Sarah Palin endorses Deb Fischer

Deb Fischer announced the endorsement of her U.S. Senate campaign by former GOP Vice Presidential nominee and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Palin wrote to Fischer:

We admire your conservative principles and know that you will not go to Washington to amass great wealth or power. You will go to Washington to serve the people of Nebraska, protect our Constitution and work for common sense solutions to help restore America. We are happy to support you and have asked SarahPAC to send a financial contribution to your campaign.

Good luck next Tuesday – the Palins are in your corner.

There have been quite a few endorsements in this campaign — Huckabee and Santorum for Bruning, DeMint and Paul for Stenberg.  But up until now Fischer did not have a big, big national name on her side (though Kay Orr’s endorsement is not for nothing).

The endorsement by Palin changes that. It will make people take notice of her campaign — and in theory add a few bucks for some more ads over the next few days.

It also indicates a bit of a surge on her part — her new poll numbers and Bruning’s spend of $300K this week indicate that he won’t be taking anything for granted.

Things are heating up. The only question is, of course, is there enough time for Fischer and/or Stenberg to catch up to Bruning? We will see.


More (likely) later. We were hoping to talk about some of the lower races, but that may have to wait until tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I early voted for Fisher. I can’t stand the thought of Jon Bruning’s constant conflicts of interest, and getting rich of doing nothing but being AG.

  2. Political Scientist says:

    This is an endorsement that can cut both ways. Either you like her or you don’t like her. Plus of 30,000 early ballots have been request in Douglas county. That means that a lot might have already vote.

  3. Macdaddy says:

    This is definitely a major, major get for Fischer. It should help her numbers. Won’t be enough though. Maybe next race.

  4. CC Music Factory says:

    Agreed, Macdaddy. But I think Deb has set herself up nicely for running for a statewide office again. I won’t count her out just yet, but I think she’s still got a lot of climb to do in the next six days. I do think the endorsement seals Don’s fate in this race. It’s the one thing she really had lacked in this race. Big fan of Sarah’s. Might just be enough for me to vote for her. Been going back and forth between Deb and Jon.

  5. Political Scientist says:

    @ CC Music Factory Vote for some who can win against Bob Kerrey. All the poll point to Bruning winning. Plus Bruning has been fully vetted and Fischer has not.

  6. CC Music Factory says:

    True that Jon has been fully vetted, PS. I’m not sold on Kerrey wins in November if Deb gets the nomination. I actually think the Democratic party would be on their heels trying to figure out how to deal with a likeable female candidate v. Jan Stoney of 1994. I think Deb is a lot more personable and can talk to people on a much more one-on-one level. That said, Jon is clearly the most at ease on the Republican side. I know both personally, and would have no problem with either in the general. That’s probably what makes it tough. Thanks, though. I do appreciate the thoughts. One thing that might swing me toward Jon, which is funny because these are meant to do the opposite, is the fact that ‘news organizations’ continue to take pot shots at him, but the pot shots aren’t thorough or well thought out in their presentation. They’re ‘poo-flingers’. And nothing makes me madder than to see someone dragged through mud like this unnecessarily. They all have their own agendas, and it gets my hackles up, and makes me want to defend. Getting really tired of the silliness (putting it nicely).

  7. Just My Opinion says:

    I think the best thing Don Stenberg could do at this point is make a very public announcement that he is withdrawing from the race and asking all of his supporters to back Deb Fischer. She can indeed take Bob Kerrey on in November. She is the only candidate that seems to not be carrying a lot of old political baggage and that is what a lot of Nebraskans would like to see in a candidate right now.

  8. Anon says:

    The Bruning camp must be filling their shorts, first their internal polls show Deb passing Jon, then the next day Palin endorses Deb, plus all the stories about Jons “bad judgement” over the past couple days. Rough week at the Bruning office

    and if you doubt it, then explain to me why Trent Fellers who got scared and didnt know what to do decided to go to a Stenberg rally and get in a shouting match with Bob Bennie.

