New Kerrey ad: Kerrey’s not afraid to vote for Democrats

A new Bob Kerrey ad is up. See it here:

Here let us sum up the ad for you:
If you’re looking for a Navy Seal, Bob Kerrey is (was) your man.
Because, did you know that Kerrey was a Navy Seal? (You did?) Well, Kerrey is going to beat that into your head until you wake up every morning saying, “Bob Seal was a Kerrey Navy!”

Oh, and here is the rest, that Kerrey doesn’t specifically say:

  • If you’re looking for another ObamaCare vote, Kerrey is your man.
  • If you want the economy killing Cap & Trade, Kerrey is your man.
  • If you want higher taxes, Kerrey is your man.
  • If you want partial birth abortion legal, Kerrey is your man.
  • If you want Democrat Harry Reid as your Senator Majority Leader, Kerrey is definitely your man.

But if you don’t think a liberal Democrat is who you want representing you in the U.S. Senate, well, then you may want to look elsewhere.

Because New Yorker Bob Kerrey said it himself that Greenwich Village made him even more liberal than he already was.

But awesome Navy Seal ad.


  1. Anonymous says:

    GEEZ MaCdaddy where do you live? Have you ever voted? Do you only watch FOX and listen to right wing radio. ? You may not like his politics. But you damm well better respect his service and the fact he gave more than 99% of this sites readers would ever dream of in service of our country. He won the MEDAL OF HONOR you nit wit. You don’t get a medal for eating cheetoos and drinking diet coke like you do. GEEZ some people kids can’t let them on a computer any more.

  2. Bam says:

    OH, I remember his military days! The ones where he took it upon himself to kill old people and kids!

    Is that the role he wants to recreate in the Senate?

  3. Bam says:

    My obituary will never read that I killed babies and oldsters, Brain-Brain. Sorry if that doesn’t impress murderous freaks like you!

  4. Macdaddy says:

    Wow. You guys are idiots. The only thing you Lefties ever mention on this blog to defend him is that he was a Navy Seal and won the MOH. Thanks for the laughs, though.

  5. Bam says:

    I love how the left LOVES war when it’s one of their own and even embrace the heinous acts.

    I can see why they want to use the photos from nearly 50 years ago, though – Bob looks SO OLD and decrepit. It’s like the painting in his attic was destroyed.

  6. And all you dipwads have is that some disgruntled underling in Kerrey’s unit SAYS that some of the other guys in his unit killed some old people and kids. Hell John McCain did that personally and yet you bozos kiss HIS ass.
    Kerrey has accomplished a LOT more than just his service. But THAT was commendable, and if you’re going to call HIM a baby killer, you’re calling a LOT of other good people the same damned thing, including a LOT of Republicans.

  7. I’m willing to bet that Macdaddy and Bam-Bam were in that group of punks that spit on my brother in the airport when he came home from Vietnam. But, hey, what else can expect from a couple of cowardly assholes that hide behind mommy’s skirts while spitting on Bob Kerrey, and everyone else that wears the Medal of Honor.

  8. Bam says:

    Boy, you sound bitter, Brain-Brain. And I didn’t realize a lot of other baby killers wanted to represent me in Congress.

    Still curious why pics of him in uniform nearly 50 years ago should be more relevant to me than his Senate record and what he believes now. Time to talk issues, Bob – that is, unless that’s the LAST thing you want to do.

  9. RWP says:

    And all you dipwads have is that some disgruntled underling in Kerrey’s unit SAYS that some of the other guys in his unit killed some old people and kids. Hell John McCain did that personally and yet you bozos kiss HIS ass.

    The disgruntled underling saved you boy’s life, and then went on to do 20 years in the Seals. Who’s beating up on veterans now?

    And his story agrees with the survivors’ whereas Kerrey’s versions don’t even agree with each other.

    McCain may have killed people collaterally, but he never executed a child in cold blood. What kind of man stabs a child in the kidneys just to shut the kid up?

  10. Bam says:

    BTW, I’m not THAT old, Brain-Brain. I’m more likely the guy that super-glued your butt to your chair, tripped you in the lunch room, then went to your house and did your mom.

