Bob Kerrey: An unusually good liar

You may have heard that Bob Kerrey thinks Jon Bruning wasn’t being sufficiently respectful to the President of the United States by calling him “Barack Obama” instead of “President Obama” in a recent ad.

Kerrey said, well, maybe Bruning isn’t experienced enough to know better.

The Bruning camp pointed out the many times Kerrey referred to George W. Bush without calling him President Bush. We tweeted that Kerrey didn’t use the term of respect when he said of his President in 1996…

“Clinton’s an unusally good liar. Unusually good. Do you realize that?”

But Kerrey’s campaign manager — nay, the Best Campaign Manager in the Country — defended Kerrey saying, well those were only interviews, not campaign ads, where the words are very carefully parsed out.

As a matter of fact, Kerrey says he would never do such a thing?

Well, here is the quote:

“It’s disrespectful,” says Kerrey. “I would never call President Bush ‘George Bush’…no it’s President Bush, it’s President Clinton, President Obama. Yes I think it is disrespectful.”

You got that? “NEVER.”

Ah, former Senator Kerrey. Well how about in an ad, in a Presidential campaign, like this?

You may remember this pseudo-famous ad by Kerrey in the midst of the 1992 New Hampshire Presidential primary.

For those of you who cannot watch the video, here is the relevant quote from the ever-claiming-to-be-respectful Kerrey:

We’re becoming a low wage nation, and all George Bush can do is go to Japan and beg for a few concessions. I’m Bob Kerrey. When I’m President the time for begging is through.

Gee Misters Kerrey and Johnson. Didn’t hear a single “President” in front of the Commander in Chief’s name there.

Are we to understand you didn’t think this one through enough? Or was Presidential candidate Kerrey just too inexperienced when he was running for the most powerful office in the world?

We are looking forward to the follow-up story here.
Oh, and Kerrey’s apology to Bruning.


And we see that the OWH has their follow-up bio-story on the House candidate Gwen Howard, after the one about John Ewing.

These are interesting and all. But what is it that they tell us about how Ms. Howard would vote in Congress? Will there be a follow up to tell us ANY of her positions on the chief issues before members of the House of Representatives? Or is it all about how hard of a worker she is, from fellow Democrats?

We saw one quote from the Douglas County GOP Chair saying that she is liberal. And…how? Because? Was there any follow-up there? That is sort of a key point, no? And if it is not, then why even have it in there?

The OWH’s endorsement in THIS race will be interesting.


In case you are keeping score at home, Mitt Romney takes dogs on family vacations.
And Barack Obama…er PRESIDENT Obama…has them for dinner.
Not TO dinner, but FOR dinner.
(Somebody check on Bo!!!)


ShePAC, which endorsed five conservative female Senate candidates, including Deb Fischer, has this web ad up


  1. C’mon, Sweeper, is that the best you’ve got … semantics? Next thing you’ll be doing is correcting Kerrey’s punctuation!
    Why not discuss something with real MEAT on it, like Jon Bruning paying Mark Fahleson to do his grunt work on our dime? Isn’t that exactly the same thing that Mr. Bruning has been accusing Mr. Stenberg of having done?

  2. OK Brian, that’s rich even for you.

    KERREY is the one who brought this up about Bruning.
    We didn’t bring it up.
    KERREY said he’d NEVER do something like disrespect the President by not using his title.
    KERREY criticized Bruning for it. Said he must be too inexperience.
    And low and behold we find arguably Kerrey’s most famous ad where he does JUST THAT.

    Dance around whatever else you got. Kerrey 100% brought this one on himself.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper, that ad was from 1991, the same year Jon Bruning was writing about how great abortion, affirmative action, gay rights, and gun control are for the Daily Nebraskan.

  4. Yep. And the Kerrey quote is from two days ago when he said he would NEVER do something like that.
    Of course, you can just ask Chuck Hassebrook what Kerrey means when he says, “never”.

