Case of the Mondays

Happy Monday.

The comment section was (and still is) burning up over the weekend with the folks arguing back and forth on LB599, a/k/a the Illegal Immigrant Pre-Natal Care bill. The arguments for each side are still pretty much the same: Illegal-immigration vs Pro-Life.

Feel free to tear into it some more, if you please.


If we see a single story from some dumb-sh*t “voter” who can’t make up their mind because they just haven’t heard enough about the issues from the candidates, we will go all Elvis on the computer screens. The Senate candidates debated for the 3rd/4th time on Sunday, and it received glowing coverage on page five of the Midlands section of the OWH. And apparently what all the voters are clamoring about is “earmarks”.

Oh my, we can’t make our way across the coffee-shop to grab the latest Penny Saver without overhearing a conversation about earmarks. It’s all anyone was talking about in the bowels of Memorial Stadium during the lightning storm. It’s a good think Rex Burkhead addressed it while he was signing autographs, otherwise we wouldn’t have known what was going on.

And please MSM, please find some “undecided” voters — you know, the ones who will decide the election — and get them to tell us that they need to hear more about “the economy” before they can make up their minds. We can’t get enough of that.


For those of you watching the Democrat Primary in NE02, here are the numbers between the two candidates, through March 2012 (according to their FEC filing):

John Ewing
Spent: $100,878
COH: $80,058

Gwen Howard
Raised: $43,119
Spent: $9,478
COH: $30,798

And by the way, neither candidate is going after the other. So unless a Super PAC soars in to save her, we have no idea how Gwen Howard beats Ewing.


As we were watching the Democrat operatives lay into Mitt Romney’s wife last week, we got to wondering when it was cool to bring in the candidate’s wife into the game.

But then, as we were perusing the internets over the weekend, we saw a couple of these ads:

What's her position on Cap & Trade?

And we see that for the Dems, this is the name of the game. See, this is not about Barack Obama’s policies for the economy or foreign policy or spending. It is about joining Michelle! Oh, well then, sign us up! (Have you seen how beautiful her arms are??)

And then the President’s top political chief, his communications expert David Axelrod goes before the media and says,

“The choice in this election is between an economy that produces a growing middle class and that gives people a chance to get ahead, and their kids a chance to get ahead, and an economy that continues down the road we’re on.”

(Hang on, let’s read that again…)

Uh, OK. We agree.

Don’t beleive us? Here you go.

Looks like Bob Kerrey was correct. Sometimes the Republicans AND the Democrats are right!

Nonethless, the Dems are still talking about “Obamaha”. Here is the story told, once again, from ABC’s Jake Tapper:

Yeah, we get it. There could be a tie, and Obama won the 2nd in 2008. But this ain’t 2008. The excitement, the turnout and the hopey changey ain’t there. Just because you put up a storefront does not mean they will turn out.

But nice shot of Toad’s and the Old Market.


  1. Hmm. Gwen Howard is not raising or spending any money in comparison to John Ewing, and Jon Bruning has a million dollars more COH than Bob Kerrey. So therefore Kerrey wins?
    You did awesome on the SATs didn’t you?

  2. RWP says:

    I hope the state GOP is smart enough to do some math

    LB599 + sales tax increase = massive conservative defection in 2012

    The GOP members of the unicameral at the moment are functionally indistinguishable from the Dem members. Veto overrides on these two bills will be really, really bad.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Where is the public demand for transparency on the issue of Senator Campbell working for Cedars who will be a DIRECT beneficiary to LB599??????

    What about Senator Gloor and the hospital he was in charge of in GI?

    What about Senator Flood and his legal clients in Norfolk?

    Where is Jack Gould and Common Cause? Where is the outcry from Senator Avery?

  4. anon says:

    Where is the public demand for transparency on LB 599 opponents and their potential conflicts of interest with jobs/consulting fees with anti-illegal immigration groups? Will be watching the revolving door closely on some of these people to see where they land. And that’s if its’ not all under the table.

  5. Macdaddy says:

    The best thing about this whole Ann Romney brouhaha is watching the Democrats, after manufacturing out of whole cloth a Republican war on women, begging for mercy like they’re getting beaten with a sock full of soap.

