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If Jon Bruning’s goal was to have no one talk about anything other than Twitter accounts and how you can or can’t follow someone, then mission accomplished.

But let us lay it on the line and discuss the things that apparently NO ONE else wants to put out there.
(Seriously, pass this around when you’re done reading, because it frustrates us to no end that none of the main stream media outlets, as well as the internets, can address some of these issues. Thanks.)


We have it through second and third hand accounts that this was ALL Jon Bruning, and wasn’t calculated by his staff or anyone else. So why did Bruning let loose with the Twitter accusation (or whatever you want to call it)? We go back to our original statement that Bruning was tired of getting hammered by Stenberg on every issue under the sun. Bruning was tired of saying that his political views have changed since Law School. Even though he gets accused by the Left of being to the right of William F. Buckley, he was tired of Stenberg’s peeps like Jim Demint saying he isn’t conservative enough. Basically, he was tired of taking the high road every time.

So he lopped Stenberg off at the knees. He did it at the end of the debate. He brought it out of nowhere. And he did it on a subject that he was confident Stenberg would have no idea about, let alone have a worthwhile response. Now you can question why Bruning thought he needed to do this. But we believe it is more of a “he WANTED to do this” more than a need. We really don’t believe the, “oh he must be afraid of Stenberg” or “the polls must be closer than we think!” sort of responses. It was more of a calculated, “F*ck you” to Stenberg (that’s why you don’t see this sort of analysis on TV), than any sort of strategy.

And it is also a bit visceral kind of a natural reaction by Bruning. We don’t doubt that Bruning’s daughter brought this up to him. And it’s sort of a natural reaction of a father to his daughter being brought into a campaign, to say “Hey, what the f*ck! Get away from my daughter, you creep!” (once again, real analysis you won’t find in the papers).

Now when anyone analyzes it, most would say this is just a pretty much automated process the his daughter got caught in. But…it is still a question that can be asked — and should be asked, at this point, of the Stenberg camp. “Did you purposefully follow her, in the hope that you’d find something out?”

The Stenberg camp says no, and we do not have any reason to not believe them. Unless it was an underling who is really stupid. Which happens, by the way. But otherwise, getting an email from “STENBERG CAMPAIGN” saying “CAN I FOLLOW YOU?” isn’t exactly undercover.

So it is either completely innocent, or remarkably stupid.

Pick one or the other, folks.

We lean toward the former.


So now the big response story seems to be, “Well Jon Bruning follows teenagers too!!!!!!!!!”

Really, advanced Twitter people? After you get done telling us that Stenberg is innocent, you throw this out? Because you know and we know that it is not the same. Though, of course, the 70 year old grandma in Ord doesn’t know what the hell you’re talking about anyway, so it’s all a blur.

But the fact that Bruning or Stenberg or anyone else follows teenagers or wannabe porn stars or Nigerian businessmen is not something to be shocked about. Most Twitterers follow in order to be followed and vice versa. They also do searches to follow certain people. Both campaigns likely do that.

The difference, OF COURSE, in the Bruning accusation issue, is that there MAY have been a nefarious (as it were) reason to follow Bruning’s daughter. There is potential information to be gained. There is no information to be gained from 16 year old Brittany who loves unicorns and rainbows and hates mean people.

Now the kicker in all of this is that Bruning used the word “creepy” to describe Stenberg’s attempt to follow his daughter — and talked about the 62 year old to 14 year old dynamic.

Yeah, Bruning should apologize for that implication. That is over the top.

He can feel free to follow it up with an implication that the Stenberg camp may have been trying to spy on his family, if he wants to continue that line (we are being politically realistic here, kids). But the “creepy 62 year old” stuff should stop. A quick press release does the trick, and absolves them from further criticism.


And what of Bob Kerrey in all this, you ask?

Well, he is chuckling in his latte…er, coffee… as he reads this. (What? They get the internet in New York.)

And if you are curious who is most happy here, note that the ones passing along all the helpful Twitter info and the “rest of the story” are the Nebraska Democratic party, and Jane Kleeb, and all their subordinates and followers.

Which is fine. November is a loooong way off. But all the GOPers should keep in mind that if they want to beat Bob Kerrey, gashing open wounds in the party will not help matters.

Unless you are just trying to help us out. In which case, please fire up the lie detector tests now. Because a campaign without them is, frankly, boring.


Very, very interesting interview of Lee Terry about finding his Jewish roots, and his views on America’s support of Israel. Yes, you read all that correctly.

