Santorum endorses Bruning

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum today announced his endorsement of Jon Bruning in the Nebraska GOP Senate primary.

Santorum said:

“Jon Bruning is a trusted conservative who is unapologetically pro-life, will fight to reduce the size of the federal government and will ensure that the government spends less and does not tax more. And there is no question that Jon is the strongest conservative candidate to defeat Bob Kerrey in November and help Republicans take back the Senate.”

It should be noted that…

1) Bob Kerrey once notoriously said that “Santorum is Latin for asshole.”

2) The Club For Growth — which is supporting Don Stenberg — knocked Santorum’s positions while he was fighting Mitt Romney for the nomination.

3) It may be worth noting that in the last PPP poll, Santorum led Mitt Romney in Nebraska 39% to 25% (16% for Newt and 10% for Ronpaul).

Bruning has also been endorsed by 2008 Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.


Deena Winter over at Watchdog finally came out with the source of her recent poll info: The Deb Fischer campaign.

Their results said the race is:
(with 30% undecided?)


…the survey of 500 likely voters notes that “over 52 percent of likely primary voters are in the Lincoln media market”! Which is an interesting note. Accurate? And the point then is? (Apparently it is that the Lincoln media market is the only place the Fischer camp is currently advertising in. But 52%? We’d like to see some stats on that. We understand that 45% is a more likely number, FWIW.)

Everyone probably agrees that the race has tightened, but results like this are just a bit suspect, no? Maybe it doesn’t make a difference, as it still shows Bruning with a fairly significant lead — though with lots of undecideds, still.

[Note, the poll did NOT survey 52% in the Lincoln market, as posted earlier.]


Bob Kerrey’s home-city newspaper, The New York Times, notes that Kerrey raked in $30K over the past few days…ALL of it from out of state.


Late post today. More as we get it.


  1. CC Music Factory says:

    Also be nice to see exactly what that comment is supposed to mean in terms of their polling. And you’re right, some stats to back that up would be nice. And what exactly is the ‘Lincoln media market’ definition here? I think the ‘release’ of the poll leaves a lot more questions than answers, including probably the most important two, the methodology of the poll, and the makeup of those surveyed. Good to hear about the endorsements for Jon. I think Santorum’s endorsement will definitely help. I had received a note from HuckPAC the other day regarding their support, but haven’t really seen Jon make use of that. Course, Santorum has been front and center this year with his run at the presidency, and more likely to resonate at this point that Huckabee’s. Still, good news on both fronts in my opinion.

  2. CC Music Factory says:

    By the way, SS, I posted in the prior May Day Debate post on this as well. In that post, my initial reading of Nebraska Watchdog’s story was the same as yours, that that meant that 52% polled were from the Lincoln area. It was an easy mistake to make in reading the article.

  3. Lil Mac says:

    Kerrey’s Everything-But-Nebraska 30K money grub included a check from Ms. Barbara Streisand. Now what’s she doing poking her big fat… foot… into Nebraska politics?

  4. Sweetwater Observer says:

    RWP–Thank you for your great work on making available the Daily Nebraskan news on Bob Kerrey! I am so enthused to now, after all these years, to discover that information. Thank you, thank you!

    BTO–You message triggered a memory for me. I grew up on a farm at Sweetwater. My older brother(by 8 years)–was a great baseball catcher. At the time, a Kearney farm team for a major baseball team, had a pitcher–an African American by the name of Lefty Greer. At that time, Kearney had ordinances that prohibited a black man from staying overnight, so Lefty would come out to our farm to practice…he pitching, and my brother catching for him in the lane of our farm stead. It was the first time I had ever seen a black man. Lefty was a great guy…our family grew to love him. He had to stay overnight in Ravenna because of the rules in Kearney.

    All of that said, I was in school at UNL in 1965, in the same college as Bob Kerrey, and I never would have known that Bob said all of those things until RWP brought them to my attention. When I was at UNL in those days, my wife and I had a small child, no money, and we had to work our asses off to get through school…..I was not a frat boy and had no time for the UNL student association.

