New Fischer ad and lots more

Lots happening and talking over the weekend, with 7 more days to campaign until the primary…


First, a new ad from Deb Fischer. See it here:

This is a good spot, frankly better than her first intro piece. But many people still don’t know who Deb Fischer is, and we feel like she needs a “talking to the camera” spot for a full-on introduction. Let’s face it, no one watched the debates, and in any interviews she is talking to a reporter. She needs a one-on-one with the voter, something like she did here (but better production value). The voters need that connection.


Jon Bruning was out and about on the campaign trail…running marathons? OK, it was a half-marathon (and we don’t know how far he actually ran) but he was out there with his son and dad at the height of the primary campaign.

When you get right down to it, that can be as many eyes as a parade, so maybe not a bad idea. (But OK, we will take our shot…was that marathon in 3D???)

Also, Brad Dickson who writes daily one-liners for the OWH, had an interview with Bruning. We assume this was written, as these were some pretty good zingers from Bruning:

Q: In 25,000 words or less, what’s wrong with the current U.S. Congress?
A: Is the health care law less than 25,000 words?

Q: You recently bumped into Bob Kerrey in Washington, D.C. How awkward was it?
A: Very. Normally, I run into him in New York.

Q: Why should someone reading this vote for Jon Bruning?
A: I’m not sure why anyone would be reading this.

He’ll be here all week ladies and gents! Try the prime rib, and please tip your waitress!


Ah, and then there was Don Walton’s comical interview with Bob Kerrey in the LJS. In it, Kerrey laments the state of Congress (unlike the last 200 years when everyone sang the praises of Congress), and then suggests…that Congress be non-partisan!

Gee, you know! Just like the Unicameral! Because see, no one knows what party each of the State Senators in Nebraska are in! Why, they don’t vote along party lines at all there!

Hmm, and let’s see. Who else would benefit if Nebraskans didn’t look at party affiliations? Hmm. Could it be…Bob Kerrey! Golly, if no one knew that he was a Democrat…and voted like a Democrat…and all of his friends and colleagues are Democrats…and all of his money come from liberal Democrats…and he supports his fellow Democrats with his votes…well then they might vote for him!

What an awesome idea!

And just to prove how awesome Bob thinks Nebraskans are, Bob tells Don how great he thinks Young Nebraskans are! Oh, man they are just so good, and so UNpartisan! As a matter of fact, here is a nice shot of Kerrey with some of those young unpartisan Nebraskans over the weekend:

Oh, wait. That’s Kerrey with a group of Young Democrats.
Uh, well, forget it then.

(Oh, and another hoot from that interview: You know ObamaCare? Yeah, the thing that Bob Kerrey supports, but thinks doesn’t go far enough? Well, Kerrey now says the Prez should have waited to put it through. Riiiiight. Kerrey has been all over the freaking board here, but we have plenty more time to discuss.)


Jumping over to the District 2 House race, the Omaha World-Herald endorsed Lee Terry in the GOP race, saying Terry…

“has developed expertise on telecommunications, energy policy and cyber-security. He has worked across the partisan aisle with Democratic lawmakers on energy-policy bills.”

Terry also received the sole endorsement of Nebraska Right to Life and the Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation.

The OWH also endorsed John Ewing for the Dems, and though we have heard next to nothing about that race, Don Walton says his Democrat friends say it could go either way, Ewing or Gwen Howard. And Don knows from Democrats.

And the Republican Liberty Caucus, who are very big on all things Ron Paul, have endorsed Pat Flynn in the Senate race and Brett Lindstrom in the NE02 race.


We are burying this one because it is sort of a bummer, but as the old sort-of-saying goes, what if you hold a campaign rally and no one shows? Well, Don Stenberg ran into that in Grand Island over the weekend (and it has been picked up by both The Hill and the National Journal). These things happen in campaigns, unfortunately. If you do not have a very strong ground game, and make sure your supporters show to an event, this happens. If you think people will just show up on a weekend, you are sadly mistaken.