Terry has a Jewish grandmother in his family tree, who he found out about around ten years ago. If he has talked about this before, we either forgot about it or missed it.Click here to read the whole story, and also see Terry speak on the national issues that you don’t always hear about.


There is more to talk about, including immigration, the legislature, talking head appearances.

But we are in a bit of rush, so this will have to do for now.

Maybe update later.

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  1. —“So it is either completely innocent, or remarkably stupid.”—
    Or totally automated, which IS what happens a lot with campaign media distribution/information gathering these days.

  2. Mr. Goodbody says:

    * Top Five Things Don Stenberg Should Have Said To Jon Bruning After Being Told That A 62-Year-Old-Man Following A 14-Year-Old On Twitter Is ‘Kinda Creepy’ *

    5.) “I’m sorry. Would it be OK if I requested to follow your wife, then?”

    4.) “She’s only 14? I thought she was 16.”

    3.) “Didn’t I read somewhere that all of Henry the VIII’s wives were under 14. See, it’s not that creepy … from a historical perspective.”

    2.) “That’s what I like about these girls on Twitter; I get older, they stay the same age.”

    1.) “If you’re implying that I’m hitting on your daughter, you’re so, so wrong. Actually my future wife is being born about riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight …. now!!”

  3. Lil Mac says:

    To older people and politicians “following” and “liking” used to mean stalking and obsession. Younger people see those words as benign social media invites. Neither is correct. Twitter and Facebook uses such words as tools to shame people into growing enormous numbers of personal contacts (based on the assumption that people feel uncomfortable “unfriending” or “unliking”) which thereby increases profits for Twitter, Facebook, etc. Unfortunately, social media is a career grenade with a very loose pin that everyone carries around in their pocket.

    While it is hard to tell if a particular politician, like Bob, Don or Jon, is being wisely wary of social media, or if they are simply unschooled enough to get to the point where they can inadvertently commit career suicide, they all will eventually get the opportunity to pull an Anthony Weiner. And that is good because government is improved every time an idiot blows himself up. Of course we still have the greedy and megalomaniacal in office. But getting the idiots to kill their own careers is a real plus.

  4. ricky says:

    Fact is AG Bruning has always been obsessed with “the children” and cyber crime.
    Looks like AG Bruning has a problem, and not just the fact that beating Don Stenberg in the primary is looking harder and harder, much less beating Bob Kerrey.
    See what happens when AG Bruning goes off the teleprompter?
    Weird really really weird that guy.

    ricky from omaha

  5. Oh Mander says:

    I don’t think Bruning is scared of Stenberg. History has taught him that it’s not getting harder and harder to beat Stenberg, and that he’ll easily walk to the general. This wasn’t some coordinated, strategic move to bury him. I agree w/ SS, this had been weighing on Bruning’s mind, and after getting dinged for the 20th time on seemingly minor issues, he finally reached his boiling point and handled it in an inappropriate yet forgiveable fashion. Looking around I’d say that no one really gives a shit about any of this. The fact that this little episode is the takeaway from the entire debate is what troubles me most.

  6. Gary and Ace says:

    We agree with you Ricky. The AG should stop being aggressive against those who prey on our children. As always Ricky, who make great points!

  7. Who is Jim DeMint? says:

    If I follow @leavenworthst, how can I be sure that Street Sweeper isn’t actually a 14 year old girl?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I was going to compliment Street Sweeper for transforming this blog from a boring litany of immature personal attacks into one of genuinely funny mature political humor. Those first three bloggers were very good. But then the short bus arrived and ricky crapped in his pants.

  9. RWP says:

    There was no excuse for it. It was an obnoxious slur by implication. It was stupid (because he’s so far ahead), and it was also pretty darn vile. Whatever you can say about Don Stenberg, he’s an honorable and decent man, and didn’t deserve this.

    I haven’t posted anything negative about either candidate until now. That’s because I’ve had positive interactions with both, and the main goal is to defeat Kerrey. It still is. But Bruning showed himself to be vicious and unprincipled, and it’s going to be hard to forget that.

  10. Reality says:

    The reality here is Don Stenberg would do anything to win, and therefore his team including Dan Parsons would do anything to win, including using the posts of a competitors child against them. This was not accidental. Bruning’s daughter is on twitter under her own name. Parsons knew exactly what he was doing, and that is Stenberg trying to gain campaign advantage through some post the girl would make that he might find. A culture in the Stenberg camp of winning at all costs. Bruning clearly thinks Stenberg is an a@@hol#, and that’s why he took the swing.

