May Day Debate

Some thoughts from Tuesday’s MayDay debate between the Nebraska GOP Senate candidates…

Now, we will try to keep it as non-partisan as possible — and you will undoubtedly hear that one candidate or another won — but we think it was pretty even, all in all. Frankly, pretty uneventful. Frank Lee, pretty boring.

Here’s the thing, it was in a 60 minute time-slot, and with the introduction of the moderator, and the candidates and the three questioners, then the explanation of the rules, the length of the questions themselves, the closing thank yous by the moderator, then the closing credits rolling on the screen — there was 45 maybe 50 minutes of hearing from the candidates, maybe?

No wonder they didn’t want Pat Flynn to join in! EVERY question would have been a 15 second answer (more on that).


But seriously, it is a good thing Pat Flynn wasn’t there, or otherwise we have had to listen to HIS answer on naming a mistake he has made in the past. And we would have had to listen to HIS answer on what charity he has given to. And we would have had to listen to HIS answer on who his favorite Democrat Senator is.

And yes, those were real questions.

And after all of those insightful queries, there was THIS one:

The Congressional Budget Office says that between 1979 and 2007, the income of the top 1 percent of U.S. households rose 275 percent while the income of the bottom 20 percent rose 18 percent. It’s apparent that Democrats will make income inequality a big issue this fall. Do you think growing income inequality is a problem, and if so, what, if anything should the government do about it?

And then the three candidates were each given 15 seconds to respond.
FIFTEEN seconds!
Why not just ask them to summarize the causes and effects of the Industrial Revolution in that time.

(And don’t even get us started on the fact that OWH reporter Paul Hammell had a coffee AND a bottle of water in front of him. We are fairly sure he had a egg salad sandwich and some jerky in his jacket pocket as well.)


So after all that, how were the candidates?

Meh, about as you’d expect.

Bruning was the only one up there showing any energy. You can call him “unauthentic” if that makes you happy, but Don Stenberg and Deb Fischer were both either very nervous or had knocked back a Valium before hitting the stage.

And that is probably just their regular manner, but Bruning separated himself on that, if you were looking for…something. And while Don was pretty nervous at the start, flubbing prepared lines here and there, he defininitely caught his steam later. He put up some good answers. Bruning also generally hit each answer well. Fischer was fine, though was pretty generic in her answers. They weren’t necessarily bad, but nothing really rang out — except for her sugar beet story.

She told the story of a mistake she made in the legislature on some sugar beet carrying legislation for Panhandle farmers. And that specificity of the story was one thing that sticks with you. Same with Stenberg’s story of his long-distance relationship with his wife-to-be during law school. And Bruning had that with his story of going to Iraq to assist in their law practices.

So that was sort of interesting — and we would add that it is those sort of stories that stick with voters, for future reference. But did any of that make you want to vote for one over the other?


Then there was the lone dustup. Stenberg said he thought it was troubling that Bruning made money while being Attorney General. Bruning replied that he wasn’t going to throw mud…because he was running to be Nebraska’s Senator, and not South Carolina’s third Senator.

That was pretty much as intense as it ever got. There were your standard knocking of ObamaCare and getting rid of burdensome regulations and strong military (we think) and that sort of stuff. But these weren’t the things that were going to separate one GOP candidate from the other.

We aren’t sure if we should blame the questions or the format or the responses, but wow was that a drag. If you were undecided, or on the fence before, did that make you drop to one candidate’s side? Geeze, we doubt it. But first that assumes that an undecided person was watching public television at 7pm last night. Good luck with that.

Next time, hopefully as much thought will go into putting such a debate together… as went into keeping Pat Flynn out of the building.


**Update at 10:10am**

As we noted in our Tweet, the Club for Growth has a new ad up attacking Jon Bruning on Don Stenberg’s behalf. See it here:

Here is the ad’s script:






We, and others, have addressed all these issues before. Feel free to discuss, if you’d like.

**UPDATE at 1:30pm**

And not to be outdone by their CFG brethren, South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund has a new ad out for Don Stenberg. See it here:

Well, we will just say it: There are a lot of good, positive things to say about Don Stenberg. And ways to say them. But this ad is a mess. A bunch of different themes. Way too many pictures. Too fast. No real message. “Fearless”? Otherwise in fear of what?