    Again, thank you RWP for your skill and efforts!

  5. Sweetwater Observer says:

    P.S…..the Kearney Hub in tonight’s lead editorial, endorsed Deb Fischer! The local radio station, in a VERY unscientific poll, puts Fischer and Bruning in a tie, and Stenburg at a poor third.

    Deb Fischer, you go girl!

  6. My funny bone is tickled, once again, by how Republicans complain about all the money from out of state donors when it goes into Democratic pockets, but think it is hunky-dory when it goes into theirs.
    Say, RWP, can you divert your excellent sleuthing skills to finding any dirt on Jon Bruning? I’m sure there is plenty to be found, and some of us don’t have as much time on our hands as you appear to.

  7. Political Scientist says:

    Way to go Deb Fischer for releasing a poll on the day Jon Bruning receives a HUGE endorsement from Rick Santorum. Talk about timing.

    Deb Fischer likes to release polls that have a myriad of errors in it. In the past, Deb has sent out emails about the straw polls that she won because she bused her supporters in from Lincoln. Now, she releases a poll with the majority of the people polled in the Lincoln area. Trying anything to give her failing campaign and traction.

    Donny Boy better watch out he might come in third.

  8. Sweetwater Observer says:

    Political Scientist, you are not much of a scientist. Donny Boy is already in third place and has been for some time.

    Deb Fischer is a new face, an honest Nebraskan. I will vote for her.

  9. Santorum Supporter says:

    Great pick up for Bruning here. Santorum was way up on Romney in Nebraska before he suspended his campaign and has a strong following in Nebraska. Definitely adds to his conservative street cred.

    Don and Deb must be scowling, this pretty much seals the deal for Bruning.

  10. outsider says:

    Sweetwater, you might be the only person voting for her other than Kay Orr. But the problem with Fischer is she doesn’t have enough gas in the tank to drive the bus across the finish line. She’s also ignorant when it comes to policy. How many times can she say lets have a discussion or lets have a debate? How about sharing some of your ideas, and where you stand on the issues instead of being 100,000 feet on every issue. Bruning has the depth and knowledge and he’s going to be our next Senator.

  11. To Santorum Supporter says:

    Santorun endorsing Bruning is like Harry Reid endorsing Bob Kerrey.

    Here’s 35 cents…go call someone who gives a crap!

  12. disappointed Santorum Supporter says:

    You would think Santorum would vet the candidates before endorsing someone as ethically charged as Jon Bruning… but sometimes the desire for political revenge runs stronger than political principle. Too bad.

  13. Re: Disappointed 'Santorum' Supporter says:

    Right.. you’re a Don Stenberg Supporter looking to be clever in a post… always negative aren’t you…

    A real Santorum supporter knows that he takes his principles seriously and this endorsement means something.

  14. to disappointed Santorum Supporter says:

    Political revenge? I don’t think Don or Deb ever did anything to Rick. Jon is on the same page as Rick on all issues: social, 2nd amendment, taxes, debt, spending, etc., and the only who can beat Bob. Great choice by Rick.

    And ethically charged? The World Herald admittedly spent many man hours pouring over hundreds of Bruning documents in an attempt to crucify him, but found nothing.

  15. To Streetwater Observer says:

    Why don’t you ask people in Valentine what they really think of Deb Fischer? I can guarantee you aren’t going to like the answer…

  16. Ronnie says:

    Santorum endorsed Bruning because he’s the only one who won’t be laughed at in Washington. He was the only statesman during the debate this week and proved himself to be the only one capable of a) winning in November against Bob, and b) not embarrassing us when he represents Nebraska as a Senator.