  5. As for what President Obama ate when he was a NINE YEAR OLD CHILD and living in another nation where dog meat is considered by some to be a festive dish preserved for special occasions, that demonstrates just how desperate the Republican Party has become in its vain attempt to be relevant. If anything, since dog meat is considered to be “haram,” or unclean, as is pork, that would belie the trash spread by those who claim the President to be a Muslim.
    Dog meat is consumed in many nations around the world, particularly in the Far East. However, it also appears on the menu in such nations as Switzerland. Cat meat is commonly found in restaurants in Brescia, in northern Italy. Horse meat butcher shops abound throughout Europe.
    Just because most Americans find certain dishes served in other countries to be disgusting, that doesn’t make us morally superior to them. And really, comparing what Mr. Romney did to his dog, as an ADULT, to what Pres. Obama did as a CHILD just demonstrates how low the GOP is willing to go.

  6. Oh Brian please.
    Stop defending dog abuse by Democrats.
    I’m not sure why you think what Michael Vick and other dog abusers and eaters do is OK, but hopefully you will eventually admit the error of your ways.

    I’m just a little worried about when Bob Kerrey says he has NEVER eaten a labradoodle…

  7. ChristianConservative says:

    BTO – And yet the items you’ve attacked, regarding Kerrey and Obama, were in response to attacks on Republican candidates in the exact same vein. Ultimately, the Democrats started it, and the Republicans were simply responding, and yet you’re talking about how desperate the REPUBLICANS are? Why not take a look at your own party… something about those who live in glass houses might not want to throw stones.

  8. Sweeper, would you like to go on a little “vacation” with me? I’ve got a closed box tied to the top of my pickup and you can ride up there. Don’t worry, if you crap your pants, I’ll be sure to pull over and hose you off every once in a while.

  9. Sweeper, Please show me where I EVER defended Michael Vick. Now your just pulling crap out of your ass because you don’t really have a substantial argument.

    “Christian”Conservative, “Well … you did it first!” Is that the Christian way to substantiate your argument? Since you’re going to throw the Jesus card on the table – WWJD?
    There is a VAST difference between an ADULT abusing his pet by sticking it on top of his car and going on a 12 hour trip, pulling over to hose the poor beast down when it was covered in its own filth, and what a NINE YEAR OLD BOY did when he participated in what was considered normal behavior in the place and time that he did it.
    Maybe it takes someone like me that lives in a glass house to be able to witness your hypocrisy.

  10. Kevin says:

    This is my first time reading your column. Here’s my take. So, Kerrey’s inconsistent on using the title ‘President’. Show me a politician (or citizen for that matter) who isn’t. You’re comparing an well educated adult man’s decision on traveling with his dog to a young boy eating what his grandfather offers him in an attempt to familiarize him with the culture helives in. Really sticking to those important topics. At least bring up Republican officials, interrupting this president with catcalls and name calling during his formal televised speeches.

  11. Brian,
    The last time a Democrat said they would NEVER do something, Bob Kerrey ended up kicking Chuck Hassebrook in the nuts. So forgive me if I don’t believe that “How to serve Republicans” isn’t a cookbook.

  12. Bam says:

    Gotta love seeing Bri-Bri in all his schizoid glory. Desperately trying to impress with his (Googled) knowledge of foreign words and trivia, and desperately seeking to offend with the foulest mouth on the street.

    This BS from Kerrey is just chaff to deflect from his support of Obamacare (excuse me, “PresidentObamacare”), his non-residency in Nebraska, his pro-abortion stand, his secret deal with Harry Reid, and his upfront-and-personal killing of old people and kids in Vietnam.

    All things being equal, I’d much rather be a dog going on vacation with the Romneys than a dog going to the butcher with Obama.

  13. Kevin,
    First time here, is it?
    OK, here is what we ask: Address what is written.

    BOB KERREY — not Street Sweeper, not Jon Bruning, not Joe Jordan — said he would NEVER not use “President” when speaking of George Bush. NEVER. His words. Not ours.
    Kerrey said Bruning was disrespectful and inexperienced to do so.
    And then we post a video of Kerrey doing EXACTLY THAT WHICH HE SAID HE’D NEVER DO.
    So forget the dog stuff. We’ve just f*cking around with that, and I don’t really care one way or another. You want to make a big deal of it? Feel free.
    But Kerrey calling out his opponent, taking some sort of higher ground on it is complete and utter bullshit and Kerrey should apologize to Bruning.