  9. CC Music Factory says:

    And yet, Anon@2:02, the focus of Bruning and his people isn’t on his rivals in the primary. Likely because it doesn’t have to be. I don’t think Fellers went to that meeting out of being scared, but likely to set the record straight. But who cares… it was a public meeting, open to any who wanted to attend. You read a LOT more into one incident than is there.

    And the stories like this aren’t new. They’re intensifying as the idiotic press around the state wants to be the ‘first’ to break ‘the big story’. Little competition between OWH and Nebr. Watchdog to see who can drum up the most current dirt, and yet the last few stories have had little substance or connection to them, including the one today. I think in the end this comes down to Jon and Deb, and I just don’t see Jon losing what on Sunday was still a sixteen point lead in the latest poll. I think it’d be a shocker to a lot of people, to say the least.

  10. Lil Mac says:

    Sarah Palin had GOP cred four years ago because maddog McCain made her look better in the same way maddog Don makes Deb look better. But Sarah then decided to play at television and moved away from political frontal attack to trying to be widely astute. She ended up looking foolish. And smart Republicans today now cringe around Palin the same way smart Democrats do around Obama.

    But lately Palin has managed to make some GOP women and men go from worshiping her to quite disliking Palin, because she urged Newt and Santorum to the bitter end to stab Romney in the guts. Romney is the only one in a position to beat Obama but Palin wanted Romney to lose, in the same way Fischer wants Bruning to lose. They aren’t looking at Obama or Kerrey. Like Stenberg, Fischer isn’t concerned with beating Kerrey but only Bruning.

    And lest we think cowgirl Deb has a chance against Kerrey, the only time a woman has won high office in Nebraska was when she ran against another woman. Orr was more than Deb, and Helen Boosalis (sic) was small cheese compared to Kerrey.

  11. Political Scientist says:

    The head should read “Fischer is endorsed by the star of the reality tv show “Palin’s Alaska”.

  12. Lowly Commoner says:

    Great. Now we get to hear all the insiders, wonks, and establishment types crawl out behind their cubicles and tell us how they know better and this doesn’t mean anything. Yet you know they’d all like Palin to back their preferred candidate too.

  13. CC Music Factory says:

    Not to doubt your analysis, LilMac, but Virginia Smith actually held the 3rd Congressional District seat for many years. And I would certainly consider a US Congressional Seat “high office”. I think it depends on the individual, and I think you’re underestimating Deb Fischer by quite a bit if you think she or any of the backers that will come IF she wins the nomination will quit or roll over for Bob Kerrey. The last polls actually taken in terms of any of the three leaders on the Republican side versus Bob Kerrey all show all three candidates, Deb, Jon, and Don, all beating Kerrey by double digits. I wouldn’t assume anything at this point. I still think Jon probably wins on Tuesday, but don’t automatically assume it’s unwinnable or even a close race if Deb wins the primary. Bob is going to get slammed repeatedly until the general, regardless of who wins the primary. I think whoever wins the primary wins, and wins going away. Not to say you should EVER underestimate Bob or Paul and whatever shtuff they have piled up in their pa… in their closet, but don’t assume anything just yet.

  14. RWP says:

    I just have to say, apropos of nothing, that Kyle Michaelis impresses the heck out of me. It’s hard to come across as hypocritical, cloying and sanctimonious simultaneously in 140 characters or less, but he hits it out of the park every time. His tweets are remarkable in that respect.

    If you could burn sanctimony, he’d be a one man solution to the energy crisis.

  15. OWH Watcher says:

    Let’s see the Buffett Herald will praise Obama for his evolved position on gay marriage? Wanna bet Boss Hogg is writing the editorial!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Sara Palin, who is next Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Big foot? Flat Earth Society member ? Oh excuse me other wise know has a right wing GOPHER

  17. Anonymous says:

    Looks like the Jon troops are on the blog today.

    in other news,,,,,,,, Dorky Don is no where to be found……..