  11. ricky says:

    If I were the AG of Nebraska and went on and on about the “poor children” I’d make sure my 14 year old daughter was not on Twitter, especially if I wanted to become a U S Senator.
    AG Bruning sees spooky people everywhere, especially when he looks in the mirror.

    Ricky From Omaha

  12. Switching Votes says:

    This again proves that Bruning cannot be trusted to campaign without completely putting himself and the GOP in danger of losing the seat. There was raccoon-gate, Nelnet-gate, Twitter-gate. All self-inflicted wounds. I like JB. I’m a fan of JB. But I want to win. I can’t trust him. It will be between Don and Deb for me.

  13. Oh Mander says:

    @RWP – THIS is the point at which you finally call out Bruning for being “unprincipled”? The complete 180 on every hot button issue for the sake of getting elected wasn’t enough. Using his office to get exceptionally wealthy in a short period of time didn’t do it either. His forgiveness of Nelnet in exchange for a lake house was OK. But calling his opponent creepy, now that is just unacceptable! Take five minutes to review Bruning’s record – long before this Twitter uproar – and you’ll arrive at the same conclusion. This is a drop in the bucket compared to his previous ethical failings as far as I’m concerned.

  14. The elephant in the room says:

    Curiosity will kill the “cat”
    There is a big story out there for any journalist worth the ink they print if they would only get off their dead butts and do some old fashioned investigative reporting. The path leads to a fraternity house but you have to knock on the door to find out what happened there.

  15. My biggest beef with Jon Bruning is that he never does the job he was elected to do. All he has done, pretty much from day one, after assuming the office of AG, and those before it, is run for the next higher office. I also take issue with the way he has turned the privilege of using the treasuries of the offices he’s been in to promote himself, rather than the so-called “issues” he rants about.
    I used to get very expensive mailers delivered that featured big photos of JB with his name in gigantic type, and just enough text on there to justify the tax dollars he used to get his face and name out into the public. I wold imagine you have ALL seen the very expensive “public service” ads that he’s had on television over the years. It is often hard to understand what the message is, other than “elect me!”
    I have a beef (with no pink slime added) with all of the politicians that use their offices to enrich themselves rather than serving the people that elected them. That holds true regardless of their political affiliation.

  16. RWP says:

    Oh Mander:

    You have absolutely no concrete knowledge of how Jon Bruning made his money, or whether it was unprincipled. You are simply dishing out anonymous slurs. When I said I was disappointed in Bruning, it was holding him to the standards I hold Republicans. I hold you to no standard at all, because I know there is nothing the Left is incapable of.

    Slither off, you spineless semi-amphibian.

  17. ChristianConservative says:

    Should this have been brought up in the context of the debate? I agree it shouldn’t have. That being said, Stenberg’s campaign never should have never sent the invite to Bruning’s daughter in the first place. And yes, I do believe it was sent. There’s a HUGE difference between following fourteen-year olds you know and have some connection to, and attempting to follow the fourteen-year old daughter of your political rival. To be honest, I might have made the same error in judgment as far as the debate. I wouldn’t have taken it very lightly to have my rivals attempting to follow my child on twitter either.

    As far as Stenberg being ‘honorable and decent’, RWP? While I agree with you on most of your opinions, I’ve had the opportunity to meet Don severals times. I don’t like him because of who he is as a person. And I agree wholeheartedly with his stances on most of the issues. But I think he’s very sleazy in real life. I’ve had the opportunity to know his brother as well. One of the nicest guys I know. Not sure how there was such a difference between the two. Don has a real disconnect with people.

    Jon likely has my support, because I don’t think either Deb or Pat can win the primary, and I won’t vote for Don in a primary. I thought we had much better options, and options that would have taken us forward, when Don ran for Treausrer. Unfortunately in that race, none of the others had the name recognition he did.

    And yes, I know Jon personally too. I’ve known Jon actually since college. I saw his views change, and know what kind of heartfelt change that was. I have no worries about his views in that respect.

    Again, regrettable that this was brought up where it was, but ultimately I agree with Street Sweeper and others that I’ve heard talk about this — in the end, I don’t think this is going to make any difference in the election. I think by primary election day, this will likely be forgotten by the general public.

