Debating what?

Did you catch the Nebraksa GOP Senate debate last night?

Well, we will forgive you if you missed it. With 900 TV channels, in HD, not to mention the internets, it is amazing that anyone watches this stuff.

But some were excited after the last debate had a bit of a dustup, and thought this one could be even better. (Queue here that fog-horn sound when you lose on the Price Is Right.) Wrong-o!

While the “would you favor stand-your-ground legislation, and could you pull the trigger in self-defense?” question certainly livened things, the rest was dulls-ville.

So when the final part where you got to ask someone else a question came up, we were ready.

So Deb Fischer asked Jon Bruning about the coal donations thing. And Bruning pretty much batted it away like so many gnats.

Then Pat Flynn decided to go after…Deb Fischer! And she handled whatever it was that Flynn said like she was shooing flies from the cattle.

Then Don Stenberg’s turn. And we were ready. And Don started by making some long statement about something or nothing or we really don’t know what. Then he asked Jon Bruning…

“If you lose this Republican primary, will you support the Republican primary winner?”

And Bruning answered, “Of course.”

And that was it! Will you support the non-you nominee! Sheesh!

And then Bruning tossed a softball over to Deb Fischer about the Farm Bill — our thought being that Bruning’s plan is any vote for Deb Fischer is a vote taken from Don Stenberg.

But we got to thinking about Stenberg’s question. Don spent the whole rest of the time talking about Eric Holder, and being a real conservative, and who endorsed him and all the other stuff he has been on the whole campaign. So when he had an opportunity to land a direct shot on Bruning, to set him back on his heels, he pulls the punch.

Why? Well, we look at the question he asked: Will you endorse the GOP nominee, if it’s not you?

And this leads us to believe that Stenberg, or more likely the Club for Growth or Jim DeMint PAC, will drop a one or two-week out nuclear bomb on Bruning. And it will be harsh enough that, if Bruning doesn’t recover, there is no way he would ever give Stenberg his endorsement afterwards. So that way, Stenberg can go forward saying, “look, Bruning went back on his word”.

Look, if this is not a set-up then we have no idea what the Stenberg strategy is otherwise — to essentially give up the debate to Bruning. Stenberg is waaaay behind with a month out. Yet he has outside, non-Nebraska backers pouring millions into his campaign. Does anyone think they won’t go to the Nth degree to put their guy into office?

Hey, we could be wrong. Maybe it is just a rope-a-dope plan of somesuch. (Just to gild the lilly on the boxing analogies.) But if we are looking at this from a thousand feet, it sure looks like Stenberg has something else up his sleeve. And it ain’t a rose.


We put up Don Stenberg’s new ad yesterday.

We had heard it would be a small ad buy, but National Journal’s Hotline reported today that it is only $7,000. This will essentially only put it on cable — likely on FoxNews. Hotline notes that the buy is significantly less that Deb Fischer’s recent ad purchase.

You can make an easy case that Deb needs a bio ad more than Don, but we were a little surprised at this minor buy, after the buildup. As another politico noted, the ad probably cost more than $7K just to produce.

Don is likely saving his ducats for later.


And remember Ben Nelson? The guy who was recently called out by a Supreme Court justice, was essentially driven from office on his ObamaCare vote and will likely always have “Cornhusker Kickback” emblazoned after his name in any account of his career? Yeah that Ben Nelson.

Well, he crawled out of his lame-duck Senate office to say that Douglas County Election Commissioner Dave Phipps is a liar and is intentionally trying to stop north Omaha residents from voting.

So just so we are clear, Nelson is calling Phipps a liar, a crook and a racist. There is no other way to parse his asking U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder — he of the Fast and Furious gun running scheme; the guy who just praised Al Sharpton for his efforts for justice — to investigate Phipps for violating Civil Rights laws.

Anyone who knows Phipps — and this includes Nelson — knows that he may have screwed up this whole voting precinct thing, but it was not some plan to keep blacks from voting. And we understand various leaders saying Phipps is wrong, or that his plan sucks, or that he needs to fix it or whatever. But we haven’t heard many say what Nelson is saying: that Phipps is trying to stop people from voting.

Until, of course, Ben Nelson did.

And it is obvious where Nelson is coming from. He is bitter, bitter, bitter that whenever his name comes up — and Scalia’s comments hit it home — the Cornhusker Kickback and bribery come up with it. He is pissed. And you can bet that Mr. Popular, Dave Heineman, gets the brunt of Nelson’s Bitter Beer Face.

So what does Nelson do? He accuses Heineman’s appointee of being and anti-civil rights racist.

You watch. This is going to backfire on Nelson, and potentially badly. No one thinks Phipps did this with an evil intention. And Ben Nelson, siting in Washginton, DC, calling a Nebraskan a racist, and then calling in not just the feds, but some party-hack Democrat from Washington to try to embarrass Republicans does not and will not fly with Nebraskans.

Nelson’s exit from the Nebraska stage has been a little bit sad. Now it is just getting pathetic.


And in case you missed it, last night on CNN’s Anderson Cooper (what, you weren’t watching?), a Democrat talking head accused Mitt Romney’s wife Ann — a cancer survivor who also suffers from MS, AND raised five kids — of never having “worked a day in her life” and not understanding economics because of that.

See it here:

And while she did that, former Clinton guy and big time Democrat spinner Paul Begala sat there and smiled and nodded.

This while Democrats suggest that there is a GOP “war on women”. And this while it comes out that the Obama White House pays women less than men.