  11. Hey, RWP, at least I AM a veteran, not one of you sniveling bastards that ran the other way when duty called.

    Dropping a bomb from an aircraft takes a cold blooded, conscious effort, RWP. There is no such thing as “collateral” damage when you drop a 1,000 pound bomb on a city. You know when you throw the switch that everyone in the wide target area, including women, babies, kittens and puppies will die.

    Bam-Bam, you are a shining example of the best that the Republican party has to offer.

  12. Bam says:

    Neat trick, considering I’m not a Republican, Brain-Brain! You are just a clever lil’ feller.

    So, IF Bob gets elected, and has the chance to vote for abortion funding and death panels, will he say “Back in ‘Nam, I had a much faster, easier and more personal way to do this”? God forbid Obama be re-elected, but I could see Bob being put in charge of Obamacare with his experience and work ethic.

  13. Bam-Bam and RWP, Just so you know, of the people currently serving in the 112th Congress, about 21% of House lawmakers and 29% of Senators previously served in the military. Veterans make up only 3.3% of the adult population of the U.S. So, yes, evidently American voters have a lot more respect for those of us that have worn the uniform that you two do.

  14. Bam says:

    How many of them are well-publicized killers of children and elderly, Brain-Brain? People tend not to elect known murderers, and I have to think Bob would never have been elected had people known that. That’s why I’m going to bring it up over and over and over again. BTW, stating that YOU wore a uniform doesn’t improve the perception of the services.

    And we both know if I wasn’t doing your mom, you wouldn’t have money for lunch. Bam!

  15. Macdaddy says:

    BTO, I believe those were Democrats that spit on your brother, so since I was never a Democrat, couldn’t have been me. That and I never hung around airports as a child. But whatever. I’m sure you voted for McCain over Obama, right? I mean, Obama is an able-bodied citizen. He sure could have volunteered, like I did, but he didn’t, so you pulled the lever for McCain, right? And I bet you pulled the lever for Dole and Bush I over that draft dodger Clinton, right?

  16. bereal says:

    Brian. Your head is up your ass, you are a dipwad, you bozo, you wear your mommy’s skirts, you punk, you sniveling bastard, you who bang your mother, you cowardly asshole. Those are your words thrown out like you are missing your psychiatric meds. But don’t try to suggest it is PTSD.

    If you are going to whip out being a veteran like a gun, you had better have more than a peashooter. Kerrey politicizes his veteran status and drops it in the political toilet. But, Brian, you were no SEAL yet you call people cowards. It is Brian and Bob against the sniveling bastard cowards because they are Republicans and because Brian and Bob are what? Democrats? Heroes?

    Some here have holes in them and parts missing and they went in harms’ way many times for many years. They don’t throw that out. But at least when Kerrey does, it isn’t for sake of him having endured the dangers of eating tapas in Spain.

  17. bereal, Does George W. know that you’re tooting his coke again? And what does Spain have to do with anything? Oh, yeah, I forgot … the coke.

    Bambi, We know that you will bring up your idiotic nonsense over and over and over and over and over and over and over … again. You just can’t help yourself and we really are sorry for you.

    Macdaddy, My bro was pretty sure it was Republicans. Since you weren’t there, I’ll trust his word. And no, while I didn’t vote for McCain or Dole, I also didn’t denigrate those veterans for having served our country. You are the one that is doing that. And so long as you post by a phony name, I will assume you are one of those guys that parade around with their Vietnam Vet hats baseball caps on, bragging to all the kids that will listen to your “war” stories, after having spent two years in Fort Polk cleaning latrines and peeling spuds.
    You will note that what I wrote about the Congresscritters that are veterans, I didn’t differentiate between them by party. You’re the one that believes only Republicans are patriots.

  18. Bob Kerrey’s résumé would put all of yours together to shame. You’re making him out to be a war criminal with nothing but hearsay evidence to back yourselves up, just like those S.O.B.s that swift-boated John Kerrey, and kicked Max Cleland in the balls after they tipped over his wheelchair.
    How many of you have become naval officers, successful businessmen, the governor of a state, a U.S. Senator, and President of a university? …. ? …. I didn’t think so.
    As for being a Liberal, what is wrong with that? One of Nebraska’s most famous politicians, a Republican by the name of George W. Norris, was one. Then, every time I look at the G.I.s storming the beaches in Normandy on D-Day, I have to think how many of them were Democrats. After all, FDR was elected four times by that generation, and Truman after him. Eisenhower, the guy that then took back the White House as a Republican is considered by most of you to have been a Liberal. Hell, Ronald Reagan would be too far to the left for most of you freaks today.

