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In our ever enduring efforts to get you the latest, see Nebraska Senate candidate Jon Bruning’s latest TV spot here:

And here is the text:

Elections are about the choices we make for our future.

As Nebraska’s Attorney General, I’m leading the fight to overturn Obamacare.

Bob Kerrey says Obamacare doesn’t go far enough.

Bob Kerrey was the deciding vote against a balanced budget amendment.

So, after Barack Obama’s spending spree, we’re nearly $16 trillion in debt.

I support a balanced budget amendment.

I’m Jon Bruning, I approve this message and I know that defeating Bob Kerrey and Barack Obama is the right choice for our future.


More on the OWH’s latest attack on Bruning, and more, right here, in a few…


The Berkshire Hathaway owned Omaha World Herald decided that their original stories about Nebraska GOP Senate candidate, Attorney General Jon Bruning’s finances were not enough. So after they wrote a number of stories questioning his investments, they decided to do a full-out investigation.

In that investigation they noted they they hired investment experts, consulted with professors and waded through hundreds of pages of documents.

And they found nothing.

BUT, on the same day, they enlisted their political reporter, Robynn Tysver, to follow-up with another story about one of Bruning’s investments…and still came up with nothing.

So the OWH has Robynn Tysver on the case. And they had Joe Duggan give Bruning a TSA style search into every nook and cavity. Oh, and Dugan had the assistance of writer Steve Jordan on that piece (along with the noted professors and finance experts).

But that wasn’t enough for them.

So today the OWH enlisted Duggan, again, to tell everyone that Bruning’s investments are different from other State AGs. And…? Uh, that’s it. Oh, and that his opponents repeated in debates what the OWH wrote in the past.

Now why would the OWH decide to write yet ANOTHER story on this exact same topic?

Well, beyond the fact that they hate Bruning (which is common knowledge), we mean. Well, could it be that they wanted to have something on the race for all the Buffett-heads who are floating in for Warren-stock this weekend?

Hmm. Certainly intriguing.

But you would think that they would then also use their barrels of ink for a timely investigation into Democrat candidate Bob Kerrey’s numerous post-Senate investments and questionable board positions too, yeah?


This is the same newspaper whose owner’s daughter (Susie) was the first person to take Bob Kerrey out on the town after he decided to “move” back to Nebraska from New York City to run for Senate.

Are they going to put Kerrey in any sort of a bad light on such a weekend?

Are they going to delve into Kerrey’s positions and income from an Israeli company involved in “cold-fusion”?

Are they going to look into Kerrey’s college days (like they have with Jon Bruning) where Kerrey allegedly voted to keep “negroes” out of the University of Nebraska Greek system?

Well, do not hold your breath, readers.

And certainly not THIS weekend.


And speaking of Bob Kerrey, he took to the New York Daily News to criticize President Obama for the way he went about announcing the news of the Osama Bin Laden raid. He pointed out that too much was told about the raid itself and the information gained from it.

Which is fine.

Just that…

1) Yeah, we heard all of that 12 months ago from all of the conservative commentators. Funny, Bob never spoke up then. But then he would have been talking only to his liberal New School colleagues in New York, and not in a back-handed way to more conservative Nebraskans.

2) Hey Bob! You know, there ARE newspapers in Nebraska who would print your Op-Ed. Just because Barbra Streisand doesn’t read the York News Times doesn’t mean you have to run to the New York Times (or Daily News…whatever) whenever you want to spout your wordly wisdom.

The Hastings Tribune is no good? The Kearney Hub not central enough for ya? People read the Scottsbluff Star-Herald too, you know. Maybe it would have been nice for The Hill to link to them.


As we note the various candidate endorsements, State Senator Deb Fischer received the endorsement from the Kearney Hub. They said,

We hope Nebraska Republicans see what we see in Deb Fischer, a Lincoln native and Sandhills ranch wife who refuses to tear down opponents, is comfortable in her conservative positions, and knows how to move worthwhile legislation forward.