  17. K Man says:

    Also, did anyone see the Kearney Hub’s endorsement of Deb today? They say she’s the only one who doesn’t ‘appear too in tune with the party line to make a difference’ but they fail to point out that its because she’s ‘too insignificant for any news outlet or interest group to really delve into or care about’. I’m not a fan of the Liberal Lincoln Journal Star, but at least they endorsed the right candidate Jon and endorsed him for the right reasons. Sheesh!

  18. Lil Mac says:

    Santorum endorsing Bruning doesn’t impress Democrats? Oh golly gee. It doesn’t impress Stenberg or Fischer either. But perhaps it should, if only a little, because Santorum was leading Romney in Nebraska 39% to 25% at last polling, which didn’t include pollsters talking to Democrat voters.

    But, sure, Santorum is a LOSER. Don Stenberg is a LOSER, LOSER, LOSER, and LOSER.

    But, lest we forget, Bob Kerrey is a LOSER too.

    In 1992, early Presidential favorite Kerrey ran a lackluster campaign, gave a weak performance at the Chicago convention, and then killed himself by telling an off color “Lesbian” joke. Seen as insensitive and intolerant, Kerrey was then seen as a hypocrite for him pushing universal healthcare while he refused to give his own workers healthcare insurance. Bob Kerrey finished a weak third in New Hampshire “despite spending heavily on TV advertising” and he quit after finishing fourth in the Colorado primary. Supposedly up for VP, Clinton chose idiot Gore instead of Kerrey.

    Santorum was running second for his party nomination when he quit. As losers go, better then Bob.

  19. Wise up says:

    RIck Santorum endorsed Arlen Spector. Spector lost in a primary and then tried to win his seat as a Democrat. Santorum failed to keep his Senate seat and failed as a presidential candidate. Just saying.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Dorky Don just can’t get a break, he is still just a grumpy old dork who married well. Not to mention he is very self centered and a dork to boot,

  21. Political Scientist says:

    Wise up your incorrect about Arlen Spector. He never lost a Republican primary. He lost a Dem primary when he switched sides. Your just Donny or Debbie lover who is upset that Santorum endorsed the true conservative in this race,

  22. Well now, here’s an interesting tidbit the Google internet tubes just puked up. Did any of you know that Bob Kerrey, at the time he supposedly was a racist, was ALSO a … wait for it … Republican?!! He was a registered Republican for 14 years until he switched to the Democratic Party in 1978. Kinda sounds like he had an epiphany doesn’t it?

  23. RWP, I was able to save your scan of the Daily Nebraskan article which you have used as the foundation of your accusation of overt racism against Senate candidate, Bob Kerrey, to my desktop and enlarged it to where it was legible. Thanks for providing something tangible.
    Upon reading the article, I will have to admit that, on first glance, it would be easy to jump to the same conclusion that you did, particularly had I been seeking dirt. Still, I must say that I find this nearly fifty year old story just happening to land in your lap a real stretch of the imagination. Who’s campaign organization tipped you off to the story?
    I read the whole article over a few times and some things stand out for me, given my perspective as one that lived in America throughout those years of racial turmoil in America. Years, I might add, that were instrumental in the formation of my Liberal political leanings. Those things give rise to more questions than answers. I would like to see the records of some subsequent UNL Student Council meetings before condemning Mr. Kerrey’s vote.
    It is apparent, to me, ever the ‘doubting Thomas,’ that some questions about this resolution remained unanswered, despite the vote it received. Some members of the council indicated that the report it was based on was incomplete and that there were legal ramifications to be considered. Larry Frolick, the resolution’s sponsor, admitted that he personally composed the resolution, based on his private moral concerns, despite his committee having drawn no conclusions from its study. Some council members evidently felt this resolution was immature and may have voted against it in lieu of a better crafted one in ensuing weeks. The article doesn’t mention whether Mr. Kerrey might have been one of them.
    A quote that you conveniently have left out of your very public excoriation of Mr. Kerrey, RWP, deserves the light of day. After the vote, Bob Kerrey stated, “We have not said a thing today; we have taken half a loaf because we were afraid we couldn’t get a whole loaf. We have merely cleared our consciences.” Did the “whole loaf” he referred to indicate that he opposed THIS resolution in hopes of achieving, at the next Student Council meeting, a better one?
    I believe this story deserves a more complete investigation. You seem to have plenty of time on your hands, Gerard. Could you help us out here and publish a few more pages, from later copies of the Daily Nebraskan, that support your accusations?

