Joe Ricketts SLAMS Bruning, buys ads for Fischer

AmeriTrade founder Joe Ricketts, on behalf of an organization called “Ending Spending“, has made a significant media buy in the Omaha and Lincoln markets on behalf of Deb Fischer’s Senate campaign.

First see this HARSH (devastating?) anti-Bruning ad, entitled, “Anyone but Bruning”, here:

Next see the positive Fischer ad here:

The OWH reported on Friday that Ricketts (father of Nebraska GOP Committeeman, and former Senate candidate Pete Ricketts) had made a $100K buy in those markets, but it was unknown who the ads were for.

In the past, Ricketts has been a Don Stenberg supporter, and many assumed the ads were on behalf of Don. But the new spot is up today, not only supporting Fischer (as “one of us”) but taking a brutal swipe at Jon Bruning along with Stenberg as well.

Fischer was stuck in the final week spending only around $20K in the final week — that in comparison to Bruning’s $300K and Stenberg’s $130K. This buy by Ricketts makes Fischer competitive in these last few days.

Will it be enough?
Nonetheless, a VERY exciting conclusion to this race.
Expect the national interest to ratchet up as well.


  1. To the idiot above says:

    There is no proof that Bruning is crooked. However it appears old Joe has 100,000 reasons not to like Bruning.

  2. Funny says:

    Crooked? That’s just a attempt to find any argument to sway voters just before the Primary.

    Brunning isn’t crooked, he took risks and was successful in that. Joe Ricketts is crazy rich and isn’t crooked. This is just politics, plain and simple.

  3. Callie says:

    Where’s the 2pm press conference to denounce the negative attack on her behalf? Oh wait, Deb just SAYS she doesn’t support negative campaigning, when in fact she takes swipes at Jon and Don and tries to play it off as ‘Sand Hills humor’. Give me a break.

  4. What? says:

    Bruning not crooked?? What a joke. He is not only crooked but a complete embarrassment to Nebraskans. He would fit right in with the crookedness of Washington politicians.

    Fischer is the ONLY choice to represent ALL Nebraskans.

    More fun than Don, Safer than Jon.

    Vote Deb Fischer!

  5. Macdaddy says:

    I understand people’s need to vote for the candidate like themselves, ie, the nice candidate, but Fischer has been untested in this election. Everyone has given her a pass until 2 days ago and she hasn’t had to answer for anything she has done as a legislator. She has run a great stealth campaign. Kerrey will not show her the same chivalry that Bruning and Stenburg have. She will no longer be under the radar. Is she up for the fight that is going to come, a dirty New York City gang war, because the Democrat powers that be will pour millions into this fight. I don’t know that she isn’t but I don’t know that she is either. This ain’t beanbag, folks. Kerrey has spent the last 12 years continuing to lecture brutal politics from up close in NYC. I have no doubt that Bruning has it in him to hit back every bit as hard as Kerrey will dish it out.

  6. What? says:


    Fischer is the real deal and when Kerrey tries to attack her, Deb will swing and swing hard at Cosmic Bob. She will lower the boom on Bob and if tries to attack her to the left then it paints him into a corner as a leftist scum.

  7. What? says:

    When Bob attacks Bruning, it will 6 months of negative attacks and turn voters completely off. Bruning will attack Bob, 6 months of negative votes.

    That election would be so nasty and disgusting.


  8. The word is out says:

    The word is out. I have talked to a few of the higher ups in the Nebraska republican party. Bruning is finished. The OWH damaged him a lot. Plus the October surprise the Kerrey campaign will un leash on Bruning is much too much to withstand. These guys tell me that Kerrey will beat Bruning like a drum That he will beat the other two also . But Senator Fischer is least likely to lose in a land slide. Also Senator Fischer has kissed the right back sides and gets her chance. The only thing that can save Bruning now is if the Governor comes out for him. Heinman can read the tea leaves and that won’t happen

  9. Bobby says:

    Can you imagine what a debate between Deb and Bob would be like? Same answers, every time.

    Deb: We need to have a conversation.
    Bob: I’ll work with everyone to fix these problems.
    Deb: But I’m a citizen legislator, I know how to have a conversation.
    Bob: I’m a decorated war hero, we worked with everyone in ‘Nam.

  10. Francis says:

    Jon is the only one with substance in this race. Bob would destroy Deb. and Don. The GOP needs to wake up. As much as they talked about giving Ben the boot for being too liberal, it they must not be too serious about replacing him with one of their own if they don’t vote for Bruning Tues.

  11. Interested Observer says:

    Deb’s hand picked, temporary successor, Ravenscroft, is shown at the 12 and 13 second mark in Deb’s ad, standing in the Valentine Livestock Auction barn sale ring. Apparently they seem to be plotting Deb’s attempt to takeover of the State of Nebraska.

    Deb’s clan is even using the same line “One of us” in this new ad for herself, even though she’s been using that same line in Ravenscroft’s ads for months already.