Fischer adds this endorsement to that from the York News Times (All the fits that’s print to news!).

And speaking of Fischer, we queried their recent polling data where they pointed out that 52% of the Nebraska GOP electorate is in the Lincoln TV media market. We understood it was more like 45%. In any case, it was argued to us that 51 or 52% is reasonable based on the 2010 GOP primary. That may or may not be the best primary to look at, but we have no real reason to argue one way or another.

The point of all of that, we suppose, is that the Fischer camp wants supporters to feel confident about where she is spending her money (in this case, mainly in Lincoln).

And no matter what the numbers really are at this point, 30% undecided is a big number for this race. We will see how that shakes out in the next 10 days.


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**UPDATE at 2:05pm**
See the new Don Stenberg spot making a direct attack on Jon Bruning, here:

You don’t see many direct shots delivered by the candidate him or her self. Not a bad piece (and we do like the barn in the background), though we’re not crazy about the “Unbelievable!” reax by Don. Be a little more subtle next time.


  1. Poli Sci Guy says:

    What does this ad tell us?

    That Bruning is so unconcerned with Stenberg’s petty attacks or Fischer’s imaginary poll numbers that he’s content running against Bob Kerrey.

    So – the ACTUAL poll numbers aint that close.

  2. outsider says:

    Poli Sci Guy- I think you’re correct. Clearly the DeMint money has failed and Fischer’s late push is a fake. Bob Kerrey has run almost a million dollars in ads, Bruning needs to take aim early.

  3. K Man says:

    Meanwhile Demint et. al have spent more than a million on Stenberg, and it hasn’t helped him at all.

    Great new ad, Jon. Kudos!

  4. Let’s see, Jon Bruning made millions WHILE in public office, Bob Kerrey made millions BEFORE and AFTER he was in public office. Yup! Yup! Same thing … nothing to see here … move along … move along.

  5. RWP says:

    You’re kidding, right? How about Kerrey’s low-interest loans from NIFA for Prairie Life almost as soon as he’d set up the agency and packed it with his cronies? How about his real-estate partnerships with Bill Wright? How about how, while Governor, he created a run on Commonwealth Savings, to benefit Wright and other partners? How about his cattle futures trading while on the Senate Ag. Committee?

  6. RWP says:

    Well, it’s a slippery slope, GK. You start down that route, and pretty soon you’re putting green food coloring in Busch Light and calling it beer.

  7. RWP, You’ll have to fill me in on your latest accusations. I missed all of Governor Kerrey’s years, since I was living overseas at the time. If he was guilty of all this nefarious stuff, why wasn’t he arrested and tried? It’s not like he was the Attorney General and could have swept it under the rug.

  8. RWP says:


    You mean Attorney General Robert Spire, whom Kerrey appointed to replace the resigned-just-ahead-of-impeachment Paul Douglas?

    I arrived in Nebraska in 1992, but I’m seriously sorry I missed the 80’s here, which (from what I’ve read) set a standard for political corruption that it will be hard ever to beat. And it was by no means partisan. Douglas was a Republican.

  9. RWP says:

    Minor correction; Douglas resigned after the impeachment resolution failed by one vote. They needed five Supreme Court justice out of seven; they had four.

  10. TexasAnnie says:

    That 80’s standard for political corruption became the norm for Nebraska. It’s why you have so much “economic development” taxation going on up there. I’m curious, RWP: what do you think you missed and why are you sorry about it?

  11. To Texas Annie says:

    You mean the political corruption of the 80’s that allowed Governor Bob Kerrey to get low interest loans from the state for his investments while in office??? Where is the OWH on the NIFA story???