Again, we think you can craft a solid, positive message about Don and his accomplishments. This ain’t it.

Sorry if that’s a little harsh.

**UPDATE at 2:45pm**

Annnnnd a new Jon Bruning radio ad. Hear it here:

And here is the text, essentially listing Bruning’s endorsements:

Announcer: “What are you looking for in Nebraska’s next U.S. Senator?”

“A true conservative?”

“That’s what the Tea Party Express called Jon Bruning, praising him for his fiscal responsibility.”

“Bruning saved Nebraska taxpayers $45 million by establishing our Medicaid Fraud Unit.”

“Now, Bruning is leading the fight to overturn Obamacare – a $1.7 trillion dollar assault on our constitutional rights.”

“Are you looking for someone endorsed by Nebraska Right-to-Life and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce?”

“That’s Jon Bruning, too.”

“Someone with an A rating from the NRA?”


“It’s no wonder the World Herald endorses Jon’s ability to be a forceful voice for the Republican cause.”

“And the Journal Star endorses Bruning for upholding conservative principles.”

“If that’s what you’re looking for in our next Senator, you’ve already found it.”

Jon Bruning: “I’m Jon Bruning.”

“I approve this message, and I’m running for Senate because I will fight to cut spending, protect the Constitution and hold Barack Obama accountable.”


  1. Billy Madison says:

    This post reminds me of a story called “The Puppy Who Lost His Way.”


  2. Kortezzi says:

    It was among the most boring snoozers of a debate I’ve ever seen. That actually seemed to be the intent of the reporters, who asked the stupidest NPR-style questions possible. I could almost feel the tryptophan wafting off my TV. The press won’t get a pulse until Kerrey is in front of them.

    Stenberg and Fischer needed to break out, and they didn’t. Bruning did quite well, and there isn’t much doubt he’ll hold his lead in the polls until May 15.

  3. Paula says:

    I agree, the debate was non-eventful. No policy differences among them as they parroted the RNC lines of cut taxes, reduce regulations, and government is bad and scary, but they said no to Rubio’s dream act.

    None really separated themselves on issues, so it had to be stylistic, and Jon won that handily. Deb seems the most authentic, but she came across timid. If she decides to run again, she should consider getting a speech/debate coach. Don?

  4. RWP says:

    And then the three candidates were each given 15 seconds to respond.

    Easy. “You need to ask someone who’s way richer than me. How about Bob Kerrey?”

  5. outsider says:

    This debate was a snoozer. Despite the lackluster performance by Stenberg and the 100,000 foot answers by Deb Fischer, it was night night time.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    You guys blew it. I watched a Rose-less Chicago Bulls get blown out by the 8th seed. No tryptophans there.

  7. Political Scientist says:

    Club for Growth should be ashamed of themselves. Everything the ad is saying is an out right lie or distortion of the facts. Don Stenberg should disavow the endorsement he is getting from the Club for Growth, right now.

  8. Lil Mac says:

    This debate doesn’t change any GOP voter’s minds because Republicans cannot grow wiser by watching any show the OWH puts on. Which begs a rather obvious question no one seems to be asking…

    Why does the NEGOP let the OWH run this or any GOP debate?

    Why couldn’t the Nebraska Republican Party have sponsored its own debate and run it? They could get local TV stations to bid for it or just air the debate online and let the media report it as news, or not. They could invite some from the media, but it wouldn’t be an all OWH show. As it was, all the GOP candidates were filtered through Buffett’s anti-GOP alimentary canal. Might as well ask the Democratic Party to sponsor a GOP Debate.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Stenberg won’t disavow the ad because its his plan. He was flat at the debate so it would seem he was unaware the Clubfoot for Cancerous Growth is putting out this smear ad on Bruning.

  10. Macdaddy says:

    Actually, just as I hit the submit button, the better question is “Why does the liberal media suck so bad at putting on a debate?”. My best guess is that they are just clueless or are too lazy to come up with a better product.

  11. I love how Club For Growth was a fantastic organization when it supported Adrian Smith against Scott Kleeb, but now they are despicable because they oppose Jon Bruning.

