Another new ad from Jon Bruning

Jon Bruning has another new ad up. See it here:

The ad is on Bruning fighting President Obama’s health care law. Here is the text:

Jon Bruning: “Why am I leading the fight to stop President Obama’s health care law?”

“Just look at the unconstitutional power grab of a federal mandate that forces you to buy certain kinds of insurance.”

Announcer: “Jon Bruning fought the Obama Administration’s job-killing regulations and sued Obama 11 times.”

“He’s the conservative leading the fight against Obamacare.”

Jon Bruning: “I’m Jon Bruning.”

“I approved this message and I’m running for Senate to make sure Obamacare gets overturned – and common sense gets returned to Washington.”

Now, good ObamaCare spot, and all that.

But HERE is the funny thing. It looks very much like this spot was filmed at the same time as the “In Their Graves” spot, that got Bob Kerrey’s undies wedged waaaay up high, because Bruning didn’t put a “President” in front of Obama.

(Nevermind that Kerrey didn’t put a “President” in front of George Bush in one of his attack ads, even though he lied saying he had never done such a thing.)

Anywho, it is funny that Bruning clearly has a “President Obama” in one, and not in the other. This could have been a copy writing mix-up, or someone just speaking conversationally. In any case, Bob and his hatchet man Paul Johnson can feel free to grab some pliers and unbunch those badboys.

**UPDATE 11:25 am**
And in the ICYMI file, yes, we missed it…

The Lincoln Journal Star endorsed Jon Bruning in the GOP Senate Primary. Had no idea they would put up an endorsement three weeks out, but there ya go.

They are big on his open meeting law work and note,

He is smart, capable and has upheld conservative principles during terms as a state senator and as attorney general.

…we think Bruning’s record and talents make him the best-qualified to be the GOP standard-bearer in the U.S. Senate race.


We noted yesterday that the OWH’s review of Jon Bruning’s finances, in which they…

“reviewed hundreds of public documents related to his bank enterprises, mortgage loans and home equity lines of credit,”

and they..

“sought out private attorneys, finance professors and some of Bruning’s business associates to sort through the complexities of his holdings.”

…nonetheless showed no smoking gun on Bruning, which everyone has been waiting to find. Nothing.

So we are wondering if the OWH will review hundreds of Bob Kerrey’s financial documents and seek out attorney and finance professors on Kerrey’s investments and his JOBS.

Yes Kerrey is more than just a hands off owner of cheese-frenchie restaurants and health clubs. He has been on the boards of companies which have used questionable investment strategies on Kerrey’s watch. And he has been part of companies which have paid him large sums for work that is strange, at best. Then there is the question of how some of those companies have been donating to certain politicians.

Will this be investigated with the rigor that the OWH used on Bruning?

Well, we can wait and see, we suppose. (As long as it is OK with Warren and Susie.)


For those of you looking for a summary of last Friday’s debate between the Nebraska 2nd Congressional District GOP candidates, KVNO had a good synopsis, which you can read here.

The only real dust-up seemed to come between Lee Terry and Brett Lindstrom when discussing the Keystone XL Pipeline, on which Terry has taken the lead in the House of Representatives. Terry questioned Lindstrom’s support, particularly focusing on one of Lindstrom’s press releases, which looked like it was written by Jane Kleeb.

When the question of taxes came up, Glenn Freeman took the bold position that the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is…unconstitutional. Yeah.

So we will see how this all hashes out, but loads of fun was had, and seeing Gary Kerr always makes us pine for the old days of Omaha TV news.


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  1. RWP says:

    Yes indeed. Cold fusion using quantum gravity superwavesTM is not just strange, it’s the stuff of comedy. Yet Kerrey was paid $0.8 million last year to ‘sustain research’ by such a company.

  2. Macdaddy says:

    Good grief, SS, don’t be such a hater. Bob Kerrey is the smartest man ever to be a Senator, after Obama, make that President Obama, of course. If something he did was questionable, it’s only because you’re an idiot. Quit questioning!

    BTW, I know people like to run down the OWH, but their piece on Bruning is exactly what they are supposed to be doing. I, too, hope they bring the same energy to an investigation of Kerrey.

  3. CCMusicFactory says:

    Well stated, SS. Appreciate the info! I was surprised to see the Journal-Star already made their endorsement of Bruning. Would have thought they would have waited on that one until closer to the election, but I guess they wanted to be first out of the chute.

  4. Anonymostly says:

    On the LJS endorsement of Bruning … meh. Machs nicht.