And the Obamaites and others are now coming out trying to say they don’t agree with their Dem colleague (who has visited the White House 35 times), but you know had they been sitting in Begala’s spot, they would have done the same thing. Smiled and nodded. Oh, until the firestorm hit, of course.

It is always nice when you hear a Democrat say what they really think.



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  1. RWP says:

    In 2003, Hilary Rosen quit her job as head of RIAA to spend more time with her adopted twin children. Her partner at the time, Elizabeth Birch, executive director of HRC, the gay lobbying organization, also quit at the same time. By my reckoning, if Ann Romney was slacking, Rosen and her partner were slacking times five.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don is a duffus. He can’t beat anybody at this time except maybe Pat Flyn. IF Jon is hurt then Deb becomes the nominee and Jon will support her. But Don goes back to the treasurer’s office and sulks for a while:)

    Oh and too bad about Sen Mike Flood totally screwing up his future with his illegal immigrant bill. He will forever be tainted as the guy who insisted that tax payers open up their wallets, with no caps, limits, or controls in place, for illegal’s AT THE EXPENSE of Tax Paying CITIZENS.

    This isn’t a PRO LIFE issue, it is a feel good because I’m helping my future candidacy for Governor bill…….. which is NOT going to happen now Mikey.

  3. Macdaddy says:

    The only thing that Stenburg could possibly have that would make any difference is a Justice Department indictment of Bruning for whatever. I doubt that any such thing exists. Stenburg should have gotten out of the gate months ago with the Eric Holder thing. Oh well.

    I am officially sick and tired of hearing the manufactured outrage over closing polling places. My polling place has changed 3 times in the last 4 years, 5 times if you count that for the next election I’m going back to the polling place before the last one which was actually where I voted 2 times before that. My how people around here can whine. “Suttle raised my taxes!”. “This recall is costing us money!”. “The city is spending too much!”. “The city closed a golf course 5 people played at, now where will we play!”. “The election commissioner is trying to save money!”. Oh the horror, people.

  4. Anon says:

    If I was a Don supporter and the moment I had been waiting for of him asking Jon a direct question came up and he asked that crap, I would be looking for a new candidate today. Never thought I would say this but post 2 may be right, the race may come down to Jon v Deb

  5. RWP says:

    Flood didn’t just screw up illegal alien benefits. Under his speakership, the unicam failed to pass voter ID or the electoral vote bill, and may well override the guv’s veto of the sales tax hike. The tax cut bill was whittled down to a ghost of its original self. If Flood were a Democrat, I’m not sure how the results would have been any different.

  6. Anonymous says:

    That’s lawyers for ya.

    Stenberg lost a lot of voters in Sarpy county with his I’m too God to be here attitude. Don is a pretty rude and petty person.

  7. @6 says:

    at least he showed up, Jon was to good to be there and didnt even bother to hide it by showing up, just laughed at the ladys of Sarpy the same way he laughed at the ladys of Douglas Co at their debate by shaking hands for 5 minutes then leaving before the debate

  8. @anon 1:01 PM says:

    Not Don. He’s going to fight the Republican establishment according to his ads. I guess that means he’ll be voting with Harry Reid?

  9. dondedondon says:

    Question. If Stenberg managed to gain traction with his “Bruning used to be a Democrat”, in the face of super Republican Johanns having previously been elected to several public offices as a Democrat, and with Johanns owing Bruning for past GOP loyalty and courtesy to Johanns, would Quiet Mike break off the broom handle in Stenberg’s ass? And would Stenberg even notice? Even when he sat down?

  10. Interested says:

    How many votes have Mike Flood and Brad Ashford both been on the same side??? Flood is not ready for primetime!

  11. Anonymous says:

    For a good laugh you just can’t beat Liberals with their fake compassion and fakier intellectualism.

    Obama’s joke about retarded people and now Paul Begala getting a chuckle ala Romney’s wife who had cancer and MS are typical of these self-ascribed humanitarians who feel they have earned the right to beat a few blind kids, eat a whale burger, and throw trash out the window. That hypocrisy is rooted in something even funnier and the hallmark of modern social liberals, i.e. intellectual hillbilly-ism.

    Intellectual hillbillies drink wine instead of shine, visit the dentist, swallow the dogma liberal academics excrete, and then deem themselves wise intellects who know what government should force you to do. They look in the mirror and see a philosopher when they are really just Uncle Jed sans the twang.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Flood is reasonable, for a RINO. Now is his cue to exit stage left and fade away into the folds of his lair up north where the bypass just won’t happen now.

    Who’s laughing now.

  13. On the Floodster says:

    No one in Douglas, Sarpy, Lancaster and half of the state knows who Mike Flood is. They will remember his liberal votes and his failure as speaker to initiate a conservative agenda. Also, anyone that prefers Notre Dame Football to NU is unelectable statewide.

  14. Bert says:

    Yeah, the more I read of this, the more I know something’s really changed here. This reads like someone who I hope it isn’t, honestly.

  15. Some Thoughts says:

    Bert, I always have assumed that Street Sweeper is Robynn Tysver, who can’t say the things she says here in her day job, and definitely needs to stay anon to keep her day job. But whatever, I don’t care who it really is. Whoever it is writes just like Tysver, so maybe it’s just an homage or unintentional echo.

    I don’t think Mr. Phipps is a racist, but I do like to see an election commissioner who doesn’t screw things up. In that job one really must be on point and make sure everything is done impeccably. This guy is simply not taking care of business. My polling place keeps changing so much that I just gave up a while back and started ordering absentee ballots. I don’t have time to mess around with it, I have actual work to do. The election commissioner should be making life easier, not harder.

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