Pollin, pollin’ pollin’…

Nabity, taking a few laps

A few very short notes on this Good Friday and Easter weekend…


David Nabity is apparently out polling in the Omaha area for a potential Mayoral run.

The questions on these things are always interesting, so here is what a reader reported to us from the call:

Caller i.d. just said “Omaha”.

The poll was divided into about 7 sections:

1) Qualifiers- year born, etc.

2) City issues- Crime, jobs, taxes, tourism, police/fire contracts, etc.

3) Fav/Unfav for

  • Mayor Jim Suttle
  • David Nabity
  • Brad Ashford
  • Jean Stothert
  • Franklin Thomspon
  • Dan Welch
  • Hal Daub (more on the reason Hal may have been included later)

4) Head to heads (Nabity was probably in most but not all)

5) The next section mostly dealt with bio information on Nabity — his business experience, talk show on KFAB, church involvement, Omaha Alliance, recall attempt on Suttle, Fire/Police Pension and contracts — then if knowing that would make you more/less likely to vote for him.

6) Asked if you voted in the recall…and then how you voted.

7) Final qualifiers- work for the city, member of union et cetera.

Our reporter’s opinion is that they asked fav/unfav on Hal to know how closely to be or not to be associated with him.

It is possible you could see these results, but also just as likely they will only be used internally by D-Nabs.

It is never too soon for 2013!


We really do not have much more to say on CreepyGate. (Sounds better than TwitterGate, but still includes the obligatory “-Gate” for any political controversy…)

The next debate is on April 11th in Norfolk, and our guess is that all the candidates will avoid talking about extraneous stuff, lest they be labeled as “non-serious” or some such.

Frankly, we are just hoping for a few more bombs to keep us awake during the things…


The Governor and the Speaker have decided to go toe-to-toe, mainly on the health care for pregnant illegal immigrants, thing.

But really, other than his bull-horn, forget about the Governor on this. It will be/ could be an issue if Speaker Mike Flood decides to take on Lt. Gov Rick Sheehy for the McMansion in 2014.

Feel free to continue arguing on this issue on the comments board. Note that you could argue that the immigration issue sent Governor Dave past Tom Osborne in 2006. Exciting stuff.


Short and sweet today kids.
Gear up on Monday for the whirlwind of the Primary Season!


  1. Bam says:

    No one asked me, but I’d say
    Would have gone for Nabs before, but fatigue is setting in.

  2. SoWhat??? says:

    A Nabity run for Mayor would almost certainly ensure Mayor Moron gets another 4 years. Nabity blew up Trinity church when he couldn’t be head teddy bear, he inserted himself into the recall and diverted focus away from what a putz Suttle is and always has been, his radio show is a snoozer and his financial advice is less than stellar. I’m sure he’ll run and only push out a good Republican candidate so the police and fire unions, OPS teachers union and the homeless can reelect Suttle.

  3. Donnie Walton and the Journal-Star 5 says:

    Do you love me? Do you want to be my friend? And if you do……well then don’t be, afraid to take me by the hand…….if you want to. I think this is how love goes……check yes or no…….

  4. Anonymous says:

    Regardless of what Dave does, attention needs to focus on how the current mayor has been positioning by using every north side and south side issue possible….I wondered who the pasty white guy was on my TV screen at the Trayvon Martin vigil. (He even has Ben carrying water nonstop down at the council while bullets still fly in his nonFloridian neighborhood). Then the very next day OMAHA’S mayor was eating smores and singing campfire songs as a “friend” to the Arizona lawsuit. And? He graciously inserted his nose the citywide election mess by posing a solution of his own with the helps of Marc Kraft, but at least did so without the use of big yellow school buses with pay-for-play homeless pawns.

    Ah yes, while others waste valuable time, this guy is positioning strong. I’ll give Dave credit for constantly being active and passionate in his pursuits.

  5. Sweetwater Observer says:

    No matter what Flood does, if he runs for Governor…or any other state-wide position, I will not vote for him because it appears that, given the choice, he chooses illegals over taxpaying legals in Nebraska. Too bad, because he has been very effective as the speaker of the legislature until now. Too bad he slid into the ditch on this one….but that was his choice. Adios Mike Flood. Hasta la vista.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Word is Ashford changed back to Republican?

    Word at the coffe shops and around the metro is Senator Bob Krist really screwed Mike Flood by going on the air so soon. What was a problem for Flood has been put out on air on the Blow Torch, and people are quite upset. Kristen is the gift that keeps on giving. Well it is going to be a HOT time for some of the dirty dozen republics that went with Flood.

