New TV and radio

New TV and radio spots by…Jon Bruning.

First, new TV, here:

Here is the text:

Jon Bruning: “After all those false ads attacking me, elections come down to simple truths.”

“Barack Obama is failing our country, and Bob Kerrey supports him”

“As your Attorney General, I’ve battled waste and cut spending, sued the President to stop his job-killing regulations and to overturn Obamacare.”

“Restoring conservative commonsense to government starts with defeating Bob Kerrey and Barack Obama.”

“I’m Jon Bruning. I approve this message and I’m asking for your vote.”

Not bad, but we liked the one from yesterday (essentially the radio spot below) better. This is a good spot and all, but probably better the day AFTER the primary (or at some point before the general). No GOPer disagrees with what he is saying, but he still needs to close his own deal.

As mentioned yesterday, he does a good job on that point with this radio spot:

And the text…

Announcer: “What are you looking for in Nebraska’s next U.S. Senator?”

“A true conservative?”

“That’s what the Tea Party Express called Jon Bruning, praising him for his fiscal responsibility.”

“Bruning saved Nebraska taxpayers $45 million by establishing our Medicaid Fraud Unit.”

“Now, Bruning is leading the fight to overturn Obamacare – a $1.7 trillion dollar assault on our constitutional rights.”

“Are you looking for someone endorsed by Nebraska Right-to-Life and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce?”

“That’s Jon Bruning, too.”

“Someone with an A rating from the NRA?”


“It’s no wonder the World Herald endorses Jon’s ability to be a forceful voice for the Republican cause.”

“And the Journal Star endorses Bruning for upholding conservative principles.”

“If that’s what you’re looking for in our next Senator, you’ve already found it.”

Jon Bruning: “I’m Jon Bruning.”

“I approve this message, and I’m running for Senate because I will fight to cut spending, protect the Constitution and hold Barack Obama accountable.”

You might run into a few Bruning ads the next few days…


More coming later today. Check back.


  1. Anon says:

    Same ad as always brunings smug over sized glamor shot face in the middle and him looking past the primary

  2. CC Music Factory says:

    Tell me, Anon@9:17, what would you do in his position? I like the sale in the radio ad, but would probably disagree with SS that the TV ad is too early. In his position, when the latest poll shows him still with a 16 point lead after undecideds were basically taken out, I think he’s earned the right to at least look a little ahead. Let’s face it, Jon hasn’t focused on any of his primary oppnonents in his ads. He doesn’t have to. He’s led this race from the get-go, and until somebody actually gets within striking distance, he likely still doesn’t have to. We’re less than a week out, and without some big revelation that hasn’t already been tried (tough to believe anything is left out there except the junk the OWH has ran the past few days that don’t even tie directly to Bruning, but require some degrees of separation trick to get it tied to him), Bruning likely wins, and likely wins by between 7-12 percentage points over his nearest competitor. Face it, if the stuff thrown so far hasn’t caused it to close more than this, what will?

    Next Tuesday will be interesting. At this point, I’d predict Bruning. If something strange does happen, I think Fischer gets the nod. No way I see Stenberg winning this at this point. Hasn’t shown the finishing power he needs. His performance on 1400 in Lincoln last night just solidified that. Flustered a couple different times, and that’s not what people want to hear at this point.

  3. “…elections come down to simple truths”
    Simple truths like, slip a little cash in Jon Bruning’s pocket and he’s your boy. Joe Jordan has a nice piece on how Jon performed like a trained monkey for Adams Cattle Company after its owners slipped him some banana.
    Talk about BULLSHIT! Adams Cattle Co. dumped millions of gallons of it into Custer County’s Mud Creek and all Jonny Boy gave them was a slap on the wrist. Maybe they’ll help him add a five car garage onto the beach house that Nelnet built.

  4. CC Music Factory says:

    BTO – Like to tell me, in Joe’s story, where he addressed how similar violations are handled? How are people treated if they clean up the mess? Did Adams comply with suggested cleanup by the DEQ? The one violation that caused additional problems was pursued, and they actually paid more than the $10K possible for that. The problem with the piece is that it assumes a lot about the settlement and the violation, without really giving anything to compare to.