  19. Bam says:

    “We,” Brain-Brain? Is there a VFW club in Holddreddge that has only paranoid, ranting,spit-collecting, poop-flinging, liberal vets as members? Or are you channeling your multiple personalities? (I’m just kidding – I know you don’t have a personality.)

    Just because you have the space to blather, it doesn’t mean you HAVE to blather, Brain-Brain. Nothing of what you say has anything to do with the murdering ways of Bob Kerrey or why his extreme leftism would be a disaster for Nebraska. But I’ve always been a fan of giving fools enough rope to hang themselves, so knock yourself out.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Pretty damm sad that republicans have went into the slime to make fun of veterans just because they have a D by their name. Our Governor is a veteran . i don’t agree with much of what he is trying to do in politics. But I respect his service to our country in both the military and politics. But the GOP on this board don’t seem to want to give Bob Kerrey any respect. You notice no one running against Bob Kerrey is being negative of his military record. They know that is political suicide. If he killed some civilians or not, that is not the question that needs to asked. Unless you have been in the fog of war you really don’t what your talking about in terms of how bad it can go and just how ugly war can be. You might read about the frontier mother whose little baby was killed while the family was hiding from hostiles ( killed by her own family to keep her from crying) Pretty sad. Should not have happened But it does . Or about the D-Day troops who killed POWS. Stuff happens. . Bob Kerrey is a legit American hero. From his military service to how he served his country has Governor and Senator. He may or may not be a guy taking the oath in 2013 But we are lucky to have such a man who is willing to step up to the plate. He had no reason to serve his country after all he has done. Only a real love for his country would make him risk so much in a state that is so red and has a looney tune edge that blogs hate on LS. One last note BAM you may be nice person , you may be writing stuff just to spout off. To gore some oxes But if what you are writing is how you really feel, well I feel sorry for you. Hopefully you will never be in a danger zone when you have to make split second decisions.

  21. Brian, while I’m not as keen to attack Kerrey’s service record as vociferously as others, the fact of the matter is that Kerrey himself is opening up his military record for attack when he presents it as a reason that people should vote for him.

    That’s just the way it works. If he wants to make an issue of his military service, then it’s open for discussion. If he wants to stick to the pertinent issues facing our country and leave his military service out of it…fine. But clearly, he doesn’t want to do that. He wants to keep hammering the ol’ “Bob Navy was a Kerrey Seal” because he’s trying to appeal to the old voters (or should I say the majority of voters?). He’s trying to remind people how shitty Vietnam was and drum up sympathy based on the horrors he faced. He doesn’t want his positions on important issues known, because said positions float about as well as a paper boat with lead sails when it comes to Nebraska voters.

    One question on your brother though…how did he know they were Republicans. I mean, betweenst the spitting and the name-calling, did they take the time to show their voter registration cards?

  22. Anonymous says:

    I am a disabled veteran. I served for 20 years. I have a chest full of medals from multiple services etc…… I don’t like Bob Kerry’s position on just about everything. I don’t like the words and actions of Bob Kerry these past 10 years or so. Bob Kerry is as liberal as they come. Bob Kerry’s policies are endorsed by about 10% of Nebraskans. Yes he served, yes he was awarded the CMOH. His position on just about everything is wrong as far as most Nebraskans feel.

    Bob Kerry will avoid who he has become in the years since he represented Nebraska. I personally believe he will misrepresent the truth to the voters, as do many politicians, in his quest to be seen as relevant.

    Yes he served, as did I and many others, but he must be held accountable to what he has done in the intervening years.

  23. Paula says:

    Kerrey, a liberal democratic candidate is funny! I spat out my morning coffee when I read that. Good one, really.

    Have a great day!

  24. Bam says:

    Good point, Grundle, because then as in now, we don’t have voter ID. I do remember protesters who were against the troops then were also against Nixon, who did have an (R) behind his name. To be honest, though, I think Bri-Bri is making all of that up just to give the appearance of ground on which to stand.

