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Deb Fischer won the straw poll at last night’s Sarpy County GOP women’s forum. Out of about 125 votes, she received 58, Jon Bruning 32, Don Stenberg 22 and Pat Flynn 13 (!..?). This is always a nice thing to trot out, but we’ll leave it at that. (And who are these 13 Flynnians?)

But we were also interested to see a Tweet from the Stenberg people — well Don said that Dan Parsons handles his Tweets, so we will just say it was from Dan. Anyway, he linked to an OWH story about the new Club for Growth ads attacking Bruning — where the OWH’s Robynn Tysver wrote, “Bruning is the race’s undisputed front-runner“. But at the end of the Tweet, Dan added the hashtag: #NoLongerFrontRunner.

After querying this, we received a response back from the Stenberg camp that this is what the polls show.



After a half day of ads, huh? And the Creepygate issue that really broke both ways for the candidates?

Well, we look forward to the published poll results.

And we also look forward to Stenberg’s new ad to be put out around 2pm today.


The gang over at the Objective Conservative had a post yesterday about Bob Kerrey doing a K Street lobbyists’ fundraiser in Washington, DC next week. Basically it dovetails with today’s OWH story about Kerrey joining up with the Democrats to raise money for his campaign — getting himself lots of national money, since Nebraska money is likely to be scant for him.

And these “where did the money come from?” issues are always interesting, but unless it is something scandalous, it is rarely worth bringing up.

Well, one of Kerrey’s other DC fundraisers next week just happens to have that scandal element!

One of the hosts for his funder next Wednesday with ultra liberal Senator Tom Harkin is a guy named, Mike Smith. You may not know Smith’s name, but you’re probably heard of his old boss, Jack Abramoff. Abramoff was sentenced to six years in federal prison for for mail fraud, conspiracy to bribe public officials, and tax evasion. Smith, was part of “Team Abramoff“, his dream-team of lobbyists. Smith reportedly received an “improper side payment” of $20K at one point in the scandal.

But hey, Kerrey is no stranger to scandals — once promoting a felon on his school’s trustee board (no we didn’t forget about that one). And we expect Kerrey and his peeps to be throwing plenty of mud come the fall. Just know that Kerrey is like a pig in slop when it comes to the Washington mutual-back-scratching life.


As the Santorum for Prez campaign shuts down, just a few things we would note.

One, too bad Nebraska, once again, will not be involved in the nominating process. As Mark Fahleson moves forward with his planned gig as GOP National Committeeman, hopefully he can work on putting together some semblance of a primary system that does not look like it was conceived in a back card room of an Uzbekistan petrol station. Does anyone think that this is how Madison, Jefferson and Washington imagined the Republic should choose its leader? Via a smattering of Iowans who could find babysitters? By New Hampshirites who get to pick first…because they get to pick first? What the hell?

Two, we saw that the Gawker website proudly announced that they have a mole at FoxNews, who so far has given them a feed of Mitt Romney chatting with Sean Hannity. In it, Romney (gasp!) talks about the horses that he owns. This is supposed to be horrifying evidence that horse-owner Romney doesn’t understand the common man like habitual golfer Barack Obama does.

The funny thing is, watch the video. We think Romney comes off as pretty likable through the scant two minutes. He is polite to the people bringing him water and stuff. He jokes around about not wanting to wear new ties. He is relaxed. THIS is the best the subversive Dems have on Romney? While their candidate goes to silver plated funders with pizza barons and George Clooney?

Anyhwo, on that note if you are a bit of a junkie, and like those post campaign synopses like we do, you may enjoy a short e-book by Mike Allen and Evan Thomas. Inside the Circus gives an embed’s view of the GOP primary so far, with interviews of the staff, candidates etc.

While this is pretty much a Newsweek project, we found it to be a relatively even-handed summary of the last nine months or so. It kind of put everything in perspective as Romney wraps up the primary and we enter into a much different campaign mode of Republican against Democrat, as opposed to Republican against Republican. (It’s $3, and is kind of like a very long magazine article. We have read worse.)


As we have said, we will continue to update as things happen. And you can come back later to catch the Stenberg ad around 2pm.