    Another question, did Jon actually have any contact with the case? Did Jon actually file the court documents, or was the whole thing handled by another attorney in the AGs office? An AG doesn’t operate alone or in a vacuum. It’s easy to jump to those conclusions because you want to. it’s not as easy to sit back and actually try and analyze the whole situation. The story stinks, but it’s not because of Jon, it’s because Joe Jordan didn’t dig enough, but just flung the poo that’s on top without really investigating the case.

  5. CC, You don’t honestly want us to believe that a single $10,000 spanking was sufficient punishment do you? (Do you work for Nelnet?) People were treated with soap and water to get the cow poop off of them after they cleaned up the mess. My friends in Broken Bow tell me that the “cleanup” needs some cleanup. Oooooooooooo, they paid a little over 10% MORE than required. What’s 10% more than a slap on the wrist? Maybe they had write “I’m sorry” on a blackboard ten times.
    Well of COURSE everything is handled by another attorney in the AG’s office. EVERYTHING there is handled by another attorney because Jon is too busy carrying wheelbarrow loads of payola to the vaults in the banks he “owns.”
    Joe Jordan “just flung the poo that’s on top” because a mountain of bullshit of this size is going to take an army of bulldozers to clean up. Have you ever SEEN that feedlot? It is nearly the size of Broken Bow, which sits only a couple of miles away, and when the wind blows out of the southwest, as it often does, the stench is quite overwhelming. Evidently Joe got a whiff of it.
    Jane Kleeb would do well to get her agitators out there looking into this mess. The bovine byproducts concentrated under feedlots all over this state have already filtered down into the Ogallala Aquifer. We’ve got one north of Holdrege that, when the weather is right, forms an acrid, yellow fog in the lowlands north of it that crosses Hwy. 183. It is strong enough to make your eyes fill with tears. And in the spring, when the cow poop defrosts … whooooooooeeeee! It smells almost as bad as some of the stuff that comes out of Lincoln when the Unicameral is in session.

  6. CC Music Factory says:

    BTO – Interesting. Anecdotal evidence is nice and all, but you still haven’t answered the question about what’s different about how this case was handled versus similar cases that came under the DEQ and the AG’s office?

    And yes, I have been to Adams, actually. Nice people, and they do a nice business, as well. Bring a lot of money to the area too, don’t they? Lot of things the county and surrounding area get to buy and use because of that business. Do they need to comply with regulations? Of course. But to make it out as though that was a slap on the wrist if their cleanup met with DEQ approval is ludicrous, considering that $10K was the fine anyway, and they paid more than that. And by Joe’s own report, this was the spill that was actually more eggregious.

    Regardless, you and I aren’t going to see eye to eye on this, either on how it effects Jon or on whether it was equitable. That’s fine, but Joe’s reporting still did no comparative analysis of the situation to see whether others were dealt with in the same way. And the whole push is about pay for play, which Joe hasn’t established in his story. He’s established money to Jon’s campaign, and the facts of this case, but no more, and no proof of a connections between the two. Make of that what you will. I’m not convinced enough undecideds remain for this to even be a speck on the wall.

  7. CC, What? Do you think I’m a paid journalist that has all day to sort through every single case that the AG’s office has ever had cross its doors. You obviously believe that, since I am not, that I therefore don’t have a right to my own opinions.
    A “speck on the wall?” I believe it is just more corroborating evidence of the way Jon loves that “pay for play” game. I don’t like it when Jon does it. I don’t like it when Ben Nelson does it. I don’t like it when ANY politician does it. But Jon is the one with the smug mug that wants everyone to believe he is pure as newly fallen snow when the truth is, he’s as dirty as Mud Creek following yet another of the Adams Cattle Co. spills.

  8. CC Music Factory says:

    I didn’t, and wouldn’t, say you didn’t have a right to your own opinions. What I said is that the argument becomes moot when it’s obvious neither of us will agree. Nor did I say YOU had the time or the need to do the research. However, I am assuming JJ DOES this as a living. He had the ability to do it, and chose not to before publishing the article. Without that comparison, all it becomes is poo-flinging, because there is no way to determine if this actually WAS favoritism or not. So yes, ultimately, it will be a speck on the wall. Again, you’re entitled to your own beliefs, but don’t belittle mine because they’re not yours. And I have YET to see actual EVIDENCE of pay-for-play. You make the connections because you want to, and others do as well. But the evidence in my eyes is still quite lacking in actually tying it all together. Lots of circumstantial evidence, but nothing to actually convict on.