  7. One misconception about a lot of “illegals” is that they don’t pay taxes. In fact, many of them do. What they don’t get to do is get a refund for what they overpaid in payroll withholding, they get no retirement benefits from the Social Security they pay into, and they can’t get any unemployment if they get laid off.
    The people that employ them, in many cases, pocket the “withholding” taken from their paychecks, give them no benefits, and work their asses to the bone. The “illegal” aliens make the best workers because they can’t complain about their low pay, no benefits, and harsh working conditions. If they make a fuss, their employer can turn them over to the authorities.
    What a sweet deal … for their employers.
    If you really want to make a difference, the best way to do it is to arrest the employers, fine them heavily, and/or jail them. I guarantee the “illegal” workers issue would be cleared up in no time at all. But, that would mean that employers would have to hire “legal” employees and pay them as they should be paid.

  8. with RWP says:

    That queen has an adam’s apple. Ashford will never, with any intellectual honesty, be able to claim he is an R.

  9. from the Gov.'s playbook says:

    Note Deb Fischer going hard against illegals while Flood supports prenatal. Will she run for Governor or Lt. Governor after the US Senate primary?

  10. Kortezzi says:

    Jean Stothert has the inside track on the next Omaha mayoral race. I like Dave Nabity too but would have to favor Jean if they both run on the Republican side.

    BTO, you’re right that employers must be punished for taking advantage of illegal alien labor, and that many illegals pay SS taxes. But it’s not true that being illegal stops them all from getting SS benefits. Many get SS checks. And many more get food stamps, Sec. 8 housing subsidies, free emergency room health care, and free gov’t education for their kids. Hell, I’ve seen posters and flyers from advocacy groups and gov’t agencies themselves ADVERTISING the availability of these to people, regardless of legal status!
    Decades ago when pride among immigrants prevented most from taking handouts, illegals did indeed pay more taxes than they got in benefits. That hasn’t been the case since at least the 1970s, though. But I’ll join you in saying employers should be the enforcement focus, if you’ll agree we should also build a fence and staff up the Border Patrol.

  11. Building fences is a waste of tax dollars. They are far too readily permeated by digging under them, scaling over them, driving right through them or going around them. I always find it highly amusing that the so-called fiscal conservatives are the first to suggest dumping millions of dollars down that particular bottomless pit. It is an investment with practically no return – unless you are talking about the corporations that line their pockets with the tax dollars that get flushed down the crapper into THEIR slush funds, and the dollars that are kicked back to the politicians that feed the “need” for such foolishness.
    America is fast becoming a corporate police state. More and more prisons are being built, and run by, for-profit incarcerators. To fill these extravagant fortresses, that contain for the most part non-violent offenders, the corporations lobby to make more and more things that should be the private affairs of American citizens illegal. They love to lock up pot smokers who threaten our nation by buying Cheetos and watching soap operas rather than chaining themselves to the corporations’ assembly lines. Meanwhile, the financial raiders on Wall St. gobble up grandma and grandpa’s retirement funds, take away their medical benefits and leave them to rot in the gutter, while collecting their million dollar bonuses for having made their corporations so freakin’ “profitable.”
    Again, the best way to eliminate the problem is to punish the EMPOLYERS of illegal aliens. If the people that come here from other countries can’t find work, they won’t come and all the fences, prisons, INS agents and beaurocrats won’t be necessary. We’d save a TON of money and our police could be investigating the crimes committed by the white collar robber barons rather than wasting their time on “criminals” that are harming no one other than themselves.

  12. Senator Snowplow says:

    I also agree that we should lock up the employers who hire illegal immigrants, just as we should lock up employers who fail to hire immigrants they think might be illegal but who turn out not to be.

  13. One Vasquez says:

    Who’s going to arrest an employer? The state of Arizona tries to enforce federal law and it gets sued by the federal government!

    So, Brian – if we don’t build fences and don’t enforce emigration laws, simply by arresting employers we’ll solve the illegal immigration problem? Really? You don’t think there are ways to get money out of this country other than jobs?

  14. Lil Mac says:

    Illegals sneak into Nebraska for the same reason robbers sneak into your house. Some robbers rob to feed their kids. If you are legally trying to feed your own kids, your sympathy for intruders is misplaced. BTO is right. Imprison bosses who employ illegals. They pay robbers to break into your home. Of course, common sense says you must also keep your doors and windows locked.