  24. Beating Up Bruning says:

    The OWH has yet another article–front page–once again beating up on Bruning for having successful investments.

    Funny how the OWH rejoiced when sugar-daddy Buffett—billions and billions–came along to pull their financial balls out of the fire, but simply cannot tolerate Bruning and his paltry millions.

    The OWH has become so journalistically corrupt it is painful to read,

  25. Macdaddy says:

    Yeah, BTO, kerrey had an epiphany. His epiphany was that his past racist views would not be tolerated unless he switched to the Democrat Party. At that moment, all his sins were washed away. Hallelujah!

    So far, RWP has done some bang up work uncovering all kinds of dirt on the savior of the Nebraska Democrats. I’m sure Kerrey could clear all this up if he wanted. I know that nobody in the Lame Stream Media will ask him about any of this stuff, but it’s fun to dream. The key in the election is how to keep voters from getting defensive about their past votes for this clown.

  26. TexasAnnie says:

    uuh, I thought you Bruning fans LIKED the OWH when it failed to dig up dirt about his investments, a few weeks ago!

    I remember when Bruning was elected to the unicam and I remember very well his indifference to his CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY when that same institution failed to fix the residency statute (thereby admitting children with severe disability into nearby public schools) for two years running. Santorum is a fool for believing Bruning shares his “sanctity of life” credentials. Or maybe Santorum is a liar. At any rate, because Bruning would not act constitutionally back when, I expect such behavior of him now. And the more recent Nelnet example bears out my judgment. Also, who can deny Bruning’s bigotry with regard to LGBT issues? Bruning is decidedly not a man of honor, but then neither is Kerrey…

  27. RWP says:

    Aaargh, the damn software ate a long reply.

    Here it is in brief. I have no contact with any of the campaign organizations. None. Nada. Zilch. I think they know a loose cannon when they see one. Besides, the GOPers are so busy hacking at each others ankles right now I don’t think they’re doing opposition research on the Democrats.

    I found this story when researching another one, which you’ll be reading soon. The other story has been mentioned a couple of places, which is how I heard about it, but I decided I had to consult original sources. And since I didn’t have dates, I ended up reading a few years’ worth of the Daily Nebraskan. I’ve worked at UNL 20 years, and I have to admit it I became interested just in getting an idea of what this place was like 27 years before I arrived. Depressingly similar, in some ways :-). I’m not going to claim it’s job related — I did it after the semester was over — but UNL has a complex institutional history, much of it not well documented, and knowing why we made particular choices 50 years ago is surprisingly helpful even today.

    So I came across this entirely by accident, just browsing. As far as I know, our ever vigilant press has never reported on it, because they’ve never wanted to find out stuff like this.

    Brian would obviously like to put the best possible construction on this, which is understandable. As far as I can ascertain, Kerrey never followed up. It’s my interpretation of much of what I read that Kerrey saw his role as representing the Greek houses at the SC, and the Greeks didn’t want to desegregate. Sigma Nu’s constitution didn’t allow it to, and several of the sororities had ‘secret’ constitutions. The report on the predicament of black students, to which the DN article refers, apparently states that blacks at UNL in 1965 could only socialize in Selleck and the Union, since the Greek houses were closed off to them. I can certainly provide more information about that, but I doubt it will justify Kerrey.

  28. Macdaddy says:

    RWP, see? There was a legal reason for Kerrey’s stand! The resolution would have been extra-constitutional and without a proper forum with a quorum of each and every house, 2/3 majorities in the case of some while others would be allowed a simple majority according to their national charters as set forth in Student By-Laws 16.45-3(c), blah, blah, blah. BTO, I just saved you the time of typing your next post.

