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Lots of info over the past 24 hours. You never know what will happen next.

Things are relatively quiet on the Senate front at the moment, but that could change at any time.


We were notified that Jon Bruning was supposed to record an interview on Tom Becka’s new KKAR show today, but that, for whatever reason, he backed out.

Since Tom has been a bit of a Bruning basher, he agreed to let Jeremy Aspen conduct the interview, but Bruning apparently declined at the last minute. Draw your own conclusions.


The OWH ran their review of 2nd District Congressman Lee Terry today, and found that he has won lots of elections. Well, isn’t that helpful? And he has had other opponents too. But he has beaten them. And you won’t beleive it, but THIS YEAR, his opponent say he is really vulnerable, and can be beat. Unlike past years when his opponents went in saying they were going to lose, but, what the hell.

In the mean time, Communications Daily, a Washington, DC trade publication on the telecom industry, notes in a story entitled, “Gavel passes to Terry?”, that Terry may have the inside track to become the new Chairman of the House Communications and Technology Subcommittee. The article goes to great lengths to discuss how he may have the inside track, though he doesn’t have the seniority, though maybe it’s a done deal, except unless it’s not.

But the kicker of it all is the praise lavished on Terry, that frankly you don’t hear or see in the Omaha press:

“I think he would be great. Terry is extremely tech-savvy and understands that over-regulation can and does stifle innovation.”

“Terry has been a thoughtful and engaged legislator who has contributed significantly to the telecom policy process in his tenure on the committee. If chosen as chair, one could expect him to work closely and constructively with the[FCC] to modernize the archaic communications laws and advance a broadband-age agenda that rewards innovators, investors and entrepreneurs.”

In the mean time, over on the Democrat side, Nebraska Watchdog finds that Dems are still saying that the John Ewing – Gwen Howard primary could go either way. Don Walton said the same thing.

This is despite the fact that Ewing has raised nearly five times as much as Howard. Howard has raised money more like a Unicameral candidate — from a tiny media market.

Money isn’t everything in politics – as the Senate race may be showing now — but it does mean you can get your message out. I guess we will see what the Dems do here in a few days.


We are going to meet some Legislative candidates and look at the Keystone XL pipeline in a few. Check back in around 11am, and if you hear/see anything breaking. (News, we mean.)

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  1. Terry's very tech savvy??? says:

    At a chance meeting in the old market I asked Terry if he was familiar where I could pick up a new blackberry and he directed me to the farmers market!!!! Real tech savvy

  2. Seems like some sage advice from Terry — seeing as it is not 2005, and RIM may very well be going out of business. Try an Apple or Android device.
    (Though if you ARE looking for sage, take Terry’s advice and stay at the Farmers’ Market…)

  3. Anonymostly says:

    Comment at post #1, you don’t know where to get a Blackberry? Seriously? I would be embarrassed to admit that publicly.

    Your question to Terry disproves the old adage that there’s no such things as a stupid question because that one sure was. My guess is he was just trying to be polite to someone who appeared to have special needs.

  4. I find it interesting that two of the spokespersons for Nebraskans for Jobs and Energy Independence, the most vocal proponents of the XL Pipeline at some recent meetings, were Ron Kaminski (current Chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party’s Working Families Caucus and candidate for NDP National Committeeman) and Barry Rubin (past NDP Executive Director that left that position in disgrace following some very questionable financial shenanigans including the never justified depletion of the NDP treasury prior to his departure.)
    I would have to say that I believe the majority of rural Nebraskan Democrats probably side with Jane Kleeb and her Bold Nebraska adherents, while those in the metropolitan areas are more inclined to side with Ron Kaminski and his union labor ties.
    It would be interesting to see what the NDP rank-and-file might have to say on the issue, should it arise, at its upcoming State Convention in Omaha. Regardless of whatever the “supreme governing body” of the party might decide, the only thing we will hear is what the party “leaders” deign worthy of our ears, should past performance be indicative of future behavior.

