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Don Stenberg has a new radio ad out, knocking Jon Bruning for farming out some of his AG cases.

Hear it here:

And Stenberg told Watchdog that Bruning should take down his ads on the subject.

And that’s fine. Except that it is our understanding that the matters in question were where the AG’s office had a conflict and could not take the cases anyway. (If someone feels that is not fully correct, feel free to note it in the comments.) And then there is some question about Mark Fahleson’s office taking the cases — except that 1) Fahleson’s office is experienced in that area of the law and 2) they got the cases BEFORE he was party chair.

But this all gets back to… is this going to flip the race to Don Stenberg? These are the issues that are going to make up 20 or 30 points? We are waiting for Don’s big move, and we do not think we have seen it yet.


Certain people were apparently miffed that we didn’t talk about the Fischer endorsement by ShePAC enough yesterday. So we will just repeat what we noted in the comments section. That is, the endorsement by this new SuperPAC will be a big deal IF it eventually comes along with some cash. Otherwise, did we think that ShePAC was originally going to endorse Spencer Zimmerman, but that Deb Fischer stole it away? Would ShePAC be involved in the Nebraska Senate race if Deb Fischer wasn’t in?

So RealClearPolitics followed up with it to say that this PAC, formed by former Sarah Palin supporters may/will be sending in some cash for Fischer closer to the primary date. We will be watching when that happens, and will update you accordingly.


A note on the “ohmygosh Bob Kerrey is so rich” article in the OWH today. The reporter asks Kerrey about the wealth he has accumulated, and Kerrey responds, “I’m a very fortunate man.”

Bull shirt.

Can we just get away from that, “I’ve been so fortunate” or “I’m really lucky” crap. Last time we checked, Kerrey had to go through rehab after his leg was blown off and didn’t win the Lotto afterwards. We are pretty sure he worked his ass off to build his businesses, then run for office and get the admin and corporate board gigs afterwards. But this isn’t to compliment Kerrey on his achievements. Because Kerrey has turned into one of these Liberal Guilt guys who then think because he made it, he should pass out tax-payers money to everyone else.

Mitt Romney is going through this right now. He didn’t have his wealth passed down to him. He made a boat-load of cash by busting his ass. It is unlikely he spent his day blogging (hey, wait a minute) or playing video games or whatever the 70’s and 80’s equivalent of that was.

Guys like the Kennedys, yeah, they were fortunate to have had a father who was a bootlegger. But many to most of those who have made money did so by working hard, and to give that “I’m fortunate” line diminishes the idea of hard work and does a disservice to the people you hope to represent.


And hey all you Kerrey Haters out there who bash on Kerrey for owning an apartment in New York City, and not owning a home in Nebraska! We have NEWS for you! Kerrey doesn’t even own an apartment in NYC!

He rents.

He OWNS a home out on Long Island. So there.

Oh, and when you all were paying your taxes into Lincoln, Kerrey’s went to Albany. (That’s in upstate New York!)


Over in the NE-02 GOP primary, Congressman Lee Terry was endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, who said, Terry’s reelection “will help produce sustained economic growth, help create new jobs, and get our country back on track.”

Terry was also endorsed by the National Rifle Association, whom you have probably heard of.


And on that endorsement front, Jon Bruning will also receive the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s endorsement. And Don Stenberg received a nod from Nebraskans United for Life. Stenberg, Bruning, Flynn and Fischer all received Nebraska Right to Life’s endorsement.

We are sure we are missing someone’s endorsement from somewhere. Feel free to fill in the blanks in the comments.


  1. Paula says:

    Mitt Romney didn’t have his wealth passed down to him? There is Vanity Fair article where Ann talks about selling Mitt’s stocks that his dad gave him so neither of them would have to work while in college.

    That being said, it is obvious that Mr. Romney is a very smart business man and was able to amass a great fortune, but to say that his father’s accomplishments didn’t help Mitt is ridiculous. Our political class’s offsprings do benefit them (Kennedy, Bush).

    And regarding how Kerrey got his wealth, Bruning’s financial position increased greatly while he was in office. See, both sides can play that game.

  2. @Paula says:

    Not only did Bruning’s financial position increase greatly while in office, he hasn’t spent any real time out of office! He has been a “public servant” basically since he got out of law school.

    Not only that, but his net worth is estimated at 5-8 times that of Bob Kerrey, without starting his own businesses from scratch. If anyone has issues with being out of touch with the masses, it is our fair Attorney General.

  3. RWP says:

    » $800,000 in consulting fees from Sidney Kimmel Revocable Trust. Kerrey called that his primary gig after he stepped down as New School president, helping a company in Israel sustain its research into low-energy nuclear reactions. The project ultimately was handed over to the University of Missouri.