    Are Republicans bi-polar?

  12. Oracle says:

    Brian, Republicans have no core principles other than winning power. Looking through that prism makes your observation seem completely rational.

  13. Anonymostly says:

    Brian, it’s fine when they spend money to defeat someone like Liberal Scott Kleeb and his merry band of redistributionists. But they’re stupid when they spend money to attack the eventual Republican nominee. They might as well be advertising for Bob Kerrey. When Bruning squares off against Kerrey after the primary, what is the Club for Growth going to be saying then? Or will they remain strangely silent? They should have kept their powder dry and gone full guns blazing for the general election and not have tried to weaken the guy who’s going to face the guy who’s more liberal than the guy they’re all trying to replace.

  14. Anonymostly says:

    Brian, what conservative media is there in this state?

    And Oracle, I think you’ve demonstrated the psychological phenomenon of “projection” quite well there.

  15. Oracle says:

    Evidence, Anonymostly? Most don’t agree with what Repubs are selling when you look at issues, but they still win by lying and triggering fear in people. Neither side is perfect, but the Rs are quite a bit more dishonest. (And, of course, you can point to examples on both sides. But I can find quite a few more on your side.)

  16. Anonymous says:

    Damn it, BTO is back. I think any man who cyber bullies an 83 year old woman can never be considered a real man.

  17. To Anonmous@1:49 says:

    Don’t mess with BTO. He knows bipolar.

    Some take their meds and stay away from Leavenworth Street. Others don’t take their meds.

  18. Senator Snowplow says:

    I have to admit I feel conflicted over Pres Obama’s endzone dance on killing Osama Bin Laden. On the one hand, I think Barack should feel proud of his courageous decision to give the green light to Seal Team 6 to proceed with their plan to capture the deadliest terrorist mastermind the world has ever seen. On the other hand, I know that information used to find Bin Laden came from enhanced interrogation techniques which I and other right-minded people abhor. It’s fruit of the poisonous tree. How can I celebrate something that came about only through tactics that Barack himself finds objectionable? It’s all so confusing.

  19. Lil Mac says:

    The NEGOP is Charlie Brown letting Liberal Lucy yank the football away. And Republicans fall for that every time, even while they know the ball is being yanked. This “debate” was an elephant trap. It could not be otherwise.

    To ask why a Liberal media sucks so badly at putting on a fair debate for Republicans is like asking why your enemy isn’t doing a better job of arming you. Buffett is rooting for Kerrey to win. Why would the OWH want to showcase conservative GOP candidate differences, strengths, and put GOP candidates at ease? Yet that is exactly what several GOP bloggers presume was the OWH’s aim. They note the debate was a “snoozer”, with “stupid questions”, and “non-eventful” and that some candidates appeared “nervous”, which was all caused byquestions like, “Which too-rich imperialist stooge would you shoot first?” And yet the same bloggers then accuse the GOP candidates of lifelessness, saying, “none really separated themselves on issues.” Well, duh. The partisan dynamics of a Buffett OWH force it to be a unfriendly inquisition. A OWH GOP Debate is always as an anti-GOP tool — and in lieu of the NEGOP offering its own debate alternatives.

    Buffett’s OWH can’t run a fair debate for Republicans any more than Democrats could get a fair debate out of a “debate” run by Limbaugh.

  20. Geez! Is that the best you bunch of monkey humpers have got? “Osborn is off his meds again?” For the record, the only “meds” I take are caffeine, aspirin, and alcohol – all in moderation. So what’s YOUR excuse?

    I saw Jon Stewarts’ little treatise on Republican hypocrisy (The Daily Show 5.1.2012) wherein he compares the faux outrage over President Obama’s spiking the ball over Osama Bin Ladin’s death to President Bush’s spiking the ball over the war in Iraq before the game really even got started. Outstanding!

    Nebraska has conservative media – mostly on AM radio. But that’s good, because most of its consumers don’t know how to read.

  21. To DCRP says:

    WTF? Why is Bruce Dickes acting as the spokesman for the Douglas County Republican Party? I don’t remember ever the Central Committee ever voting for him to be our party spokesman. Our chairman Scott Petersen needs to distance himself from Bruce or resign.