  5. Macdaddy says:

    Terry should be ashamed of his Keystone XL actions? Only if you are a Kool-aid drinking Obama supporter. Terry provided leadership at the national level on Keystone and he did so even though the rest of the Nebraska delegation was running around with their fingers in the wind.

  6. Interesting Opinion says:

    That’s an interesting opinion about rural Nebraskan Democrats siding with Jane Kleeb on the Pipeline. I would offer a different opinion:

    Majority of rural Democrats are fine with the XL Pipeline, but Jane’s Bold Nebraska Crew is small but vocal.

  7. Anonymostly says:

    The Republican party is spending some bucks going after Ken Haar but my guess is that Mike Hilgers can win that race on his own. What the Republicans need to be doing is spending some dough in District 29 making sure that Tony Fulton’s seat stays red. You have three, ooooooh, out there libs running against two Republicans who aren’t well-known.

    For Dems, you have Susan Scott who ran against Tony Fulton 4 years ago and garnered 43% of the vote in a fairly strong showing. She has name recognition going for her.

    You also have Don Mayhew who has spent 11 years on the Board of Ed for Lincoln Public Schools. He’s already been elected to office a few times and, again, has name recognition.

    Then, you have Kate Bolz who is a radical, Appleseed activist/community organizer like Danielle Conrad. You know what you’d be getting with her — but the majority of voters in District 29 probably don’t.

    If the Republican party doesn’t want to wind up with a choice between two of the above in the general election, they better allocate some resources to District 29. Otherwise, come January, we may be swearing in community organizer Katie Hussein Obama-Bolz to the Nebraska Legislature.

  8. Terry commercial says:

    Terry comercial made me soil myself. Terry football throw looks like a 5 year old girl shooting hoops.

  9. ...is a good one says:

    TC–too bad you soiled yourself–you’ve probably been doing that alot lately since the commerical–which is a solid one–is running so much.

    Haven’t seen diddly on TV from Lindstrom or Freeman– I heard Lurch (Heidel) has one but haven’t come across it.

  10. Dist 29 says:

    Dist 29 is a critical race. My prediction: Smith wins a close one over Bolz. It ain’t gonna be easy. Bolz has some enormous signs up already and will have the entire liberal establishment backing her.

  11. Terry commerical Good?? says:

    fixing a bike and forcing his son to wear a union tee shirt, bright green shirt while passing lemonade or perhaps you enjoy the church fart smile at the end as he approves this message.

    Just because it is on a lot does not mean it is good. The worst part is forcing his kids to play offensive line. Lee always has to be in the lime light just like on capitol hill….oh wait that’s paul ryan not Lee

  12. ... yes, it is a good one says:

    T C G–I guess you’ve soiled yourself again. too bad…

    Hey, if your candidate wants to dispute Terry’s ad, get something on the air…quick!

    157 votes to cut spending–$7 trillion more in spending cuts–that’s what people take from it.

    Simple and direct.

  13. Wow. says:

    “Appleseed activist/community organizer like Danielle Conrad”

    Geez, Anonymostly, you make that sound like its a bad thing.

  14. Ikon says:

    Lee Terry is Tech Savvy!!! He’s so Tech Savvy that he got conned by his Robo Call Phone Town Hall meet ups company to try to do ONE bit of legislation in his 7 terms to date & what was that?? To make your Private Cel Phone #’s available to Tele-Marketers so that they could waste your time & cost you $$$!!! Lee Terry is a Useless FRUMP!!!

  15. Android Guy says:

    I know of a fifth way to get your posts, SS. I have your RSS feed delivered directly to my android phone via google reader. My phone notifies me when a new post arrives. How’s that for stalking you!

  16. Street sleeper says:

    Just saw a mailing from Gwen Howard. “war on women” must promote abortion. Really Gwen, can’t you understand why some people don’t believe in killing innocent babies in the womb?

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