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Deb Fischer has a web video up that you can watch here:

Basically lots of B-Roll with a spaghetti western soundtrack, and Deb’s positions.
Nice visuals.


Jon Bruning and Lee Terry were both endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce over the past few days. Usually a desired endorsement by Republicans.

But Don Stenberg — egged on by South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint — has castigated the Chamber as being a pawn of Wall Street and corporations! And if he is in the Senate, these power-brokers will be struck down with a mighty swipe, or something.

Said Don:

“I’m not going to Washington to support big business and corporate welfare. Nebraska voters will send me there to support free enterprise.”

We gotta, we were a little surprised by this hostility to business by Don. Yeah, yeah, we get the whole, “Main Street, not Wall Street!” blathering on, but we hadn’t seen a direct attack on the Chamber — or business in general — like this from Conservatives. Another arrow in the quiver, we guess.


Interesting story in the Wall Street Journal (though you’ll need to subscribe for the whole thing, greedy bastards!) the other day. It discussed the rebuilding projects in both Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Joplin, Missouri after godless tornadoes ravaged each city.

Very different strategies were taken by each city to rebuild. Tuscaloosa saw it as their big chance at urban planning — coming up with a 128 page “recovery plan” that had an extensive permit process and demands for planned village shopping centers and the like. Enhanced zoning rules and building codes have meant that very few businesses have been rebuilt and everything as far as getting the community back on its feet has slowed to a crawl. And they are waiting for the federal grants to kick in.

Joplin on the other hand also put together a plan, but their’s was only 21 pages, and focused on getting things built. Permits were scaled way back and builders were allowed to get moving. the WSJ reports that 8 out of 10 affected businesses in Joplin have reopened, while less than half in Tuscaloosa have even applied for permits.

See a short video of this here, focusing mainly on Joplin (without the Tuscaloosa component):

We have no doubt that future reports and reviews will be done on these two towns. And you can go to the comments of that story to see some of the backlash from Tuscaloosans. But if the goal is to get a city back up on its feet quickly, the contrast between letting free enterprise and markets push things forward, instead of central planning, is certainly telling.

Always reminds us of the story of the wise priest, who after the church was built, waited to put in the sidewalks leading up to the building. After a few weeks of seeing the paths worn by the congregations only then did he have the concrete laid.


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  1. Lil Mac says:

    So Jon Bruning is a running dog lackey of the imperialist forces of the Chamber of Commerce? Thanks for that warning, Commissar Stenbergsky.

    Don says “I’m not going to Washington to support big business and corporate welfare. Nebraska voters will send me there to support free enterprise.”

    Last week, Don’s ad said he is going to Washington to “stand up to the Republican leaders in Washington.”

    Well which is it Don? Do you want to kill business and corporations or just kill GOP leaders?

    Does anyone else here see Donny gone over the edge?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dorky Don, really?

    Still Jon’s to lose, but with Dorky Don running off at the mouth I doubt it. Deb needs the Dork to be more effective than this.

  3. Lil Mac says:

    In the 2008 Senate race, when Johanns jumped in, Daub immediately quit after only 11 days of campaigning, leaving Bruning to battle on. When Bruning finally stepped aside, Hal told Jon to keep fighting Mike. Daub said Republicans cutting Republicans makes them stronger against the Democrat. Stenberg shares that awful philosophy of scar tissue, which of course isn’t true.

    The money Johanns saved not fighting Bruning was spent against Kleeb. Johanns had time to plan and prepare thanks to Bruning who could have kept running but instead said the path ahead “was not only expensive, it was negative and it was divisive. I realize this was not the race that I wanted to run.”

    But it sure as hell is the race Stenberg is running today.

    It seems people like Stenberg aim to hurt. I saw some of that in Kerrey as he gutted Hassebrook. I didn’t see it in Exon. Some people just lean malicious and expedient. For sure, Bruning carried water to the elephant. Stenberg never put that elephan above Stenberg’s ambition. This is a GOP primary, so screw Don for the GOP and for common decency and because he acts like an asshole.

    On the lighter side, if Deb Fischer takes the high road today, then she will achieve what Bruning did in 2008. Deb will become the next NE GOP top candidate while Don sinks even further into dorkness.