  12. Ikon says:

    Fact Check: J Bruning is Not leading the fight against Obama Care. What J Bruning is, is a LIAR plain & simple. He’s also a part of the Greedy, Selfish, Spend, Rape & Grow Gov. GOP who are also major masters of Nazi propaganda techniques, ie ” say the LIE often enough & people will believe it’s truth ” better know as Double Speak. Just more of Josef Goebbels Nazi marketing formula so well adapted by another social parasite GOPER K Rove. All you braindead NE Repubes should be so proud.

    BTW: Burning should end his BS ads with the disclaimer; ” I’m Jon Bruning, [aka GOD ALMIGHTY], & I approve this mess age”. I think the Kerrey camp should sue Bruning for making False Public statements. It’s about time to put the “Truth in Advertising” clause in political ads. Interesting legal agenda there; are Political Advertisments, advertisements subject to rules or are they just free speech statements where one can lie all one want’s? Any opinions?

    BTW Texas Annie, right on about 80″s Reagan political corruption. Anyone remember the S&L Reagan/Regan bank handout to the rich & connected on the backs of ordinary Americans. That’s the game, getting ones hands on the Giant Piggy Bank of the US treasury which was so well done by lameo RR & DR!!

  13. KerreyforAlderman says:

    Ikon. Thanks for the show. Nothing delights an elephant more than to see a semi-literate donkey crap himself in abject fear and then roll around in it. You threw so much poo that you ran out and had to dig some more out of yourself. That’s gotta hurt with a hoof. Ouch.

    Keep up the good work. Here’s hoping that you are working on Kerrey’s staff or Chairman of a Democratic Party somewhere. With minds like yours at work, Republicans can’t lose.

  14. Lil Mac says:

    To ask why Kerrey wasn’t arrested if he was guilty of nefarious stuff assumes rotten behavior and bad ethics are the same as criminality. But that is not the case. In matters of electing people to wield power, it should not be criminality but rather ethics we focus on. For if the measure of good government is that the guy is one hair above being locked in a cage, we are in real trouble.

  15. Lil Mac, That’s a good point – ethics over legality. If that were the criteria most voters would apply, we would have practically no one worthy of election to ANY office. It is a curious thing, but election to public office, which provides access to the levers of power that can decide who makes a buck and who doesn’t, is too great a temptation for those whose ethics leave much to be desired. That is why candidates with a hungry eye, like Jon Bruning, leapfrog from one elected office to the next, too often ignoring the one they were just elected to in order to begin the race for the next higher one.
    I have to admit, that of the candidates for the Republican nomination, I believe that Deb Fischer has proven herself to be worthy of the votes of Nebraska’s Republicans. Rather than ruining my TV viewing with a plethora of lousy attack ads, she pops up occasionally to remind us why she’s running, then goes away. She stuck to the job she was elected to do until it was done, and then hit the campaign trail. That is admirable. I don’t like her politics, but I do like her style.
    I’d like to see some campaign reform, both on the state and federal levels, that would make it illegal for office-holders to campaign for office within the last three months of their current term. To level the playing field, no other candidates could do so either. That would give us poor voting citizens some peace and quiet, and it would provide enough time for those people we elect to office to actually do the jobs they were elected to do. As it is, they start their re-election campaigns before they even assume the offices they were elected to do, and spend more than half of their time working on their own damned campaigns instead of doing OUR work.

    “Politics has become so expensive that it takes a lot of money even to be defeated.” – Will Rogers

  16. RWP says:


    I wish I had been here because the press, with business partners of Kerrey in prominent positions of both major newspapers, made no effort at all to look into the corruption. Now we lack a lot of the documents we’d need to really reconstruct what went on.

    We tend to think of Nebraska as being a decade behind the rest of the country, but when it comes to the Savings and Loan scandal — financial criminals and their cronies in government doing leveraged buyouts on S&Ls and then stripping their assets — we were ahead of the game. Commonwealth went bankrupt in 1983, in large part as a result of Kerrey’s actions. State Security went down in 1984 after some amazing financial shenanigans by a Kerrey crony, who was also his personal counsel and head of his transition team. Kerrey’s use of NIFA to get millions in low interest loans for his own business was another crass abuse of power that he simply couldn’t get away with today. Most statewide offices are held by Republicans, the media are dominated by Democrats, so government is far more heavily scrutinized.