  18. @ bto says:

    Brian- if a democrat ever got elected to a constitutional office in Nebraska, you’d see the same thing. The fact is, public officials get to do PSAs. You just don’t like it because you’re a democrat. I’m sure you don’t have a problem with President Obama or his wife doing PSAs with the taxpayer funds.

  19. RWP says:

    We had a ‘negative option’ marketing company, located in Nebraska, that was trying to bill our credit card for a monthly amount. Our credit card company did nothing. I contacted Bruning’s office, and within a month they had forced the company to return the money.

    When the UNL Board of Regents refused to comply with Nebraska Open Meetings statutes, I again contacted Bruning’s office. They responded promptly, and again forced the BoR to obey the law.

    So in saying Bruning never does the job he was elected to do, BTO is publishing a direct falsehood.

    This is why I hate to criticize Republicans, because i know that at their slimiest, they are generally boy scouts compared to the alternatives.

  20. RWP says:

    Can somebody tell me how you find out somebody is 14 years old on Twitter? I want evidence Parsons knew who Bruning’s kid was from her Twitter handle, and knew what her age is.

  21. ChristianConservative says:

    I don’t think that proof is out there, RWP. And I’m not even saying it was done with purpose or malicious intent, even though Jon’s statement certainly seemed to imply that. But even so, Stenberg’s campaign (and I’m not holding him any higher than anyone else, I would expect it of any campaign EVEN IF they put their twitter stuff on autopilot, so to speak) should have been keeping better track than that. She goes by HER NAME on twitter. It shouldn’t have been hard to put some type of tracker on there that checked any name of ‘Bruning’. As far as I’m aware, unless you put in your short little blurb describing you your age, there probably ISN’T a way to tell. My guess is, though, with the tracker, they’d have caught the name, and my guess is his campaign probably DOES know the names of Jon’s family, and could have prevented it. Having two kids myself rapidly approaching that age, I can certainly understand the concern and frustration Jon would probably feel about that.

    Ultimately, I think this issue is gone in short order.

  22. @ChristianConservative says:

    You and I have had very different interactions with the candidates. I have the utmost respect for Don Stenberg, and Jon Bruning seems sleazy and underhanded to me. And I seriously doubt Bruning’s supposed conservative Christian views. His daughter was confrimed at First PLymouth in Lincoln, which supports abortion rights and gay marriage. One could make the argument that it is his daughter only who attends church there, but parents generally tend to have influence on their childrens religious views.

  23. ChristianConservative says:

    I think people can infer a lot by what church an individual goes to, and yet I know many Methodists that do not believe in the teachings of the church on a hierarchical level, but believe strongly in their minister on a local level and what teachings the local church has. I think many people get the wrong impression abut individuals in that way. Most churches don’t have the strict theological belief system that the Catholic Church does. So automatically drawing conclusions based on a denominational preference on a local level, to me, seems a tad bit overreaching.

  24. @bto @1:04, I have a problem with ANY politician using public funds to promote themselves as blatantly as Jon Bruning has. I agree that they should do PSAs on pertinent topics – with the topic in large type and their names in the microscopic font.

    RWP, Your experiences with the AG’s office may have something to do with the fact that YOU are not a Democrat. As for determining the age, true name and gender of Tweeters, hell I can’t even figure out how to use the darned thing to tweet (not that I really want to.)

  25. ChristianConservative says:

    BTO – ROFL I know the feeling. I’m in my early 40s, and while I’ve been signed up for twitter for quite a while, just really got into using/following over the process of the last few months. Probably helped spark my interest that I got a smart phone that could work with twitter in December, though.

  26. RWP, while it’s true that Don, or Dan, or whoever the hell it was that sent the Twitter request may not have known how old Jon’s daughter is, my question is this…why is Don/Dan following ANY Bruning other than Jon on Twitter? I happen to think that it would have been a little odd, perhaps even inappropriate, to follow Jon’s wife on Twitter. Politicians who are running against each other should not be using social media to track/stalk any of their opponent’s family members. Jon’s daughter isn’t running for office. Jon’s wife isn’t running for office. They should not be used to provide campaign fodder.

    BTW, why can’t we get a viable senate candidate with more than 3 letters in their first name? Jon, Don, Deb, Bob, Pat? What gives? That settles it…Spencer Zimmerman vs. Steven Lustgarten!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Brian, I think you are correct. I contacted the AG’s Consumer Protection division to get some action against a painter who caused thousands of dollars of damage to my home’s interior. I was persistent, but it turned out to be a complete waste of my time. Perhaps party registration is a determinant as to whether the office gives a damn about a complaint.

