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So here is your takeaway from the screwy ending to yesterday’s GOP Senate debate in Gering:

The OWH is using American Bridge 21st Century’s YouTube feed? (American Bridge‘s goal is to “help elect liberal Democrats“.)

Forget about Don Stenberg “following” Jon Bruning’s daughter (all we can say is it’s a good thing he didn’t “Like” her on Facebook…). The OWH has the first debate between the two top candidates and they don’t even have their own audio or video? So now news outlets just use the feed from a Democrat Tracker, eh?

Got it.


So you have probably heard that Jon Bruning asked Don Stenberg why he was following trying to follow his 14 year old daughter.

On Twitter (almost forgot to mention that part).

We dunno…
You want to talk reallllllly stupid?

To the extent Stenberg knows what The Twitter is, “he” is following about 1,600 feeds and “he” has about 1,600 followers.

Heck, the other takeaway is his admission that Dan Parsons actually runs the feed. We sort of suspected it when “Don” was tweeting DURING debates — but we also think it is goofy when the Tweeters try to pretend that the candidates or office holders are doing the tweeting themselves.

They are all on notice now — and look for a story sometime soon asking all office holders and candidates who it is that types their tweets.

And we frankly don’t get the “following” thing on Twitter anyway. We follow about 140 feeds — but we actually only read about 10 of them. (Frankly we aren’t sure why we have the other 130, but deleting is a giant hassle.) We narrow down using a #NESEN search as well. Otherwise, what’s the point?

It is possible we suppose that Parsons was trying to get Bruning’s daughter to follow him so he could maybe get some juicy tidbits from the Bruning household. Parsons categorically denies it. Did Bruning’s daughter follow Don first? Did her Twitter description invite a “follow” of some sort — maybe had the words “Nebraska” and “Bruning” or some such? And Parsons makes a good point that the Twitter handles never have an age on them.

But the final point is that THIS is the what people are talking about now, instead of what Stenberg wanted the subject to be — the Holder nomination thing. And it is not a bad point for Don, but we don’t see that carrying him to the nomination.

We have a feeling it is more like this: Bruning has felt battered by Don on many, many points in the campaign so far. And Bruning decided to play hard-ball back, and clubbed him with this one.

But with Bruning using a more or less pedophilic (“kinda creepy”) accusation against Stenberg, figure that the gloves are pretty much off with a month or so to go.

We don’t know where it goes from here, but don’t expect it to be pretty.


Did you know that President Obama, a lawyer, once taught at the University of Chicago law school?

But he apparently did not teach Constitutional Law, because if he did he may have come across Marbury vs. Madison. That is the one that says the Supreme Court gets to review laws passed by Congress.

Yes, Mr. President, even the ones that passed in the Senate over a filibuster attempt. So, just so we are clear, even if Congress passes a law 535-0 revoking Freedom of Religion, the Supreme Court can still strike it down.

Mike Johanns says that Obama is trying to threaten and intimidate the court. And the U.S. Court of Appeals is asking the President to explain himself and his opinions on judicial review.

So, just for fun, close your eyes and pretend that this was George W. Bush suggesting that the Supreme Court could not and should not find a law to be unconstitutional. Now imagine what the liberal media uproar would be like.

There’d be a run on “Bushitler” bumper stickers, no?


Hey campaign partisans, keep it civil in the comments. Got it?


  1. Paula68154 says:

    Why does Bruning’s 14 y/o daughter have an unlocked twitter account? I mean, her dad is the AG and he knows better than I all the dangers that lurk on the internet.

    So, Bruning and you want to hurl an accusation, whether implied or not, at Stenberg that he is some sort of pedophile?

    Your party is eating your own.

  2. ChristianConservative says:

    Actually, Stenberg got ‘eaten’ a long time ago, at the times he’s shown he can’t win a senate race. I don’t think it was a topic that should have been brought up in the debate, but why wasn’t Stenberg’s campaign a tad bit more aware of what was going on? With Stenberg’s personal attacks on Bruning on all sorts of issues, seems to me the question regarding why this was happening ends up being fair game. I agree, SS, the gloves are off. But then, I think they’ve been off enough anyway in this race. I think Stenberg knows it’s going to take a Bruning gaffe to catch him, and Bruning hasn’t shown any signs that’s going to happen. Time to let another conservative have a shot at the senate race.

  3. @Paula says:

    If I read the story correctly her twitter account is locked. But that doesn’t stop anyone from “requesting” to follow you, which is what happened in this case.

  4. Kortezzi says:

    Parsons should refund his fees to Stenberg for this stupid mistake. Obviously Don is an old guy, who wisely realized he should delegate the Twitter stuff to someone tech-savvier than himself. But if his own media consultant is foolish enough to take the Stenberg handle and use it to follow either of Bruning’s kids, that’s political malpractice in the first degree. I’ve donated to Don twice and I sure don’t want it spent on campaign services like that.

    Bruning’s support for Eric Holder is no college-age mistake in judgment. He should be raked over the coals for it, slowly. Instead, he’s parried Stenberg’s legitimate point with something silly that will get 10 times as much media play. Sigh.

    On another subject – – I have received 2 pollster calls the past 2 evenings. The first was unbiased but the second (from “BFI” or “VFI Research”?) was clearly a push poll intended to turn Lee Terry supporters toward another GOP candidate. After probably 10 or so very long questions, including some open-ended ones, it became obvious the script was aimed at undermining Terry, and I stopped answering. Wonder which Terry opponent (Glenn Freeman? Brett Lindstrom?) was behind this? I didn’t think either of them had the money for it. Anyone else out there getting push-polled on the NE 2nd CD election?

  5. Bob Loblaw says:

    The way I understood it it wasn’t an “unlocked” Twitter account. For all you non twitter twatters that means that anyone can request to be your friend but they can’t see your timeline unless you approve their request.

