New Stenberg ad, and more

First, Don Stenberg has a new ad out — essentially comparing himself to Jon Bruning. See it here:

Following is the text of the ad:

Stenberg for Senate
Title: Workhorse, TV :60
DON: Some people believe that elections are all about sound bites and big money.

I believe this election is about our future of our country, about issues and hard work.

As a kid, I mowed lawns and de-tassled corn.

It taught me the value of a dollar.

That’s why, as your State Treasurer, I’ve cut my budget by thirteen percent and I ran the Attorney General’s office on the third smallest budget in the country.

Part of my proven track record of fighting for conservative principles.

Unlike some other folks, I didn’t suddenly become a conservative just to run for office.

And I’m not afraid to stand up to the Republican leaders in Washington. Frankly, I don’t think they’re fighting hard enough to change things. It’s time we finally cut spending and reduced our debt so that we can save America’s future.

You can trust me to fight for Nebraska values, because I always have.

I’m Don Stenberg and I approve this message because there are already plenty of talkers in Washington, what we need now…are some real leaders.


Stenberg media peeps!
It’s “Republican”, not “Republician”.

**UPDATE at 4:40pm**
They moved quickly!



We have heard the Workhorse/Showhorse line before in a campaign, and if anyone can point to an ad, we would appreciate it. (Of course if we were running the Deb Fischer Senate campaign, we know how we’d zag: WARhorse!)

We will let the Bruning peeps talk about the office budget stuff, which has been around for a while.

Otherwise…hey, was that a YOUNG Don running through the corn field? And we always hate the, “look away…look at the camera!” shot. But the rest of the images, etc. were nice and professional looking. In ads that is often half the battle. So far all three candidates have had very professional looking spots, without much goofiness to them.



All that being said. We were curious of the Stenberg camp’s assertion that there are polls now showing Don ahead — essentially based on CreepyGate, and the Club for Growth ads.

So we asked around to numerous folks in the know about internal and public polls.

And we are told that the older numbers showing Bruning over 50% and Stenberg with about half that, and Fischer less, but closer to Don than Don is to Jon…are still the same. That there has not been any recent change.

And FWIW, we understand that Stenberg’s ad buy is LESS than Fischer’s. And while Don has the CFG and DeMint Super PACs on his side, you could argue their hits on Bruning help her as much as Don.

Now that certainly is not to say that the polls can’t change in the next 33 days or so. But our understanding is that the polls do NOT show the other candidates close to Bruning right now.

And we have a feeling they know it.


  1. Political Scientist says:

    I wonder if Don had the Ad taped at his buddy Jim DeMint’s house. The back ground looks to green to be Nebraska this time of the year. Will Don stand up to Jim DeMint or will he be South Caroline’s 3rd Senator?

  2. Paraphrasing Don says:

    “I’m not afraid to stand up to the Republican leaders in Washington who only care about sound bites and money…”

    “Unless of course its those leaders who are SINGLEHANDEDLY FUNDING MY CAMPAIGN WITH WASHINGTON MONEY.”

  3. Budget Liar says:

    Don outsourced a lot of his legal work to high dollar firms as attorney general. Did his current firm get some of those cases?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I just noticed something on the OWH site….they now have a limit of 25 free articles for 30 days, not just the ‘premium’ content.

    But the paywall doesn’t show up when I go to the article about Nelson wanting the Feds to investigate Dave Phipps, after I’ve already hit the 25 article limit. Guess Warren’s liberal bent has firmly taken over (more so than before)

  5. RWP says:

    Nelson sure is a sore loser, isn’t he? Do he and the Nebraska Dems really think siccing our race mongering US Attorney General on Nebraska citizens and their right to manage of their own elections is going to improve their popularity?

    What’s next, the National Guard? Or maybe they can hire a Mexican drug cartel to run Omaha elections? Holder’s already given them all the guns they need.

  6. Poor Don says:

    Can’t tweet, can’t spell and can’t count. Too bad for the Donster. At least he spent the little money he had so he didn’t have to rely solely on the political welfare from scf and cfg.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Don is done. Fischer has a lot of work to do. Jon needs to keep out of sight and shut the hell up. It is Jpn’s to lose. In the end Don just needs to close up camp and go back to Sarpy county (which he cant even carry in a straw poll when he is in attendance)

    Don and Sen Flood can start up a new group of former has beens who wont ever be anything again.

  8. Lil Mac says:

    Stenberg says “I’m not afraid to stand up to the Republican leaders in Washington.” Republican?

    Democrat leaders in Washington, not Republicans, are in charge of things, including the Senate that idiot Stenberg is running for. Yet Stenberg’s aim is to attack REPUBLICANS. That has always been Don’s aim. His life’s goal is to kick the GOP elephant in the nuts. Thanks for nothing Don, you jackass.

  9. GOP insider says:

    At this point it doesn’t matter who the GOP nominee is. It’s more about who can run the best shell campaign to make it through the primary.

    Then whoever wins will have to count on outside support to drag them
    Across the finish line at the general.

    Folks in DC and elsewhere are worried if The campaigns can hack it
    Against Paul Johnson and a professional organization.

    I just hope for the sake of the party we stop using the 3rd string quarterbacks and start playing to win.

  10. Tax Lovers Ashford Lathrop & Cornett says:

    Just heard that there is going to be a “Fly Around” on Friday to shore up votes for the TAX Increase proposed in Brad Ashford & Abbie Cornett, and Steve Lathrop. These two Senators will be flying with two lobbyists, Walt Radclif and Lynn Rex, trying to spread the b.s. that cities “need” more taxes.

  11. Jean's Move says:

    I hear major donors will not give money to certain candidates for mayor until Jean Stothert says she is in or out. Supposedly the Nabity poll shows Jean as the republican frontrunner.

  12. Senator Snowplow says:

    Oh, that fly-around sounds fun. Why didn’t they invite me? Of course, if I could pick a lobbyist to fly around with, it certainly wouldn’t be Walt Radcliffe. But I’d sure fly around with Steve Lathrop. Woo hoo!

  13. Zzz says:

    Fischer still wins straw polls when packed. Stenberg’s corpse isn’t showing signs of life. Bruning is sort of where Bruning was. And Kerrey’s NY to NE un-epic journey is rated by Dem pollsters as not very healthy. Kerrey may have taken a dive headfirst onto the rocks but for a guy called cosmic that’s not surprising.

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