    And thanks for reading Kevin.

  14. Sweeper, Bruning should apologize to every single Nebraskan for the way he has directed our taxes to fill the coffers of his old law partners, for the way he bribed Nelnet bigwigs into helping him buy a beach house, and the way he spends more time running for the next higher office than he does serving in the one he just got elected to.
    Really! Honestly! You’re going to keep harping on what the guy said thirty years ago? His comments then, and the ones of two days ago haven’t cost us a DIME. Bruning, on the other hand …

  15. Macdaddy says:

    What? Kerrey got caught in an easily checked lie? I guess he isn’t an unusually good liar like his buddy Clinton. Now, about his reputation for being a superb politician, color me unimpressed. He thinks this is still the 20th century. No wonder he got fired from his last job. The university president job, I mean, not all the corporate board jobs.

  16. Bob Loblaw says:

    I cn’t belive they killed the Historic Horse Racing bill. Senator Heideman you will not be getting my vote for regent. Senator Lautenbaugh, thanks for fighting the good fight.

    I am so glad that the Governor and Unicam will finally kill one of the more enjoyable things for young people like me to do in Lincoln during the Summer. Thankfully they’re protecting me from spending my own money the way that I see fit. I’d hate to think what would happen if we did allow an industry that has jobs and supports families in this state, and one that has been kicked in the teeth by the legislature numerous times, try to innovate and survive.

    I’m also thankful that the Gambling with the Good Life creeps lied about this bill expanding gambling, and creating rampant drug use, prostitution, bankruptcy, and any other conceivable societal ill you can think of. We are so lucky that no Nebraskans go to Iowa and gamble. Could you imagine how run down and decrepit Omaha would be if our citizens were somehow able to traverse the Mighty Missouri River and make it to the casinos? We are lucky that the river keeps all of those problems to the other side of the border and Iowa keeps their paltry hundreds of millions in taxes to pay for the exorbinant expansion of social services caused by gambling.

    And I can’t figure out for the life of me why many of the other people I graduated with from UNL moved to Vegas, LA, Chicago, Kansas City, etc. and ask me why I still live here.

  17. RWP says:

    SS: Bob Kerrey stole $350 while at UNL

    BTO: Why do you hate veterans?

    SS: Obama ate a hamster.

    BTO: Hey, they eat broiled hamsters in Lithuania. What are you, a racist?


  18. RWP says:

    Mexican President: Have you visited Mexico before?

    Obama: Yes, one of the border states

    Mexican President: Chihuahua?

    Obama: No thanks. They’re delicious, but I just ate.

  19. B Gray says:

    Our first He-ShePAC endorsement goes to Ann Ashford Ferlic. Who better represents the ability to portray themselves in multiple facets that the lifelong Democrat now recent Republican convert. She however fooled no one last night at the Republican Soup Supper yesterday. The room was 99 to 1 in support of Hal Daub.

  20. RWP says:

    You’re barking up the wrong tree, BTO. Maybe you need a brief paws.

    BTW, did you hear that when MTV asked if he preferred Boxers to briefs, he said Boxers, although you don’t want to overcook them.

  21. RWP says:

    Steven Chu: I hate to leave, Mr President, but I have to get back to the lab.

    Obama: I’m sorry Steve. I had no idea I was interrupting your dinner!

  22. Bam says:

    Oh, I’M the one stuck in the groove, Brain-Brain? Really? You, the one who can’t help but go to the groin or to defecation in every other post? Really. Huh. Anyway…

    Professor, I love your stuff, though – I think Obama and “the dog ate my homework so I ate the dog” jokes will carry us through the summer.

  23. Lil Mac says:

    The word is HYPOCRITE. Few things are more feared in politics than being revealed a hypocrite because hypocrisy is truth that pours out of the candidate himself. Whereas lies are easy to prove wrong, hypocrisy is the candidate’s own public words and deeds against his own public words and deeds, thus proving to voters he cannot be trusted. And that extends to Kerrey’s bloggers here who yesterday praised their own calm rationality yet come here today to spatter others with filth because their candidate chose to open his mouth and prove himself a hypocrite. To justify Bob’s hypocrisy, his supporters make themselves into hypocrites. Kerrey set the example.