  4. RWP says:

    I agree with Lil Mac. My support in the primary is influenced by how effectively the candidate does against the other party, not against his primary opponents. I award demerits for attacking a fellow Republican.

    Bruning gets big points for his anti-Obama ad, which IMO is very effective. He gets points subtracted for ‘followgate’. But Don needs to go after Obama and Kerrey, not Bruning. I’m not interested in how good you are at attacking fellow Republicans. They may be a part of the problem, but not the main part.

  5. Macdaddy says:

    I’m going to take the opposite view. Getting the things out that will be brought up in the general election is to the advantage of the nominee. It gives him a chance to figure out a good answer to the issue and it also can inoculate him against those charges later. I don’t think it should be done in a nasty way, but you have to realize the other side will bring this stuff up and you have to be prepared. If Hasselbrook were going to be the nominee, this would have been a waste of money, but Bruning better bring his A game against Kerrey. It won’t be enough to just point out what a con man he is. Bruning needs to be able to answer any questions Joe Public has about him and answer them plausibly.

  6. TexasAnnie says:

    Everybody qualified to run has a right to run. Lil Mac believes candidates should not exercise that right in deference to party loyalty. And so does RWP. Macdaddy believes primary elections serve a real purpose and I agree with Macdaddy that they SHOULD!

    Primary elections are the means for holding candidates to the party platform. In this instance, Bruning is all about corporate welfare; Stenberg claims he is not. That’s a REAL CHOICE for Republican & Republican-leaning electors. After all, not all Republicans are corporatists.

  7. Lil Mac says:

    If you coming here with rationality, fact and logic, you will have the PTU (poop thrower’s union) down on us for breaking their rice bowl. — Dad got me a thinkin’.

    I used to hold Dad’s view, especially for new candidates never vetted by opponents. I figured they needed to learn where they are vulnerable and how to counter it. There is a streak in me that says no pain no gain, you learn more by losing, and to be a good general you first need to be a foot soldier. But over time, I have come to appreciate that in wars of bullets and ballots, you need to show up armed and a good shot with leadership inherent. — We have a novice President with 3+ years of On the Job Training and he still doesn’t grasp how freedom and prosperity works. He’s as bad as an executive manager as he is intuitively good as a campaigner and OJT isn’t fixing his flaws.

    What can Jon learn from Don kicking him? In the last Senate election Bruning ran longer than Daub, Kleeb or Johanns. In this election, Bruning is running longest too. If Bruning isn’t ready for Kerrey, the NEGOP is screwed. The point is, if Don cannot win and Don isn’t teaching Jon what Kerrey will throw at Jon, then Don is just wasting limited GOP money to the Democrat’s advantage.

    Plus, I could argue that a contested primary does not even benefit novices. For if being in a contentious primary makes you a better candidate, and losing makes you wiser, then Stenberg should be unbeatable today. On the other hand, despite what we think of Hagel later in office, his first race as a never-ran-before is still taught in Poly Sci as textbook perfect.

  8. Macdaddy says:

    The OWH just kicked Bruning today, Lil Mac. Stenberg did him a favor by bringing this up months ago. For the life of me, though, I don’t know why Stenberg hasn’t been hammering this theme every day rather than bragging about his out of state support.

  9. Lil Mac says:

    If you are saying Don is too focused on kicking Jon to actually sit down and figure out how best to hurt him, I agree. Don is vicious without vision, a blunt instrument. But as for the “he’s rich” strategy against Bruning, I respectfully suggest Bruning craves to be thrown into that briar patch.

    The OWH’s (and Don’s) argument boils down to Bruning knowing how to make money and multitask. A similar accusation is being made against Romney, that Romney isn’t inept with money. Okay. That angers socialists who buy into the liberal pitch about the nobility of the common man, who is commonly fiscally inept. Democrats and some Independents buy that, but they don’t vote in Bruning’s primary. GOP voters presume the impoverished are fiscally inept and unfit to handle tax dollars.

    The OWH suffers from a political myopia that accounts for its record of endorsing losers. It likes to hate rich people who are Republicans, while ignoring the gigantic Money Bag Democrats. Dems buy that nonsense. But I think it increases GOP turnout for Bruning.

    The pinnacle of political elegance is to get your opponent to unwittingly advertise your greatest selling point. We may be witnessing that here.