  18. Some Thoughts says:

    This is welcome news and makes a lot of sense, since Palin usually backs the outsiders over the inside-Washington types. I don’t know if there’s time for Fischer to pull an upset, but I hope so. If she had all the state’s Republicans rallied behind her, I think she’d be in the best position to beat Kerrey. You may scoff at a female in that position, but she will draw votes from women, and that’s a big deal for Republicans. Women tend to be more swing voters and in the past have supported Kerrey fairly strongly. If Fischer is the candidate, she could move a lot of those voters to her side.

  19. Heard it thru the grape vine says:

    Hearing anecdotal evidence in the last 24 hours. Bruning’s supporters have started deserting in droves. Someone said they’re hiring temp workers to fill phone banks this weekend! Can someone else confirm? Just goes to prove the Bruning campaign has been astroturf all along.

  20. Hilarious says:

    This is a big endorsement because it proves that Sarah Palin is an idiot. Deb Fischer is as corrupt as anyone, and she isn’t nice to the little people in her life. Ever waited on her and her husband at a restaurant? I have and they treated me like a slave. No thanks Fischer. I have me nicer people in trailer parks. Sarah Palin is an idiot.

  21. Interested Observer says:

    It’s really too bad that some of you who seem to support Deb don’t actually know her and what she’s really like.

    If you did know her, you sure wouldn’t be saying nice things about her and you’d know that she’s sure not U.S. Senate material.

    Deb is ALL about Deb.

  22. Lil Mac says:

    CCMusic, good eye. I restate for the record, no woman ever won a major race STATEWIDE in Nebraska unless running against another woman. And while Virginia Smith was a cowgirl and a Republican, there the similarity ends with Deb Fischer. Let’s take a look at those differences.

    Virginia Smith was a GOP water carrier who didn’t hold a statewide position and didn’t run in the metro areas where unions and liberals live. She wasn’t up for US Senate or Gov and certainly not up against someone with Bruning’s donors and endorsements. What Virginia Smith did have in 1975 was Smith being anointed by Carl Curtis and Roman Hruska at the height of their combined power; 46 years in the Senate, more than any other team before or since.

    In the 35 years since Curtis left the Senate, his seat has been Democrat more than half the time. In the 37 years since Hruska left the Senate, his seat has been continually Democrat all but two years. On the other hand, during the last 77 years, Virginia Smith’s 3rd District was Democrat only 2 years. — Virgina Smith’s seat was Republican 75 years out of 77. Fischer is running for a US Senate seat that has been Democrat 35 out of 37 years. And a dozen of those Democrat years it was held by the same Bob Kerrey who is running for it today.

    And lest we see Kerrey as just a liberal penis vs a conservative vagina in this race, he’s also a lawyer, governor, senator, SEAL, etc. So if I seem to not give enough credit to Fischer in this race, that is partly because so many of her endorsements are from other women despite her lack. That’s like the NAACP endorsing Obama. Puffy meaninglessness.

    There is a lot of wishful thinking going on. But even the thoughtful thinkers lose perspective in the last week. This much we know, Deb’s aim was probably to set herself up for the future. And she’s doing that. As a side benefit, she has probably ridden Don Stenberg off into the sunset. Yee ha!

  23. Interested Observer says:

    Deb Fischer has consistently described herself as a “wife, mother, rancher and small business owner”. Therefore SHE has made this description a large part of her campaign and therefore it SHOULD be part of the discussion of her campaign.

    Deb made her family a big part of her TV ads, her print ads and her campaign in general. Deb had her husband and 3 sons at her announcement in Omaha, Lincoln and out state Nebraska. Deb made her family an issue in this campaign by including them at every level.

    Specific, first hand comments by people who have personally known Deb and her family for decades should be allowed in this blog.

  24. Kortezzi says:

    Lil Mac, I agree with much of what you say, but he’s not a lawyer. He has a Pharmacy degree. He’s certainly sneaky enough to make people THINK he must be a lawyer, though.

    Stenberg seems to be spiralling downward, Fischer surging but too late, and Bruning is holding his lead. Jon’s race to lose…

    Which of these 3 will be at the Romney speech in Omaha today?

  25. RWP says:

    The WaPo ran a story today accusing Romney of being a bully in high-school.