  6. Anonymous says:

    @Anon 12:36 – Where is Sen. Campbell’s conflict? Last I knew, Cedars didn’t provide any prenatal care. And Gloor _was_ a hospital administrator, but _is_ retired now.

  7. Strange Bedfellows says:

    Julie Schmit-Albin’s behavior on LB599 is really fascinating to watch. The Governor says 599 may mean taxpayer money for Planned Parenthood, and Julie’s response is to attack Tony Fulton and then question the timing of the Governor’s concern. She then lashes out at the state party, who appear basically to be defending the Governor’s position. Strange.

    And now on her Facebook page, Julie has posted an interview with Les Seiler that goes into detail about the supposed “economic argument” in support of 599. Yet Julie and the NRL committee passed over Seiler in the recent round of endorsements in favor of whacky Butch Hughes. Very, very strange.

    So, to make her case, Julie is tearing down one senator (Fulton) who has been steadfast in his support of pro-life issues, and promoting another senator (Seiler) an incumbent that NRL didn’t see fit to endorse.

    Julie is drawing a very confusing line in the sand on this issue.

  8. RWP, If there is massive conservative defection in 2012, where are they going to go? To the Democratic side? If they go to a 3rd Party or just decide to not vote, then they give us Democrats a win. Do you really believe they’re willing to shoot themselves in their own feet that way?

  9. Anonymous says:

    The GOPERS really think they are going to beat Obama . They better get to it. The polls are good for Obama. Really good. Last I saw on CNN Obama was up 9% nation wide. 16 points with woman and is even winning with men by 3 points. Those are tough odds to beat. Obama is winning in some cases by over 40 points with Hispanics, over 90% of the Afro-American vote. He roughly has 200 plus safe electoral votes. That is real math. He may not have the landslide of 2008. But he will win. His coat tails will keep the Senate and pull the House close. Now I can’t wait for all the nay sayers to chatter.

  10. RWP says:

    Sorry, AC @ 5:45, but Reuters/Ipsos just put Obama over Romney 47:43 in registered voters, Winnow that down to likely voters, and in all probability it’s a tie. At this point in the cycle, and with the momentum going his way, I’d bet on Romney.

  11. RWP says:


    IMO, it’s a question whether you shoot yourself in the right foot or the left foot. The GOP got very little of its agenda passed this year. The Dems passed large chunks of theirs. And this is with a 2:1 GOP edge. The GOP is so bad, Brad Ashford is considering switching back!

    The GOP needs to hear that if voting for them makes no difference, many of us won’t. I have no personal ties to the party. I vote and am registered GOP because usually electing the GOP will have a different practical result than electing the Dems. But tactical considerations aside, I’d vote Libertarian. In fact, I think voting LP sends a salutary message to the GOP; “this is a vote you could have had if you actually convinced me it was worth my while to compromise my principles and vote for you.”

  12. Anonymous says:

    Wrong again RWP. The polls on CNN are not biased. I hope you bet a lot maybe it will get your butt off this site. Maybe you should look at the CNN poll and study it. Real facts are a big WTF to righties when they get off their usual haunts of FOX and Friends.

  13. RWP says:

    The polls on CNN are not biased


    Reuters, by the way, are usually reckoned to have a leftist bias. If they put Obama up by 4, that’s another reason to think it’s a dead heat.

    I hope you bet a lot maybe it will get your butt off this site.

    I made over $1K on Tradesports on a $500 stake on the 2004 election. It was like taking candy from a baby. When the idiotic exit polls came out the afternoon of the election showing Kerry ahead, I bought every share on Bush I could afford. I wasn’t sure he’d win, but I was sure he wasn’t losing as bad as they thought.

    Then the god-danged gummint made offshore betting illegal, and I haven’t bothered to set up an offshore account.

    Maybe you should look at the CNN poll and study it.

    You know, if you actually pay more attention to what Sweeper posts and less to shooting your drooling mouth off, you might learn how to read a poll.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Cedars most definately does provide prenatal care! It is clearly called out on their web siste in the teen pregnancy area. Oh yes it is most definately a issue of conflict for Sen Campbell! Senator Avery should be preaching about on Wed motning IF he has the courage.

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