    Anon @ 27 – NO ONE IS MAKING FUN OF VETERANS AS A WHOLE HERE. I am making fun of Brain-Brain individually because he deserves it. I am making fun of Kerrey and his supporters because the mantra of “Bob-Kerrey-was-a-war-hero-so-he-should-be-Senator” is so hackneyed and irrelevant after 30 years that it IS a joke. But I am serious about calling attention to Bob’s murder of elderly and children because I find it completely inhuman and automatically disqualifying for election to a job where he can make decisions on human life.

    I agree with your statement “He had no reason to serve his country after all he has done.” The shame alone should have kept him him from running.

  25. Macdaddy says:

    BTO, since apparently you view military service only as a cudgel to use on people you disagree with and it has zero influence on how you vote, you’ve lost the shred of credibility you had. So spare us the sanctimonious rantings.

  26. Kortezzi says:

    I saw the Kerrey ad on TV last night. Clearly he understands he must fool voters into believing he’s a moderate willing to vote for “good Republicans”. This strategy is the correct one to try – – his only hope to win. But it’s not going to work in 2012.

    I respect Kerrey for serving in the Navy, and especially for becoming a SEAL. And yes, he lost his foot and won the MOH. But he isn’t using his bravery and talents well when he advocates for single payer gov’t healthcare, carbon taxes, abortion rights (incl. partial-birth infanticide), and cuts secret deals with Harry Reid (who will probably double cross him anyway).

  27. Kortezzi says:

    BTO, you’ve used up your name-calling quota for the week on this thread. Start trying to spot sarcasm before commenting, and it might be less embarrassing for you.

  28. October Suprise says:

    Evidently some of Bob’s old friends are coming to Nebraska to pay him a visit about his “Bronze Star” this fall. I wonder what they will have to say?

  29. Sweetwater Observer says:

    Yikes! A very nasty day on Leavenworth Street today. A good day to go to the woods at Sweetwater where there is no electricity, no cable, no phones, no computer, and no people yelling nasty stuff at each other.

  30. Swiftly says:

    Bob has other things to worry about. How much did getting Nebraska into the low level nuke waste compact end up costing us? That’s right…that was Bob Kerry.

  31. Sweetwater Observer says:

    I know, I know, Bam. On second thought, nothing on Leavenworth Street could ever be as vicious as the third-world atocity known as partial-birth abortion.

    If Bob Kerrey is puzzled by the fact that he is better known for his support of partial-birth abortion and hiring a known and convicted Democrat fraudster like Norman Hsu than he is for serving as a Navy Seal, he only has himself to blame.

  32. Bam says:

    I predict that the next spot for Bob Kerrey will feature nostalgic photos of him with Debra Winger, and have interview blips with Nebraskans saying “Bob Kerrey KNOWS Hollywood” and “He brought famous people to Nebraska” and “He made us seem ‘cool’!” and “Bob Kerrey understood in a very personal way that Hollywood was key to power in Washington.”

    We’ll next get one of Bob partying with Willie Nelson for Farm Aid, and then the trip down memory lane will be over. We’ll then be left with the crusty, old, recycled, kid-killin’, ultra-liberal, homeless, NYC transplant who is the best the Dems have to offer.

  33. What chance? says:

    What chance does the average, conservative, and moral voter/taxpayer in Nebraska have against Bob Kerrey? Susie and Warren, with their surrogates and servants at the OWH and LJS, want Bob. They control the press and the news and the editorials, so again, what chance do we have?

  34. Govt. Observer says:

    Too many people from Plattsmouth in Kerrey’s ad. The newest one and the past one are majority Plattsmouth/Cass County Democrats. The balding guy in the blue shirt, worked for Kerrey’s Senate office. The farmer under the Plattsmouth sign, apppointed by Kerrey to OPPD board when Kerrey was governor. The preious ad had the wife of a City Council member on screen, the sister of the guy that used to work for Kerrey. Not your average citizen off the street, but hard core liberals. Most were filmed within a block of City Hall in Plattsmouth.

