Fortenberry endorses Fischer

Can a campaign lose by a thousand cuts?

Deb Fischer is seeing if that can happen (to the Jon Bruning campaign) in the LAST week of the GOP Senate race in Nebraska.

First an endorsement by Sarah Palin.

And now, 1st District Congressman Jeff Fortenberry steps up and spends some political capital, as well as some of his own campaign cash to cut an endorsement spot for Deb Fischer. See it here:

Note that “paid for…” disclaimer at the end, that Fort is paying for the ad. Web only? We’ll see.

But the fact that Fortenberry stepped up to endorse Fischer, with the possibility of pissing off a future colleague, (should Bruning win it all) says something about this race. First of, we would say it says he thinks she can win. If he didn’t, why take the risk? And second…well, you can fill in second however you want.

At this point Fischer has almost no cash. She will need to win it by earned media (the press) and the internets. And, we suppose, plain old volunteers. But even at this late date, those are hard to organize.

She will have a LOT of hurdles that Bruning has put up to overcome. If she pulls it out, it would go down in the books.


  1. CC Music Factory says:

    One wonders if Jon was tipped off about this potential endorsement, and the negative ad was to help preempt some of the good news coming out. Interesting. Will be an interesting end. One assumes these endorsements mean this could go down to the wire. Or it could be a bunch of publicity that means nothing in the end. Tuesday’s results will be interesting. Can’t wait for it to get here!

  2. CC Music Factory says:

    The other piece that will be intriguing is to see if the other big players in Nebraska make any endorsements – The Gov, Johanns, Terry or Smith. Would be interesting to see if comparable endorsements come for either of the other campaigns.

  3. Lil Mac says:

    I’d expect Heineman or Johanns to eat ground glass before they’d be so stupid as to endorse anyone in this GOP primary.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Fortenberrey is telling thousands of Bruning and Stenberg supporters and donors that they should think twice before ever donating to Fortenberry. Is Fortenberry a stupid person? This seems stupid.

  5. CC Music Factory says:

    Agreed, LilMac. I honestly didn’t think any of the state guys would get involved. These three are all still going to be players on the state scene, win or lose. Not really sure you really want that type of working relationship with any of them. Terry’s got his own fight going on in Omaha, not really sure this is the battle he wants to be in. Would leave Adrian. Not sure what Adrian would do. My inclination would be that he would support Fischer, IF he decides to jump in at all. But that’s because of the third district ties. I think Fortenberry is playing to the rural part of the first district somewhat with the endorsement. We’ll see how it plays out.

  6. Political Scientist says:

    Endorsement from the most Liberal Republican in Nebraska. Fortenberry endorsing Fischer after he did not have guts to take on Bruning is just laughable. What happen was that Fischer saw the Bruning ad and realized they had no time and money to responded it. They need to get liberal Fort to come to the rescue.

  7. Gossip Girl says:

    The Bruning campaign staff better be getting their resumes ready. They’ll be applying for internships at AG’s official office on May 16th.

  8. you know what this is? says:

    Chickens coming home to roost. Bruning’s long record of careless talk, blind ambition, unbridled smarminess, ham-handedness, slash and burn thuggery, graft (don’t forget graft) and general recklessness coming back to haunt him.

  9. Political Scientist says:

    Two weeks ago I requested a absentee ballot for Douglas County. About a couple of days later I received a mailer from the Bruning campaign asking for my vote. I didn’t receive anything from the Fischer or Stenberg campaign. It seems to me that the Bruning campaign knows how to do GOTV. The Fischer campaign needs to remember that 15,000 people have already voted in Douglas County. Any late endorsements will not have any effect on them.

  10. @political scientist says:

    I’m a Douglas County voter and I also requested an early ballot, but I voted for Deb Fischer. And I didn’t even need a shiny mailer to help me make my choice.

  11. Some Thoughts says:

    Love it! I’m definitely voting for Deb Fischer. I don’t know if she can pull off the upset, but I’ll be rooting for her! I feel like she’s a fresh perspective and energy who really represents Nebraskan values.

  12. Political Scientist says:

    @@political scientist- Looks like you have no understanding how to win an election. It is about the GOTV. By not sending mailers or calls to early voters, the Fischer campaign is leaving votes on the table. You can’t just rely on really last min endorsements.

  13. My mistake says:

    Thanks for explaining it to me Scientist, now I understand how to win an election. I’ll ask for a return on my ballot and wait for my mailers to get here before I make my informed decision. Do you really think us average voters give two shits about your campaign materials? You campaign staff people need to get out in the real world for awhile.

  14. Interesting how Early Voting "Influences" Election Endorsement says:

    Interesting how Early Voting “Influences” Endorsements

    Fortenberry, who’s got all the courage of a Jackson’s chameleon – to make this endorsement – means he’s figured out that Fischer is going to pull off an historic upset Tuesday.