  28. The Talk of Nebraska Politics says:

    Can LS just forget the two twits and their debate for some serious stuff? Please?

    By serious stuff, I mean the legisature giving money that comes from legal, hard-working taxpayers to pregnant illegals so they can plant large numbers of anchor babies in Nebraska?

    And then those same legislators asking the legal, taxpaying citizens to give them a whopping big pay increase?

    And then those same legislators asking the legal taxpaying and voting citizens to extend term limits so they have more time to screw up this state?

    Talk about twits all you want, but until you get serious about real issues, LS will wither into oblivion.

  29. RWP says:


    I’m inclined to suspect a lot of these guys don’t know what they’re doing yet with social media. Heck, I’m not even sure there is anything like a code of etiquette for social media. I don’t now how people handle a Facebook or twitter account with hundreds of followers/followees (fortunately, I don’t have that problem :-))

    Point is, it should have been taken care of with a ‘phone call. The way it was handled carried a connotation of stalking or even pedophilia that was uncalled for. What offends me more than anything else was that it was gratuitous. Bruning is going to win this primary going away, and should be taking the high road, not starting a poo-flinging fight for the edification of the NDP.

    SS has it right. Bruning needs to issue a quick, clean apology. Stenberg needs to accept it. And let’s focus on the task at hand.

  30. Anonymous says:

    @The Talk: Only the insane would believe illegals base their siting on free pre-natal care. Whether you like the constitution or not, it states that their kids born here are American citizens, and it’s much cheaper to provide early care than to pay for problems later.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I agree with 2:47PM today. Never mind that Douglas County (Omaha) has an election commish that changes the entire landscape of the largest voting block in this state and does so on his own with seemingly no accountability for the messes he continues to make or defend. When asked point blank by Channel 3 news about his appointee’s failures? Our state’s CEO gives us his best Bambi in the headlights expression and walks off. So while candidates twit and tweet, those showing up at the polls to vote their most “liked” may be surprised to find themselves at the wrong place.

  32. The Talk of Nebraska Politics says:

    To Anonymous @ 2:56:

    Can you read? Nowhere in my post did I say anything about children born here not being citizens. What I said …..for those who can’t read….concerned funding pregnant ILLEGALS. Yes, I realize that some pregnant illegals are children, but most are adults.

    And for those who don’t know….including those in the legislature, and those who can’t read….illegal is illegal. What is so damn hard about that concept?

    If the legislature continues to give tax revenue to illegals and all the others who have their hand out for taxpayer goodies, Nebraska will become financially bankrupt just like California. Then what?

  33. GOD says:

    I don’t recall putting any lines on the face of the earth that I made for you. You have all become bankrupt in my eyes already. So what?

  34. Anonymous says:

    LB599 is all about Senator Flood feeling good. He sure has craped on any chance of an appointment. So now he can go home to Norfolk and feel good. Just go.

  35. @ Anon 4:19…according to the pro-abortionists, the unborn is not a child until it makes the magical journey down the birth canal, or out the belly via C-section. Until it makes that journey, it’s not a citizen…that is, again, according to the pro-abortionists logic.

    And because a lot more would-be American citizens are killed by abortion every year than are killed or injured due to lack of pre-natal care, forgive me if I find that people have their priorities out of whack.

  36. GOD says:

    You think I like kids? Didn’t I sick a couple of she bears on 42 kids because some of them poked fun of my priest for being bald? (2 Kings 2:23-24)

  37. Billboard Creator says:

    Here’s the billboard, about to be posted at every road the enters the state:


  38. Anonymous says:

    GK, the so-called pro-life folks place all of their concern on a several cell organism that is not close to being human. If the mother decides to carry the fetus to term, then it will be a (American) child and my concern is more for that potential kid. I’d say your priorities are out of whack as I’m more concerned about the kid that is much closer to birth, and am not concerned about the citizenship of the mother. (Funny how God has nothing to say about citizenship impacting on our decision to help others, or abortion.)

  39. Poll Watcher says:

    Word is Dave Nabity ran a poll testing himself and every other possible candidate for mayor. If not favorible to Nabity, think we’ll ever hear any results?