  35. Govt. Observer says:

    And a little known fact regarding Bob’s time in the Gov’s Mansion, early one morning, I believe it was a Saturday, Debra Winger was pulled over for speeding. She was driving the Gov’s Lincoln Towncar registered to the Nebraska State Patrol. The Lincoln police thought something was up with they saw a Lincoln with the license plate that had a 1 on it was being driven by a woman down O Street. Only the Governor’s car in Nebraska was authorized to have that plate number on it.

  36. Senator Snowplow says:

    First of all, nice to see Bud Pettigrew articulating the Dem position at post 27. How ya doin, Bud?

    Second, I can say this of Bob Kerrey. Had he been in the Senate these last 6 years instead of Ben Nelson, we would not have had that so-called Cornhusker Kickback all you Republicans claim to despise. Bob would have supported Affordable Care Act straight up.

  37. RWP says:

    Hey, RWP, at least I AM a veteran, not one of you sniveling bastards that ran the other way when duty called.

    I’m not sure if duty has ever called the army of the Irish Republic, or for that matter which direction would be the correct direction to run. It is, after all, an island. Occasionally one of them fires a mortar a little too close to one of the others, and then there’s a funeral with appropriate military honors. It’s usually considered a poorly paid but secure route to a safe second government job. Not at all like when you were in the US army.

  38. RWP says:

    So, yes, evidently American voters have a lot more respect for those of us that have worn the uniform that you two do.

    The only one disrespecting the US Armed forces here is you, BTO. We’ve brought up specific issues with Bob Kerrey. No one but you and the anonymous moron has claimed this reflects on the rest of the military. I know many people who served in Vietnam, none of them in units that went around slicing up children. You are the one making the case the entire Army and Navy were murdering civilians. You are the one besmirching their honor.

    What’s the matter; do you regret enlisting at a time you were unable to unleash your inner psychopath?

    No less than Samantha Powers, special advisor to the Prez., and the woman who single handedly got us (sorta) involved in Libya, editorialized in a national newspaper that Kerrey should be investigated for war crimes. Take it up with her, or her boss.

  39. RWP says:

    First of all, nice to see Bud Pettigrew articulating the Dem position at post 27.

    Considering we’re talking about Bud, I think the correct word would be ‘inarticulating’.

  40. Some Thoughts says:

    RWP, I don’t know your Vietnam vet friends, but those in my family who served in Vietnam had grave moral concerns, along with long-lasting nightmares and flashbacks, about some of the things they had to do. They are not quick to judge the service of others, and they do not have any concerns about what Kerrey did. We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to those who fought for us and had to experience the atrocities of that war firsthand. We are talking about an enemy that routinely exploited the soldier’s inherent unwillingness to kill innocent civilians, by making it impossible to tell the difference between civilians and VC.

    Not one of us here has sufficient information to judge what happened, period. If Kerrey did something wrong, then let’s see him brought up on actual charges with evidence. Until then, anyone who insults his service does indeed insult the service of everyone else who was put into those horrible, inhuman situations in that war, or others. Call for him to be tried for war crimes if that’s what you want; that’s not some kind of joke or trivia that can be used as ammo in a political squabble.

    Kerrey is the original proponent of universal health care, a key issue in his ill-fated presidential campaign in 92. What if the campaign were about issues? I can’t think of a better one than that for Nebraska Republicans.

  41. RWP says:

    They are not quick to judge the service of others, and they do not have any concerns about what Kerrey did.

    He(or the squad he commanded) is alleged to have killed two grandparents and three children by stabbing them in the kidneys, then rounding up a group of sixteen women and children and mowing them down with automatic weapons. The children were not Vietcong.

    These people’s only sin was to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. And the ‘wrong place’ happened to be their own house, in their own village, in their own country, probably where their family had lived for generations.

    If your friends have no problem with that, I have nothing to say to them. Kill innocents, but don’t say it’s in my name. And don’t call it ‘service’.

    Nobody asked Kerrey to trot out his ‘service’ and be given brownie points for it. He was the one who did that. And it’s curious that an atrocity (his word) that was on the national news when it was believed he had retired from politics, is all of a sudden unmentionable when he runs for an important Senate seat. In 2001, the NYTimes and CBS were running this with banner headlines. let’s not all pretend it’s not polite to mention it.