So Stenberg took his gun show on the road to Norfolk. And this time 6 people showed.


Nice article by Robynn Tysver of the OWH, entitled, “Nobody’s out of GOP Senate race yet”. Apparently she did not consult Dave Kotok before she wrote her headline…


Lots will be happening this week, so be sure to check back often!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper, can you please ban BTO from writing in here. He makes this blog so dumb with his petty feuds with nobody any normal person would care about.

  2. A@10:27, Give it up, Vic. Silencing dissent within the ranks might work at an NDP SCC meeting, but out here in the real world freedom of speech is still an ideal worthy of exercising.

  3. RWP says:

    Well, Kerrey now says the Prez should have waited to put it through.

    Bob Kerrey, October 2009:

    We have followed the health care reform debate very carefully. We applaud you and the entire Congress for focusing on what we consider to be the most important and most difficult public policy issue.

    As you say, all over the board.

  4. C Hiddy says:

    I thought Deb only running a positive campaign? That opening shot of two bulls with Bruning and Stenberg tags is definitely not positive.

  5. RWP says:

    Ernie Chambers once challenged me to a fistfight in the Rotunda. I felt I had the reach, but he had the upper body strength. In the end, it was a lose-lose situation for me. If I won, they’d say I beat up a 70-year-old man. If I lost, they’d say I got beat up by 70-year-old man.

    Damn, nearly the same thing happened to me. Ernie threatened to punch me in the nose, at a legislative hearing, no less. I was going to go up to him in the corridor afterwards and offer to let him take a swing, but then I realized what Bruning realized; you can’t win fighting a septuagenarian.

    Needless to say, if anyone else wandered the Capitol flinging around threats of violence, there would be hell to pay.

  6. The Archbishop says:

    So you are not a good christian if you do not support LGTBQ issues? Is this where we are taking this debate now?

  7. You know the drill, RWP. If you say anything contrary to what any member of a “minority” says, then you are a gutless tub of s#1+. America will never be a unified nation until we quit dividing ourselves into ever smaller slices of special interest groups. I sometimes even wonder about the divisions that political parties force upon us.
    The NDP has what they call Affiliated Caucuses. Each one of these “special” groups gets a seat on the State Executive Committee. They have one each for the women (who by the way are in the majority in the NDP), the blacks, the Young Democrats, the LGBTs, the Latinos, the Working Families (as if there were any other kind,) and the disabled. What purpose does all that serve?
    I recall that during my first State Convention, I sat next to the then chair of the 3rd CD, Joe Shoemaker, and asked him why there wasn’t a special caucus for middle aged, grey haired, paunchy, green eyed, near-sighted, men of Irish ancestry. He just chuckled.

  8. @C Hiddy says:

    Get over yourself. Humor has a place in politics. Kind of like Don Stenberg’s latest commercial. I laughed so hard.

  9. Anonymous says:

    BTO in your estimation what percentage of Leavenworth Street readers give a damn about you and all these nobodies you keep blabbering on about?

  10. Lil Mac says:

    In 1994, people used the term “barbed wire” to describe Jan Stoney. People thought Stoney was tough, Bob Kerrey badly beat Jan Stoney.

