vagrant’.

  3. I am grateful! says:

    I am so thankful that Leavenworth Street told us about why Kerrey was in D.C.!!!

    One has to wonder why the OWH reporter didn’t have the curiosity to find out and report on Kerrey’s fundraiser. Or did he know and choose not to report? Choose not to report because of the possible blow-back from Susie and Warren?

    Please consider all of the Nebraska citizens who subscribe to the OWH and think they are getting the whole story! What else will the OWH decide not to tell us? What haven’t they told us in the past?

    It has become very troubling.

    Thanks again, Sweeper.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh poor republicans Bob Kerrey is fund raising. Why can’t that man just stay out of Nebraska? Why can’t he realize that Bruning and the GOP have a right to rule Nebraska? It is really bad that Bob Kerrey spent most of his life in Nebraska outside of two jobs that kept him out of State. The first job made him work in Vietnam. The second was an opportunity to be an university President. After he stopped working at both those out of Nebraska jobs he came back to Nebraska. Just like the ads we see all the time asking former Nebraskans come home your needed ,wanted. . I guess he must like Nebraska. What else would make a retired old democrat want to be a Senator in such a red state with all of the Nebraska republicans telling him we don’t want you., But thank you for your service on your first out of state job in Vietnam. . But keep paying those state income taxes on your Nebraska business.

  5. Jealous of the OWH Republicans, buy a freaking printer, some paper and some ink! Then you can watch your investment go down the toilet as not many will want to read it.

    What were Kerrey and Bruning doing in Washington D.C.? They were doing the exact same thing that every other candidate for a federal office is doing, and has done for decades … they were there to beg for cash from big money donors from anywhere OTHER than Nebraska. I think it would be a good idea to require every single dime donated to a political campaign to come from within the geographical confines of the area being represented by the office. If someone is running for Senate, then the bucks need to come from within the state; if they’re running for the House, then the bucks need to come from within the Congressional District; if they’re running for the Legislature, then the bucks need to come from within the Legislative District – and so on. It is time to end the wholesale marketing of our government to the highest bidders.

    I would also recommend that campaign seasons be limited. I think three or four months of harassing the electorate with lies, deceit and buffoonery should be sufficient. This campaigning that goes on interminably serves no one but the billionaires that want to own us all.

    I would also set limits on the total amount any candidate for any given office can spend on their campaign, with amounts varying by the office they are running for. We need to remove MONEY as the primary influence on the selection process of who will govern us.

    Actually, we should be able to draft candidates. They would be required to serve, just as a lot of kids in my generation, and those that preceded it were required to bear arms in defense of our nation. Only there would be NO deferments.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    Don’t you guys know that fund-raising dollars are only evil if they come from conservative sources? A dollar from one of the Koch brothers buys unyielding loyalty and the ability of the Kochs to make the candidate do whatever they want, but a dollar from Harry Reid, who also has the power to decide committee assignments and rankings, along with bill sponsorship, etc., will still allow you to remain independent and as innocent as a newborn babe.

  7. @ 9 says:

    You see, when SS used to be Brunings campaign manager he only posts pro bruning anti Kerry Don and Deb things… so to answer your question, just McGrain errr SS

  8. RWP says:

    After he stopped working at both those out of Nebraska jobs he came back to Nebraska.

    Uuuuh, no he didn’t. He quit 15 months ago at New School, but still lives in New York. In fact, he took another job, as Chairman of M & F Worldwide Education Holdings, last July. M & Worldwide is located at 35 East 62nd Street New York, NY 10065.

  9. RWP says:

    Jealous of the OWH Republicans, buy a freaking printer, some paper and some ink!

    Jeez Louise BTO, you’re so 20th century. Dead tree publishing? Really? Why not saddle up dino to take you on the paper route, too?

  10. Wooooohoo!
    We riled up a few readers today.
    Hey kiddies, it’s cute that it’s all about a fundraiser to you. Because the point we made (but clearly went soaring over your skulls) is that the only reason you know why Kerrey was in DC is because we told you. You sure as hell didn’t get it from the OWH — even though they felt compelled to throw in Kerrey’s criticism of Bruning’s funder.
    And you can run on over to some other site with your faux astonishment that people have cameras on their cell phones. It’s cool for undercover 60 Minutes but it’s not for a guy standing on the street, huh? Got it.

    And thanks for reading.

  11. RWP says:

    Incidentally, Bob Kerrey’s current employer, M & F Holdings, is a shell corporation controlled by Democrat fixer and billionaire Ronald Perelman, who’s best known for his role in trying to hush up the Monica Lewinsky scandal by getting the talented Ms. Lewinsky a job at Revlon. Perelman has made a living as a corporate raider and asset stripper, some of whose dealings make the Sokol/Lubrizol shenanigans look penny-ante.