  12. Anonymous says:

    “The word is out” — You’ll pardon if I don’t believe your comments. I seriously doubt they’re thinking, in any sense, about who would least likely be defeated in a landslide. Simply put, if ANY higher-ups in the party are thinking that way, they need to forfeit their positions. It’s that ‘playing-not-to-lose’ mentality that has brought us so many years of the liberal democratic rep in the US senate. And I seriously doubt anyone with sense thinks the articles in the OWH have damaged Bruning much beyond what the previous ethics allegations had. Not a big fan of the Ricketts family and their pro-illegal immigration stance. It was that type of thinking that ultimately lost Pete the election in ’06. Pete let Ben outmaneuver him on a LOT of issues, and ultimately stuck us with Ben, and ultimately Obamacare. And I’m supposed to care about what his Dad says NOW? I still might vote for Deb, but association with the Ricketts and those ads won’t be the reason.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The people who put this pro-Deb ad together think “one of us” is a country club elderly couple walking out of a fancy home? Won’t fly with voters who live a more meager lifestyle. Not everyone in Nebraska lives in a $275,000 home. Get a clue.

  14. RWP says:

    I find this all profoundly depressing. There really isn’t a lick of difference, policywise, between Stenberg, Bruning and Fischer. They’re all establishment, mainstream Republicans. None have spearheaded major tax reduction, reduction in the size of state government, defunding Nebraska Public Radio or TV, or anything else radical. None is a RINO, either. there is little to choose between any of them, except electability.

    So now Palin And Ricketts are backing Fischer? Why? Fischer was part of this years’ disgraceful unicameral, which fought Heineman’s tax cut tooth and nail, failed to pass voter ID, but did pass health care for pregnant illegal aliens.

    We have the possibility that a rural inexperienced politician from a remote, northwestern region might be stacked up against an urbane, smooth Democrat, with a strong record if you don’t examine it too closely, and skilled at concealing his far-left tendencies. Seen that movie before? I have. I voted for the previous heroine, and watched her going down in flames. Now’s she’s back, sticking her oar into this election for no good reason, and setting up a repeat of the 2008 Presidential fracas in which she previously starred.

    The GOP — heck, the nation — needs above all that Bob Kerrey be defeated. I’ll support her if nominated, but i don’t see Deb Fischer being the right person to do that. I agree with Macdaddy. Kerrey, and the Lincoln and Omaha media, will chew her up and spit her out.

  15. CC Music Factory says:

    The above response to Word is Out is mine. I forgot to attach my name to it. Really don’t see that attack ad in any better light than the previous ones. Slickly done, but not anything we haven’t heard before. It’ll be interesting, but my prediction I gave on Wednesday of this week to another political junky is still my prediction today, even after Fortenberry’s endorsement. Bruning still wins, and wins by between 7 and 12 percentage points. Still too little, too late.

  16. @political scientist says:

    Jessica, you didnt mind it when your boss did it dont act like youre so shocked just because someone attacked Bruning. Politics is a tough game and Jon is as thin skinned as they come.

  17. Lil Mac says:

    Suddenly, this is about two billionaires trying to personally buy and own a US Senator. Ricketts buys Deb or Buffett buys Bob. And that is far scarier than just regular policy and party differences.

    If Deb wins, she joins the ranks of primary winners like Joe’s son Pete and Sarah Palin, who went on to put Ben Nelson and Barack Obama into office. Would Deb put Kerrey back in the Senate? Why not? That seems to be the pattern here. It’s political myopia on steroids.

    Being rich does not make one immune to impolitic stupidity. — Pete whipped Don on the high road but went dark against Ben at Joe’s ham-fisted urging, replaced the wise manager who slaughtered Don with a nitwit dolly that Joe liked. Ben slaughtered Pete thanks to political idiot Joe. So Joe kept Ben in power like Palin’s contribution put Obama in power. And these are Fischer’s saviors? That is bad news for the GOP. —Moreover, these same people attack Bruning for making money.

    Money? Pete wasted $14 mil losing to Ben and Joe’s wallet never broke a sweat. Fischer rips off taxpayers for a fortune in grazing subsidies that almost no other ranchers get. Thus, Joe buying an election for Deb makes a kind of horrible sense.

    It is hard to tell how voters will react to all this. These are strange dynamics.

  18. Political Scientist says:

    @@ Political Scientist Who is Jessica? I heard that at 6pm on the Friday the Fischer campaign office was closed. Joe should have spend the money on GOTV not TV.

  19. Jon Bruning is a crooked bigot who got rich serving in public office. The End. People like do not deserve to serve in the Senate!!! Bruning should stay away from Nebraska’s Progressive Oasis of Omaha!

  20. Anonymous says:

    LM is right. If Fischer wins and Kerrey ends up in the Senate, then GOP Natnl Cmtyman Pete Ricketts should be tarred and feathered for crippling the GOP by not stopping his stupid father. Pete has a cub’s bat. He needs to bean that old guy.

  21. Francis says:

    Anyone but Bruning? If Joe is okay with uber liberal out-of-touch elitist New Yorker Bob representing our state, than his ad is spot-on. Bob will crush the mother, rancher, wife of 40 years mantra she’s trying to win on.

    Anyone who’s been paying attention knows Bob’s smooth, skilled tactics are already penetrating the minds of Nebraskans. Playing off his military service, linking his beliefs with prominent republicans (ie Cheney and gay marriage), going up now with positive ads while the GOPers tear each other apart to look like he’s above it all…

    Bob and Paul know what the $*&# their doing and Bruning is the only one with the political saav to stand up to them in the fall.

  22. Grassroots in Nebraska, one of the other political blogs that Sweeper lists in his blogroll over there in the left column, has a very interesting article entitled “Following the Jon Bruning Money Trail” on its home page. Could be that Mr. Ricketts took a look at that and decided it was time to help save the NEGOP from impending doom.
    Mr. Bruning’s campaign, and his political career, could begin pushing up daisies if Gov. Heineman, the guy that Mr. Bruning opposed to favor Tom Osborne, should decide that it was payback time.
    As Arte Johnson’s german soldier character on ‘Laugh In’ used to say, “Veeeeerrrrrry Interesting.”