    I don’t think the ‘economic development’ tax rebates are corrupt to the same extent, although I oppose them. I believe in a flat and very low corporate tax. Zero would be fine. That would force a lower income tax, because if there’s a big difference in rates, incorporation is an easy way to reduce your tax.

    By the way, the collapse of Commonwealth was a personal tragedy for hundreds of Nebraskans. This wasn’t some arcane financial fraud.

  17. Macdaddy says:

    Oh, but come on, RWP, don’t you know that in the 80’s everyone was looting S&Ls? Everybody was doing it! I’m sure Kerrey did it only because the law forced him to. Or maybe he did it to show everyone where the holes in the system were. He didn’t want to do it, but he felt he needed to make an example of them. For the good of America. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  18. Ikon says:

    RWP; What planet do you live on? ” the media is [not are] dominated by Democrats….”. FYI, 95% of media in America is Owned or run by GOPERS!! So Buffett just bought that pathetic rag the W-H, big deal. It would be nice if he or Susie hired a few managers & editors that would take it out of the Hick Town class of printed medium & make an effort to de-program you local yokels with other than police blotter trash stories!!! Also, it’s no wonder education in America is so rapidly declining with people like you lecturing at the university level! That is of course assuming that you are in fact an educator and we all know what happens when one assumes!!

  19. RWP says:


    I honestly don’t care if you think I’m an educator. And if you think 95% of the media are run my the GOP, you’re delusional.

  20. TexasAnnie says:

    Lil Mac: I, too, believe in ethics. It’s why I won’t register with the R’s and D’s.

    RWP: Documentation won’t do anybody any good. The S & L collapses of the 80’s were legal! And those taxpayer bailouts set the stage for ever more complicated financial instruments, “economic development” taxing schemes, and congressional negligence rather than oversight under deregulation. Today, it is safe to say, that we DON’T get the government we pay for! And yes, a zero corporate tax would be better than allowing lawmakers the power to pick corporate winners and losers, as they do now. There’s also a bonus with this idea: it would be ethical and legal. I’m for it!

    BTO: I read the OWH and LJS every day for a decade. I can’t remember any unbiased reportage. I don’t think the Buffet purchase will make the OWH any better, or any worse…

  21. TexasAnnie says:

    P.S. Even after the 2008 housing collapse and subsequent domino effect throughout our economy, our Congress STILL HAS NOT acted to correct those “legal” activities which are, prima facie, unethical.

  22. RWP says:


    The Commonwealth and State Security collapses were clearly the result of illegal activity. Six people went to jail as a result of the Commonwealth failure. Nobody went to jail in the State Security failure — as the legislative banking committee concluded, it was ‘milked and drained’…’in a far more sophisticated and skillful fashion’ by Bill Wright, a Kerrey crony. Robert Spire, the AG Kerrey appointed, stalled prosecution until the statute of limitations had run out. It was illegal as all hell; it just wasn’t prosecuted.

    Robert Spire went on to be Kerrey’s Senate chief of staff.

  23. Cinco says:

    I was at the Parade in South O this morning. Gotta say Obama is in trouble in South O. The Barry team got one hoot, and not a single clap from the peeps within 25 yards either side of me or across the street.

    The Kerry group was VERY YOUNG, and only a little bit annoying. Ok, a lot annoying.

  24. anon says:

    Read in the independent today that Don held a town hall meeting in grand island and nobody showed up. Kinda sums things up for his campaign(s).

  25. Lil Mac says:

    Those awful “candidates with a hungry eye” who “leapfrog from one elected office to the next, too often ignoring the one they were just elected to in order to begin the race for the next higher one.”

    That’s Bob Kerrey.