    The general public is not aware of Nebraska’s ever-escalating early voting shenanigans. So, after the fact his endorsement will:

     a)    give him gravitas; as if to say, “I, Jeff Fortenberry of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, made the ‘difference’ in Fischer’s win!”

    b)    make Fortenberry look prescient and politically “brave.”  What a farce.

     Hello. To politicos in the know, Fortenberry’s late-breaking “attempt” to attach himself to “\what will be national Nebraska news is insipidly transparent.


  15. Anonymous says:

    So when is Club for Growth going to take Fortenberry out? Yes, Paula, he is the most liberal Republican in the Congressional Delegation. Google his scorecards from taxpayer groups.

  16. Fortenberry Observer says:

    @interesting no one besides a Fischer staffer/supporter touting a slanted poll from her manager’s company would give Fortenberry that kind of inside information. But you’re right, this is just another kneejerk reaction by him to get some attention, which I hope it does when she still loses to Bruning by double digits.

  17. Fortenberry Observer says:

    and @my mistake, GOTV phone calls and mailers play a HUGE part of voter turnout/elections. If Bruning’s camp is sending mailers to absentee voters AND making thousands of phone calls as reported in MSM, then I change my previous prediction from just “double digits” a bona fide blow out.

  18. icarus says:

    To interesting . . . nice to see you’re back on the blogs, Ivy. Will that be part of your new book? Can’t wait. To Fort Observer – GOTV is important? really, you must be some kind of mystical genius. Tell us more, please. Even if Bruning wins, his graft and malfeasance will be feasted upon by Paul Johnson and co. who will make little Jonny Bruning wish he’d never won the primary in the first place.

  19. LOL says:

    Congrats Deb! You received the endorsement of the least liked member of the Nebraska delegation (besides Nelson of course)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. impending . . . says:

    When you’re a freakin swell guy like Jon Bruning who likes to think he’s big enough to coerce and intimidate your way into a seat like US Senator, and the floodgates start to open on all the shit you’ve got on your shoes on the way up, the floodgates open wide. This is just the beginning.

  21. TexasAnnie says:

    I don’t know Deb personally but I have observed Jon up close: he defied his constitutional duty while in the unicam and thus never should have made it to the AG’s office in Nebraska, let alone this impending promotion to the U.S. Senate. Deb does appear, from the bleachers, to be in it for Deb. Her leasing of federal lands while harping about smaller govt. would give me pause in the voting booth… But Deb is just doing what ALL Republicans and Democrats and some Libertarians will do, and that’s take what they can and pass the tax burden on to the next fellow.

    Rather that worrying about choosing between the likes of Deb and Jon each election season, wouldn’t it be great if we could get the tax code fixed and fair? We can, you know. But we’ve got to agree to work together to that end. We’ve got to tell out “public servants” that their power to tax shall be limited to legitimate (constitutional) purposes. No more graft and greed…

  22. Lee terry commercial says:

    Why did lee Terry’s commercial show him throwing a football?? Wasn’t he the student manager???

  23. shrinkwrap says:

    “Unbridled smarminess… slash and burn thuggery!!!” Egads, Karl Marx has gone all Fox Network on us.

    I thought the hard left had the corner on insipid, florid hate speech with their “running dog lackey” nonsense. But then here comes Bruning primary critics with similar hate aphorisms absent fact or reason. Just a screaming hair-on-fire venting of spleen.

    It seems a lot like PMS. But in Deb’s male supporters? And some of Don’s acted that way too. Its as if the Bruning campaign held up a big sign “No Idiots Allowed”. They had to go somewhere. But even idiots need love and apparenly representation. For safetys sake, guys, take a midol.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Lee Terry was a lifeguard (actually saved lives) at Peony Park. So would you prefer to see him slide his middle aged body into a swimming suit? The football is way better than Baywatch Lee.

  25. RWP says:


    You’ll be a libertarian when, instead of complaining about Deb Fischer leasing federal land, you ask why the Federal Government owns grazing land in the first place.

    That’s not an endorsement of Fischer, by the way, just an acknowledgement that in some areas of the West, the only landowner is the Federal government. It’s not clear to me where the Constitution empowers the US Govt. to be a long-term landlord.

  26. Some Thoughts says:

    RWP is right; the issue is whether the government should be in the business of owning such lands in the first place. I don’t blame the actual ranchers who buy the leases. You would too, if you were ranching in those areas. The ranchers perform a service for their “landlord”. It’s kind of funny that the best mud anyone can find to fling on Deb is that she’s doing something 100% legal that other ranchers do, because the government not only permits but encourages it. Oh, and she doesn’t have enough yard signs in Valentine, according to someone. Oh my. She must be a terrible gal, lol!

  27. @political scientist says:

    Jessica, shouldn’t you be making some of those “thousands of phone calls” or whatever your GOTV strategy says you should be doing instead of posting on leavenworth st?