  11. The Lincoln NDP office wouldn’t be striving so hard to have me silenced here on Leavenworth Street if I wasn’t getting under their skin and perhaps influencing others to follow my lead. Silencing opposition is one of the mainstays of today’s Nebraska Democratic Party, and THAT is hardly the kind of activity that will contribute to party growth. The decline of the NDP is directly attributable to those who have held the reins over the last thirty years. I’d have to say that I’ve been on the scene for only six of those years and I’ve witnessed enough incompetence to last me a lifetime.
    One incident that I recall quite vividly that perhaps symbolizes the atmosphere that prevails within the NDP was a few years ago when Deb Quirk (a past NDP State Chair, a past Chair of County Chairs, and holder of many othere party offices) told me to take my copy of the NDP Constitution and throw it in the waste can. She obviously thought that everything that the State Convention delegates decided democratically was just in the way of how she wanted things done. Unfortunately, a lot of other people holding positions within the party share her zeal for undemocratic governance.
    I have witnessed people railroaded out of their positions and replaced by lackeys that weren’t even eligible to hold the office. I have witnessed meetings chaired by, and elections decided by, people that weren’t even from the district in question. I have witnessed hired staff treating the elected delegates and county chairs as though they were second class citizens. I have personally been attacked by the staff, and then told that the incident “never happened.”
    Good grief! Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a Stalinist nightmare.
    I believe in democracy and I expect my “Democratic” party to behave democratically. Is that too much to ask?
    OK, filthy back-stabbing cyber stalker, now go ahead and spread your excrement.

  12. Anonymous says:

    If this is the way the Demint ran the Sharon Engle(?) campaign out in Nevada no wonder she lost. It doesn’t help that you have a DORK for a candidate, a boorish and rude one at that. You would think a Dork, who has any sense of self, would at least not be rude to boot. But, Dorky Don is pretty darn rude. Either that or he is so self-absorbed he is actually being stand offish and aloof. A haughty dork is really tough to deal with in social situations.

    If Fischer wins the nod, it will be much more difficult for Kerry! Jon has more than enough negatives to make the race closer than he cares to admit.

    In other news what the heck is Barry up too these days letting out all the balloons on Gay Marriage? He has so many going up it looks like the first scoring drive at a Husker home game! Ok a slight stretch there but you get the pic.

  13. RWP says:

    Another Kerrey flip-flop. He has in the past repeatedly said he would have voted for PPACA. He just said to the Columbus Telegram that he’s not sure how he would have voted.

    Bullpuckey, of course. When push came to shove, Bob always voted the Democrat line.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Remember when BTO got fired from David Hahn’s campaign and the reason given was because he was simply “too crazy”.

  15. No they don’t, Scumsucker, because it never happened. I worked for David right up past the election. I even designed the “thank you” ad that he placed in several Nebraska newspapers.
    Now, if you’d like to provide the name of someone who could corroborate all your lies, it would be appreciated. Meanwhile, why don’t you crawl back into the latrine you crawled out of?

  16. Senator Snowplow says:

    Ah, yes, the good old days of David Hahn. I was getting nostalgic about that Dave Hahn campaign when I saw Mark Lakers was considering running for office again. (Sigh.)

  17. RWP says:


    Some well-intentioned advice; unless you can out the eejit, it might be more profitable to ignore him. I suspect he’s from ‘your side’, but that doesn’t narrow it down enough.

  18. Lee T. says:

    Anyone see the new Jack Heidel spot? whew, talk about a creepy looking dude. (suggestion to Backers of Jack…aka himself…spend all of your personal money you want, you’ll still lose.) We look forward to seeing your name in the bankruptcy column of the paper a month or so after the 15th.

  19. RWP, I agree with you, it is someone from the “Democratic” party apparatchik. Whoever it is has been losing for so long, and hasn’t any fresh ideas for how to extract the party from its doldrums, so they attack anyone that believes that it is time for a whole new approach. Usually they just tell me to STFU and get in line. I see no future in getting in line behind a herd of lemmings.
    The thing they hate the most is my penchant for speaking my mind. That is prohibited in today’s NDP. You’re supposed to be a good little cog in the machinery, do your job without thinking, and without questioning the oligarchs.

  20. Some Thoughts says:

    I’m actually quite impressed with Jack Heidel. I don’t think he can win, but I wish people would take his fiscal ideas seriously. I think somebody like that would actually fight hard for a balanced budget and maybe get something accomplished. Terry doesn’t do much. I think Omaha should have better.

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