Latte talk

Kerrey wanders New York with his,, coffee!

“Everything I own is in Nebraska.”

– Bob Kerrey to the North Platte Bulletin

“I got up this morning and tried to make an omelet, and I couldn’t find a frying pan.”

– Bob Kerrey to the New York Times (not the York News Times)

We have a feeling Bob left a few more things at his home in New York City than just the frying pan.


When Kerrey was chatting with the New York Times reporter, he said he would have voted for ObamaCare. And he said (apparently channeling Yoda),

“I prefer not single-payer, but I think you’ve got to get everyone in the same group. I think the commercial payers can get it done.”

Well guess what folks, that is a change from the old Bob Kerrey. In 1991 Kerrey told Jim Lehrer that he was for a taxpayer funded health care program, i.e., Single Payer. You know, like the ones in Canada where you get “free” health care — but if you want real service you go to the United States.

But now Kerrey is changing his tune to make it more pleasing to the Nebraska ear. So above, it’s, “I’m not for single payer, but I think we can get it done with single payer.” Uh, what?

Kerrey is FOR ObamaCare.
Kerrey is FOR single payer.
Kerrey is FOR blowing up the American health care system and instituting Europe’s.

But at least Kerrey acknowledges…

“I don’t presume I am going to win the election talking like this.”

Well, at least we are on the same page.


And we love the New York Times reporter who writes that Kerrey,

“…sipped a latte in a shop here…”

And then just a few paragraphs later writes…

“Or is he, as his detractors contend, a shameless opportunist culturally sullied by a decade in Manhattan (insert image of overly chic reading glasses and cappuccino here)…”


So later in the afternoon, she changed the story to read…

“…sipped a coffee in a shop here…”

So who do you think caught that one? A NYT editor, or a Kerrey camper? Nothing like a hometown reporter, huh?

We are surprised she didn’t say anything about an “overly chic winter skull cap”.


If you are curious, the LJS’s Don Walton does a wonderful story about how to prepare a roasted lamb for Election Day in the First Congressional District.


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  1. C’mon, Sweeper, is that the best you’ve got? What do you call your milk with coffee?
    All the dairy farmers in this state would be more than happy if we all drank lattes or cappuccinos for breakfast. After all, latte is Italian for … milk. A “latte” is heated milk and coffee, and a cappuccino is nothing but a “latte” with a little foam on top.
    This whole bit about latte sipping liberals only means that we lefties support the dairy industry.
    As for “skull caps,” you only need them if you’ve got something in there to protect. That leaves a lot of Nebraska’s Republicans out in the cold.

  2. shrinkwrap says:

    Sweeper talks about what Kerrey the candidate actually does and where he actually is on policy. But, as usual, we can expect bloggers here to devolve this into an introspective irrelevant swamp of, I think, I want, I don’t like, I am for, I am against; me, me, me. — Take a deep breath and give it rest. Quit injecting your feelings and snide ego into policy discussions. No one cares what anyone else thinks or feels apart from whatever policy impacting fact and reason we present. And, frankly, you are often just being baited.

    When some wag jabs you, and you immediately condemn them for throwing poop, yet you then justify yourself as fair and kindhearted while also asserting your absolute right to condemn anyone for any reason you deem deserving of your rancor, while filling your own hands full of your own filth to fling back, that deafening silence you hear coming from your abuser doesn’t mean you won the debate. It means he is choked with laughter because when he dangled a bit of poop before you, you jumped up and swallowed it. By calling people names and getting emotional, you aren’t swaying opinions or impacting policy, you are the clown act. And the more you don’t see this, the funnier it is for everyone else. So, see it. Or keep on keeping on and thanks for the entertainment.

  3. Brian,
    I did not write, and then edit, the NYT article. Just pointing out what is happening with All the News That’s Fit To Print.
    (And next time we will be sure to note that it’s just fish eggs on bread crusts with carbonated fermented grape juice at Kerrey’s supper.)

  4. “This free food! Why is there so little of it!? Where is my daily free smorgasbord!??!”
    And that’s THREE articles referenced (don’t forget the lamb kabobs), and a PBS interview.

  5. Kortezzi says:

    A friendly reporter is all it takes to transform Cosmic Bob Kerrey from a New York latte-sipping liberal into a midwestern coffee-drinking conservative. If you only read the Omaha daily fishwrap, that is.

    Pretty soon Bob will be back in Nebraska wearing an NC+Hybrids hat instead of that wierd skullcap.

    Or maybe even an FFA jacket!

  6. ChristianConservative says:

    Shrinkwrap – I got an image of BTO as one of the monkeys from Madagascar (the movie). “If you have any poo, fling it now.” Good grief, now I can’t get that line out of my head. Hilarity!