    It just makes you sound scared

  28. Political Scientist says:

    @@ Political Scientist- Who is Jessica? A commit like shows me that the Fischer campaign has no clue what they are doing. No real understanding of GOTV. Remember over 30,000 early ballot request in Douglas county alone and over 15,000 already cast. Late Fischer “surge” will have no impact on the votes already cast.

  29. Wow. says:

    The Republican Party is going hard after Ken Harr in the primary. Two big, shiny mailers paid for by the GOP attacking Haar on his support for illegal aliens arrived within the last week. It’s basically a two horse race so Haar gets through to the general in all probability. (I think there’s a third guy, but not making any noise.) But, if I had to handicap it Haar will be lucky to garner 45% of the vote, which, for an incumbent, means doom.

  30. Fischer wins? says:

    For many of us, Jon Bruning is unacceptable as a senator for many reasons: lack of maturity, raccoon remarks in which he insulted anyone with a family member on public assistance (like one of my relatives), poor judgment, questionable ethics (at least the appearance of impropriety in business deals), illegal importation of lethal injection drugs (See recall story and Judge Leon’s order), not tough enough for the U.S. Senate. Stenberg & Fischer are tough enough to handle this. Looks like it is Deb’s race to lose although I would prefer Don. Do we need Bruning more where he is now as AG despite his warts? (although I would prefer MIke Flood as AG). Already voted absentee for Don.

  31. Sherlock says:

    @Fischer Wins: You wasted your vote if you voted for Don. The race is between Deb and Jon. Don will finish a distant third. And, your credibility really takes a hit when you mention the illegal importation of the lethal injection drugs. First of all, Bruning isn’t responsible for the importation of the drugs. That would be the Department of Corrections, a completely separate agency. Secondly, if you’d look into it a bit instead of just regurgitating what the LJS and OWH print, you’d see there was nothing illegal about it.

    I’m not even a Bruning supporter, but blatant falsehoods irritate the Heck out of me.

  32. Fischer wins? says:

    @Sherlock: You show me the Chinese wall between the AG’s office and the Dept. of Corrections! There ain’t one! Prove it!

  33. TexasAnnie says:

    Well then, RWP, by the qualifier you establish, I guess I’m no Libertarian (and I have refused to pay dues/give contributions to the Libertarian Party since the 2008 Bob Barr debacle). But I don’t have a problem with the federal govt. owning grazing lands or leasing said lands, -for a fair market price. Federal land ownership was a settled issue when we ran off the natives, and, public schools & higher educational institutions have benefited greatly from land decrees from the federal govt. to the states. Don’t YOU enjoy the federal park system?

    I do have a problem, Some Thoughts, with “small govt. advocates” taking advantage of “legal” graft. It’s simply wrong to have inequitable programs and subsidies in place and it is those which I expect “small govt. advocates” to abolish upon ascendency to legislative positions. Is Deb Fischer paying a fair lease price? I don’t have an answer for that and I’m not inclined to research the topic. But I do believe it is difficult for “small govt. advocates” to convince the electorate that they desire equity under our laws, while they are being advantaged inequitably. Between Deb and Jon, I’d take the relatively unknown Deb because her “legal” graft is not as offensive to me as Jon’s past behavior in the unicam and as Atty. Gen while I still lived in Nebraska. But don’t miss my essential point: neither are likely to effect tax justice and therefore not worthy of such justice-seeking voters.

    I want the Congress filled with seekers of TAX JUSTICE!

  34. RWP says:

    Federal land ownership was a settled issue when we ran off the natives, and, public schools & higher educational institutions have benefited greatly from land decre Federal land ownership was a settled issue when we ran off the natives, and, public schools & higher educational institutions have benefited greatly from land decrees from the federal govt. to the states. Don’t YOU enjoy the federal park system? from the federal govt. to the states. Don’t YOU enjoy the federal park system?

    This is hardly pertinent to the issue of grazing lands, whose regulation under the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934 specifically contains the condition ‘pending their disposal’. The Federal government has disposed of almost no land since 1934. The far-left US Congress of 1976 put paid to all further disposal. As a result, the US owns very little of the land in the original 13 colonies, but 84% of Nevada.

    Yes, as a matter of fact I do enjoy the Federal Park system, but I recognize how it’s being increasingly organized to keep Americans off their own land. It’s wonderful to drive a Jeep Rubicon 50 miles along nearly impassible roads into Canyonlands, and camp in total solitude 5000 feet above the confluence of the Green and Colorado rivers, but it’s a form of recreation enjoyed by a tiny minority of us.

  35. The Geographer says:

    Hate to nitpick, RWP, but since you always do, the confluence overlook is only 1,000 feet above the rivers, unless you believe the rivers are at sea level. You seem to like stretching elevation as much as you do the truth!

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