    Oh good grief. Yeah, I bet CosmicBob knows all about low energy nuclear reactions. Wonder what the actual truth on this one is. Just laundering money from another Dem. billionaire donor?

    Too bad our bought and paid for press won’t ask questions about this gig. I bet it’s really interesting, in an insanely corrupt way.

  4. RWP says:

    OK, so get this. Kerrey’s major gig in the last year was working for the ‘Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance’, set up for the discredited and fraudulent pursuit of ‘cold fusion’, an idea that respectable physics disowned abou 2 weeks of its proposal, back around 1990.

    $800k to help the physics equivalent of creationism! Gosh, Bob doesn’t stray too far from the cosmic, does he?

  5. RWP says:

    The company Kerrey was ‘consulting’ with is apparently called “Energetics Technology” and has facilities in Omar Israel and Columbia MO. They were capitalized at $0.5 m to $1m. But they had $0.8 m to give to Bob Kerrey?

  6. Bam says:

    With that kind of talent (and capacity to raise huge bucks), why didn’t Obama – er, PRESIDENT Obama – tab him as Energy Sec’y?

  7. RWP says:

    Kimmel was a major Obama backer. He also had Kerrey on the board of the Jones group, which he controls.

    So now we have records of two separate Democrat billionaires giving huge sinecures to Kerrey, both a year before the Nelson senate seat even became vacant.

  8. RWP says:

    It’s called money laundering, Bam. You hire the guy to do nothing, but give him a lot of money. He can then contribute as much as he wants to his own campaign.

    I’m not amazed he’s this crooked. I’m amazed it took me two hours in an airport with an iPad to figure it out. These guys are sloppy.

  9. Macdaddy says:

    RWP, apparently you are against progress. If we are going to solve the energy crisis we need to think outside the box and outside the laws of nuclear physics. Because wave-particle duality exists, cold and warm fusion can both exist and co-exist within the reality that we all observe. Mind. Blown.

    Now can I get an A?

  10. RWP says:

    Yours is a better description of quantum mechanics than Bob Kerrey’s. Mind, that’s damning you with faint praise.

    If anyone wants to read about Keerey’s mysterious employer, google “Israeli/US Company Researching Cold Fusion”

  11. ricky says:

    OMG nobody is going to click on a link to see or hear a commercial for the G O P! I’d rather go for a root canal.

    ricky from omaha

    PS Mr Kerrey is pulling in some big bucks.

  12. Bam, not going to even question it, so you can turn off your stopwatch. And WTF @ 2:05?

    Soooooo. Mr. Kerrey got a gig on some company’s board after having served as a Governor and a Senator. I’ll bet that’s the first time that THAT has ever happened. RWP, could you do a quick Googly search on a few Republicans and see whether any of THEM have ever been so dastardly?

    The thing that is amazing is how Jon Bruning has turned his lower level government positions into so much payola. The guy is a crook of the highest caliber!

  13. Farmer Nelson Had a Farm says:

    Stenberg’s attacks are just a bunch of background noise in a race that nobody but his supporters believe is close. MSM has already and rightfully pivoted to Bruning v. Kerrey. It reminds me of ’06 general when all the Ricketts people said his 30 point lag in the polls was a bunch of hooey and had to resort to desperate, negative, ridiculous attacks. Ricketts lost a lot of credibility from main street Nebraskans after that race, and Stenberg will too.

  14. Mom told me to wear a hat says:

    @Farmer Nelson

    At least Ricketts hasn’t tried to run for office again. I wouldn’t put it past Stenberg to wage a 5th failed Senate run against Johanns in the ’14 primary!

  15. Farmer Nelson Had a Farm says:


    Haha!! I’d bet my Platte River Farm on it.

    And for the record, I liked Pete and think we can all agree he would have made a much better Senator than E. Benjamin. i even felt bad for him when the only two counties he won were on the Wyoming border where they only got Cheyenne TV stations (ie didn’t see any of his ridiculous ads). I just wish Don would learn from Pete’s mistakes and stop with all the negativity. His campaign is hopeless regardless, the least he can do is save NEB voters from the pain.

  16. RWP says:

    What could Bob Kerrey possibly offer a tiny start up company developing crackpot technology that was worth $800 K to them? Nothing.

    Kerrey was paid over a million dollars last year alone by two billionaire Democratic donors to do exactly nothing. ‘Consult’ for a tiny Israeli American company that magically ceased to exist right after Kerrey was paid, and act as chairman for a shell corporation. No, he wasn’t paid to do nothing. He was paid to run for the Senate. It’s called a bribe.

    You have now given up your sanctimonious card, BTO. I don’t want to hear your sermons about corruption and the rich. The fact is, I could show you a videotape of Bob Kerrey taking suitcases of money from a member of the Gotti family, and you’d find some excuse.