  40. Kortezzi says:

    Birthright citizenship was never the intent of the Constitution’s framers. They intended citizenship for persons born in the US and subject to its jurisdiction to be citizens. That is, children born to parents in the US who were not US citizens or legal permanent US residents (such as ambassadors, tourists, traveling businessmen, illegal aliens, etc.) would be nationals of the parents they were born to. It is outrageous that US courts have elevated illegal presence in the US into a right to bear children who are US citizens (i.e., anchor babies), and then the whole family magically jumps ahead of all those foreign nationals who’ve applied to become US citizens.

    The pre-natal care bill is a devious diversionary tactic by pro-illegal alien agitators. It has fooled Mike Flood and several other Republicans (and of course nearly all Democrats) in our Legislature. Only Governor Dave’s veto stands in the way of this clever plan to make our state the regional HQ of illegal aliens.

  41. Anonymous says:

    I guess Lb599 can be referred to as Flood’s Folly now. He held such promise before this, but all is for naught. His charity is going to cost tax payers millions EVERY YEAR!!! Much Gracias senore Flood.

  42. A lot of the kids that grow up in Nebraska, after going through high school and college, just pack their bags and leave the state, never to return. If we didn’t let some of these “illegals” to come here, hell, who’d do all the work that needs to be done? Geez, when we get brilliant people like Scott Kleeb or Bob Kerrey, that WANT to come back and contribute something to our state, how do they get treated? No better than the “illegals.”
    You know what folks, we have to stop kicking the people that are actually willing to work in Nebraska in the teeth and be a bit more accommodating to them. Because I’m getting too damned old to do it, and I’d venture to say a lot of you that bitch so much about it are too.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Kortezzi what constitution are you reading? Or what Supreme court ruling have you not read? Or are you pulling a typical republican BS and seeing if any one notices?

  44. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure that Kortezzi is much smarter than Mike Flood (only in some bizarro world). He’s a perfect example of why promoting self-esteem (starting in the ’70s) was a big mistake. People really believe their own BS.

  45. Oh Mander says:

    @RWP – Bruning can quell the rumors by releasing his tax returns. Until then, people like me that already don’t trust him are going to assume that what appear to be significant conflicts of interest (e.g. regulation of banks while working for several banks, absolving penalties for Nelnet when he is in the process of creating an ambiguous shell corporation to quietly purchase a $600K lake house “with” it’s executives, earning substantial returns on vaguely-defined investments with “college friends,” etc.) are in fact conflicts of interest for a man in his position. I seem to recall a time when Republicans said that if a candidate indeed has nothing to hide, releasing tax docs shouldn’t be a problem. Wasn’t that long ago, in fact. Private citizen Jon Bruning has a right to privacy. Public servant Jon Bruning should offer us all an explanation if he wants the benefit of the doubt.

    And WTF? A semi-amphipian?! Help me out, I don’t even know what that means…

  46. TexasAnnie says:

    I think RWP means: salaMANDER. Name-calling is childish but it does seem to be the communicative tool of choice here at Leavenworth Street.

    I agree with you Oh Mander in that Bruning’s ability to amass his net worth in such a short time on the public’s dime IS suspect. And my negative opinion of Bruning dates back to his legislative “service” in which he sought out corporate welfare at the expense of taxpaying Nebraskans. Also, I recall quite well his unconstitutional refusal to fix the residency statute which was being applied in a manner to deny a public education to children with multiple disabilities. Nebraska’s Constitution does REQUIRE action on the part of the unicameral in this regard… But Oh Mander, if you are a liberal as accused by others on this blog, you must realize that Bruning issues forth ideas and goals in step with most Nebraskans. And as such, he’ll likely take the senate seat being vacated in Nebraska. And that’s not only bad news for you, it’s bad news for Texans too!

  47. TexasAnnie says:

    …save your effort readers! I’m not a Liberal nor Conservative. So don’t bother to accuse me of following the failed policies of either camp.

  48. Only BTO says:

    The local ABC affiliate in Kearney did a story on the twit debate, and in the process, asked viewers to send in their comments. One of the comments came from BTO, and as every LS reader would expect, BTO used his mantra “monkey poop” in his comments. The on-air news babe couldn’t force herself to use the word “poop”, but the comments were printed on the screen while she spoke.

    BTO makes us all proud with his 15 seconds of “monkey poop” fame on TV.

    It is what we have to watch out here in Central Nebraska when we to to TV for news.