  22. Omaha Politico says:

    What is a Bruce Dickies? Who is Scott Petersen? For that matter what is the DCRP and is it relevant?

  23. RWP says:

    It’s on my blog, you drunken moron.

    I see your man Obama just turned a blind helpless refugee over to the Chicoms. No problem, he’s just a gook, like the ones your pal Bob put he knife to in ‘Nam.

  24. RWP says:

    It’s interesting that shortened link, working when I posted it, was disabled five minutes after I tweeted it. That’s never happened before. You guys are good.

    Of course, you could just google ‘bob kerrey racial segregation’

    Doesn’t matter. It’s not hard to get stuff out on the net. Maybe I’ll just post the full link daily to #NESEN

    This isn’t a link.

  25. RWP says:

    By the way, assuming the Kerrey campaign hasn’t gotten to your local library and memory-holed the article, the story about how Bob Kerrey proclaimed that ‘Negro apathy’ was a good reason to keep student organizations at UNL racially segregated is in the Daily Nebraskan, January 14 1965.

  26. Anonymous says:

    BTO, are you going to run for Phelps County Chair again? Everyone in the Democratic party could use a good laugh, I sure hope you do.

  27. I looked at your blog, Gerard. That’s it? That’s your “proof?” All I see is a photo of the Daily Nebraskan banner and something that YOU typed in there. Sorry, Prof, but that is here-say crap and wouldn’t stand up in court. You’re going to have to do better than that to convince me.
    Oh, and I DID google ‘bob kerrey racial segregation’ and all I got was a link back to the garbage that YOU posted. I also googled ‘gerard harbison’ and I came across a blog where its author described you variously as, “A right wing nut job” … “known to make erratic and unfounded claims about students and faculty at UNL” … “been accused of sexual harrassment toward his female students.” Hey, its on a blog, so it must all be true.
    You’re going to have to trade in your tin foil hat for a lead fedora. Your old one isn’t working to keep out the alien moonbeams any more, and you honestly believe that “we” made your functioning link disappear?
    You’re the one that is demonstrating signs of diminished intellectual capacity, Gerard. I’d like to think it was merely because you’ve been drinking, but your missives have become more and more troubling as of late. Seek help. You need it.

  28. Gerard, Could the Daily Nebraskan article, of nearly half a century ago, have contained a misquote, or perhaps have been the product of sloppy reporting? I don’t think that student produced publications generally rise to the level of journalistic integrity required to substantiate your accusations.
    How many hours of research did it take you to “find” such damning “evidence,” especially considering that it isn’t searchable via Google, but more likely available on microfilm? Damn! You must have a LOT of spare time on your hands.

    Gerard Harbison wrote in the Feb. 1, 2012 Bold Nebraska blog, “That’s OK. Tracing whether quotes were really said by the person they’re usually attributed to is actually very difficult. For example at least half of all Mark Twain, Winston Churchill and Napoleon Bonaparte quotes are bogus.”

  29. Reality says:

    So this is Nebraska politics? A washed up bitterman like Don Stenberg accepting money from every dirtbag named DeMint, Deb Fischer with zero real experience outside of a stupid highway bill, and a guy who makes a lot of money – apparently too much for the World Herald or unsuccessful Don Stenberg. What to do? I’m settling with Bruning. Don is unacceptable and Deb is not smart.

  30. RWP says:

    It was a long article, and discussed the position of Kerrey and his opponents in detail.That’s OK. I’ll post a .tif of the entire original.

    The editor of the DN at the time was Frank Partsch, who went on to be long time editorial page editor of the Omaha World Herald. For a student newspaper, it was excellent. And Kerrey’s vote is a matter of record. In addition, had it misrepresented his position, he could have corrected it via a letter to the newspaper.

    That’s OK. Liberals in total denial amuse me, because it so starkly reveals your complete lack of any principles or ethical core. Your response to the revelation your candidate opposed the desegregation of UNL student organizations, even to the extent of opposing a resolution that simply urged them to desegregate, is to stick your fingers in your ears and say ‘Lalala I can’t hear you.’