    I think sometimes the LJS just wants to pick a winner. They’ll still endorse Kerrey in the general. Meanwhile, makes ’em look so smart to have chosen Bruning — heck, they might even take some credit for it — when JB wins the primary.

    Their other technique is to mildly endorse the Republican, like Jeff Fortenberry, for instance, and then give the Dem not endorsed a bunch of favorable coverage.

  5. Anonymostly says:

    OK, so if you all were to come up with a theme or mantra for Bruning’s ads (or Americans for Prosperity’s ads) against Bob Kerrey, which one do you like best:

    1. Bob Kerrey: He’s CHANGED. (Put the “CHANGED” in the same font as Obama’s “CHANGE” to help tie Obama like an albatross around Kerrey’s neck.)

    2. He’s not the Bob Kerrey you used to know.

    3. He’s not the Bob Kerrey you thought you knew. (Slightly different implication.)

    4. This ain’t your father’s Bob Kerrey.

    Vote for your fav. Or come up with one of your own. I suspect Sweeper can get any good ideas in the hands of people who have the wherewithal to do something with them.

  6. Sweetwater Observer says:

    Kerrey–Still the Same………Same support of partial-birth abortion!
    ,,,,,,,,,Same support of raising taxes(1993)
    ,,,,,,,,,Same association with criminals(Norman Hsu)
    ,,,,,,,,,Same love of all that is New York City
    ,,,,,,,,,Same support of ObamaCare mandate
    Kerrey…Still the Same

  7. Anonymous says:

    Poor Dorky Don, and his side kick Loise. What a pair they make.

    JB endorsed……. an interesting turn of events to be sure.

  8. Ikon says:

    Bruning is a pretentious TWIT! Like He’s leading the fight to overturn OC, what total BS!! The people leading the fight don’t even know this clown exist. This jerk is so full of himself he’s delusional. But then if you keeps telling the same lies over & over, the brain-dead will believe the BS, like most of the above posters. If this clown is, through some sort of local madness elected, he’s NOT going to Washington as Davy Crockett or any other fictional children’s TV character, he’s going as the freshman jerk from NE!! deal with Reality all you couch potatoes!!

  9. Lil Mac says:

    A certain long standing candidate seems to attract every hillbilly that manages to have someone help them sign their “X” to get registered to vote. The good news is, when that candidate finally hits the big electoral bug-zapper and goes “bzzzt”, if we are lucky some of those banjo pickers will go with him.

  10. Patting the Journal says:

    Who else would the Journal have endorsed? Don, who has not one memorable accomplishment in his 12 years as Attorney General. If he did, we’d hear him on the airwaves touting his record like Jon Bruning’s touting his Medicaid Fraud Unit and suing EPA slash Obama. You can’t endorse someone with a record of losing Senate races.

    And then there’s Deb, with her awkward TV ads and “citizen legislator” b.s. who has no money and no experience in the big leagues.

    This was an easy choice, for all the reasons the Journal outlined in their editorial piece.

  11. Macdaddy says:

    Kerrey has a new ad up as well. He pontificates on how he’s opposed to a war with Iran. It’s a good thing he got on the record now that we shouldn’t invade Iran because Leon Panetta is about to fire up the USMC to git ‘er done. Here’s a list of politicians who are calling for an invasion of Iran: .

    Bob Kerrey: Because Tangents are Important.

  12. Fitness Guru says:

    Anybody look at how Kerrey increased his net worth as Governor? NIFA loans in the millions at 4 percentage points under the standard commercial rate?

  13. To Fitness Guru says:

    That is only the tip of the iceberg anyone familiar with American Investment Group? Ask Bob Kerrey about his involvement there.

  14. RWP says:

    Kerrey has a new ad up as well. He pontificates on how he’s opposed to a war with Iran.

    Yes, but if this works, there are 190 other countries he can also oppose having a war with.

    Personally, I want it on record right now I’m against wars with Tajikistan, Paraguay, and Burkina Faso.

    Parenthetically, he makes it sound as if he was against the war in Iraq, when he was wholeheartedly for it, and in fact in 2003 made a prediction that in 20 years, you wouldn’t be able to find a person who thought it was a bad idea.

    Except himself, of course, running for election.

  15. Fitness Guru is a Genius says:

    I remember the scandal involving Bob Kerrey’s businesses that actively had state involvement while he was a sitting Governor. Kerrey made millions on the state loans he received for his businesses as governor.

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