Signs of Spring

A sign posted at the Easter Egg Roll at the Nebraska Governor’s mansion on Saturday:

Apparently this was simply a misprint, and not some special activity sponsored by Don Stenberg’s official office.

Remarkably, just a few feet away was a sign pointing the kids towards the “Easter Brunningy”


These things tend to not be terribly significant, but…
An alert reader noted to us that “” was registered just a few months ago, by a Norfolk internet guy.

This could just as likely be someone protecting the name for future use, but it is notable as Speaker Mike Flood (of Norfolk) had his name in the news on the illegal immigrant pre-natal care issue. Differing with the Governor — who has endorsed Rick Sheehy in 2014.

Funny thing is, we have not heard Lt. Governor Rick Sheehy’s opinion on ANYTHING when these types of issues come up. Maybe he has to keep a low profile so as not to publicly differ with the Governor on issues. But at some point, one would think the press would start asking.


We are awaiting Deb Fischer’s first ad of her Senate campaign, and will post it here as soon as we get it.

In the mean time, you can monitor her YouTube channel yourself if you’d like, here.

UPDATE 11:22am

And here is Fischer’s ad:

Nice bio piece. But, my that’s a lot of cattle in that spot.


Nebraska Right to Life endorsed all of the GOP Senate candidates. And a while back, NRTL said they will be vigorously opposing Bob Kerrey’s Senate candidacy, so you know where they’ll come down in November.

The rest of their endorsements looked like this:

Dist. 3: Adrian Smith
Dists. 1 & 2: Pro-life incumbents in these seats must return survey in order to be given sole endorsement in their races, per our criteria.

Dist. 1: Dan Watermeier
Dist. 2: R. Paul Lambert & Bill Kintner
Dist. 3: Scott Price
Dist. 5: Heath Mello
Dist. 7: Jeremy Nordquist
Dist. 9: Erica Fish
Dist. 17: Dave Bloomfield
Dist. 19: William Goodpasture
Dist. 21: Mike Hilgers
Dist. 23: Jerry Johnson
Dist. 27: Colby Coash
Dist. 29: Mike Smith & Larry Zimmerman
Dist. 31: Acela Turco
Dist. 33: Butch Hughes
Dist. 39: Beau McCoy
Dist. 41: Kate Sullivan
Dist. 43: Cash Ostrander & John Ravenscroft
Dist. 45: Richard Carter
Dist. 49: John Murante & Frank Wellenstein


Dist. 3: David Copple & Jim Pillen
Dist. 5: LaVon Heidemann

Dist. 1: Robert Van Valkenburg
Dist. 2: Mark Quandahl
Dist. 3: Tom Schommer

And the U.S. Chamber of Commerce endorsed Adrian Smith. So there ya go.


Gonzo reporter James O’Keefe went into U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s voting precinct and asked for and received Holder’s ballot to vote. It should be noted that O’Keefe looks nothing like Holder.

Here is the video:

An alert reader reminded us that this might have been an interesting point the other day when Nebraska’s voter ID bill got filibustered to death in the Unicameral…


We have received word that Tim O’Dell will NOT be running for State Republican Chairman, to replace outgoing Chair Mark Fahleson. Fahleson had mentioned O’Dell’s name in a recent article as a good replacement.

We will discuss more tomorrow.


  1. Anon says:

    At least in her ad shes doing something and not just standing in the middle of a football field holding a ball, or sitting in a chair with a close up of her head. …Or shooting an ad on a cell phone. lets not forget Dan Dan’s great Don videos

  2. At least Deb Fisher owns cattle, and has a good reason for them to appear in her video. Adrian Smith puts himself in a feedlot full of cattle that obviously have never rented one of his storage units in Gering. Maybe he was just there to gather more bullshit to feed his constituents.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It contrasts with “all hat, no cattle” which is not to say Deb doesn’t have a hat although her opponents seems to be knee deep in bull.

  4. Kortezzi says:

    O’Keefe was careful to record conversations in a jurisdiction where it’s legal to do so without the other party’s knowledge. He was also careful to avoid actually saying he was Eric Holder (he let the poll worker assume he was). And, of course, he left without casting a vote as Holder. “Faster than you can say furious”…that was almost as hilarious as that the poll worker had absolutely no clue! You’d need to do the same thing in Nebraska to Voter ID opponents before they would wake up and realize it makes perfect sense to require a photo ID to cast a ballot at a polling place.