  17. kathryn says:

    What do the latest polls say about this? I can’t imagine Stenberg’s tactics are doing much good for him. Wouldn’t surprise me if they actually went down.

  18. If that chemistry thing doesn’t work out for you, you might have a great career writing scripts for Hollywood conspiracy potboilers, RWP.
    How’d that Googly search for Republicans guilty of the same thing work out for you, RWP? Not so hot? Try adding “Koch Bros.” to the mix.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Stenberg would have to have some credibility first in order to lose it. Don has hitched his wagon to out of state interests a the while shouting LOOK AT ME I’m the MOST Nebraskan in the race. No don your a washed up has been wanna be, just like Senator Flood.

    Nope this race is now all about Jon staying awake at the wheel and not surrendering the GOP nod the Senator Fischer.

  20. RWP says:

    It gets better.

    Energetics technologies, the company for which Bob Kerrey was, according to him, supposed to raise capital, was founded by Irving Dardik, a vascular surgeon who lost his license to practice medicine in New York for, well, being a quack. Irving went on to found a ‘superwave’ theory of everything. Of course, the bitter jealous physics community, to the extent it’s aware of him at all, won’t recognize his True Genius. Stanley Kimmel, Bob Kerrey’s sugardaddy, discovered Dardik’s genius when one of Dardik’s superwave machines made him feel much better. So he started plaowing money into Dardik’s Israeli company, who actually has never made anything, but continues experiments into how to use quantum gravity waves to provide Infinite Energy.

    None of this is made up. You can look it all up.

    So our aspiring Senator’s most recent employer is Dr. Fruitenlooper, and Bob’s job was to go raise money for him. And this guy now wants to go to the Senate to vote on our energy future.

    Frankly, I think my bribery theory is kinder to Cosmic Bob.

  21. RWP, I took your bait and have been Googling Sidney Kimmel, Irving Dardik, and Energetics Technologies. I must admit, after having researched a bit, I see you for the fraud that you are. You have taken some tenuous associations and knitted a nice little story that fits your legendary biases. Unfortunately your tale arrives at a conclusion seemingly fueled by some of Stanley Owsley’s finest.

    Just what HAVE you been concocting (and consuming) in that lab of yours?

  22. RWP says:

    Do me a favor, BTO, don’t comment on science, and I won’t comment on – what exactly is it you do?

    Fact 1: Dardik was disbarred by the New York Medical board “with practicing medicine fraudulently; exercising undue influence and exploiting patients for his own financial gain;” The documents are online at quackwatch.

    Fact 2: Dardik founded Energetics technologies to apply his fruit loop idea of ‘superwaves’ to cold fusion.

    Fact 3: Sidney Kimmel was an angel investor in Energetics Technologies. He has continued to ‘invest’ in cold fusion right through this year.

    Fact 4: Kimmel gave Bob Kerrey $0.8 m last year to help secure further funding for Energetics Technologies.

    Which of these would you like to dispute?

  23. Macdaddy says:

    How can I get a meeting with Mr. Kimmel? I got this theory of biological oscillators, see, that will revolutionize medicine. We’ll be able to live dozens of years with proper funding.

    RWP, doff of the cap to you.

  24. Anonymous says:

    BTO when is the Phelps County Democratic Party Convention this year? Are you going to try holding a sham election again with your 2 friends before anyone arrives? Please tell us, I would like to go see it for a good laugh, I guess Rebekah Davis, Marian Bahensky, and Harriet Larson got a good laugh out of it last time.

  25. Unknownymous says:

    You keep telling that same old lie. Since Marion Buttinski and Rebekah Davis ARE not and WERE not residents of Phelps county how are we to believe that Harriet Larson staged a coup in Phelps County, with the aid of these outsiders, in a group you claim was composed solely of BTO’s supporters?

    Your perpetual repetition of these lies just goes to prove that Marion Buttinski is a tyrant and a lying old gas bag. The fact that you support her does not make her any less of an interfering and devious old bat.

  26. Do me a favor, RWP, don’t comment on politics and I won’t comment on what you do in that little lab of yours in your spare time. I’ll continue to do so because I am a professional pain-in-the-ass.
    I don’t necessarily dispute any of the “facts” that you have presented, it is the conclusions that you have drawn from them that I reject, mainly because there is MUCH more to the picture than you have presented. I would suggest that anyone that cares just do as I did and Google the information for themselves. They will very quickly see what I mean.
    I’ll give you one little tidbit I came across. I would suppose that you think Mr. Kerrey was unqualified to serve on the board of Tenent Healthcorp Corp., even though he is a Doctor of Pharmacy. Well, Jeb Bush is currently on its Board of Directors. What are HIS qualifications?