    Well done as always, SS. Elite liberal Bob, when I’m sure that WASN’T the impression the NYT was going for. 😀 You can name something anything you want, but the true nature wins out. Got caught up on my Leavenworth St. reading today. (Went to a conference last week, and didn’t get a chance to catch up this week.) Keep up the good work!

  7. Kickin It and Lickin It says:

    I don’t get this pic of Kerrey and why you think it’s so funny.

    “Oh look! He wears a hat when it’s cold outside. And he drinks a coffee-based beverage! LOLZ!”

    Pretty sure this puts him in with 99% of Americans.

  8. Kickin It and Lickin It says:

    RWP – Want to publish a jpeg of his 1040 form – fine, but if this is just general fashion/beverage criticism, I don’t get it.

  9. K&L, According to “shrinkwrap” this is something akin to the National Review and we’re all supposed to keep our “serious” faces on anytime we discuss political matters here. Personally, I like the way Sweeper keeps things in their proper, humorous perspective.

  10. Kortezzi says:

    LB357 passes 29-14. If it becomes law, NE cities can raise their sales tax another 1/2%. Hard to believe a stalwart like Scott Lautenbaugh and other Republicans would vote for this gift to Jim Suttle.

    Gov Dave has pledged to veto this one, and he should. But 6 senators did not vote this time, so just 1 of them could turn 29 into 30 and override him. Trouble ahead…

  11. Anonymous says:

    Bob Kerrey is in a 1% club. Those who won the Medal of Honor and lived to tell about it. No one else running for the Senate in Nebraska can say that.

  12. Only Bob says:

    No one else running for the U.S. Senate from Nebraska can say they are staunch supporters of the third-world atrocity known as partial-birth abortion. Only Bob Kerrey can say that.

  13. Macdaddy says:

    Kerrey’s comments to the North Platte paper were quite interesting and either delusional or a load of BS. If he votes for Harry Reid, then any claim on trying to reach across the aisle is immediately null and void. I’m also intrigued by his idea that everyone be in a single Medicare pool. What if someone does not want to be? How would that work, especially if the Supreme Court declares that the individual mandate is unconstitutional? And a handful of insurance companies would handle this gigantic pool of everyone? How would the winners of this insurance pool lottery be picked? By political donations? What kind of money does he see this costing? Given the fact that 60% of Americans are against a similar scheme known as Obamacare, why does he think his idea is going to fly? Why would he waste our time with another hare-brained ill-thought-out scheme?

  14. Meatbeater @ 5:36, I’ve been busy looking for some old woman that is at least 90, in a wheelchair, blind, and has cancer. If I tie her arms behind her, maybe then I could REALLY have some fun clubbing her with a sock full of ball bearings. What? Isn’t a guy allowed a little FUN once in a while?

    (For all the armchair psychologists out there, the preceding was a snarky, sarcastic reply to my drooling idiot of a stalker. For those of you who think LS is some kind of high quality, peer reviewed political policy think tank … it’s past your bedtime, have your mommy tuck you in before you get upset again.)

  15. Bam says:

    Here’s what we can put together so far – Brian is hung up on poop, on mommy, and on graphic descriptions of binding, torturing and presumably killing old ladies – oh, and a fierce defense of Bob Kerrey’s non-Nebraska caffeinated drink and headwear. If this is Bob’s new constituency since he left town, we have nothing to fear in November.

  16. Bam says:

    Sorry – I hadn’t perceived you were making fun of Bob’s hat and java. They really DO make him look like a tool, don’t they, Brain-Brain!!

  17. Jon Bruning is OUTRAGED that his 14 year old daughter has received a request from the Stenberg campaign to follow her tweets. Jon said, “That’s kinda weird.”
    Jon should know about “weird” tweets. Back in October of 2009 he tweeted this little bon mot: “Done trick or treating with Cleopatra and Jon Benet-now at Dino’s for family dinner and to watch 5 different games at once.”
    For those that may have forgotten, the “Jon Benet” he referred to was the murdered little beauty pageant girl from Colorado, Jon Benet Ramsey. Now THAT was creepy!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Brian, I think it was Republican state chair Mark Fahleson, not Bruning. The creep actually bragged about his young daughter’s Jon Benet Halloween costume on his blog. Yep, this is the leadership of the Nebraska Republican party.

  19. OK. My bad. I’ve gotta learn to finish my second cup of coffee before I hit the iMac in the morning. I’ll take the mea culpa and a couple of hundred lashes with a wet noodle. (Can you make it “alla carbonara?”)

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