    I hope there will be no further whining when Kerrey’s college racism is discussed.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Interested Observer knows what he is talking about. So we can’t talk about her family so be it. Ask some one who lives in Valentine for that information Curious in Deb Fischer’s neighborhood none of her neighbors have a Deb Fischer yard sign. The fact that Deb Fischer lost the Valentine vote in her one contested race for State legislature is telling people that people who know Deb the best don’t like her.

  27. Person who wrote at 9:16 says:

    You obviously need to jump on the SoS’s website and educate yourself. Deb Fischer won the Valentine vote.

    Come visit Valentine sometime–I live there. Fischer yard signs everywhere.

  28. Anonymous says:

    9:38 is wrong , 9:16 is correct. Deb Fischer won the Valentine vote in 2008. Yes she ran un opposed. In 2004 she lost the community of Valentine when someone ran against her. There are some Fischer signs in Valentine, Not in her neighborhood. i say there are 3 to 1 Bruning signs in Valentine. All tied to her puppet running for the State legislature.

  29. Lil Mac says:

    Kortezzi, thanks. I knew about Kerrey’s pharmacy degree but I guess somewhere along the line I came to assume something more was required of a President of a University than just a few honorary doctorates and a pill pushing degree. Could he even qualify to teach in the university he presided over?

  30. Lil Mac says:

    The news here that Fischer’s neighbors don’t like her, prompted me to do a tiny bit of digging.

    Per the Norfolk newspaper, Oct 23 2011, the Fischers “lease 11,724 acres of federal land and… pay about $110,000 less than the market rate for private land in Cherry County”.

    “Fischer defends the federal grazing program… saying ranchers help the government manage federal land… (yet) Managing federal lands for the grazing program costs federal taxpayers about $140 million a year and the government collects about $21 million in grazing fees” per GAO.
    “Few ranchers in Nebraska hold federal grazing rights. Only 136 of Nebraska’s 20,000 beef producers hold them.”

    I can see why ranching neighbors of Fischer’s dislike Fischer.

    As a fiscal conservative, I find it hypocritical and unethical for any “small government” Republican like Fischer, to suck into her personal wallet free taxpayer subsidies from a federal program that apparently wastes 7 times as much tax dollars than it collects in fees from a very few ranchers like Deb Fischer who get to use it.

    That info took me one minute to find online. If there is trash in Debbie’s caboose, let’s get it out in the open before Democrats dig it out during her next run for power.

  31. CC Music Factory says:

    Actually, LilMac, a Pharm.D., otherwise known as a Doctorate of Pharmacy, takes as long in school as a Medical Degree does, and a year longer than a Law Degree. And yes, that would enable him to teach. Not defending Kerrey by any means, but I had a father that was a pharmacist, and to call them a ‘pill-pusher’ really doesn’t do justice to the schooling they go through. There are places that offer a Bachelor of Pharmacy, but I believe Kerrey and I know my father have doctorates. For what I know he went through (including a class on chemo-drugs that required him to actually be put in rigourous clothing and be checked when he came out of the room) and then to be a business owner after he did so, and actually develop a pretty successful small-town business in Nebraska, to lump all pharamacists into that because of a dislike for Kerrey really doesn’t do their efforts justice. Not trying to pick on you, just rubs me the wrong way when people lump because of an association with one person.

    Continue banging on Kerrey though. Love to hear that. 😀

  32. RWP says:

    University of Nebraska Lincoln used to house the College of Pharmacy, and offered a Bachelors’ degree. They didn’t offer a D. Pharm. until 1976, after they’d been transferred to the medical center.

    Kerrey does not have a D. Pharm, because we didn’t offer one until 1976.

  33. CC Music Factory says:

    Thanks for that RWP, didn’t know for sure. My father went back to pharmacy school in the late 70s, in his late 30s, and graduated in ’79. He was part of a year-round program they had where you could actually do the four years in three. I know he’s told me several times over the years that at that time, neither Creighton nor UNMC offered a bachelor’s program. Interesting stuff. So Kerrey probably didn’t have a doctorate, or he went elsewhere for pharmacy school.