    BTW a first hand newspaper account of a quote is usually considered good substantiation. And I know it shocks you there are still people whose research abilities go beyond the google, but a few of us still exist. I needed for 20 years to sift through the tiny print of entire library bookshelves full of Chemical Abstracts to look for sources. Looking through a few semesters of a student newspaper is child’s play.

  31. RWP says:

    By the way, it’s trivial for anyone to break a shortened link if it’s carried by certain providers, particularly bitly. I’m not going to post details of how to do it, but they’re widely known, and a similar method has recently been abused by leftist posters to get conservative Twitter accounts shut down.

    The Left loves free speech so much, it wants to keep it only for itself.

  32. Macdaddy says:

    RWP, to paraphrase Rachel Maddow, “Don’t bother us with facts.”

    BTW, Kerrey is really pro-abortion. He could have been burning crosses back then and it won’t matter to liberals. Hell, he could have burned them last week and they wouldn’t care.

  33. For those who can only understand short soundbites, here’s your synopsis: ‘Kerrey grew up, Jon Boy didn’t.’ You can skip the rest.

    If you go back and do some research on what I wrote, Gerard, you will note that I never said that it never happened; I said that your “proof” left much to be desired. It still does.
    Now that you have established that the Daily Nebraskan is a viable source of excellent information, and whatever college students thought decades ago is still pertinent to their stances today, then that makes every word that Jon Bruning wrote, when he was published in that same paper, years ago just as viable as anything he says today.
    Having grown up in Nebraska, I can attest that the attitudes many caucasians had about “negroes” back in the early to mid ’60s was pretty close to what you reported. That was before Bill Cosby appeared in ‘I Spy’ and Nichelle Nichols played Lt. Uhura on ‘Star Trek.’ The times they were a changin’, but as with all things, Nebraska lagged about ten years behind.
    Keep in mind that the KKK had a very strong organization in this state less than forty years before that article was written. Holdrege used to have a Christian Orphan’s Home, now a retirement community, that had a booth at one of our recent county fairs. They displayed an old newspaper from the ’20s listing the major donors to the orphanage, and topping the list was the … KKK.
    Unfortunately, the mindset of many of my fellow Nebraskans, particularly in the rural parts of it, haven’t progressed very much. While publicly mouthing their “acceptance” of all kinds of people, many, in private conversations, will still reveal their deep seated racism, sexism and homophobia. Conservatives apparently don’t like change, and long standing prejudices are among those things they’ll cling to most fiercely.
    Liberals, like Bob Kerrey, grew up and left behind the errors of their youth. Perhaps leaving this state for a while, before coming back, is good for the soul.

    Despite your paranoid conspiracy theories, Gerard, nobody infiltrated the internets to break your link. While your peer reviewed pronouncements on chemical matters are commendable, your political blathering just doesn’t warrant that much attention. For that matter, most of what the minute coterie of political junkies that post here is crap – and that includes anything I’ve contributed as well.

  34. Macdaddy says:

    BTO, you’re just ticked that your candidate has all these flaws that in this era of high def tv can’t be hidden while our candidate owned you and it’s all on tape.

  35. Lil Mac says:

    Just as a Fiscal Conservative candidate who once went bankrupt should be pilloried, so too should a Social Liberal candidate who once advocated racial discrimination be held to account. After all, this wasn’t Kerrey saying he disliked Blacks. This was Kerrey advocating racial segregation at a public university. A narrow minded bigoted asshole is a narrow minded bigoted asshole, be he R or D or Bob Kerrey.

    If Romney turned out to be inept at handing money, I’d be embarrassed and disappointed. Bob Kerrey openly advocated white racism and that’s not irrelevant in a year when Obama would energize NE 2nd district Black voters. This Kerrey the Racist thing could play some part in this election. And if it does, then whose fault is that? My family loves veterans but is mixed race, so I don’t have one ounce of sympathy for Bob’s white racist history. And the scary part is, people don’t change on stuff like that.

  36. Oracle says:

    Darn it Brian, you beat my response (though yours was much better). If it’s acceptable to judge Kerrey’s actions in 1965, then why not the mid-70s liberal version of Bruning? Oh right: IOKIYAR, and people never change.