  23. @@political scientist says:

    Completely missed the point of the post. Bruning has been attacked for months by Don, the media, and outside groups yet remains the frontrunner and will win by double digits on Tuesday. “Shock” is that Deb would allow a group to go so blatantly negative when all her negative attacks so far have just been “Sand Hills Humor”.

  24. To Joe, Joe Jr, and Pete says:

    I defended Pete to the core in ’06 and volunteered countless hours on his campaign despite objections from many of my friends in the NEGOP circles. I cheered uncontrolably when Joe bought my team in Chi-town.

    Between Pete’s financial backing of the joke of a blog NE Watchdog and this stunt by Ending Spending, I can support the Rickett’s men no more. They are off their rockers.


  25. Another interesting article over on Grassroots in Nebraska, entitled “Profiling Jon Bruning: An Unorthodox Analysis” raises plenty of unanswered questions about Mr. Bruning. The thing I find most amusing about it is the liberal light that the author illuminates Mr. Bruning with. Who’d a thunk it?!

    Perhaps all the recent hubbub in the halls of NEGOP Central is the growing awareness that Mr. Kerrey’s campaign actually DOES have something extremely damaging to Mr. Bruning’s political future, and they’re just hoping that he IS the Republican opponent so that they can unleash it. I’ve hear rumors, through the grapevine, that the big secret has something to do with Jon’s footloose and fancy free college days, and it has nothing to do with his unremarkable articles penned in the Daily Nebraskan.

  26. Fischer to the Rescue says:

    Bruning’s political sav – that is what would beat Bob Kerrey? Like when he threw his intern under the bus publicly over gas price issues in N. Platte? Or when he trashed his kids coach publicly? Or when he said, introducing Tom Osborne running for Governor, “unless he’s caught with a live girl or a dead boy, this guy is your next Governor”? or when he likened the poor to scavenging racoons? or when he tried to suggest Stenberg was a twitter perv? PUH-LEASE.

    Bruning is a scandal waiting to happen. A walking conflict of interest. A cross between Eliot Spitzer and Rod Blagojevich. And Stenberg, while a good man, is a snooze.

    Fischer IS a rancher and a teacher and a mother. And a tough as nails legislator. And she reflects the sensibilities and character of Nebraska. She will emerge from the primary wildly popular and go on to defeat Bob Kerrey.

  27. Macdaddy says:

    The Word is Out: assuming you aren’t the same person posting under several different names, you’re the umpteenth person that has referred to an October surprise on Bruning. If multiple people are talking about it 6 months before the election in Nebraska, it’s a bluff. You can’t keep secrets in little old Nebraska. Unless you are referring to some sort of collusion with the Obama Justice Department where they would gin up some sort of legal action in October. Let me tell you, if that’s the Democrats’ plan, then ROFTLOL.

  28. Political Scientist says:

    Joe should have spend the money on buying better players for the Cubs. The Cubs are currently tie for the second worst recorded in baseball. If I were a Cubs fan I would really pissed right now.

  29. Men II Boyz says:

    the bruning campaign is coming apart.

    drove around Omaha this morning and yard signs and some of his “supporters” have pulled their yard signs down.

    never seen a campaign go down in FLAMES so quickly. goodbye.

  30. Political Scientist says:

    I live in Omaha and I have seen no Deb Fischer signs. Most people don’t even know who she is in Omaha. Not good for Fischer considering over 20,000 people have already voted in Douglas county.

  31. Macdaddy, the rumor wouldn’t imply the need of any collusion on the part of the Obama Justice Department, but it might take some ‘splainin’ at home.

    An old classmate of mine has posted a scan of a flyer put out by the Romney-Healey (2002 Mass. Gov./Lt.Gov.) campaign that states, “Mitt and Kerry Wish You a Great Pride Weekend! All citizens deserve equal rights, regardless of their sexual preference. – Paid for by the Romney for Governor Committee and the Kerry Murphy Healey Committee.”
    I find that particularly hilarious given Mitt’s statement at Liberty University’s commencement ceremony today. He said, “Marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman.”
    Perhaps, by “sexual preference” he was referencing people’s predilections for diverse sexual positions, kinkiness, nooners vs. nighters, … ?
    It is so much fun watching Mittens flip-flopping like freshly caught flounder.

    I also found a little tidbit about Mitt Romney that all of you folks that find Bob Kerrey’s ties to Nebraska being somehow unworthy of his Senate candidacy. Did you all realize that Mitt Romney was a resident of Utah, and a potential candidate for governor of that state, at the time he registered to run as Governor of Massachusetts? Google it!

  32. Political Scientist says:

    @@ political scientist and Fischer did no gotv for the republican votes. Nobody in Omaha knows who Deb Fischer is.

  33. Up in Omaha says:

    Who is Fischer? I have not seen her in this town. I see a lot of Bruning signs but no Fischer signs.

  34. Better get ready Kerrey says:

    It seem to me that a rich Billionaire has something out for Jon Bruning. I’m beginning to believe that Jon Bruning is the right man for the job.

  35. Macdaddy says:

    I’m pretty sure I didn’t live in Massachusetts when Romney ran for Governor so I’m not sure how that applies to me having a problem with Kerrey flying in for a few days every now and then and claiming he will be able to represent me and my neighbors rather than representing his own neighbors in NYC.

