New Bruning spot

Jon Bruning has a new ad up. See it here.

For you lazyboneses to busy to watch, here is the text:

“In Washington, politicians use accounting gimmicks to hide the real cost of government.

“When I became Attorney General, I put an end to those kinds of accounting tricks here.

“In the past, outside law firms did much of the AG’s work, hiding the cost from taxpayers.
“Not on my watch.

“I also formed a Medicaid fraud unit to target waste and abuse.

“We’ve already recovered $45 million dollars for taxpayers, and we’re not done yet.

“I’m Jon Bruning.

“I approve this message and I’m running for Senate to put an end to Washington’s gimmicks.”

This spot is in response to the Stenberg/Club For Growth attack on Bruning about the AG’s budget. Pretty straightforward.

We always like the spots where the candidate talks directly to the camera (though we aren’t crazy about the walking and talking at the same time). We think it gives the candidate a much better connection to the voter.

Pretty much all the candidates have been doing it up to now — though it could get more difficult to pull that off as the contentions get more heated.


On that note, you hopefully saw Bob Kerrey’s new spot (below). Does anyone remember Kerrey repeatedly and repeatedly talking about his military days in any of his previous elections? Here is a guy that is 68 years old and has a record of 16 years in office. Yet all we are hearing from his campaign is about his time in the Navy in his 20’s?

We will say it again: Bob Kerrey as a SEAL leader. Swell. Bob Kerrey voting for ObamaCare, Cap & Trade, Partial Birth Abortion and higher taxes? Not so much.

Oh, and we always chuckle heartily at Kerrey’s repetition now that he will support Democrats AND Republicans. Yeah Bob? Is that right?

Who would your first vote be for, for Senate Majority Leader? Republican Mitch McConnell or Democrat Harry Reid? Who did you get “promises” from (allegedly) to run for Senate? McConnell or Reid? And who has been at all of your DC fundraisers? Republican Senators or a pack of your fellow Democrats?

If elected, Bob Kerrey would vote for Democrat bills, and the occasional Democrat bill that Republicans caved to. But if Nebraskans are looking for someone to vote for Republican ideas, there is a much easier way to assure that.


Did you know that President Barack Obama came up with the ideas for both Google and Facebook? Yeah.

Well, maybe not the ideas for them, but he’s in the government. And the government was there for that internet, you know? And Google and Facebook are on the internets, so it’s pretty much like government (which Barack Obama is the head of) created Google and Facebook.

So… Barack Obama will be joining the Winklevoss twins to get his fair share out of Facebook. (We are guessing.)

You see folks, nothing happens without government. NOTHING. Got it?
(Oh, and be sure to sign the check today.)


As noted somewhere on the internets, if there is a better/funnier pic that this of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, we’ll eat several sombreros.


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  1. Don Stenberg is a fraud says:

    The guy played shell games for years with his budgets. Did he ever send cases to Erickson & Sederstrom in Omaha when he was AG??? Did he get a job there after he was AG???

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was somewhat of Don fan, that is until I realized first hand how arrogant and rude he is to those around him. If he can’t get something out of you right away he has no need for you. Now his wife is as sweet as the day is long. But Don is an old, mean, dork!

    Dorky Don.

  3. ricky says:

    I’m not saying I could do any better, but when political ads come on the radio I turn the station.
    Why would anybody want to watch a political ad on LWS?
    I won’t click on that ever.

    ricky from omaha

  4. Pinks 4 Prez says:

    Good day all. From today forward, we need to ALL write-in Matt Pinkerton for President. He has done SO much for the Republican party that we here at should ALL start a write-in nomination for Mr. Pinkerton. We need you… truckers, rednecks, and common-folk to write-in Matt for the presidential election. Thank you, and stay classy Omaha.

  5. BTO says:

    no. I am supporting this very opinionated guy on here that calls him self Brian “T” Osborne. Hey, if he’s related to Tom, then I’m voting him in for president. BGR!!!

  6. Boss Hogg says:

    Can’t wait for my inheritance. With Dad trying to buy Lee Enterprises, I’ll own most of the media in Nebraska.

  7. Media Matters says:

    How much do you want to bet the Herald endorses Kerrey? Susie “Boss Hogg” Buffett must be thrilled with her new toy.

  8. Never Left The Neb says:

    so I guess in all those years of working for Senator Hagel, Glenn Freeman never learned about the Campaign Finance laws? his boss was sure for accountability, but old Glenn Freeman is not? Only 1 document for Glenn, just an snail mailed copy of his declaration. but one wonders, where did he get the $$$ for his 5 page mailing? Even a limited number of a 5 piece direct mail piece would cost over $5000. that would indicate that he should have hit his raise/spent threshold, wouldn’t it.

    frankly as smart as Glenn Freeman is willing to tell people he is and as dumb as all those other candidates are (also according to Glenn), you would think that he would be able to understand how to let the voters know who is bankrolling him-or if no one is supporting him.

  9. Never Left The Neb says:

    Is her new toy bob kerrey or the pen and quill? Does her current boy toy dick holland know about this new development?

    Oh well, at least Dick still has Janie Pants and her tatas to keep himself entertained and his wallet empty.

  10. Get a clue! says:

    Bruning has more baggage with the establishment then any candidate. Consider the following from Nebraska Watchdog “Mark Fahleson, a partner at the Rembolt Ludtke law firm, lists himself as a “special assistant attorney general since 2005” on his firm’s website. According to this 2010 letter, Bruning appointed Fahleson and two other lawyers at his firm to represent the state Labor Department in a lawsuit over changes the labor commissioner made to an old Labor Department retirement plan. The letter says the lawyers “are subject to the supervision and direction of the attorney general.”

  11. RWP says:

    Hey, did you hear Westminster Kennel Club invited Obama to their dog show, and he replied “You bet! I love dim sum!”

    And is there any truth to the rumor that Obama’s dog’s name is an acronym for ‘bake overnight’

    And when Kennedy recommended a portuguese water dog to him, Obama asked what wine would go best with it.

    I’ll be here all week folks!

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