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The Jon Bruning for Senate camp has a new radio ad out refuting Don Stenberg’s Club for Growth’s assertions from the most recent ad. We are working on getting a YouTube version of it, but in the mean time you can click here to listen to it…

AND you can read the text of the ad here:

“Don Stenberg — after losing 3 Senate races, he’s down nearly 30 points in this one.

“Desperate, Stenberg resorts to false, negative attacks against Jon Bruning – over the Attorney General’s budget.

“But when Stenberg was AG, he used outside law firms to shift $57 million off his budget – hiding it from taxpayers.

“The Omaha World-Herald says Stenberg’s spending would have far exceeded Bruning’s – and under Stenberg, quote, “…taxpayers didn’t save a dime.” Endquote.

“So, when a desperate Don Stenberg attacks, remember:

“Jon Bruning put an end to Stenberg’s accounting gimmicks, bringing more transparency to government;

“He created our Medicaid fraud unit, recovering $45 million;

“And Bruning is leading the fight to overturn Obamacare — all the way to the Supreme Court.

“That will save taxpayers $1.7 trillion.

“Jon Bruning – conservative, Nebraska common-sense for the U.S. Senate.”

“I’m Jon Bruning, candidate for U.S. Senate and I approved this message.”

None of this is really new, and frankly we are a little surprised that Stenberg is continuing this tact, since his side of it does not seem accurate. And it gives Bruning a decent opportunity to turn it around and say that he was saving money, etc.



Bruning released information on his quarterly FEC statement, and it finds that he has raised $530,000 for the quarter, and had $1.4 M Cash On Hand at the quarter’s end.

We are just getting Don Stenberg’s report, but the latest we see is that Stenberg raised $244,000 for the quarter and had $269,000 COH at the end.

Stenberg is pooh-pooh the fundraising numbers, saying that “campaigns aren’t fund raising contests”. Well, that is one way to look at it. Though it was Stenberg who said in the last debate he admired Bruning’s fundraising ability and wished he could raise money like him. And polls currently show Bruning with a sizable lead on Stenberg, so there is that as well.

However, if Stenberg’s Super PAC buddies keep spending for him, he should be competitive on the airwaves up until the Primary.

We will give you more info on all this as we get it.


And we don’t expect much money news from the Bob Kerrey camp, but here is the breakdown from the joint fundraising committee between Kerrey and the Democrat party:

New Yorkers Donated $90,000.
Californians Donated $40,000.
Coloradans Donated $30,000.
Floridians Donated $25,000.
Ohioans Donated $15,000.
Nebraskans Donated $0.

So, if you are keeping score at home, it is good to see that Kerrey is getting some solid support from his home state. (You know, the one where his wife and kid live.)

Oh, and there is also a call for Kerrey to return the $1,000 he got from Hilary Rosen — who doesn’t think a mother raising five kids is work.

**UPDATE 1:30pm**
Looks like Kerrey has updated some of his info — for his campaign committee, NOT the joint fund listed above — though we still don’t have a breakdown of donors. But the OWH is tweeting that Kerrey has raised $900K and has $556K COH. We don’t know anyone who thought Kerrey wouldn’t have enough money to put up ads, so there ya go.


We are VERY likely to have another post today, which may or not be a bombshell.

Be sure to check back.


**Update at 2:55pm**

Deb Fischer’s Senate campaign announced that they have raised over $61K for the quarter and have $186K COH.


  1. Anonymous says:

    BS on Kerrey not raising any money in Nebraska. I live in Nebraska i gave the max 2500. Up to your right wing lies again SS.? I also know more than a dozen Nebraskans who gave money this year. So don’t spin that no one from Nebraska gave any money. I am glad that other Americans realize that this Senate race is important and gave money. We can’t have the stooges for the Koch brothers ruin our country.

  2. I’m just glad for all the economic stimulus all this advertising is bringing to our state. The more out-of-state money spent here by these political Daddy Warbucks’ the better. I think Nebraskans are smart enough to get up and go get a snack, or eliminate the last couple of Pabsts, whenever one of their annoying television ads come on the tube.
    Today’s Holdrege paper had a full page ad from AFP calling Cosmic Bob a “Liberul!” As if anyone really cared. I’m just glad they are so generous. Maybe we’ll get some new cartoons in there now. The HDC has been running used comics from last November.

  3. Some Thoughts says:

    The World Herald says that of 1600 or so Kerrey contributors, about 1000 were from Nebraska. No relative $$ amounts to enhance this info, though. I don’t remember the exact numbers but just read it in the paper a while ago. Meanwhile (hey, did you think I wasn’t going to bang my little drum?) Deb Fischer’s money comes from 92% Nebraskans.

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