    What could drive people, who are politically active and thus want and need to be seen as rational, to separate themselves from their dignity to fling poo and prove themselves hypocritical, as Kerrey and BTO do by attacking Bruning and Street Sweeper?

    I think the answer is, Bob is behind. It’s a big shock. But keep on flinging poo and Bob will stay behind. Or you can go out get him some votes. My guess is, having poop on your hands won’t win you many extra votes on the handshaking trail. But, if calling me bad names keeps your poopy fist in the jug, fire away.

  24. In the tank for Bruning says:

    All of this hullabaloo about KERREY’s swipe at Bruning – which was admittedly DUMB. But Fischer gets a significant endorsement from a SuperPAC and it’s an afterthought on your post, and Stenberg sends a mailer swiping Bruning on his Nelnet sponsored party house at Big Sandy and that doesn’t even get a mention. Dude- in. the. tank. for Bruning.

    But at least you have lots of time to trade barbs with BTO while you’re kickin’ it in AZ.

  25. Whining at 1:59,
    Not only was the Fischer post an afterthought — we were more or less pleaded into putting it up. That’s nice that Sen. Fischer got an “endorsement”, but were we under the impression they were looking at endorsing Pat Flynn and this was an upset? As I mentioned to one of your compadres, as soon as ShePAC announces some money with it, or does an ad, we will (hopefully) be the first to talk about it. Until then, is there something to say? And if so, we sure as hell didn’t receive an release or an email on it.
    And as far as Stenberg’s ad goes, we received an email about it at 12:50pm.
    And we Tweeted it (you DO follow our Tweets, yeah?), immediately after. Which you can see on the right side of this page.
    And we will discuss it further tomorrow.

    And thanks for reading.

  26. Lil Mac, your logic is increasingly difficult to follow. Who has been calling YOU bad names? Or is “Lil Mac” just one of your aliases? Maybe I’m being as simple minded as Bambi, but please explain how you consider my holding Sweeper’s feet to the fire as being hypocritical.
    “… go out and get him some votes.” Seriously? Maybe that’s what YOU should be doing instead of trolling a blog full of us hypocrites.

  27. who cares says:

    Who cares about ShePAC endorsing Fischer. Fischer’s campaign was done the moment she filed her FEC report. And nobody cares about the tired attacks from the Stenberg campaign.

  28. Ikon says:

    Ha! So much for Free Speech on NE Watchdog! So I posted on Joe’s, ” it’s my toy “, site about the infantile “Respect” piece he dragged Kerrey into doing, and he Deleted the post. My post basically said that he was making an jerk out of Kerrey by having him address such a lame topic as Bruning not being respectful to Obama… a err sorry, P Obama and that the time could have been better spent doing an intelligent critique of the commercial, which BTW, is very nicely done but still pit bull, racist, lowlife appealing trash! Ah where are the Republicans of DDE’s era??? I also added that it was worthy of a high school gov class project, let’s do a political video, ie he said, she said, gossip piece. I think that that remark might have put him over the edge. I also added that ” Politics were War ” & if Kerrey doesn’t realize this, he’s in deep dodo! Anyway, I’ve had SS delete me a few times but at least he forgives & forgets & doesn’t electronically block any further post. I find it interesting that Joe’s site is so sophisticated that it does this or maybe so few people make comments that Joe sit there all day & does it by finger??>? Of I almost forgot, one other thing I said was, that it’s lucky for Kerrey that so few people read his “Toy Site” that it might not hurt Kerrey much. Guess I was wrong as SS has done this blurb!!!

  29. Senator Snowplow says:

    Brian, even I can see that the point is NOT when Bob said 20 years ago, but what he said last week. And the relevance of what he said 20 years ago is that it shows he’s senile. And forgetful. Or possibly a hypocrite. Fortunately, no one in the regular media will likely cover this so it’ll be like our little secret.

  30. Ikon says:

    S Snow; you might have a point of Kerrey’s brain function. I’m not from here about so I don’t know, but has he always been a bit Spacey??