    I don’t see this as any big deal though. It’s not like Don was running the account himself. I think most campaign accounts follow pretty much anyone who follows them. I mean you could have an account for the KKK of Southeast Nebraska following Bruning and they probably automatically follow back. Doesn’t mean Bruning endorses any of it or thinks its ok.

    How uncomfortable was that moment though? Looked like old Don felt about 3 inches tall when Bruning called him on it.

  6. SoWhat??? says:

    I don’t support Don Stenberg for anything. Here’s what I think happened, if anything, Stenberg’s campaign is using that Omaha-based service that tracks social media for both his own mentions and those of his competitors. The results provided by that service would give links to facebook, twitter, google+, etc. and someone at the Stenberg campaign hit all the links to see what they were or it may even be an automated process from the social media tracking service to catch any follow-up mentions, etc. Given the Stenberg campaign staffer I know and extrapolating to the candidate’s own admissions they aren’t a tech savvy bunch.

  7. Macdaddy says:

    I just don’t understand the Stenberg campaign. Stenberg should have made this point 3 months ago and then every time Eric Holder did something egregious, which is about once a week, Don could have talked about how bad it was and how Bruning supported this clown. Of course, Bruning could come back with: well he fooled me. I didn’t think he would turn out to be the most political AG in the history of America, but maybe his boss had something to do with that. Stenberg should also have been hammering Bruning’s business dealings as well. Instead, we get college term papers and South Carolina senators.

  8. Paula68154 says:

    “So you have probably heard that Jon Bruning asked Don Stenberg why he was following his 14 year old daughter.”

    If her account was locked, Stenberg could only follow if young Ms. Bruning allowed it.

    The bigger question is why is Bruning implying that Stenberg is a pedophile? That’s really beyond the pale.

  9. Paula68154 says:

    So I read the article that clearly writes that Bruning asked why Stenbergh asked to follow.

    Maybe you guys should get the quote right.

  10. Who is Jim DeMint? says:

    Who is Jim DeMint, and who has he endorsed, because I haven’t heard about that endorsement yet. I sure wish we had a US Senate Candidate in Nebraska who is running solely on endorsements. Oh wait – we do.

  11. What is it with politicians (Yes, I toss Ds and Rs in there together) and kinky tweets? Are they all trying to get on Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show “email and tweets” segment?

  12. @sayyou'resorry says:

    Don handled this poorly. Throw your staffer under the bus and then have him trot out to explain himself. I simple apology would have sufficed.

  13. Sweetwater Observer says:

    From here, it appeared to be a debate between twits. Or a debate between headless chickens.

    Please candidates, get serious.

    Deb Fischer won this debate by staying away and doing the hard work of governance in the legislature. She looks like the clear winner, and could whip Kerrey easily with decent financing.

  14. Senator Snowplow says:

    I thought Deb Fischer seemed very persuasive in this debate. Her best performance yet. And whoever it was upthread who questioned Bruning’s daughter twittering (c’mon, people, get the lingo right) you are falling prey to sexist, ageist, paternalistic notions of antiquated social constructs about who should or shouldn’t twit. Get with the 21st Century already. Girl power! Yeah!

  15. Riiight says:

    Deb won by not being there? Right… She looks like she doesn’t want the job, like her current (and temporary job) is more important. She’ll be gone in about 40 some days.

  16. A reason for you to be anon@3.44 says:

    Is your comment “Who is Deb Fischer” the only 4 word vocabulary in your teeny-tiny brain? Try getting a good night’s sleep, or putting the alprazolam away for a while, so you can think up something new and perhaps sensical to post. You look so stupid repeating those same 4 words ad nauseaum.

  17. All talk says:

    So Don if you’re such a gun rights guy: why didn’t you challenge Clinton’s assault weapon ban when you were AG; why didn’t you get a concealed carry law passed while you were AG; or why didn’t you challenge California’s screwy gun control law while you were AG. You tell us you’re such a conservative but you gave Clinton a pass for 8 years while his EPA ran wild and you rolled over in the fetal position everytime Gov Nelson said boo. Oh yeah, that’s right . . . Don Stenberg all talk, no action.

  18. Drew says:

    Sorry folks! Bruning injected his daughter in to the political race and probably has embarrassed his daughter in the process. Bruning supported Eric Holder and is trying to run away from the fact .This whole Twitter thing is nonsense.

  19. @Drew says:

    Yeah…….. pretty sure Don injected Bruning’s daughter into this race when he decided to follow the underaged girl on twitter.

  20. Mr. Goodbody says:

    * Top Five Things Don Stenberg Should Have Said To Jon Bruning After Being Told That A 62-Year-Old-Man Following A 14-Year-Old On Twitter Is ‘Kinda Creepy’ *

    5.) “I’m sorry. Would it be OK if I requested to follow your wife, then?”
    4.) “She’s only 14? I thought she was 16.”
    3.) “Didn’t I read somewhere that all of Henry the VIII’s wives were under 14. See, it’s not that creepy … from a historical perspective.”
    2.) “That’s what I like about these girls on Twitter; I get older, they stay the same age.”
    1.) “If you’re implying that I’m hitting on your daughter, you’re so, so wrong. Actually my future wife is being born about riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight …. now!!”

  21. Danielle says:

    Sowaht??? had it right. And what is her twitter name anyway? Does it reflect she is Jon’s daughter? I honestly don’t know what it is. My twitter name doesn’t reflect my real name or age.

    What’s bad about this is that there are children who really are victims of social media stalking and pedophiles…Bruning has diminished the serious nature of that by attcking Don in this way.

    IF Bruning wins the nomination, this Republican will not be voting for him.

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