  36. Former Fischer fan says:

    I was going to vote for Deb, but I heard that she voted for two gas tax increase, i changed my mind. I changed my vote to Jon Bruning.

  37. RWP says:

    You’re worse than annoying, BTO, you’re boring. Republicans ‘flip-flop’, Democrats ‘evolve’. Blah blah blah.

    Lovely piece in the New York Times tomorrow about segregation in the New York school system, one of the most segregated school systems in the company. Can you believe that all those Manhattan liberals won’t send their kids to public schools, on account of the fact there are black and hispanic children in them? As a result, there are whole grade schools in New York without a single white kid in them.

    Now, naturally, i can’t imagine this kept Bleecker St. Bob awake at night, seeing he was always a fan of racial segregation, but it explains why he won’t bring his kid to Nebraska, where white people actually send their kids to public school, and allow them to mix, hang out, and (amazingly) even make friends with kids of different backgrounds.

  38. RWP says:

    Replace company with country. It could be my corporatist soul talking, but more likely my interfering busybody spellchecker.

  39. End of the road says:

    After seen these ads, it’s a sign that Don’s attack as failed and the people don’t like Jon Bruning will do anything stop him. There is major panic in the anti-Bruning crowd right now. Bruning is still leading and leading big.

  40. Street Sweeper I demand an answer!!!! says:

    All this talk about Deb and Jon is an overt attempt to not cover SPENCE that is Spenser Zimmerman the only candidate to come out to support the Keystone pipeline BEFORE is was proposed to be built. Other endorsements that The SPENCE has shored up are as follows.
    • Tiger Beat Magazine
    • NAMBLA
    • Ultra Conservative League of Women Voters
    • Coach Bill Callahan
    • Famed actor David Austin Green
    • Sierra Francis House (courtesy of Mayo Suttle)
    • ALF-CIO
    • Paul Fusco from hit comedy Alf
    • Keith Stone
    • Swank Magazine

  41. RWP, most of your fans have gone back to watching paint dry. They not only find it more exciting, they also find it more intellectually stimulating than listening to your “Bob Kerrey is a racist” baloney.

  42. RWP says:

    Hey, BTO, I found a lovely quote from Bob Kerrey, where he said affirmative action is necessary, because otherwise guys like him wouldn’t talk to people of different backgrounds than themselves.

    Sounds like a confession to me.

    As a pedagogue, I find repetition a useful technique, especially when the students are particularly slow or resistant to a novel idea.

  43. CC Music Factory says:

    Yeah, I’m not so sure that having Ricketts name involved won’t have the opposite effect of what was intended. As the past few days have shown, will be interesting all the way up to the election. Can’t remember whether IO or PS said it, but this could easily come down to GOTV efforts. And I really don’t think that either Stenberg or Fischer has the ground troops that Bruning has. But we’ll see.

  44. RWP, Yeah, I’d have to agree that most folks like Bob Kerrey, Jon Bruning, Ben Nelson, Don Stenberg, etc., don’t like to spend too much time talking to people like me. I don’t fill their pockets full of money, so why bother? And yes, your idea does belong in a novel.

  45. Fischer Broke the Law says:

    It looks like either the Fischer Campaign or Joe Ricketts group End Spending broke campaign finance laws.

  46. CC, Having some dweeb pounding on your door or calling you on the phone while you’re trying to enjoy an evening at home, watching the ball game after a long day at work (aka GOTV), isn’t nearly as effective as a TV commercial. Yeah, the commercials are really annoying too, but if you don’t need to pee, or you’re not in the mood for a snack, you’ll sit through the damned thing and it will have an effect.
    GOTV is most effective at putting money in the pockets of the “political consultants” that feed off of the campaigns. it is their bread and butter. To the average voter, it is something that needs Preparation H.

  47. Macdaddy says:

    BTO, I don’t know anything about Romney’s run in MA and I have no idea if what you are saying is true. The one thing I do know is that Kerrey has to be a resident of Nebraska by election day. So far, he is not and unless he starts paying rent, a mortgage, or buys a house, he is not a resident. In the meantime, i think the voters of Nebraska need to decide if an absentee Senator is something they want. The people of MA decided it was OK if Mitt moved to their state and became their governor. The people of New York likewise were fine with Hillary becoming their Senator. I do know she actually bought property in New York. I doubt Nebraskans will feel the same even if Kerrey actually gets around to becoming a legal resident by November.

  48. @ Politcal (sic) Scientist, GOTV doesn’t win elections, propaganda does.
    Did you get a degree in political science? All that is good for is learning how scam people out of their money by contributing it to candidates so that you can scam the candidates out of it.
    Evidently spelling wasn’t a highly valued component of your education. And, please, don’t blame your smart phone on your inability to type correctly.

  49. RWP says:

    Actually, I’ve been checking out some of the goings on in Bob Kerrey’s real home town, Shelter Island Heights, New York. Evidently, he didn’t make himself too popular with the neighbors, because he wanted to put in a pool that violated all sorts of town zoning rules. The neighbors objected. So Bob (though, in New York, he calls himself by his real name, Joseph Kerrey) hired himself a high-priced suit to push the variances through the town meeting, even though apparently Shelter island Heights has a rule prohibiting pools. And judging by Google Earth, Bob got his way. That must have been popular with the locals.

