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That old Barenaked Ladies song is stuck up in the cranium: One Week.

Andrew Breitbart was famous for knowing how to wring every drop he could out of a story. When he felt he had the goods on someone, he would not just throw all of his info on the table. He would let it come out piece by piece. And let the story thrive on its own until he’d come with the hammer.

The Omaha World-Herald is trying to take a page from Breitbart’s book. (And Breitbart’s Righteous Indignation is a great book, by the way, which you can pick up here.)

You will remember that months back the OWH came out with the story on Bruning and Nelnet — coming up with rumors and innuendo. There was some other stuff in the mean time, then they did their big investigative story — coming up with zilch. Followed up that story with another that amounted to nothing.

Then they followed up, one week out from the election, with a non-story about how they couldn’t find anyone else who invested like Bruning. And today, 7 days from Primary Election Day, they have ANOTHER story about a Bruning investment…from five years ago, where a Bruning investment partner, with no input or involvement from Bruning, invested in something Bruning has been vocally against.

So let us get this straight. Bruning is against something — cap and trade in this instance. But when a blind investment of his goes forward with it, he is … what? Guilty of having partners who see a legal business opportunity? Heck this is so random even the Stenberg camp did not have a response to it.

So the difference between the OWH and Andrew Brietbart was that when Breitbart had the goods on Anthony Weiner, he pulled out the photos in the end. Right now the OWH is content to just keep the faucet dripping, but in the end you get a tablespoon full of ink.


We noted yesterday the dueling GOP Senate polls out and about. The first we mentioned was from the Fischer camp, which showed Fischer leading Stenberg and close to Bruning, but with lots of undecideds.

The arguments against the veracity of that poll was who commissioned it, and there seems to be an argument about whether there was an oversampling of one area.

The second was by an outfit called We Ask America, who polled three times as many as Fischer’s Singularis. However that poll did NOT give an “undecided” option, and Bruning seemed to take the majority of those, if you based it off of Fischer’s poll — Bruning jumping from 29% to 42%, but Fischer and Stenberg staying more or less the same.

The knock against the WAA poll is that it is automated, and did not give a breakdown of its sample (though neither did Fischer’s). We haven’t heard any other thoughts on not giving the “undecided” option — but when you get right down to it, we sort of wonder why that option is ever given. It’s not as if that option is given on the ballot.

Wouldn’t it be more helpful to the public to see how the numbers are moving from candidate to candidate without the “undecided” option? At least that should be the case for non-campaign commissioned surveys yeah? Or maybe that just puts into question the whole issue of the survey, and WHO it is supposed to help.

Anyway, let us agree that there is movement going on in the Senate campaign, and now we can see what the camps plan to do.


And The Hill reports on how the campaigns are spending their cash in this final week. They found that the campaigns had a breakdown as follows for reserved media time — TV and radio — as follows:

Jon Bruning: $300,000
Deb Fischer: $27,000
Don Stenberg: $13,000

However, on that last point, the Stenberg camp says that is inaccurate and the number is actually $130,000. And that does NOT include any spending by the Senate Conservative Fund or the Club for Growth.

(And we will put up any ads as quickly as we get them!)


Team Stenberg released another endorsement yesterday, this time by the other Tea Partier in the Senate, Kentucky’s Rand Paul (son of Texas Congressman Ronpaul). Paul joins South Carolina’s Jim DeMint and Utah’s Mike Lee in endorsing the Stenberg campaign.


More as it comes in. Check back!


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**UPDATE at 1:40pm**

Jon Bruning has a new newer ad up. See it here:

And here is the text:

Announcer: “Jon Bruning is the true conservative. “

“Seventy-nine sheriffs and police chiefs endorse Bruning for his tough-on-crime record.”

“The U.S. Chamber of Commerce endorses Jon, praising his leadership reining in job-killing regulations and taxes.”

“The NRA gives Bruning an “A” rating.”

“He’s endorsed by Nebraska Right to Life.”

“And Bruning is leading the fight to overturn Obamacare.”

“No wonder the Tea Party Express endorses Bruning as the fiscally responsible, true conservative.”

Jon Bruning: “I’m Jon Bruning and I approved this message.”

Liked the simple graphics on the second 15 seconds of the ad better than the first, which were a bit busy. Otherwise, that’s a positive sell that doesn’t miss many conservative points.


  1. To the OWH says:

    The newsroom is a joke. Nebraskans are not stupid. We get you hate Brunning, love Bob Kerrey, support gay rights, hate Ron Brown, hate Catholics, and worship all things Buffett. Did I miss something?

  2. Sampling Demons says:


    Since Fischer did not release particulars on who was surveyed (as you noted), how can than be an ‘argument’ about whether or not an area was over sampled? Are those voices in your head acting up again?

  3. Macdaddy says:

    And in the interest of going “green,” the OWH will have the ink spigot tightly turned off for any investigative stories on Kerrey. The excuse Kotok will give is that Kerrey is a known entity and why recycle the past. Sweeper and RWP, you’re up.

    The OWH strategy on Bruning is to knock him out in the primary, because they got nothing to use on him for the general. They know that Kerrey is coming in with a view of Nebraska that’s 20 years old and a sack full of s****y positions. BTW, is Kerrey paying rent in Nebraska yet?

  4. JC says:

    I find it interesting that Rand Paul endorsed Stenberg when the Nebraska Republican Liberty Caucus–effectively Ron Paul’s organization in Nebraska–has already endorsed Pat Flynn. It seems the age old libertarian schism of purity vs. pragmatism has surfaced.

    It does raise an interesting question though, for Paul supporters voting in the primary who will they go for in the Senate race? Flynn who actually talks about things like the Federal Reserve, or Stenberg who is a carbon copy of Jim DeMint, acceptable to libertarians on fiscal issues but unacceptable on every other issue, particularly foreign policy.