  42. “… the NYTimes and CBS were running this with banner headlines…”

    Why then did our Attorney General, John Ashcroft, or anyone else DO anything about it at that time? If EVERYONE was aware what a war criminal Bob Kerrey was, then please explain why NO ONE prosecuted him for it when it became public knowledge. If the Republican President, at the time of the “revelations,” didn’t sick his AG on Kerry, a Democratic Senator, then it is probably because there wasn’t enough evidence to get a conviction.

    That’s the problem vampire accusations, they can’t stand the exposure to daylight.

  43. I am a good man, RWP, and because of that I am not too fond of people attempting to try and convict a good man on a political blog for things that didn’t rise to the level of proof needed to try him in any court of law.

  44. RWP says:

    Why then did our Attorney General, John Ashcroft, or anyone else DO anything about it at that time? If EVERYONE was aware what a war criminal Bob Kerrey was, then please explain why NO ONE prosecuted him for it when it became public knowledge.

    Well, that’s a damn good question, and you really should track down the Goldhagen/Power column.

    The fact is, America has treated Vietnam as if we were victims, when in fact, for the obscene number of American casualties, 58,000 or so, there was an obscenely obscene number of Vietnamese killed; probably somewhere near a million. And it was a really stupid war. We lost, and yet nothing bad happened to us by losing. The Soviet Union collapsed, because in part because of its own foreign misadventures. Vietnam is now a mini China. It’s not exactly democratic, but nor was South Vietnam.

    You brought up the issue of McCain bombing Haiphong Harbor. Well, it was nominally a military target. We only do that sort of thing on a small scale these days e.g drone attacks on Pakistan. The collateral damage is still there, though. And so are the DoD geeks claiming you can have a clean hit.

    The fact is, despite that it was a war fought in full view of the TV cameras, we have really no idea how many atrocities were committed in Vietnam. In contrast, in Iraq and Afghanistan, there was a very small number of atrocities, and each has been exposed to the full glare of media attention. The fact is, we KNOW 99% of American troops in recent wars acted honorably. I suspect a similar percentage did so in Vietnam, but then you have Kerry and Kerrey and their compadres muddying the waters, claiming US soldiers were all committing atrocities. I don’t believe it.

  45. I was already reading the G/P report as you wrote your last, RWP. While I admire the tenacity and passion of Samantha, I still have to ask, “If Kerrey was guilty, why didn’t those with the authority to do anything about it … do anything about it?” Five of Kerry’s people said that his version was correct, while Klann disagreed. If we’re all to be convicted by the word of one person, then most of us would be behind bars by now.

  46. RWP says:

    Read the actual words that Kerrey’s squad wrote. It wasn’t much of a denial. These were not officers, but they can’t help being gentlemen.

  47. Wars are monsters that are created by people with little to lose and much to gain. They are fought by those with much to lose and little to gain.

    Vietnam was different than all the previous ones we had fought. On the home front, even though it was reported nightly at supper time, it didn’t really touch us unless a family member or a friend was ground up in it. We didn’t have rationing, scrap iron drives, war bonds … The economy boomed, kids got high and listened to the best music ever made, most of us got laid, we laughed over the antics of the Smothers Brothers & Sonny and Cher … what we didn’t do much of was suffer.

    Of course, if you were one of the unfortunate ones that got drafted, taught to kill in nine weeks, then dumped in a very strange world far-far away, with insufficient training to know what the hell you were doing, and if you survived being shot at and missed, you probably just started killing anything that scared you. Shit happened … atrocities happened.

    I was very lucky that I was able to enter the Navy and become an avionics technician. I had it easy. I didn’t have anyone shooting at me or firing RPGs into my hooch at night. Many of those kids, and yes they were kids, got sent to Vietnam and within 24 hours were one the other side of the world, in the midst of a jungle with venomous snakes, poisonous spiders, and a very determined foe that was intent on killing them. They didn’t have the time to learn about the Geneva Conventions, nor the luxury of having an attorney along to counsel them on the etiquette of killing or avoiding death. Shit happened … atrocities happened.

  48. Bam says:

    Oh good God – Go write a memoir, Brain-Brain.

    Are you schizophrenic? Because one minute you’re spouting off like a Tourette’s patient, and the next you’re trying for an Albert Schweitzer award. You’ve been on here bragging about how “smart” you are and now you say you’re “a good man” – and to tell you the truth, my experience is that people who have to say that about themselves usually aren’t.