    Nice little property, seafront view, just off the ferry, near the Country Club. I prefer the ocean side myself, but the ferry side is a shorter trip to Manhattan.

  50. Macdaddy, Bob will get a place in Nebraska before November gets here. First he has to see whether or not he wins the primary (wink, wink.) Maybe Tom Osborne’s old fishing shack on Lake McConaughy is available for rent.

  51. Oh gosh, RWP! Bob Kerrey has become a real obsession for you hasn’t he? Does he need to get a restraining order, or are you just applying for junior membership in the Lisa Hannah Stalker’s Club?
    Honestly, I would think you’d find the humor in Bob irritating all of his Liberal neighbors on Shelter Island. If the pool was built, that must mean the Shelter Island Heights Community Conformance Committee didn’t have strong enough draconian rules in place if all it took was a high priced suit to rub their noses in it.

  52. tryanmax says:

    I keep reading “Bruning is crooked” like it’s just a given fact. Where is this coming from? OWS did a colonoscopy on the guy a couple weeks ago and didn’t even find any poo. I doubt my call will be answered, but I’d like some support for that statement. And don’t bother telling me he made his money while he was in office. That’s how investment ownership works: it makes money while you pursue other things.

    As to the ad, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find many industries that aren’t subject to state regulation. The Fischer campaign is basically asserting that business ownership is a disqualification for public office. Absurd! The ad is nothing but cheap and easy innuendo. Does anybody find it suspicious that Streetsweeper runs a website even though he/she is a blogger!?

    That said, Fischer clearly knows she’s bound to lose, the ad admits it in the first line: “The world expects Jon Bruning as our Republican candidate for senate.” Yeah, let’s send that kind of confident leader to the senate.

  53. tryanmax says:

    And on the second ad, it’s more than a little disingenuous for Fischer to claim that she hasn’t been a lifelong politician. Maybe she means a /successful/ lifelong politician, seeing as she has served on any public board she could find her entire adult life.

  54. RWP says:

    Honestly, I would think you’d find the humor in Bob irritating all of his Liberal neighbors on Shelter Island.

    Don’t know much about the North Shore of Long Island, eh? Liberals? Hah! Read Gatsby, and get back to me.

    Meanwhile, I see Bob and Sarah have been donating heavily to the Shelter Island Public Library. That’s a good move, and in a couple of hundred years, their descendants may well be forgiven for the pool.

  55. Lil Mac says:

    BTO, this all started with you doing legwork for Fischer. But you are the Democratinst Democrat I know, and proudly so. And that means you’d give your left testicle (maybe the right one would be more apropos) to have Big Bob run against Little Debbie. So, forgive us if your Buckets ‘o Arguments against Bruning sound a bit hollow. We know what you want. And non-brain-dead Republicans here agree that if Debbie wins, Kerrey wins. So leave it at that. Else I will pull out my own hidden secret that will magically flatten Kerrey in October. And I will pull my secret from the same place you pulled yours. — Tis an interesting primary.

  56. Lil Mac, If I come off the least bit in Deb Fischer’s corner it is because, of all the candidates in the Republican field that COULD become my next Senator, I believe she is the one I would be the least ashamed of, and, I’ll admit my 3rd CD bias. As far as who faces Bob Kerrey, oh I DO hope it is Jon Bruning, because after November we’ll just have to wait for his AG gig to wind up and we’ll never have to hear from him again. Deb Fischer, on the other hand, would make a formidable candidate for Governor should she lose this race.

  57. tryanmax says:

    BTO said, “…of all the candidates…I believe she is the one I would be the least ashamed of…”

    There’s you’re problem in a nutshell, BTO, you come to the conversation with the attitude that all the candidates are an embarrassment. You’re just looking for reasons why this one is more embarrassing than that one. If you’d spend some time looking at the merits rather than the faults, you might not just get a better outlook on politics, you might gain a better outlook on *life*!

  58. No, T-max, I said, “… of all the candidates in the REPUBLICAN field that could become my next Senator, I believe she is the one I would be the least ashamed of …”
    You see, when you quote people, and include enough of their words to convey their actual INTENT, rather than manipulating them to prove your point, you show yourself to be less of a self-serving asshole. That is YOUR problem in a nutshell.
    My outlook on life suits me just fine, you are the one that has a problem with it.
    My nephew has a graduation party with free peanuts and watered-down ginger ale punch that I’ve gotta go to. I’ll stop in later to see who else I’ve irritated today.

  59. RWP says:

    Well, BTO, you have to understand the North Shore.

    When I lived there, a long long time ago, an Irishman who had emigrated to one of the less salubrious parts of Nassau County and gotten rich in the ‘carting’ business (quite a feat, considering it was dominated by the Mafia) decided to use his riches to buy a place on the Sound in Old Field in Suffolk County. Old Field is just a touch less tony than Great Neck, and was about 5 miles north of where I lived. You don’t live within 5 miles of the water on Long Island on an Assistant Professor’s salary. Anyway, Mr Murphy (let’s call him, i forget his real name), to honor the business that had made him rich, erected a pair of huge, fluorescent green concrete gateposts in the shape of dustbins at his front entrance, and spray painted green the rocks on his stretch of Long Island Sound shoreline. I believe he even had some gold-colored shamrocks on them.

    Needless to say, the neighbors were apoplectic, but unfortunately, they hadn’t bothered to write any legally enforceable zoning regulations to forbid this sort of crassness, since it hadn’t occurred to anyone that a resident of Old Field could perpetrate such horrors. They dragged Murphy through the courts, but, having the law and a few million bucks on his side, he won.