    It isn’t wrong to hate being robbed. We are discussing here benefits for Illegals and pregnancy. Mike Flood isn’t claiming paternity or opening his house to illegals. Government isn’t raising your family; you are and responsibly so, as everyone should be. This why my radar goes “ping” whenever the phrase “tax funded” comes up. Because that is government taking food from my family, robbing us all as taxpayers, and simultaneously making all taxpayers complicit in tacitly endorsing the irresponsible pregnancy or illegal presence of others. Frankly, I don’t want my bucks paying for birthing or raising kids or encouraging illegals.

    Kindness is good. But some Republicans and Democrats are way too eager to spend other people’s money to salve their own consciences. They pull out Jesus the Altruist, forgetting he said there will always be poor. Or they pull out Marx, who puts a knife at your throat while putting his hand in your wallet. I say, be altruistic on your own dime. Because when the political side that you hate gains control and holds that same IRS knife to your throat to make your tax dollars endorse-by-funding policies you despise, it was you who put that knife into government’s hand. Just talking here.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Brian’s solution is the correct one. Illegal immigration dropped significantly when the recession hit and fewer jobs were available. Less jobs = Less illegals. So start prosecuting the employers who hire illegals. It’s as simple as that.

  16. Bam says:

    Thank God you idiots aren’t running the country.

    Arrest ANYONE who breaks the law. If you arrest and jail those who hire illegals, arrest and deport those who ARE illegal. Take it further, too – arrest and jail those who provide shelter and aid for illegals. Cut federal aid for cities who have the audacity to call themselves safe zones for illegals.

    Illegals are called illegal for a reason – they and those who support them are not legal. If you punish one involved in the trade, punish EVERYONE involved in the trade. It’s as simple, fair and equal as that.

  17. GOD says:

    Bam, you will receive the award you deserve when I am done using you as a good example of how not to live your life.

  18. GOD says:

    Herod declared that all the young male children of Bethlehem were to be slaughtered. The will of Herod was the law in Judaea, so Bam, you would have had my son killed along with all the others because, as you stated “If you punish one involved in the trade, punish EVERYONE involved in the trade. It’s as simple, fair and equal as that.”
    I shall judge you as mercifully as you have judged my other children.

  19. Jean, Jean, the Mayoral Campaign Machine says:

    This race is Jean’s to lose, if she wants to run. She has the party and most office holders behind her and she can raise the money. Nabity is Suttle 2. Imagine the temper tantrums he will have as mayor. Ask Trinity Church members about dave’s leadership abilities!!!

  20. Vishnu says:

    Since you are calling yourself “GOD” and slapping at a fired up conservative, we presume you are a fired up liberal here at Eastertime wishing cancer on other people for fun. But even the liberal BTO won’t agree with your horrid incivility and BTO isn’t shy about ramming red hot pokers up peoples’ butts if he thinks they deserve it. You are going out of your way to wish ill of a terrible sort you don’t want to comprehend.

    Here’s a clue from a skeptic’s skeptic. When you wish plagues on others. that speeds up the cosmic retributive process. Karma, dude, karma.

  21. Anonymostly says:

    I thought Sweeper didn’t allow posters to go around impersonating others, yet here we have this twerp going around impersonating God. That’s sacreligious and as offensive as anything I ever said about Jane Kleeb (that got deleted.) This ain’t my blog, so far be it for me to tell Sweeper how to run things. But, if I ran the zoo, a little mouse click would hide those comments from the view of everyone but the person posting them (while they “await moderation.”)

  22. GOD says:

    I know you that you aren’t Vishnu, since that is just one of my many names, but I do know who you are and will bless you with hemorrhoids. It might amuse you to know that Bam is actually a democrat pretending to be a republican. Regardless, he still gets cancer, because that amuses me.
    BTO will get the same fate I reserve for RWP, since they are both non-believers.
    There is only one way to spend eternity with me and karma isn’t it.

  23. Bam says:

    Well, I now know God isn’t omnipotent, omniscient, or possessing moral purity. Thanks for ruining my Easter – might as well take me now, Big Guy.

  24. Good grief, not only have I got most of Sweeper’s readership pissed at me, now I’ve got the Lord Almighty and Vishnu on my case. I just hope the Flying Spaghetti Monster still loves me.

    It’s a good thing I don’t give a rat’s ass.

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