  37. Macdaddy, It is time to call the honey wagon … you’re so full of it. By the way, which one of those fools is “your” candidate?
    Lil Mac, I’ll believe Gerard’s evidence (if and) when I see it. I maintain that people ARE capable of overcoming the follies of their youth. You folks forgive Jon Bruning’s past liberal positions, why should we not forgive Bob Kerrey any conservative brain farts he may once have had?

  38. Macdaddy says:

    Oracle, you should be happy if Bruning really is a liberal at heart.

    BTO, I’ll vote for Bruning and I expect him to be the nominee. If I recall, during the last governor’s race, you tried to confront him about calling Meister a goober and he made you look like a humorless fool. Sweeper posted it on LS and everything. I’m surprised your prodigious memory can’t recall a face-to-face encounter with the AG.

  39. Macdaddy, I don’t recall Bruning “owning” me on that one. I recall him coming off as the arrogant asshole that he has proven himself to be time and again, and that he was incapable of defending his crude, ignorant comment. I guess it is just a matter of perspective.

  40. Anonymostly says:

    Wow, RWP, I just read the DN article from the pic on your website and that’s pretty damning stuff. Meanwhile, the Kerrey camp is curiously quiet. No denials. Did Bob weigh in on Trent Lott’s comments about Strom Thurmond?

  41. Anonymostly says:

    Let’s flip this story around and say that Don Stenberg wins the Republican nomination and that it was actually Stenberg who had made the comments that Bob Kerrey is quoted in the DN as having said.


    But then the media tempate is “all conservatives are racists.” This doesn’t fit the narrative; therefore, don’t report on it.

  42. RWP says:

    Darn it Brian, you beat my response (though yours was much better). If it’s acceptable to judge Kerrey’s actions in 1965, then why not the mid-70s liberal version of Bruning? Oh right: IOKIYAR, and people never change.

    Jon Bruning was 6 in 1975. I’m not sure what it means to be liberal in first grade.

    George Bush’s membership in Skull and Bones and his college transcript, Scott Brown’s nude shots in Cosmopolitan when he was 22, Laura Bush’s car crash when he was 17 — all of these have been fodder for political pundits. FWIW, I do think Jon Bruning’s political positions in law school are fair game. On the other hand, if he acknowledges them and says his views changed over the years, that’s a reasonable answer. It’s entirely normal for a person to become more conservative as they get older.

  43. RWP says:


    The vote was 27:8. Over three quarters of the student council voted to urge desegregation of student societies. Kerrey was in a small minority.

    Are you really willing to throw your fellow veterans, and now your fellow Nebraskans, under the bus, not to defend Kerrey, because you can’t, but to claim everyone else was as bad as he was? Alas, the evidence says otherwise. In fact, I’m quite proud of our students, that in 1965, at the height of the civil rights turmoil, in a mostly white state with a checkered history of race relations, 77% of them were willing to do the right thing. Too bad Bob Kerrey wasn’t one of the 77%.

    Most of us learn by the age of four that ‘they all do it’ is not an acceptable excuse. Speaking of growing up…

  44. Oracle says:

    RWP, obviously I meant mid-90’s. Actually a recent study showed that the opposite is true. People become more tolerant and less conservative as they age (compared to how they were when younger).

  45. Macdaddy says:

    BTO’s definition of arrogant asshole: anybody who treats his questions in the manner they should be treated. Heck, Meister even embraced his inner Goober and tried to turn it into a winning campaign.

    It’s the beginning of May. Does Kerrey pay rent on the 1st of the month here in Nebraska? Anybody seen a lease agreement?

  46. RWP says:


    I know you’re doing your best to be civil, but casting ‘tolerant’ and ‘conservative’ as antonyms hurts my feelings. 😛 If you want to see real intolerance for the slightest deviation from the party line, visit any prog. web site. A minor vice I have is to drop by and silently snicker as they skewer each other for the slightest deviation from orthodoxy.

    BTW, the Obama vote in 2008 was heavily skewed toward the young. McCain won 54:44 among the 65+.

    Oh well, be nice kids, back to my taxpayer-supported sinecure.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, RWP, be careful remember right here on this blog when BTO said he had lived in Sicily and had connections to the Mafia? Someone asked him and he said he refused to answer the question because it might incriminate him, and another time someone asked he said, you can’t handle the truth.