    Once he’d well and truly humiliated them, he announced he was moving, since he said he found the locals much less friendly than he was used to.

    I would have liked to have met the guy, and I wish I could remember his real name, so I could find out who he’d pissed off next.

  60. tryanmax says:

    BTO, I edited your comment for length, not content, which would be stupid of me, anyway, since your comment was RIGHT ABOVE mine. That’s the last time I give you any credit for smarts. Besides manipulating quotes, self-serving assholes are also known for supporting their opponent’s candidate who has the least chance of victory in the general.

    If your attitude works for you, keep it. Try not to choke on any free peanuts.

  61. RWP says:

    The Irishman’s name was Dennis Hickey. It turns out he was mobbed up, with the Colombo crime family. Nice gig for an Irishman. Eventually got a couple of years for jury tampering.

  62. The Hax0r says:

    Guess what, tryanmax is posting from the Bruning HQ as well are 3 other people. Does anyone real actually post in this blog anymore?

  63. RWP, I’d have probably liked that Irishman, except the mafia part. What he did reminds me of what some guy right on Hwy 6-34 in Cambridge did when faced with overbearing neighbors. I don’t know what pissed him off, but he painted his house periwinkle and the fence paisley, then adorned the entire yard with a collection of “interesting” sculptures. It looked kind of like the bus from the Electric Kool Aid Acid Test.

    T-max, Do you think I should believe your last comment to me just because you typed it? I do agree that what you did was stupid of you.

  64. Interested Observer says:

    I did not see Deb at the Valentine High School graduation this afternoon, even though her granddaughter was one of the seniors who graduated.

  65. Question? says:

    Interested Observer,

    Did you scan the crowd to see if she sent in a surrogate? I understand that John Ravenscroft is supposed to be serving in that capacity for the next four years. By chance was there someone dressed in drag in the crowd with a set of teeth borrowed from a Clydesdale?

  66. Interested Observer says:

    Actually, John Ravenscroft is a really nice guy and I consider him to be a friend. He has a terrific family and does a really good job of running their ranch. His too close relationship with Deb is well known. The only thing I would ever say against John is that he has let Deb influence him WAY too much on this race. He didn’t really want to get into this election in the first place and only gave into Deb after lots and LOTS of arm twisting by her. By now, he’s let Deb control most aspects of his own campaign, even going so far as to help pick Sam FISCHER as John’s campaign manager. John doesn’t really like public speaking. The problem is that one of the main jobs of a Nebraska State Senator is that they HAVE to do lots of public speaking, from campaigning in the first place to being an effective, articulate public speaker in Committees and MOST importantly, on the floor of the Nebraska Legislature.

    Also, Al Davis is a really nice guy and I consider him to be a friend. He has a terrific family and does a really good job of running their ranch. Al is very intelligent and is amazingly articulate. Al has an awesome ability to quietly and quickly analyze a situation and come to a very sound, rational, very well reasoned conclusion Al is very comfortable with and excels at public speaking and can be very convincing and commands respect.

    Both men are very capable ranchers, but Al’s more advanced abilities to very quickly think on his feet and articulate those thoughts absolutely makes him the better communicator and therefore, Senator, again, especially on the floor of the Legislature during intense debate, and also, especially where rural Nebraska is so outnumbered by more urban districts. We, in the 43rd District simply need to send our most capable candidate and Al Davis is that candidate.

  67. K Orrsky says:

    Kay Orr is back and pushing Deb Fischer. Orr’s political career consisted of being appointed Treasurer, beating another woman to become governor, raising taxes and volunteering Nebraska to be a Nuclear Waste Dump, which so infuriated Nebraska voters they threw Kay Orr out of the governor’s mansion preferring instead political novice Ben Nelson.

    Orr’s eyebrows made her a dead ringer for Lady Lucifer. Today Orr gives us Fischer to fill the seat of Ben Nelson who Orr launched into politics. Maybe Orr is Lucifer.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Interested Observer at 6:30… What does having a family and a ranch have to do with legislation? Charles Manson had a family and a ranch.

    You say Deb Fisher has her hand up John Ravenscroft’s ass working him like a hand puppet, so who cares about his good intentions or niceness? You say he dislikes public speaking. What would he do in the Unicameral, use hand signs? If he’s a quisling, he’s a willing quisling. So if he’s your friend, get a better friend. Anyone that mushy is a danger to everyone around them.

    You say Al Davis is “very intelligent” with an “awesome ability to quietly and quickly analyze a situation and come to a very sound, rational, very well-reasoned conclusion.”

    That can’t be the same Al Davis who came storming in here yesterday and accused Street Sweeper of being a liar for Sweeper not inviting Davis to submit info for this blog, to which Sweeper dryly presented Davis a copy of Sweeper’s invite. Turns out Davis doesn’t read the blog.

    That Al Davis seemed unintelligent, with a very poor ability to analyze situations, because he came up with an unsound, irrational, flat wrong conclusion. And he was snotty about it. If Davis does that in the unicameral they will mince his nuts and how does that help his constituents?

  69. Interested Observer says:

    I saw a phrase years ago that goes:

    I must tell you that the insolence of the vulgar is in direct proportion to their ignorance and that they are apt to treat everythng with contempt that they do not understand.