  29. RWP says:

    Say, RWP, can you divert your excellent sleuthing skills to finding any dirt on Jon Bruning? I’m sure there is plenty to be found, and some of us don’t have as much time on our hands as you appear to.

    You don’t think the newspapers are working on this full time?

    Besides, Bruning’s a creature of the internet age. What there is to find publicly can almost all be found on Google. We’re all equal in the eyes of the googly-eyed monster. What I find intriguing about Kerrey is that a lot of his more questionable doings were not only not examined, but were actively covered up, by the press and political establishment. You have to go back and ask old hands, or sift through paper company reports or old newspapers. Even today, that link between him and Energetics Technologies, the ‘super wave’ cold fusion research company, is so utterly strange, and the amount of money so large, if I were a reporter I’d be on it in a second. But the only one who has covered it is Deena Winter, and she’s mostly just used the same links I did. I’d get my ass down to Columbia, MO, and start asking questions.

    Incidentally, most people don’t know this, but Ivy Harper wrote a biography of Kerrey that’s one of the better secondary sources.

  30. Senator Snowplow says:

    Brian, that was really a good effort trying to explain away Bob’s racism in the 1960s, horrifyingly occurring during the height of the civil-rights movement. I tried but just couldn’t come up with any decent way to spin what RWP uncovered. Though your effort isn’t very plausible, it was much better than any defense I could come up with. Kudos to you for giving it the old college try.

  31. BTO wrote:
    Babs sticking her big fat foot into Nebraska politics? THE HORROR!!!
    Ted Nugent sticking his big fat ego into Nebaska politics? THE HONOR!!!

    I know this is difficult to understand BTO, but there is a slight difference. You see, the Nuge was appearing at a fundraiser for a legislature seat…not a U.S. senate seat. In addition, it’s entirely conceivable that the Nuge would come for Nebraska for reasons other than politics…but what is Mecha Streisand going to come here for? I believe Uncle Ted actually believes he shares many things in common with most Nebraskans, whereas I doubt Babs believes she has anything in common with us, and probably couldn’t find Nebraska on a map.

  32. CC Music Factory says:

    Agreed, the Grundle King. Considering that Nugent is still coming, it just isn’t going to be a fundraiser anymore. And considering Coash was a friend of Nugent’s long before this event was planned, it was more in the vein of a friend helping a friend, and Coash ultimately called off the fundraising aspect of it because of the statements. And FWIW, after seeing the comments, IMO, the whole thing regarding the comments was WAY overblown, by a media that looks to disparage any conservative entertainers. The big thing about Kerrey is the fact that he has MANY big name liberal, out-of-state donors like Babs. It’s not just her. Beautiful voice, extremely wacky (putting it nicely) views on life.

  33. JC says:

    Nugent also does some business here, he buys his bow strings from a manufacturer in Basset which is how he got involved in the Legislative race in the first place since Coash’s grandfather founded the bow string manufacturing company. So he actually has some peripheral interest in what happens here, particularly with that Legislative seat. Streisand, to my knowledge, has no connection–business or otherwise–to Nebraska.

    While I don’t agree with Nugent on a lot of things, I think equating his work on a state legislative race for a candidate he has done business with is different from Streisand donating money to a US Senate race, particularly as Kerrey has demonstrated that his funding is mainly from out of state. If Nugent were vocally backing and funding one of the Republican Senate candidates then it would be more equitable.

  34. The lint from Babs’ purse and the quarters from the Motortown Motormouth’s guitar case aren’t going to put nearly the dent in Nebraska politics that the wheelbarrow loads of twenties pumped in by the SuperPACs such as Club For Growth have. It isn’t a mystery why outsiders invest in our representatives sent to Washington, what they legislate there affects the entire U.S. But outsiders investing in our Unicameral? Why, there’d oughta be a law to prevent that!

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