  27. Well, while I agree with the gist of what Unknownymous stated, perhaps he/she should have used less aggressive words. After all, there ARE children here and they’ve already cried to their mommies about me being such a meany.
    And @8:21, I have already explained this to you a number of times, but you are either senile or have a comprehension disability. Take your questions about the next county convention to the current chair of the Phelps County Democrats, because it ain’t me. So long as you continue stalking me with your tomfoolery, you only make those three women appear even more ridiculous than they did on the day they showed up a half hour late, and in the wrong location, for a meeting that was advertised in the Holdrege Daily Citizen – as required by law.
    You should ask RWP if he’ll share his stash with you. Maybe that’d blow your mind and help you to understand.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Unknownamous @ 9:33

    BTO didn’t your momma teach you it’d impolite to blog anonymously, that when you attack an 83 year old woman you should do it with the name your mama gave ya!

  29. RWP says:

    I see BTO is back to calling names and trying the ‘they do it too’ meme. Word: Jeb Bush isn’t running for anything, BTO.

    I have a blog post up on Bob Kerrey and Cold Fusion. This guy works for a company that claims you can get energy from the quantum gravity waves that pervade the universe, man. And next year he wants to be in a position to vote on the US energy future.

    Flakes, fruits and nuts.

  30. Unknownymous says:

    Anonymous @ 9:52

    Wrong again, Moron. I’m not BTO, but I do know him. I also know Marion Buttinsky and Rebekah Davis.

    You’re proving all the points that BTO has tried to make about the NDP. Only sheep are welcome. Anyone who has the capacity to think or examine the situation is branded a trouble maker.

    As long as you’re bringing up this crap, can you explain why Rebekah Davis didn’t bother to show up at her own County Convention in Box Butte County? Since the position of County Chair is so prized, I’m sure she, too, could have had the position if she had only taken the time to participate.

    It’s not thinking people who are destroying the NDP. It’s vile gossip mongers like you and Marion Buttinsky, who spread lies and half truths about situations you have no knowledge of, that are pulling the NDP apart.

    At least the NDP has one less problem than it did two years ago. Lisa Hannah has left the state. It’s only a slight improvement – she still seems intent on following your path and presists in spreading the same kind of lies and half truths you do from her sty in New Mexico.

    Make that two less problems – Ben Nelson won’t be around to tarnish our brand with his votes for pure corporate greed.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Is there anyone here that doubts that Unknownymous is BTO? Do you think he’s created this fictional character to make it look like he has one supporter in the world, or it’s the onset of split-personality disorder?

  32. Anonymous says:

    If you transpose just two vowels, you no longer have a “Brain” but rather a “Brian”. That’s what I call one hell of a vowel movement.

    9:52 nailed it. Brian can’t mask his own idiom enough to fake not being himself.

  33. Unknownymous says:

    As shocking as it might be to some of the sheep in the NDP, there are a whole lot of Nebraska Democrats who agree with most of what Brian Osborn has to say. There are even a few of us who are still active in the party making a futile attempt to get some of the points he makes across to you morons.

    There’s a reason that a large number of rural counties in the state didn’t bother to host a Caucus last Saturday. A-holes, like you, have made it imposible to keep volunteers in rural Nebraska. Why would anyone volunteer to be a county chair for the NDP when they have absolutely no input on the operation of the organization, but are hounded to do all of the grunt work and pay for it out of their own pockets? The only way to make an organization work with an all volunteer woek force is to make reasonable requests of the volunteers. Under the present regime, they’re only issuing executive orders. When you start ordering a bunch of volunteers around like slave labor, instead of jumping to attention, they just start heading for the exits.

  34. Macdaddy says:

    There you have it, folks. These guys can’t even run a minority party in a state of 1.8 million people but they think they’re qualified to run our lives.

  35. Octogenarian says:

    I became a Republican back when Ike ran in 1952. I have voted for Democrats ever since that B movie actor became President. I didn’t leave the Republican party. It left me.

  36. RWP@10:23 wrote, “Word: Jeb Bush isn’t running for anything, BTO.”
    Why then is Jeb all over the media doing his coy little “awww shucks” shuffle and dropping heavy hints that he really WOULD like to be Mitt’s running mate – all the while saying he wouldn’t?

  37. RWP says:

    ‘I know you are but what am I is pretty lame’, no?

    I don’t know what soundbite you heard, but in the interview I heard, Bush was heavily pushing Marco Rubio, and merely said he was available if called. Marco Rubio, IMHO, would be a fantastic veep candidate; young and vigorous but also experienced, incredibly good with a stump speech, and of course, Latino. I’d pay money to watch him debate Biden, but that’s because I have a cruel streak.

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