  34. Interested Observer says:

    Person who wrote at 9:16 said, “Deb Fischer won the Valentine vote. ”

    That statement is absolutely WRONG. Fischer did not win the Primary in 2004 in Cherry County or in Brown County or in Keya Paha County or in Thomas County. Those counties are all near Valentine, where the people know Deb the best.

    Also, for every Deb yard sign in Valentine right now, there is a Ravenscroft for Legislature sign right next to it. The very close association of Deb with Ravenscroft is the kiss of death for him. The conventional wisdom in the 43rd District is that Deb talked Ravenscroft into running, against his better judgement, and now tells him what to do, even going so far as to have Ravenscroft hire Sam FISCHER as his campaign manager. Deb even endorsed Ravenscroft in the current issue of the Valentine Midland News paper.

  35. False says:

    to IO 10:56 AM,

    You are not that good of an observer. Check yourself, and come back with a better take. Thanks again Warren.

  36. Anonymous says:

    IO and Little Mac are correct about Deb Fischer. She is not liked in Valentine and she is hypocritical when it comes to her personal money making skills. She is the Jane Kleeb of the Republican party. Deb only cares about Deb. False needs to take of the blinders. Come to Valentine and talk to the people look at the lack of signs. Bruning will win Valentine Deb may get second. There are no Don signs in town. Poor Ravenscroft you will see he will loose.

  37. Ehhh... says:

    You’re more likely to influence my vote by the number of people that endorse you on a local/state level for the work that you’ve done for our communities. Not by some national figure (with their own agenda/brand to advance) endorsing you just because you’re a woman (or a DeMint puppet in Stenberg’s case). Bruning has racked up some very impressive Nebraska endorsements – state senators, sheriffs, county attorneys, county officials, mayors, etc. This means much more to me. These people, these Nebraskans, have worked with him and probably know him better than the rest of us. They trust him and the job he’s doing enough to publicly state their support for his campaign for U.S. Senate. I’m proud to stand with the other Nebraskans in support of Bruning. We need representatives who are ready and willing to go to DC and lead, not follow. Bruning has proven he will do that which is why they’ve come at him with a vengeance. Seriously. The status quo is favored by more people than we probably want to admit. It’s easy to do nothing, but ask for discussion on the important issues. Bruning is ready to TAKE ACTION on the important issues, not just discuss it. I’m sick of discussing it – let’s fix it.

  38. Anonymous says:

    False your full of BS who ever IO is he has his or her facts straight. Nothing can save Deb Fischer from losing this Tuesday.

  39. Interested Observer says:

    By the way FALSE, I’m not Warren Buffett and I’ve also never, ever been a candidate for State Senator from the 43rd District or for ANY other election, EVER! Now, do you understand that?

  40. Interested Observer says:

    Street Sweeper, why does my comment posted May 10, 2012 at 7:50 PM have “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” posted on it?

    My comment was a “copy and paste” of the Nebraska Secretary of State’s website with the 2004 PRIMARY Election results for the 43rd District race and a link to that specific webpage from that website. It was provide to specifically substantiate my correct statement of fact that Deb did NOT win Cherry, Keya Paha, Brown or Thomas in the 2004 PRIMARY election.

    How is that inappropriate or offensive? What exactly made that comment unacceptable?

    Does this website basically refuse to accept actual facts and refuse to actually post actual facts? Does this website only accept opinions, specifically those that are nice, cuddly opinions about how wonderful certain candidates are?

  41. IO at 8:24p,
    You could complain and crow and wave your hands, or…
    …you could go to the top of the Leavenworth Street page and click “Comments”, where you would see that comments containing hyperlinks are automatically rejected.
    But that would require thought and effort on your part.

  42. Some Thoughts says:

    Observer, Fischer was running against a very well-liked attorney from Valentine in that 2004 primary race, as well as the other candidate who eventually ran against her in the general, so it’s not a great shock that the primary in her district was hotly contested. Once the competitor from Valentine was out, she went on to win. If she’s so disliked at home, why did she end up being elected and then re-elected? Your argument makes no sense on its face.

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