    Rick Sheehy needs to announce his positions on illegal immigrant pre-natal care, Voter ID, the Keystone XL, and many other key contentious issues. Staying quiet shows he’s afraid of even the slightest negative reaction to whatever he supports. Worse, it shows he’s got his finger in the wind to decide which side he’s on. If Sheehy think’s he’s a shoe-in just because Gov. Dave was once Lt. Gov. Dave, he’s got a lot to learn.

  5. too little too late says:

    Too little too late for Fischer. She probably should have ran this ad 6 months ago. Maybe then Nebraskans would actually care about her candidacy.

  6. Bam-Bam, You are deluded (as always) if you think that you agree with me. Why don’t you stick with writing profane words on the walls downtown and enjoying the fumes from the spray paint cans?

  7. BkDodge42 says:

    @Little too late, Deb Fisher was doing her job as a State Senator, unlike John Bruning or Don Stenberg that announced their candidacy right after they were elected. Now that the Legislature is winding down, Deb is going to be able to campaign fully without shortchanging those who elected her to do a job.

  8. I suppose my stance on the question of voter ID will surprise many of you on the right, and irritate those who think that just because I’m a “lefty” that I’m supposed to follow the dictates of the Democratic Party. While I have absolutely no doubt that voter fraud is not, has never been, or never will be a big problem in this state, I also see no problem with requiring a person to positively identify themselves when casting a ballot.
    Personally, I like the way they do it in other countries. When you vote, you dip your finger in indelible ink, put your fingerprint beside your name on the register, then you get a ballot. If anyone thinks you voted for someone else, or thinks you voted twice, there should be two of your fingerprints to prove that it was so. Nearly everyone has fingerprints, and they don’t need to go to a government office to be issued one.
    I also like the way some places have tied your other rights to whether or not you voted. If you don’t vote, you don’t get to have a driver’s license, for example. Democracy only works when we ALL participate. Look at how many Republicans are worried to death that Mitt Romney is going to be THEIR candidate. Well, if more of them had actually gone out and voted, perhaps you’d have someone worthy of the honor leading your party.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Mitt Romney is “worthy” of the honor of leading the GOP party though many gripe via media interpretations.

  10. Bam says:

    BTO, murder’s not a big problem in this state, but we’ve still made it illegal.

    One thing I wish we would agree on: “Less said, more read.” I have to admit to getting sleepy at your blathering. Keep it pithy!

  11. Phischer Phan says:

    Great ad from the Fischer camp–good to see her up on TV so quickly! Most were speculating that she wouldn’t be playing on TV this quickly. Must bode well for her fundraising numbers.

  12. too little too late says:

    BKdodge, did you cut and paste those Fischer talking points?
    6 months ago Fischer was trying to hit it hard and failing at it. Legislature wasn’t in session then, nice try though.

    Love the ad though, not often do you see a candidate wondering around with a bunch of cows and end the ad with the candidate lost in the middle of nowhere.

  13. JC says:

    Does it look to anyone else like Fischer is kind of arguing with the older gentleman at the end? They both appear to be talking at the same time, which leads me to think either he’s making a point and she’s not listening or she’s trying to get a talking point in and he won’t let her.

    Either way, they should have picked one or the other, either she listens to constituents or constituents listen to her.

  14. Macdaddy says:

    I liked the Fischer ad, but a month before the election is too little too late. She really needed to figure out an alternative campaign that didn’t require expensive ad buys. She’s been a ghost in the Omaha area.

  15. Bam-Bam, You should have taken advantage of that free education while you had the chance. Maybe then you’d understand sentences that don’t fit on bumper stickers. And equating murder with voter fraud? Seriously?

  16. Bam says:

    I’m dead serious about voting, Brain-Brain.

    I like that you shortened your diatribe – I’m sure you’ll get a lot more readers now. Try to be more polite, and you may even be loved and respected someday!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Deb Fischer is going to walk under the radar just collecting vote after vote while the two attorney’s fight it out and sling poo at each other. Deb will be the only one standing who can say she stayed and finished the job she was elected to do, Stenberg won’t be able to do that at ALL. Then you will have Stenberg throwing all the poo he can at Jon, who will retaliate or get buried by it. Deb will not stoop to the poop level and Nebraskans will find her to be a much better candidate than the two schmuck’s flinging it around.

    Then the GOP will rally around Deb and she will be the next Senator from Nebraska, and we won’t have to worry about her embarrassing the state.

    In other news, Flood will have his hands full now that the Governor has had a long weekend to work with a few Senators who hope to have a career some day after the Legislature.