    In 1988, Bob Kerrey was elected to a six year term in the Senate but midterm he turned his hungry eye toward the White House and ran for President in 1992. Democrats of course chewed him up and spat him out as #3 in New Hampshire and #4 in Colorado.

    That’s like NE Republicans choosing Stenberg, Fischer and Flynn over Bruning.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Remember that incident back in 2009 when BTO was on the Grand Island news because he was cyber-bullying Lisa Hannah?

  27. Lil Mac says:

    I’m all for countering Brian or anyone else based on what they say, if I can pry their words apart with fact and logic. But cyber bullying? You mean Free Speech, don’t you?

    Lisa Hannah, who ain’t no Daryl Hannah, is a political player by her own choosing, same as Brian. If you want to play hardball politics, expect people to throw hard words at you. Of course, if Brian had crawled into Lisa’s bedroom window wearing only black socks, that would have been wrong (on a lot of levels). But BTO throwing words at her is politics.

    I guess bleeding hearts bruise easily. Whip each other with their feelings. That’s silly. You want to be afraid of something? Be afraid of a pissed off person with a checkbook and a lawyer.

  28. Thanks, Lil Mac.
    It appears my personal cyber stalker doesn’t “get” the irony of what it just posted. While anonymously accusing me of everything but the Holocaust, it commits an even more despicable infraction, it bullies from the safety of anonymity.
    As for the Grand Island news report – that happened during a very public meeting of the 3rd CD Caucus at an NDP SCC meeting, when both Ms. Hannah and I resigned our positions as chairs of the 3rd CD. I resigned, upon the request of NDP Chair, Vic Covalt, in order to rid ourselves of Ms. Hannah and all the headaches she was causing the 3rd CD Organization and the NDP. I can’t tell you how many people personally thanked me for having accomplished that.
    The NTV camera was there at the bidding of the notorious media hound, Marion Bahensky. The psycho-drama that unfolded, replete with tears and a sobbing, over-the-top performance wherin Ms. Hannah blamed everyone but herself for the situation she created, was no doubt rehearsed well in advance. It was a pathetic ruse designed to sway the opinions of the uninformed. Evidently it worked on my personal cyber stalker, but not many others.
    I will admit that I have a well deserved reputation of being very harsh with despots, ignoramuses, and especially with anonymous monkey poop tossers. I don’t care what their gender, age, national origin, religion, etc. is, if they deserve my wrath, they get it. Anyone that publicly enters the political arena needs to forget about being treated with kid gloves. If they can’t handle the heat, they need to stay out of the kitchen.
    I would hope that Ms. Hannah is happy making life miserable for Democrats in New Mexico, and I wish that Ms. Bahensky would take her self-serving, NDP authorized, 3rd CD Newsletter and join her there.
    And, Lil Mac, “thanks” a lot for putting that black sock imagine in my head! Now how in the hell do I get it out of there? THAT is even more frightening than a pissed off person with a checkbook and a lawyer!

  29. Blast from the past--Montana Hannah! says:

    Good to have a little levity here recalling Lisa Hannah. What I got a kick out of was her consistent attacks on people for being “paid operatives”–never mind that was what she was. I do think it was tacky that Jane K. fired her in a Starbucks with people watching the scene–at least buy Lisa a Latte first. I know there is a significant latino population in New Mexico–wonder how she is getting along there since several blogs posted the insulting emails she sent out as a state employee about them.

  30. RWP says:

    That’s some guy named Ikon.

    His given name might be Brian… But I’m sorry for confusing you two. He’s clearly a moron.

  31. Lil Mac says:

    Sorry about the black socks imagery. Candidates pay good money for pros to think up stuff with that kind of sticking power.

    To pry that out of your head, try this: “Flintstones, it’s the Flintstones, they’re a modern stone age family…” See, now you can’t stop that from running a loop in your head. Or is it now Fred wearing black socks? The mind is a strange thing.