    You just come across as a big phony who loves to hear himself talk. Sorry, but that’s my read on you.

  49. Some Thoughts says:

    The VC often pretended to be normal civilians, and that led to situations where many innocent people were killed. They used guerrilla tactics that made it very difficult to fight some kind of ethically pure war. We all know this, and it cheapens the reality of the hell these men experienced when you use it to make some petty political smear. None of us knows what happened with Kerrey, so the decent thing to do is leave it alone until such time as we have more authoritative knowledge. If he’s prosecuted for what he did, fine. In the meantime, the low blows only demean the sacrifice of those who served us in Vietnam. You’re parroting the same arguments against Kerrey that are made by the most radical lefty-liberals, which is ridiculous.

    What really bothers me here is we have plenty of reasons to be unhappy with things Kerrey actually did in the Senate. Let’s pick some and talk about those! What were Kerrey’s votes on financial sector policy that helped contribute to the credit bubble and lending crisis? What did he say in 1992 about health care changes? What’s his record on abortion issues and judicial confirmations? Get into those issues. Stop insulting veterans and playing into the Kerrey campaign’s hands to boot.

  50. TexasAnnie says:

    Brian: You’re trying too hard to defend the defenseless! War is WAR. And war is WRONG!
    I’m no pacifist, but Vietnam was all wrong and you know it. I must be about your age because your description of what was going on at the time was a part of my experience. But you’re over the top in claiming that we didn’t suffer, -we suffered so much (psychologically) that we took to the streets in protest…and we got the vote (at 18) and then stopped that damn war!!!

    I don’t blame Nam veterans; particularly if they were drafted. But war is senseless and illustrates a true disregard for humanity. And it sure as hell ‘ain’t’ PRO-LIFE! Has it not occurred to you, or anyone decrying the hardships suffered within wartime situations, that IF men and women did not VOLUNTEER in our all volunteer military, we wouldn’t have so much war? Please don’t characterize your military “service” or that of anyone including Kerrey, as a service to me. I don’t believe in utilizing WAR as an answer for any problem! (And I don’t like paying for it either!!!)

  51. Senator Snowplow says:

    I rewatched that Bob Kerrey ad a couple more times and, maybe its the beer talking, but I like the looks of that young Bob Kerrey in uniform. Mmmm. I bet he could still fit into his old seal suit.

  52. I agree that the Vietnam war was all wrong, as are the current ones we’re involved in. But can you really say that, as a nation, we “suffered” then … or now? Where is the deprivation that we at home are experiencing? What have we had to give up because of the war, other than a ruined economy? That, to many Americans, means only that they have to settle for the 48″ plasma, rather than the 72″ LED screen or they have to forgo all the add ons for their new F-350 pickup. Food isn’t rationed, gas and tires aren’t rationed, there is no draft that takes our kids away kicking and screaming and forcing them to kill people in strange lands. If you don’t have a loved one in uniform, where IS the suffering?

    Face it Annie, a LOT of war protesters back in our day did the big protests because it was a great place to score some pot and get laid. The guys were protesting because they didn’t want to get drafted, the girls were protesting because they didn’t want their boyfriends to get drafted.

    I had a couple of friends killed in Vietnam and I had one that came home pretty fubar-ed between the ears. But they did what our nation asked of them and I won’t deny them the honor they deserve for doing it. I’ll hate the politicians, the capitalists and the industrialists that put them there.

    Texas Annie, There is a major difference between war and defense. It would be wonderful if all nations, ideologies, sects, etc. could just sit down and settle their differences over some polite conversation with tea and crumpets, but that is never going to happen, and you know it. Not having a strong defense puts us into the kind of danger the world faced when Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo decided to take over the world. But having one so powerful that we have to go around policing the world is too much of a temptation to those who want to become just like Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo.

  53. Some Thoughts says:

    TexasAnnie, that’s nice that you and the other leftist crazies want to live in a peaceful world. So do we all. The real world, however, is not so rosy. Thank God we have brave men and women willing to volunteer to serve, yes, serve us by putting their lives on the line. Those in the military are willing to give everything for our country’s good. Most cannot say that.

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