  9. Oracle says:

    CC, one is hardly ever going to find ironclad evidence in situations like this. At some point when enough shady dealings come to light, reasonable people start believing there is a problem. Now I hate to judge you, but I have a strong feeling that if Bruning were a Democrat, you’d now have sufficient evidence to tar and feather him. The righties on this site have had no problem being judge and jury when it comes to Kerrey’s actions in Vietnam.

  10. RWP says:

    BTO could have been the inventor of “I’ve made my mind up, don’t confuse me with facts.”

    If you have facts, BTO accuses you of having too much time on your hands. He, being a busy guy, doesn’t have time to check out what he posts. He just releases big glops of stuff he heard down the local ‘cafe’.

  11. RWP says:

    The righties on this site have had no problem being judge and jury when it comes to Kerrey’s actions in Vietnam.

    Human Rights Watch and Samantha Power, Obama’s ‘atrocities czar’, were first in line for the Kerrey war-crime accusation gig.

    Forget Vietnam; Kerrey’s history in Nebraska is a long history of well-documented sleaze. I’ve barely gotten started…

  12. Sweetwater Observer says:

    BTO@10:04…..Eeeeeewwwwwwww! That’s the same creek that comes close to the Sweetwater metroplex. In another of this morning’s comments, you again mentioned having “friends”, this time in Broken Bow. Yikes! Pretty soon you will be proclaiming friends in Hazard also.

  13. BTO wrote: “People were treated with soap and water to get the cow poop off of them after they cleaned up the mess.”

    ‘Treated with soap and water’??? What, like it was a medical emergency that the bovine scat be removed before it killed someone?! I grew up around cattle, I’ve had cow shit on me, and probably a few trace amounts IN me as the result of some errant flying poop…yet here I stand, and there’s nuth…nuthi…nuthin’ wrong with me! Indeed, I ‘treated’ myself with soap and water as well…though at the end of a long day, a little cow shit was the least of my worries.

    I don’t mean to make light of water contamination…it’s an issue to be treated seriously, and by all accounts in the case at hand, it was treated seriously. I just found the hyperbole to be too delicious…like a fat ribeye steak.

  14. On My Shoes says:

    After doing chores on the farm for a couple of hours before going into town to attend high school, I probably drug more cow $hi* into the school than Adams put in Mud (also known in uppity circles as Beaver)Creek. Great place to catch catfish in the spring though.

  15. CC Music Factory says:

    Thanks, guys. You made the case better than I ever could have, of how overwrought people get about these issues, even when the proper steps are taken. But then, that seems to be how the environmental set rolls. Even when the issue is dealt with, we have to try and make sure that nothing ever happens again, even if it means shutting down all the businesses that might have it happen! Same with the pipeline and Kleeb’s intent to stop it being built at all, as opposed to many whose only concern and intent was to get done exactly what has been done, rerouting out of the Sandhills.

  16. Ikon says:

    Kudos Sweeper! Seems like someone on “Mr. Sincerity”, J Bruning’s con-sulting team reads your pastime amusement. Note that he’s no longer claiming to have led the fight to stop OC. Might have been the suggestion that he be sued for lying in his previous “masturbation on camera” commercials.

    I will admit one thing about Bruning however, he makes the adage, “Money Talks and Bullshit Walks” a falsehood in his case. In his case Bullshit Talks as well as $$$$$$$$$$$$$. Pity you Nebraskan Gopers are such SUCKERS for Snake Oil!! Just like the Good Old Day’s, I guess!!

  17. Now that BAM has vouched for my expertise on scatological matters, I can expertly declare that both he and The Grundle King are FULL of bovine byproduct (GK by his own admission) and most of it is concentrated in the area between their ears.

  18. TexasAnnie says:

    Aw, c’mon guys, be nice. If you really want to know whether Bruning believes in ‘pay to play,’ all you need do is look at the tax abatement programs usurped by the offending company. And then look at Bruning’s voting records concerning those “economic development” scams while in the unicam. It should come as no surprise that Bruning seeks protection, or simple slaps on the wrist, for the likes of Nelnet and environmental offenders now, as Attorney General. Those are HIS constituents!

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