  49. That’s really interesting news to me, since I did not post any comments on NTV’s forum. Either they quoted me from Leavenworth Street or Watchdog, or someone has taken it upon themselves to post as me, having found my wit worthy of a wider audience.

  50. RWP says:

    TA got it right. A salamander is an amphibian. It was intended to be funny. To each his own, I suppose. Sorry if it misfired.

    As far as I can tell, the case against Bruning is (1) he’s friends with some Nelnet guys he already knew before Nelnet ever existed (2) he made a lot of money and they haven’t been given the chance to go through his personal finances with a proctoscope.

    If there is some specific, evidence-backed accusation of how Bruning used his office to personally enrich himself, let’s see it.

    In any case, you guys don’t want to go there. Kerrey has for the last 11 years been a company director of Tenet Healthcare, one of America’s leading medicare cheats. They are the company that ran Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans, where 45 bedridden patients were euthanized during Katrina. He’s paid $1/4 million a year by them, and sits on their ‘ethics committee’. And oddly enough, in 2010, even though only 1 out of their 50 hospitals is located in Nebraska, their three biggest recipients of political contributions were Nebraska politicians, two of them Nordquist and Mello, who immediately on receipt of the money started gunning for Bruning.

  51. “Holdrege” Voter @ 11:21, I’ll say this just one more time, then you can return to playing with that pull toy in your pants.

    Lisa Hannah and Marion Bahensky received the brunt of my ire because they both acted like third rate dictators. Hannah was elected as Democratic Chair of the 3rd CD, then used her “power” to eliminate all meetings that the 3rd CD Organization’s body had voted to hold every three months, among other atrocities. Bahensky, who replaced Hannah, then decided her “power” gave her the authority to spend the 3rd CDO’s money based on a vote by the 3rd CD Caucus – two entirely separate organizations. That would have been like a student council deciding they had the authority to spend the school board’s budget.

    I will NOT apologize for standing up and defending the rights of the people that elected me to represent them. As I stated before, I don’t give a DAMN about anyone’s age, sex, race, orientation, national origin, etc. If they are doing WRONG, then they will be attacked by me for having done wrong.

    I do not tolerate fools or despots.

  52. Bob'sbridgework says:

    I also object to public funds being used to promote politicians. However, I don’t object to the BOB KERREY BRIDGE because it is useful as a place for sightseers to stand and birds to poop. Without Bob’s Bridgework, sightseers standing on the river would drown and our feathered friends become painfully constipated. I mean, its not like they actually hung his own political name on it.

  53. Anonymous says:

    For those of you who just tuned in, Marian Bahensky is 84 years old. That’s how BTO rolls, attacking elderly women.

  54. Oh Mander says:

    Whether or not Bruning was friends with Nelnet executives before Nelnet existed doesn’t matter. Either he used his office to grant a special seven-figure favor to his freinds, or he accepted a six figure bribe. Take your pick, both situations are HUGE conflicts of interest and indicative of his lack of principles.

    Regarding Kerrey – It’s not a news flash to me that Democrats are also in bed with insurance companies. That’s how we ended up with the version of ACA that funnels tax dollars to crooked health insurers. But at the end of the day 50 million uninsured Amercicans will have the care and protection they need, so if it’s ACA w/ Kerrey or nothing w/ Bruning, I see ACA as the lessor of two evils. Expensive, but less evil.

  55. Age Police says:

    @ Anonymous BTO hater,

    You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Lisa Hannah was beyond pathetic as Chair of the Third District. Even Jane Kleeb discovered she was so worthless that she had to fire her.

    You don’t even seem to know the old bat that you keep bringing up as a poor “victim” of BTO. First, she’s only 83 years old. Second her name is spelled M-A-R-I-O-N. Third, at her advanced age she didn’t have the capacity to do the job as Chair of the Third District. Fourth; her lack of ability as an organizer is so bad that,as County Chair, she wasn’t even able to find a full slate of delegates from Howard County to attend the NDP state convention. Rumor has it that she ran all the Democrats who were willing to participate off.

  56. Macdaddy says:

    Oh Mander, you need to check your official Obama talking points memo again because they claim only 34 million newly insured. Of course, we all know how accurate Obama’s predictions are. Of course, this will all be moot when SCOTUS overturns it.

  57. Some Thoughts says:

    I completely agree with RWP on this one. The suggestion of creepiness involved was totally out of line and merits an apology. Hey, there’s always Deb Fischer, plugging away on the issues! Ok, I know, odds are low.

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