  31. Ikon says:

    Oh BTW, for all you beer lovers, Baltika # 6. What’s called nutritional beer from Evil Empire Russia now owned by those Right Wing Capitalist Pigs, Carlberg Brewery!!

  32. I guess that means that you and I are getting senile as well. I can’t remember every word I said 20 years ago, can you? But, the important thing is that Bob Kerrey said, or didn’t say, something that was pretty insignificant (and THAT is why the mainstream press won’t be touching this one) 20 years ago so it is BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC news here on LS. Well … that and something a young boy ate in Indonesia 40 some years ago. Now THAT is GARGANTUAN news!!!
    I’ve gotta admit, I am enjoying RWP’s stand up routine though. I was busy today and missed lunch, gotta go get some chow.

  33. RWP says:

    S Snow; you might have a point of Kerrey’s brain function. I’m not from here about so I don’t know, but has he always been a bit Spacey??

    He was popularly known as Cosmic Bob.

  34. Bam says:

    But back to the topic: How good could Bob possibly BE as a senator anymore? For one thing, he makes a big deal about someone not saying “President” (TRIVIAL). He is either forgetful or ignoring that he’s done the same himself (SENILE and/or DISHONEST). If he can’t trust his memory, he’d at least get a trusted lieutenant to make sure he’d never done that himself (UNRESOURCEFUL).

    So he’s trivial, senile/dishonest, and unresourceful. That, and a non-resident, a bribe-taker, a left-wing extremist, and a kid killer (I can see why Brianbi likes him so).

    Second only to the jokes about President Pavlov are the laughs generated by the Kerrey crowd, who find pics of Bob in uniform from nearly 50 years ago tremendously qualifying, but quotes from Bob on camera 20 years ago incredibly irrelevant.

  35. Sweetwater Observer says:

    Why even speculate on who the OWH will endorse? The OWH will endorse whomever Susie and Warren tell them to endorse…..and of course you can all figure that out on your own. It is a sad day for fair press in Nebraska

  36. Bam says:

    No sweat, Bran – I’ve easily swatted your best. You’re flipping out taunts that I last had to deal with in junior high. You just need to work on dealing with the issues at this point.

  37. Bam says:

    Pretty common knowledge that if Warren comes with a check, you sell. Do you NOT keep up with common knowledge, Bran?

  38. Never Left The Neb says:

    Just to be clear, someone better get ready to call the Justice Department to open an investigation because John Ewing is going to close 3-THREE!!! Treasurer’s Office to save the County $300,000 a year. which one’s will he leave open? How will he decide? Will I have any choice but to pay the obnoxious fee if i renew online?

    And, by the way, will we still need 96 employees to run 2 offices? Will they be fired by seniority and will that Seniority be based on how many years you have worked in the DC Treasurer’s Office or will they add the years you were a cop too?

    And why do you need to have 19 employees at each Branch anyway? Most banks I have the occasion to visit typically have about 5-10 employees. why 19, are they making the plates in the backroom instead of at the State Pen these days?

  39. Bill brasky says:

    Let me see if I get the Kerry apologists logic here; Bruning says something at age 42 and it is horrible, terrible, and disrespectful. Kerrey said the same thing at 48, but that doesn’t count because it was 20 years ago, it was a different time. Is that about right?

  40. Macdaddy says:

    I was momentarily distracted by the article that said Bob Kerrey made more in the last year than I’ll probably make in my lifetime unless I can get on a corporate board, but then I read about the prenatal bill override and saw that proponents were saying this would prevent birth defects. That is a true statement. It prevents them when the mother opts for an abortion rather than giving birth to a defective child. Way to go.

  41. Bam says:

    Brian, you’ve done the poop taunts, the self-abuse taunts, the whole junior high routine. As you’ve continued to de-evolve in this thread, you’ve taken to appropriating my name, and as the final effort, you’ve gone to echoing – the most primitive form of debate. Although you’re in your 50s, your descent to grade school is complete.

    “Bam” is a made-up name; no one knows who I really am. My reputation can take hits galore since I’m not an identifiable person. But “Brian T. Osborn” IS known… and you’re no longer the person that others had you at a week ago. You have been reduced to a child and it’s pretty damn hard to come back from that.

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