    If the Democrats try to make an issue of the GOP candidate’s business dealings, the payback will likely give them whiplash.

    Bob has some interesting corporate directorships, too.

  12. Bam says:

    I’m guessing that the OWH didn’t ask why Kerrey was in DC because they see that as where he SHOULD be. It would be like questioning why you saw rats in a sewer or flies on a cow pie.

    And just because it’s fun – BTO, less said, more read. SS sets the topics for us to discuss – I don’t think it’s to provide space for your manifestos on how you’d run the world.

  13. Anonymostly says:

    Do you guys remember how that one dude named Dennis, who used to post here, always talked about how Bruning’s purchase of sodium thiopental (for lethal injection executions) from foreign sources would hang like an albatross around his neck? ‘Member that?

    Such a failure as an AG at buying foreign-made sodium thiopental. Sheesh, that defeat will just hang with him. He’ll never live it down. He’s doomed as a candidate. Might as well cash in his chips. It’s over. You ‘member that Dennis dude saying that stuff?

    My what a difference a year makes. (Not that I agree with Dennis that Bruning was ever in danger, mind you. Sodium what? Michael Ryan who?) And you know what’s REALLY cool? The Sup Ct will hand down it’s decision on (striking down) the individual mandate, oh, sometime before election day in November.

    John Bruning is going to be a frickin’ hero in this state when Obamasurance crashes and burns on the petard of the individual mandate. Ya hear that, Dennis? A frickin’ hero.

  14. Macdaddy, I don’t care which side is doing wrong. Wrong is wrong and I’ve always said, “What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.” I’m a Democrat, but I’ve probably given my fellow Ds more grief over their own hypocrisies than I’ve ever given you Rs over here on LS for yours.

    RWP, I’m not the one complaining about the dead tree media. Your pals are.

    Bam-Bam, When you become the owner of Leavenworth Street, you can tell me to knock it off. Until then I refuse to reduce my comments to bumper sticker soundbite sized pablum for you babies with short attention spans. And you are the only one the gives a rat’s ass about what YOU think.

  15. Greetings Mel Mains says:

    A little early for you to be posting Mel. Easter is still a few days away.

    I knew Mel, and you are no Mel Mains. Channel 10/11 wishes Mel Mains was still available to help out with it’s ratings.

    To answer your question: 2 days

  16. Lil Mac says:

    So, you are saying the OWH’s political bias is okay if Buffett but not Murdock buys the paper. Jon and Bob “were doing the exact same thing” in Washington except Bob’s not an AG plaintiff on a current SC case in DC. And all candidates should be military veterans, unless it is Capt Heineman vs Lt Kerrey or McCain against Obama. This is some painful juggling. And the probable reason is sad.

    Some here need to justify, to themselves, how and why they now support Bob Kerrey just days after he brutally raped their friend Chuck Hassebrook. When you have to embrace your friend’s abuser, you have to jump through some painful mental and ethical hoops. It happens in politics. And it is sad. Good luck with that. Don’t mind us if we just watch. It is your hoops.

  17. Gambling with the Good Life says:

    “On March 5, 2012, J. Robert Kerrey advised Scientific Games Corporation that he resigned as a member of the Board of Directors of the Company on that date in order to focus on other professional opportunities.”

    And what business is Scientific Games in? Any wagers?

  18. RWP says:

    Interesting. And who owns Scientific Games Corporation? 34.4% of shares are owned by Mafco holdings, Inc., aka M&F Holdings, Ron Perelman’s corporation, of which Kerrey is chairman. Perelman still sits on the board of Scientific Games (which you’d expect, given he’s the biggest shareholder).

    Looks like Perelman is providing make-work for a former Democrat senator (and owns a potential future Democrat senator).

  19. Kortezzi says:

    RWP, is MF Global (the now-defunct Jon Corzine company) related to M&F Holdings? The world of New York financial kingpins is incestuous enough that it wouldn’t surprise me.

  20. RWP says:

    Kerrey also sits on the Board of Tenet Healthcare. Tenet owns New Orleans Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans, which had the highest number of deaths of any hospital during Katrina. Kerrey has served since 2001. Tenet has also had repeated problems with Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse, settling fines of the order of hundreds of millions of dollars. Kerrey is chair of their ethics committee. They spent nearly $3.5 m on lobbying, but paid no tax from 2008-2010.

    This is the guy who wants to ‘fix’ entitlement programs and the federal debt.

    Kerrey resigned his directorship of Genworth Financial on March 14. Genworth lost 94% of its share value during the 2008 crash.