  48. Oracle says:

    RWP, one election does not a study make. This study tended to interchange tolerant/liberal, and in my half-century I’ve noticed liberals much more tolerant, especially of things “different”.

    Per your observation of progressive web sites that are intolerant, that is more a characteristic of extremism than political persuasion. Extremists on both sides are intolerant. Unfortunately the Republican party of today is controlled by extremists. Not just my opinion, but based on factual analysis, comparing party votes over time.

  49. @ Macdaddy, might I offer my services as your guard animal? Don’t underestimate the vicious nature of a baby harp seal.

    BTW, Bob Kerrey has yet to issue a statement disavowing an invasion of Canada. I don’t understand why he’s in such a rush to launch a full scale invasion of Canuckistan…must be a New York Rangers fan. Still, that’s pretty sour grapes to go after Canada, since the Rangers already booted Ottawa (hmm…the ‘Senators’) from the playoffs.

  50. Lil Mac says:

    BTO, you speak of Racism as being a Conservative given (brain fart). I don’t speak of Marxism as being a Liberal brain fart just because the few real Marxists in America are drawn to the D rather than the R. We could dig up any crazy assassin’s political affiliation and throw it at each other, but what would that prove? For Christ sake, raise the bar.

    Forgive me if I sound pissed but apparently you missed the part about my family being mixed. I take racial discrimination as a personal threat. I don’t care who you hate. I care about active legal prohibitions against any group of Americans, as Kerrey promoted in a public school.

    Politics isn’t Racism. You and me being liberal or conservative, R or D; our political differences are what make freedom work. It is what we both fought for in uniform. Racial Discrimination is the opposite. I don’t find any “folly of youth” in Racial Discrimination.

    If you want to give Bruning a pass for having once been like you, fine. Johanns once was too. But I won’t give Kerrey a pass for having once publically advocated for segregation Blacks because he thought they were subhuman.

  51. CC Music Factory says:

    I know this wasn’t exactly the thread for this, but I thought I’d post this here:

    Seems like has come up with where, I’m assuming, the poll results Ms. Winter was posting about the other day. A poll asked for by the Fischer campaign evidently led to the results with interesting results for Bruning. You can go to their site for all the specifics, but the fact that another candidate was the one that asked for it tells me a lot within itself. It also tells me a lot that 52% of the respondents came from the Lincoln area. Tells me about all I need to know about the efficacy of the poll results.

    I have no doubt that the race has narrowed some since the end of March. It was bound to. But using these results as the source for the ‘9%’? Sorry, it’s not even close to neutral, and the questions and more specifics still haven’t been released, and I saw nowhere in their story that linked any specifics.

    I imagine one of the national polling sites might do one more round before the primary. I’ll wait until those to get a more accurate picture of the race.

  52. Lil Mac, You’re reading a whole lot more into it than there is. While it IS unfortunate that many of us grew up in a place and time when racism, while not overt, did exist under the surface. It was expressed in racial “jokes” and quiet discrimination. When I was a kid there wasn’t a single black living in Holdrege, and there were few in Kearney, but we rarely went there. As children around the world, we had to be carefully taught to learn how to hate, and the most subtle manner of teaching was by example.
    Racism wasn’t just a thing found in the deep south. It permeated America, including Nebraska. Examples abound: the Tuskeegee Airmen, Sammy Davis Jr. marrying Britt Eklund, the Negro Baseball Leagues, etc. Bob Kerrey and I grew up in a society where racism, while condemned, was indeed practiced. Actually in the Nebraska of 1965, I would bet you that the attitude that Bob may have had back then were very common throughout Nebraska. University campuses have the reputation of being hotbeds of Liberalism, so he would have been considered a “conservative” at the time. We were fortunate to have then lived through the ’60s, where we had our eyes and our hearts opened.
    I was fortunate. My father was a musician and had many black friends that would stop by our house from time to time as they crossed America, sometimes sticking around for dinner. One of them, a guy I only knew as Jay, turned out to be Blues Hall of Famer, Jay McShann.
    If you can’t forgive Bob for acting like a fool when he was not yet a fully formed adult, then that hatred that abides in you will continue to eat you from within. That’s something you’re going to have to fix yourself. I can’t help you.

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