  10. Where's the beef says:

    So the OWH pores over Bruning’s records and cant find one piece of evidence or any state employee who can show Bruning did anything illegal or unethical or any evidence that Bruning’s office did anything to benefit him. I just wish I went to college with guys who started their own businesses and needed investors instead of watching my 401K turn into a 201K. Congrats to Bruning and Romney for having the (insert anatomical reference) to take the risks they did and having them pay off. I do enjoy the irony of Bruning following Warren’s investing philosophy and Warren’s paper doing a hatchet job on him for it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I cancelled my subscription as soon as Buffet took control. Just like I was happy to help B. Nelson understand how he wasn’t going to be re-elected.

    SO speaking of things to cancel, how about a few entries on the liberals running for office in this year’s Legislative election cycle

    Kory Reiman: 01, No way SE Nebraska lets this happen
    Suzanne McNamara; 03, Liberal attorney who embraces the Occupy Movement……
    Judy Domina; 39, McCoy wins going away
    Sara Howard; 09, Mom can’t help you
    Kyle Michaelis; 27, Coash destroys this liberal
    Kate Bolz; 29, Fighting with Scott for the same voters
    Sue Crawford; 45, Liberal professor from Creighton……
    Ken Haar; 21, incumbent who is in serious jeopardy of not returning
    Rick Kolowski; 31, Liberal educator and lover of the Learning Community

    The NDP did a swell job recruiting the most liberal candidates to run in these races. You cant get any more pro Obama and liberal than these 9. I don’t think they are going to fare very well on the 15th. Then if Haar looses, as expected, the Legislature will have on a baker’s dozen to deal with.

    I hope Sweeper will do more to cover these Liberals wanting to get into the Legislature.

  12. Sweetwater Observer says:

    You are too late Brian. We hid the women, children, and especially the older women the very moment you came onto the scene.

    The OWH has become a very sick and wrong newspaper, if you can still call it a newspaper, and I am ready to cancel my subscription.

    I throw up every time I see another Buffett-suckiing “news” article written by Steve Jordan. One would think even Warren would be embarrassed. But then I remember that he is a very wealthy liberal and that it really takes a lot to embarrass them.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Sweetie Pie, Please tell me, what is the difference between a filthy rich conservative and a filthy rich liberal again? I’m obviously confused.

  14. RWP says:

    I have no idea why anyone subscribes to a newspaper. Most of it is free on the net, and the few digital subscriptions I have (London Times, Economist, WSJ, The Daily) are cheap. Who needs the moldy newsprint?

  15. RWP says:

    The filthy rich conservative wants the gummint out of his life. The filthy rich liberal uses his cronies in the gummint to make more money.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Who in the Sam hill are Crawford, McNamara, and Reiman? Mo, Larry, and Curly? Or is it Larry, Curly, and Mo?

    Democrats aren’t all bad, but these three are as Liberal as they come. Heck 2 Liberal Attorneys, and a Liberal professor. These folks shouldn’t pose much of a threat…… just a lot of money to be flushed down the drain. Reiman has at least run a campaign before, not a winning one though. He is getting to be a proverbial name on the ballot. Maybe the D’s are running the folks to help shore up the loss of Tom White, and the pending loss of Lathrop and Conrad? Doubt if they can pull it off though.

  17. RWP, Here I thought you had a future in Hollywood writing conspiracy theory potboilers, but I see that you show a great potential writing comedy. You’re multi-talented!
    According to your definition, Jon Bruning must still be a liberal.

  18. RWP says:


    You’ll now be telling us all the names of the cronies Bruning used to make money, I expect, because you’d hate to be written off as a volcanic source of empty bluster.

  19. RWP, I’ll let the OWH, Don Stenberg, and Bob Kerrey do that for you. They’ve got more time and money than I do for doing the research. The Weird Harold was just warming up their pitching arm with those little pieces they ran yesterday. I’m sure Don and Bob will have a lot more mud to sling before this is all over.
    It “almost” makes me feel sorry for the guy, knowing what’s coming.

  20. Is THAT the best you’ve got Gerard? C’mon, hit me with your best shot!

    Surely you can pull something out of your ass as lame as what you did for Bob Kerrey. I’ll even give you time to go teach a class, research something, or otherwise earn your paycheck, if you can pull yourself away from that laptop for ten minutes.

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