  18. anon says:

    yeah, she’s going to walk under the radar alright. Nobody knows who she is and her ad buy is too puny to notice. Bruning has been cruising and has a 30 point lead, sorry but the fat lady is about to sing.

  19. Bruning will win says:

    Bruning has the resources to win and will cross the finish line with a victory. Despite being attacked by Stenberg, and the Dems, he is the only candidate in the ballpark of 50%. While he hasn’t had the glowing press from the LJS and OWH like Fischer and hasn’t benefited from over a million dollars from outside groups, he’s still on top. Sorry kids but face the facts, Bruning is going to win.

  20. As more and more Nebraskans become aware of what Jon Bruning is really all about, thanks to the long knives of his fellow Republicans, the well funded attacks from the Democrats, and perhaps some reporter that re-discovers the value of genuine investigative journalism, I think he will soon find his leadership at the head of the pack rapidly diminishing. Deb Fischer, seemingly the only Republican with clean hands, might just appeal to that majority of Nebraskans that still think honesty and hard work matters, and find herself winning the primary. Republicans in this state may just have had enough of “business as usual” and decide to reward the underdog with their votes.
    Bob Kerrey would have a much tougher time against an opponent that doesn’t have all the baggage that the male GOP candidates do. If any of them face him in November, it will be a bloody, knock-down, drag-out brawl and I think Nebraskans have had their fill of all that. If it is Kerrey vs. Fischer, maybe we’ll actually get to hear some real debate on the issues, and not the mere muckraking that Jon has become so famous for and all the right-wing Super Pacs have honed to a fine art.

    Translation for Bam-Bam: Bruning is gonna lose.

  21. @NRTL endorsements says:

    Probably the same reason there is no one on the list from the 2nd congressional district. They didnt reply to the survey.

  22. Pro Life Voter says:

    I think we all know who the pro-choice candidate is in the regents race, she rhymes with Assford……lol

  23. Too Bad says:

    Great ad from Fischer for Senate! I love the showcasing of Nebraska’s gorgeousness. She is a breath of fresh air among those stale career politicians, and I hope she wins the primary.

  24. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Hal Daub sent a letter saying he was too busy to fill out surveys and then referenced his pro-life voting record in Congress. Since he was there in the 80’s when there were hardly any votes on unethical medical research issues I don’t think a blanket reference to other pro-life votes cuts it when you talking Board of Regents. In any event, have to have a survey to be endorsed so, oh well. Got Lee Terry’s, it was filled out, just a snafu in getting it mailed in on time. Still waiting for Fort’s. Maybe he doesn’t want an endorsement either.

  25. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    They and the Legislature have voted on issues pertaining to unethical medical research, thus the questions about it on our NRL PAC survey. They are “deal-breakers” for an NRL endorsement. In other words, you can have a great voting record in the Legislature but we can’t endorse you without agreement on opposition to embryonic stem cell research and cloning. A previous great congressional voting record also doesn’t cut the mustard unless you are currently in agreement with us on ESCR/cloning.

  26. Interesting says:

    Thanks for the clarification. So does a candidate have to be 100% pro-life no matter what the circumstances (rape, incest, etc.) to recieve an endorsement or is there any wiggle room whatsoever?

  27. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    I don’t know anyone who is 100% pro-life with the exception of one little old lady who won’t make a move without knowing if Planned Parenthood is involved in the consumer products she is buying. 100% pro-life by whose definition? The candidate? Who may or may not have a voting record to back that up? Deb Fischer’s TV ad says she is 100% pro-life but she has taken two votes now against LB 599, the pro-life prenatal funding bill. So to answer your question, no, a candidate does not need to march in lock step with NRL on every question on our survey however there are four “deal-breaker” areas in which they must be in agreement to be endorsed. Those are: overturning Roe, abortion industry funding, euthanasia and unethical medical research.

  28. Correction says:

    Many have been deceived including Julie into believing that LB 599 is a pro-life issue. This is an immigration issue. Why are we giving free prenatal care to illegal immigrants and not to our own American citizens. It is absolutely absurd. They are illegals!!! Plain and simple. Just the same as any other government handout. By providing this service we are enabling them and condoning their illegal behaviors. To call this a pro-life issue is complete ignorance. You have been deceived.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Obviously, for Correction, saving a few pennies has precedence over an American citizen (makes no difference if parents are “illegal”) having life time health issues because of lack of pre-natal care. Like most who claim to be “pro-life”, you are only that until it costs you a few cents. What hypocrites!

  30. Correction says:

    Actually, until they came out of the womb they are not American citizens. You have to be born here to be a US citizen, not conceived here.

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