  32. Anonymous says:

    BTO is consumed by jealousy of Marion Bahensky, who is a well respected party leader who holds a position that BTO will never hold. She is 83 years old, is kind, well spoken, genuine, and has a heart of gold. That hasn’t stopped BTO in fits of jealousy of stalking and attacking her all over cyberspace.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Marion Bahensky is not respected. She was forced out of her position in the NDP. She very rarely goes to conferences and no one pays attention to her. Marion like Brian cares only about their own views and opinions.

  34. TexasAnnie says:

    Geez Brian and Lil Mac: I don’t know of whom you speak when you name Marion and Hannah. You have plenty bona fide politicians and bureaucrats to stalk and attack. You need not worry about the outrage of other observers. We should all be outraged by what out “public servants” are doing to us.

    Brian’s not happy with the D’s nor the R’s and Lil Mac won’t name his allegiance to liberty loving leaders. Likewise, too many anonymous commenters here won’t acknowledge that the two major political parties created the taxing injustice problems which persist.

    Is it satisfying, enough, to simply complain? Or do you want a different governance?

  35. Anonymous says:

    BTO calls me a cowardly scum sucker while he continues attacking an 83 year old woman. What a gutless tub of s#1+.

  36. Sweetwater Observer says:

    Jeez, TexasAnnie,

    I know how you must feel being the outsider that you are…..but no one here on Leavenworth Street is going to fill you in on every name or situation mentioned here.

    Either get with it and read every day, or simply go away.

  37. The Archbishop says:

    Mr. Kelly,

    I have been reading your columns in the World Herald concerning Ron Brown. Did you not get the memo on where the Catholic Church stands? I think you need to report to the Chancery for an Instruction on the Church’s teachings in this matter.

  38. TexasAnnie, I want a different governance, but it will be a cold day in hell before that happens so long as people continue to follow those that want them to just show up, smile, and eat the free donuts. The Nebraska Democratic Party has been on a steady decline, especially in the rural areas, and has a smaller percentage of registered voters than at any time in the past 32 years. (click on my name above to see the facts)
    If a revolution doesn’t take place within the NDP soon, it shall become even more irrelevant. I would like to see more Democrats that are willing to stand up and FIGHT, but the exhortations of the “leadership” is always just, “Sit down, shut up, do what you are told,” and “let’s all just hold hands and sing Kumbaya.”
    What really chafes my ass is that an organization that depends on volunteers to be successful, is so adept at kicking its volunteers in the teeth. The hired staff consistently insults the people that actually do the grunt work, and hand down edicts as though THEY were the employers, rather than the other way around.
    Then you have the party hierarchy that too often are like Ms. Hannah and Ms. Bahensky (both past Chairs of the 3rd CD) whose only interest in the party is securing positions of POWER for themselves. They want to be able to tell people not only that they must jump when they bark, but how high they must leap. I have a different opinion about what an elected person is supposed to do. They are supposed to listen to their constituents, then do all they can to SERVE them. That is why I have had so many conflicts with those two, and others, in the past. I cannot tolerate despots.
    If the NDP continues to just do more of the same, then the results we achieve will be just more of the same.

  39. TexasAnnie says:

    Ah ha, Brian! That’s the kind of commenting that is useful. I remember asking someone on this blog once why his/her moniker appeared in green. I got no response, or perhaps an insulting response typical of commenters here, but certainly no instruction about “clicking” for fuller information. I do believe that nobody has all knowledge and everyone has some knowledge. And by sharing knowledge, we can all get to a better place…

    And now, in response to your idea about starting up a Farmer/Labor Party in western Nebraska, I ‘gotta say: good luck! The Democrats work together well enough in response to incessant demands for business tax incentives. (As do Republicans.) Why do the farmers and laborers of western Nebraska support their legislative candidates, whether R’s or D’s? Just look at their legislative history to know their heart. Why do Nebraskans, in general, vote against their own self interest?

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