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  1. winner winner chicken dinner says:

    Parsons would win a gold medal for crazy spin, almost to be outdone by the group of mignons following Fischer. Straw polls and having a puny TV ad up on a couple of cable stations doesn’t make you a front runner. Outside groups have spend still losing to Bruning by 30 points? Bruning is on track and has the resources to win this thing… just watch, its happening before your eyes.

  2. Lil Mac says:

    “Deb Fischer won the straw poll at last night’s Sarpy County GOP women’s forum.” Gee, do you think Barack Obama might win a straw poll at a Black forum?

    Everyone claims they don’t vote out of bias yet they vote for thier favorites. Women may swear they don’t favor someone with similar gender plumbing. But… but… hell, they are showing up at something called a “women’s forum”. A bit of common sense here, please.

  3. Lil Mac says:

    Have to add this. Sweeper, two excellent points.

    First, that Romney in private moments should come off as relaxed and nice to people. Compare that to Snotty Obama off cameral making jokes about retarded people and on camera his insulting “cling” to guns and religion remarks. Obama is, as a person, a snotty prig. Voters don’t get to see much of that for either the prigs or the relaxed nice people. And perhaps rightly so. For voters need to hire not a sweet guy or a prick but rather a chief executive smart enough to keep America from going tits up. The problem with Obama is he’s a prick, a prig and policy inept.

    Secondly, Nebraskan’s indeed don’t get to vote for President. I’d bet that most Leavenworth St bloggers were not supporting either Obama or McCain at first. Then as now, We the People of Nebraska and dozens of other states, we don’t get to vote for President any more freely than Communist Chinese who are offered a couple of Party members to pick from. We are handed two guys and told to pick one. That isn’t freedom. Thanks for bringing this point up, Sweeper.

  4. Lil Mac says:

    Yea, I see the punctuation errors in my post. I was fired up against tyranny! Throw some errors in there and you seem more sincerely angry. I, however, just screwed up writing. It happens.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Fischer had a lot of support from Sarpy County at the event. In fact some of the people wearing Bruning stickers actually voted for Fischer. Bruning thinks he has supporters that he doesn’t really have.

  6. Anonymous says:

    11:56, how exactly do you know that Deb Fischer had a lot of support from Sarpy County? And how do you know how people wearing Bruning stickers voted? Mind reading? By your reasoning, Bruning’s lead in real polls isn’t real. But Fischer packs in people from outside Sarpy, which you didn’t dispute, and yet you find that outcome significant. I bet you used to be a Stenberg supporter.

  7. Macdaddy says:

    Lil Mac, another thing is that there are 2 million horse owners in this country (for the other readers, Romney was talking about horses off camera), most all of them part of the 99%. Half make less than $75000. And you don’t have to own a horse to like horses. The Romney camp needs to release pictures of him riding a horse. Western, of course. Romney just stumbled into a way to connect with millions of voters.

  8. ASPCA says:

    Romney may have an advantage with horse voters, but Dogs Against Romney probably gives Obama the balance in the race to pick up animal loving voters.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t Florida Rep. Allen West just speak at a Lee Terry fundraiser? Tuesday he said: I believe there’s about 78 to 81 members of the Democrat Party who are members of the Communist Party.
    Your party is just nuts!

  10. Anonymous says:

    On May 15, Bruning will beat Fischer by 10 to 1 in Sarpy County, but we can keep pretending that these straw polls mean something if you want to. Like when Michelle Bachmann won in Iowa.

    Something about lady candidates and straw polls, I guess.

  11. A@1:35, What the dingbat from Florida said was, “I believe there’s about 78 to 81 members of the Democrat Party who are members of the Communist Party. It’s called the Congressional Progressive Caucus.”
    He must not have had his tin-foil hat on that day and the alien mind control rays were able to get to him.

  12. Reality Bites says:

    Take away all the people she shipped in from outside the county…including the girl wearing a Fischer sticker with her head down on the table sleeping (while Fischer was talking)…she would’ve barely beat out Pat Flynn. Sorry folks, you aren’t fooling anyone.

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