  21. Kortezzi says:

    I wonder if the Kerreys plan to file a joint income tax return in 2012. Since Bob will have spent more than 50% of the year in NE (from March – Nov. 6th), he should be able to avoid paying most NY state and NYC income taxes. But the missus remains in NYC, so if they file jointly NY will say all 2012 income (not just from NY sources) will be taxable there. Residing in separate states means they will have to file separately, and Bob should file partial year resident returns in both NY and NE.

    With all that corporate board income, you can be sure the tax collectors in NYC, Albany and Lincoln are all following Kerrey’s tortured tail of temporary residences with great interest.

    Hope the Kerreys put a little more thought into their tax planning than Bob did with his NE voter registration fiasco.

  22. RWP says:

    OK, get this. Tenet Healthcare, which pays Bob Kerrey $250 K a year to sit on its board, owns forty nine hospitals nationally. One is in Nebraska. Yet of the $250 K in political donations Tenet doled out in 2010, the three biggest recipients were Nebraska politicians. The biggest – $8K – went to Jeremy Nordquist . The second biggest — almost $5K — went to Gov. Dave. The third biggest went to Heath Mello.

    The donation to Heineman makes a certain amount of sense, from a corporate point of view. Companies always sweeten the governor in states where they do business. It sucks, but it’s a fact of life.

    The other donations make no corporate sense for Tenet. Mello and Nordquist are 2 of 49 state senators, in a small state that takes a very small part of Tenet’s business. Worse, they’re in the minority party, and have therefore less influence. If you want something done in Nebraska, contribute to the Speaker. But the donations make perfect sense for Bob Kerrey. He can launder Tenet shareholder money through Nordquist’s and Mello’s campaigns, and either get in back as regular donations from their campaign funds, or in kind, by getting Nordquist and Mello out on the stump for him. Look for both of them to donate to Kerrey from their campaign coffers.

    FWIW, almost all the rest of Tenet’s Nebraska donations went to Democrats, even though they split 70;30 GOP:Dem nationwide. They even gave to Norm Wallman and Brenda Council, fergawdsake! Bob’s clearly been preparing his ground for a political run using money from the shareholders he’s supposed to be standing up for.

    This confirms what many of us suspected. Bob has been running since 2010. This ‘Hamlet ‘ act was a sham to make sure Gov. Dave was out. Worse, Kerrey’s been using his employer’s funds to pay ahead his campaign expenses. Actually, it mostly comes from your Medicare tax funds, since Tenet has a record of swindling Medicare, and hasn’t actually paid any taxes recently.

  23. Bam says:

    The bad thing, BTO, is that when you DO attempt to be pithy, you always degenerate into insults, and that doesn’t add to the discussion, either. Just trying to help you out here.

    RWP, I hope and pray that SS or NW or someone with cojones follows up on that. I don’t think we can count on the OWH or LJS.

    I’ll close with a quiz – Would the following Bob Kerrey quote be heard more often this year in Nebraska or New York? “Hello, honey, I’m HOME.”

  24. Bam-Bam, If you are a long-term reader of LS, you’d be aware that my insults are generally rationed out to you anonymous monkey poop tossers. I’ll unload on a real person, when they deserve it, but I have much more respect for those that stand by their words with their real names, or whose monikers are readily associated with their real personas.

    As for the quote most heard from Nebraska’s representatives already in Congress, it would have to be, “Hey, (name of the PAC that owns them) where’s my freakin’ money?”

  25. Meds says:

    RWP, please remember to take us today. When you forget, your posts become even more bizarre. Which is saying something…

  26. Bam says:

    So given that, Brian-Brian… why do you spend considerable amount of time responding to a blog created by someone known only as Street Sweeper? If you are a longtime (that’s the correct term) reader, even you might have figured out that Street Sweeper is anonymous too.

    You’re so unknown that you can afford to use your real name. Some of us, because of past and present associations, can’t afford to do that. That’s just something you’re going to have to deal with as you’re collecting poop. If you ARE a fan of having only real persons on a blog, start your own. I’d be happy to join in with a real name… or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

    But, to stick to topic, the answer would be “New York.”

  27. Macdaddy says:

    How can I get on the board of something? I’ve been to board meetings. Those people don’t do jack and yet they get paid handsomely for 12 hours a year of “work.” And BTW, why is a progressive democrat sitting on the board of a for-profit health care company? One would think that their world views would be at odds, yet Tenet sees something in Kerrey that is worth paying him a quarter mill for. Hmmm.

  28. Bam-Bam, You’re going to need more than the GED you got in prison to be correcting my word choices.
    If you don’t like that I post here, go over to NNN. They need the readers.
    I AM Street Sweeper (as far as you know.)

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