  70. Interested Observer says:

    Another relevant phrase: Never wrestle with a pig in the mud. You’ll get dirty, but the pig likes it!

  71. Anonymous says:

    So this is how you respond to facts showing your argument is crap? You call it vulgar. Well, it is your crap argument.

  72. Some Thoughts says:

    “Interested Observer”, you claim to be from Valentine and claim to know all about Sen. Fischer. Who are you, exactly, since you claim to be so in the know, and conveniently popped up here a few days before the election to badmouth her anonymously? If she’s so bad, why can’t you tell us anything factual that would constitute a real argument against her? Are we supposed to think she’ll be a lousy Senator because she didn’t attend her granddaughter’s graduation, three days before the primary election? Does this mean that when the Iranians are saber-rattling, you want a Senator who will be there for her grandkids first?

    For days now you’ve been insinuating that Deb’s neighbors don’t like her, apparently for some deep and sinister reason. Do her dogs bark too loud? Jealousy, maybe? You like Ravenscroft, yet say he’s her “puppet”. How exactly is he going to carry water for Deb in the NE leg? Keep funding highway construction across the state? Vote to restrict abortion? Sounds awful! Face it, you’re just another Bruning supporter who can’t manage to make positive arguments in favor of his candidate, so you have to take the low road and attack someone else. Except you don’t even have a real stick to shake at her.

  73. Interested Observer says:

    Some Thoughts, I don’t believe I caught YOUR name! I have used this same username in the Lincoln Journal-Star for over 2.5 years. I see that you’ve posted several comments in the last month that are generally in favor of Deb. If she’s so good, why can’t you tell us anything factual that would constitute a real argument for her? Most people would not understand my comment concerning the Valentine High School graduation ceremony, but Deb got it and knows exactly what I mean. That was the point.

    One of the many neighbors that really don’t like Deb, personally, (everybody likes Bruce) is the Kime family that owns the Snake Falls Ranch. They are the family that Deb sued several years ago concerning the fence between their ranches along the rugged Snake River. Deb sued Kime’s, claiming ownership of the land on Deb’s side of the fence, even though both parties knew and agreed the fence was not on the actual property line due to the impossibility of constructing and maintaining on that extremely rugged area. Fischer’s and Kime’s had an informal agreement and got along that way for years until Deb stepped in and tried to change things. Deb lost that lawsuit and has tried to get revenge on Kime’s ever since, most recently, by interfering in the proposed purchase by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission of the Snake Falls Ranch with the Snake Falls Sportsman’s Club.

    According to an article in the Omaha World-Herald on October 23,2011, which is posted on the Norfolk Daily News website and is available for free, about Deb’s special grazing permit on the McKelvie National Forest southwest of Valentine, there are over 20,000 cattle operations in Nebraska, but only 136 of them have Forest Service grazing permits. Deb’s permit is the second largest permit on McKelvie. The only permit larger belongs to the Sunny Slope Ranch, Sam Fischer’s dad and brother.

    Also, according to that article, Deb pays $1.35 per month for a cow to graze the public land. The actual market price to graze that same cow on private property was about $35 last year, but now, because of the effects of the Texas drought, the price has gone up to more than $45 per month. Deb pays a total of about $4,700 to graze her cows on McKelvie, but if she grazed her cows on somebody’s private property, it would have cost her well over $165,500 this year, at the new even higher price.

    Also, according to that article, the Fischer family has had some of their grazing permits since at least 1959. Deb has lived off the taxpayers her entire adult, married life with these special grazing permits and therefore, hasn’t had the same experiences as the other 99.5% of Nebraska cattle producers in trying to balance ranch budgets and live on their own income. Also, the Forest Service reduced the amount of grazing that each of the people on McKelvie can have the last 10 years, due to the drought in this area from 2002 till about 2007. Before that, Deb grazed even more cows for almost nothing and therefore, received even greater welfare than she gets now.

    Some Thoughts, you said on May 10, 2012 in here, “Observer, Fischer was running against a very well-liked attorney from Valentine in that 2004 primary race”. That attorney served very capably on the Nebraska Environmental Trust Board, until Deb decided to get revenge on him by convincing the Governor to not re-appoint him to another term. Deb then went on and attempted to raid the Environmental Trust income of over one half of their income to divert millions of dollars to the Platte River and Republican River settlements. She failed in her attempt when cooler, calmer heads prevailed in the Legislature. She first tried to take over half of the Trust’s money, but ended up with just a pittance.

    Deb did prevail in her effort to create a brand new, never before, sales tax on motor fuels, priced at the wholesale level. Since the price of oil and therefore motor fuels has risen since then, that means it costs Nebraska motorists more in tax that it used to. Not sure how someone who claims to be a “fiscal conservative” can say that after they created a brand new tax that had never existed before.

    In the summer of 2009, Deb’s Transportation and Telecommunications Committee had a study to examine roads funding. The study included a series of meeting around the state asking for suggestions from the public and came up with 31 different recommendations, ranging from raising the fuel tax to raising the $15 state registration fee, which hasn’t been raised since 1969 and on and on. Deb’s “Final Solution” didn’t include anything from the study or from any of the public’s suggestions, making her own study a complete waste of taxpayer’s dollars. Deb’s “Final Solution” was her grab of .25% of sales tax from the General Fund. Remember that she also tried, in vain, to get the state to bond highway construction and she tried, but failed, to put the State of Nebraska BILLIONS of dollars in debt. Again, cooler and calmer heads prevailed in the Legislature and prevented her reckless tax and spend efforts. This is another example of how Deb is out of touch and simply can’t relate to normal citizens who actually work hard, earn their living and then live within their means! Since Deb has been subsidized her entire adult life with the grazing welfare, which has amounted to millions and millions of taxpayer dollars, she simply doesn’t know how to live within HER means. Many Nebraskans believe that there is further cost savings available in the Department of Roads. I would like to know what the obesity rate is among Roads employees compared to the population at large?