    It probably won’t make any difference to the outcome of the election, but it’s still an interest side debate to observe.

  5. Stupid is as Stupid Does says:


    Rather than hurling insults how about checking facts and pointing to some evidence? Watchdog broke the story Thursday on the initial poll and there is no reference of weighting or it being questioned about oversampling – unless of course you are referring to the resident ‘experts’ on this blog.

  6. 11:49
    From “The Hill“:

    Others questioned whether Fischer’s poll oversampled the Lincoln, Neb. media market — the only market where Fischer has been on the air.

    So when we wrote: “there seems to be an argument about whether there was an oversampling of one area,” we were referencing that aspect.

    When you end your comments with “are those voices in your head acting up?” (har har har!!!), that is when I call you, “dumbass”. So suck it up, read a little, and quit whining.

    And thanks for reading.

  7. Political Scientist says:

    IF the Singularis poll is correct, then why doesn’t the Fischer campaign release the everything from the poll. That would put to rest any questions people have about the poll.

    SS your correct about undecided in a poll. I thought the idea of a poll was to simulate what is going to happen on election day. So on election day people only have to option, to vote for some or to not vote. The is no undecided on a the ballot.

  8. Undecided says:

    It would make sense to have an undecided option well ahead of the election, which would give you time to woo the voter through mailers, etc. But a week to go?

    Debs camp surely knew what WAAs poll confirmed, that Bruning is still miles ahead. But that doesn’t sell the momentum pitch. Way to go Deb, and MSM for failing to see the truthiness.

  9. Lil Mac says:

    The OWH whisper campaign wouldn’t exist if Jon was more substantially reproachable. He apparently isn’t and that is bad news for Bob in more than just a fleeting way.

    Moreover, the aim of this whisper campaign seems antiquated. Four years ago, the voting proletariat infatuated with Barry’s hope might have been open to lynching Jon or Mitt for making money. But voters aren’t quite as naive today. They see America being run by economic/fiscal retards who don’t know how to handle voter’s hard earned, limited tax dollars.

  10. Some Thoughts says:

    Anyone listen to the debate in the Republican Congressional primary today? Lee needs to drop the aw, shucks act. I was embarrassed for him when he kept saying things like “I fought real hard against Obamacare!” Great. Tell us about the actual proposal to solve health care problems that you claimed to have, then. Heidel has too many uhmms and uhhs, but he’s the brains in the outfit who has some idea about how to actually cut the deficit, stimulate the economy, and fix health care issues. Someone should hire him as a consultant or something, since I don’t see him winning. Or maybe he’ll run for office again at a later time once he gets some name recognition? It’s nice to hear the voice of sanity, not pandering to anyone, once in a while.

  11. Anonymous says:

    What the heck is going on in Sarpy County? All this uproar so close to an election. First the city admin in Gretna, then Police Chief in Bellevue. Now they might be in some sort of circumstance…… What else is going to happen, a County Official next?

  12. Papio Voter says:

    Why is Terry still debating?

    Also it’s a Republican primary, of COURSE he’s going to pull the ‘aww schucks’ card. I’ve heard him speak a number of times and he’s always been intelligent, smart and well-prepared.

  13. Hater says:

    Who does Boss Hog (Susie B), errr I mean the Omaha World Herald hate more? Ron Brown or Jon Brunning???

  14. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 7:42, this is Buffett’s new business plan: make the OWH more like the National Enquirer but without, you know, the facts.

  15. Dumbass? says:

    You are so narcissistic that you have a blog. But you don’t have the balls to put your name on it. And now you are calling one of your readers a dumbass? I’m thinking jackass. And I mean you Sweeper. Why don’t you grow a pair and add a byline or growup and get a real job instead of trying to get your “dumbass” readers to buy books through your lame site.

  16. 11:13pm,

    It works like this:
    I was in politics long enough that I tired of listening to every single…person…who needed to tell me their opinion, no matter how idiotic they sounded. And because I was in a position where I could not ever insult said person, I always politely kept my mouth shut and nodded.

    So when a person comes onto this blog and insults me because they did not understand something that was written, I take the position that I’m not going to take shit from anyone. At times people need to have it thrown back in their faces. And that’s how it works.

    (And I understand that people are particularly wound up in a partisan primary, so I don’t hold any ill will towards said person. This sort of thing happens often, and that’s fine.)

    You don’t like an anonymous blog? Well, gee that’s the first time I’ve ever heard that. Oh, and DEFINITELY the first time from an anonymous commenter.
    I sure hope the person who is holding the gun to your temple, making you read this, relents long enough for you to click one of the Amazon banners.

    In the mean time, thanks for reading.
    Nighty nite.

  17. Dumbass? says:

    My, that was easy enough. So, you are an underling at work (which makes sense since you have so much time to share your political genius) and you need this to show everyone how smart and clever you are. I’m sure you’ll sleep well having had the chance to not take any shit on your anonymous blog. Sweet dreams Shit Sweeper.

  18. Gosh, what a way to wake up. Well, I see that you are as classy as you are intelligent. (And please note that I WAS in politics. Not anymore. That’s the use of the verb in the past tense. It’s in all the books.) I sleep pretty well.
    Thanks for the hits. I’m sure there will be more to come.

  19. I was thinking the same thing Macdaddy…should be replaced with an exclamation point. Or perhaps preceded by a hashtag.

    And no, “Dumbass?”, ‘hashtag’ has nothing to do with marijuana.

  20. I don’t often agree with Street Sweeper’s politics, but he respects mine for what it is. Coming on his blog just to piss and moan is nothing but senseless rudeness, Dumbass. What is your point?

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