Bruning goes negative; Stenberg concedes 3rd place?

Jon Bruning has TWO new ads up. But as of this writing, only one of them is up on the official Bruning YouTube site (and we’re doing our best to sound like a very skeptical Joe Jordan here). First, the negative spot, here:

In this piece, the ad names Don Stenberg AND Deb Fischer by name — and goes further against both. It repeats the contention that Stenberg wasn’t open about how his AG office spent money. We have heard that one.

But then the Bruning ad goes after Deb Fischer saying,

“The records show that Deb Fischer sponsored a $38 million tax increase and voted for higher gas taxes…”

It ends shots of Stenberg and Fischer claiming “higher taxes and more spending”.

Well, it doesn’t really end there.
It actually ends with THIS GUY taking a camera phone movie of his TV.

Is it creepy? Yes, very creepy.
(We are told this is Fischer Field Director, Jack Spray. Sorry Jack, but this looks like a shot the FBI would use to eventually track you down.)

But the point here is that while Bruning is putting out releases about their new campaign closure ads, like this one here

…they are also making a brand new attack on an opponent who must clearly be making gains.

That. Is. Something.


And THEN, in the Washington Post, the Stenberg camp concedes?

In a story about the Palin endorsement and final week rise of Deb Fischer, there is this:

One Republican consultant who supports Stenberg says the efforts to boost him have largely failed, and he has slipped into third place, but that the anti-Bruning campaign spearheaded by the Club for Growth has successfully brought down Bruning’s numbers, forced Bruning and Stenberg to battle, and Fischer has shot the gap.


The article goes on to say…

“Even Stenberg’s supporters are suggesting that Fischer is a worthy compromise, even if their candidate doesn’t win.”

Well then.

We will see how much the local press picks this up, but that is relatively devastating to the Stenberg camp. Wonder who the rat is?

But the Fischer folks should not be measuring the drapes yet. Momentum shifts can often occur at the end of races. And you often will hear the day after the election, “if only the 2nd place candidate had another 2 weeks, it might have changed everything.”

For the Bruning camp NOT to put up some ads defining Fischer at this point would be nearly campaign professional negligence. Especially when they have largely ignored Fischer to this point, you can bet the Palin endorsement got them to sit up and swing a few fistfuls of campaign cash at the problem.

We do not know what the numbers are in this race. And we have learned that Rasmussen Reports does NOT plan to poll Nebraska prior to Tuesday.

We have our guesses where this is going.
But the campaigns are in for an exciting weekend. Click it or ticket.


Hey, Mitt Romney was in the Big “O”!

More on the event later…


  1. Grace says:

    Politicians should be held accountable for their records. Fischer’s votes to increase taxes are part of her record and fair game.

  2. Cattleman says:

    Bruning’s been beaten up for months by not just Deb and Don and their cronies but the OWH as well. I don’t blame him for fighting back for once.

  3. To SS says:

    There’s a major difference between a negative ad and a contrast ad. This is not a negative ad. Stenberg has been misleading voters from the start, and Fischer has received a free pass up until this point. Bruning is simply asking voters to take a closer look at his primary opponents. Well, not really Stenberg, unless you’re new to politics and haven’t learned everything that you need to know about him in the last 3 failed attempts to win this seat. I strongly believe that Bruning is the only GOP candidate that will be able to beat Kerrey and all that his campaign will bring.

  4. CC Music Factory says:

    The conversation between the three candidates at this point:

    Deb: Lookie there, Jonny Boy! I got my national endorsement! I’m just as good as you now! Watch out, here I come!

    Jon: Oh yea? Take this! *bap* *Tax increases and more tax increases* How do you like them apples? I’ll still be king of the mountain on votin’ day!

    Deb: Will not. Jon: Will too! Deb: Will not! Jon: Will too!!

    Don (in the background): But… but… I’m still relevant! These national guys spent all this money on me! And Jon is bad! Jon supported all these things two decades ago! And Deb doesn’t know what she’s doing…

    Jon and Deb together: Shut it Don!

    Don: (whimper)

  5. Ruder Jude says:

    So basically you have to have a “gut” to work the Fischer campaign? Makes sense. Go American Obesity!!!!

  6. Senator Snowplow says:

    While Mitt was in the Big O, did anyone (from the World Herald) call him out for bullying gay people when he was in high school in 1965? It tells us so much about the man’s character and I’m glad that reputable news outlets like Slate and Huffpo have been covering Bob’s bigotry in 1965.

  7. Political Scientist says:

    Why is Fischer’s field director not at work making calls? It looks like he just woke up at noon. Not a way to run a campaign. If Rasmussen is not going to poll before May 15 then they must see there is no real movement in the polls. Does Fischer want really want to have Fortenberry’s endorsement? He is the most liberal of all Nebraska Republican delegation.

  8. Illegal Bath Salts says:

    He was up all night making cakes and cookies for the over weight Fischer Campaign. This is why we should elect Deb. She will fight Michelle Obama and her campaign to make our country fit and healthy!

  9. Ikon says:

    There goes Bruning again LYING in his latest BS, Ego-centric, Prima Donna TVC. Note that he states that OC is unconstitutional; what is he sleeping with Roberts on the Supreme Court that he knows what those corrupt clowns will decide??? This guy & his handlers are of the; “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with Bull Shit school of propaganda. And he sure is Suckering all you brain dead GOPER Nebraskans!!

    Remember Hitler’s propagandist, not unlike Bruning’s, realized that if you tell the same LIE often enough, people, [sheeple] will believe that it’s truth. Karl Rove, another disciple of Hitler’s propagandist Josef Goebbels, used this bit of diabolica making that Jerk GWB look almost….

    Which brings to mind, I keep seeing Jon Bruning, in my minds eye, as on one Hitler’s SS minions. Wonder if he’s a reincarnation of one??? We won’t even get into the “Gay” part of the SS’s legacy!! Can you picture it in your minds eye???

  10. Jack's Grandma says:

    Little Jack, don’t forget to clean up your Cheetos from the sofa cushions this time! Love, Grandma

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