    I stated a year ago that Deb’s obsession with Roads funding was in large part to ingratiating herself to the highway construction industry in order to solicit campaign contributions for her run for the Senate.

    Deb led the effort to deprive cities of desperately needed funds when she eliminated the phone occupation tax. I stated then that this also was a way for her to ingratiate herself to the communications industry in order to solicit campaign contributions from them.

    Deb served on the Valentine High School Board for a few terms, to build her resume, and the Valentine School system had one of the higher per student costs in the state while she was involved.

    Since Deb has been so extremely subsidized with her special grazing welfare her entire adult life, she simply doesn’t understand the value of a dollar like all the rest of us Nebraskans and therefore, her judgment in matters of money is skewed and not to be relied on. One of the worst things about Deb is her way of irrationally seeking revenge on anyone who tries to stand up for what is right and tries to block her inappropriate attempts to do wrong. When you think of some of the things she’s done, for personal revenge, while a State Senator, what would she try to do if, God forbid, she ever would become a U.S. Senator?

    Many people in Custer County, which includes Broken Bow, are very angry with Deb since she cast the deciding vote in favor of the redistricting bill last year. They had been part of the 43rd District for years and years and felt they had a lot in common with the rest of the district that whole time. They continue to feel betrayed and abandoned by her for that vote. When she was asked by Howard Lamb, our former State Senator from here, to try to do something about this issue, Deb told him that she had tried but there was nothing that she could do. Many of us out here wonder if she traded votes on redistricting for votes in favor of her road funding bill. Also, the good people in Box Butte, Dawes and Sheridan Counties are very upset with Deb, personally, for the fact that their long standing district has been ripped out from under them.

    Deb has a long, long history of using her influence for things other than the public good. Her vicious vendettas are well known out here as well as her millions and millions of dollars of welfare that she has lived on so many years. Also, in Deb’s Financial Disclosure Form, she stated that her liabilities are in the range of $1.7 million to $6.5 million. How can anyone who claims to be a “fiscal conservative” and who’s received MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars of taxpayer welfare, STILL owe MILLIONS more in debts?

    I realize that this has gotten somewhat lengthy, Some Thoughts, but you asked for something factual that would constitute a real argument against her. I hope this fills your needs. Now, can you provide me with a similar argument in favor of her candidacy? Also, I don’t believe that I have ever even mentioned any of the other candidates in this race, so it’s not possible for you to know who I actually support. It’s interesting that you criticize me for taking the “low road”, but it’s OK for you to do that and attack me, personally.

  74. Some Thoughts says:

    Interested Observer, you wrote a lot but didn’t say much. I don’t read the LJS so have no idea who you are. You showed up here relatively recently with the sole purpose of slamming Deb. I do have a factual basis for my support for Deb: she’s a solid fiscal conservative, understands the needs of rural communities and has supported them in her legislative actions to reduce agricultural valuations and support road construction, is solidly pro-life and pro-gun-rights and voted to protect private property rights. I like what I have seen of her personality and character.

    Now, let’s see what you charge against her. First, she disagreed with a neighbor about who owned some land. Ok, where’s the crime in that? You say she has tried to revenge herself by interfering with a state purchase of their ranch—that’s a serious charge that would involve conflict of interest, and for which you should probably be sued for libel if you’re wrong. What’s your actual evidence that she interfered with this out of a personal vendetta? You allege the same with respect to her 2004 primary opponent. What’s the evidence? Saying it doesn’t make it so, you realize.

    The grazing issue is nothing but sour grapes. Deb doesn’t issue the permits or set the prices, and not everyone maintains a herd near enough federal lands to use them. The ranchers also have to help maintain that land. You’re complaining, essentially, because she caught a break that others did not, so you think she hasn’t suffered enough. Would you care to apply the same standards to Bruning? Because he’s going to come off a lot worse in that analysis.

    All of the legislative actions that you object to are, to my mind, marks in her favor! I think we should indeed have diverted money to the settlements, changed the sales tax on fuels, solved the redistricting issue, eliminated the phone occupation tax and supported highway construction funding exactly as she did. It’s bizarre that in one breath you accuse her of being a tax-creator, and in the next breath you criticize her for depriving communities of tax dollars by eliminating taxes! Which way do you want it? What’s your evidence that she did any of this for the sake of campaign contributions?

    I don’t think you understand much about running business or trimming wasteful budgets, when you are puzzled by why someone worth millions might have millions in liabilities, and when your idea of saving money for taxpayers involves examining the obesity level of dept. of roads workers! Huh, what? Of course, you revealed your own character well enough after you doubled down on the “Valentine High School graduation” slam, hoping to make some personal attack on Deb regardless of whether it makes sense to anyone else. If you think that being accused of being a Bruning supporter is a “personal attack”, I can’t help you much. A lot of people here would be proud to be accused of that. Why aren’t you?

  75. Interested Observer says:

    Well Small Thoughts, I guess there’s nothing that I can do to try to help you, so I’ll just pity you.

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