Fischer and Bruning battle

The three-day campaign between Deb Fischer and Jon Bruning is reaching its boiling point. And don’t think that Don Stenberg, though seemingly relegated to third place, will be quitting any time soon.

So the latest media updates come from Deb Fischer who has been sending out a robocall from Sarah Palin. Hear it here:

This may be (is?) a radio ad as well. She also definitely has this radio spot up. Hear it here:

Both good closing spots to ad to the arsenal stocked up by Joe Ricketts over the weekend. All of this is gaining a fair amount of national attention and you should see a load of national articles on this race tomorrow.


Speaking of Ricketts, the Bruning camp has filed a complaint with the FEC over the ad, where they used the B-Roll from the Fischer ads in their spots.

They even put together a little video piece showing the “similarities”. See it here:

And from the plain meaning of the statute, as we understand it, they may be right that EndingSpending violated the rule.

But that does not mean the Fischer camp had any involvement as far as “coordination” goes. All of Fischer’s ads are available to anyone in the world (except possibly parts of China and the Leavenworth Street HQ basement that can’t get WiFi). So the fact that they took her video is not remarkable.

The other point is that the more the Bruning camp brings this up, the more it asks people to look at the new pro-Fischer and anti-Bruning ads that Joe Ricketts paid for. It’s a fine line between trying to call out your opponent, and letting people focus on the other message.

A day and a half (more or less) of campaigning and GOTV to go. We still doubt you will see any polls today or tomorrow, but you never know. We would not be one bit surprised to find that there are groups who want to know how things could shake out.

Be sure to check back!


  1. Lil Mac says:

    I give Debbie credit for timing and oomph.

    Fischer is endorsed by two woman governors. Sarah Palin who arguably put Obama into power. And Kay Orr who arguably launched Ben Nelson’s political career. Thanks ladies. Here’s to you on Mother’s Day.

  2. keeping it real says:

    And lets not forget Ricketts who gave us 6 years of Ben Nelson and the 60th vote for Obamacare. I’m voting for Bruning.

  3. It matters not the eventual winner of the Republican Senatorial primary, Bob Kerrey will obliterate them in November. But Republicans will have a choice to determine the strength of their farm team. Deb Fischer appears to be the only one on the team that will still have a future within the NEGOP, perhaps as a candidate for Governor. Meanwhile, the NDP needs to get its own ducks in a row or it will just be trading in Ben Nelson for another one man show.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Remember how awesome this blog was for a few days when BTO wasn’t writing on here? It’s not that we want to censor him, it’s just that we don’t care about his relationship with the NDP. He was never anyone of any significance, just a random crazy person who showed up to meetings. Could you imagine an elected official or candidate picking up the phone and calling BTO for advice on anything?

  5. Anonymous says:

    You can’t spell Conflict of Interest without Jon Bruning. Oh wait – – yes you can. Still, you get the point…

  6. anon says:

    You can’t spell not ready for prime time without Deb Fischer. Oh wait- yes you can.

    That rancher, mother crap will only go so far when she is facing Bob Kerrey.

    Vote Bruning!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Bruning is a saint in his sins compared to Fischer in hers. Maybe that is why Cherry county did not back her and is not backing her. The graft in her life is piled high . Pretty sad the OWH and LJS are waiting for the fall election to expose it. The media wants Fischer to get the nomination. She is easy meat for the Kerrey campaign to gooble up . If you don’t believe it come west to talk to the people who know her best . Walk down her neighborhood and ask her neighbors what they know and what they think of her.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Bruning has Edwards-esque arrogance, opportunism, ethical shortcomings and general smarmyism. All that’s left is the glorious meltdown. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire…

  9. what? says:

    @Anonymous — I think the media would rather have Bruning face off with Kerrey. Cosmic Bob would destroy Bruning with 6 months of negative ads and Bruning would do the same to Bob.

    That race would be a pure disaster and easiest way to put Nutty Bob back into the Senate.


  10. Wha Happened? says:

    Where exactly did Crazy Joe Ricketts put this $200K we’ve been hearing about? Not a single ad on KETV or WOWT last night? Not a single ad on Fox News Sunday, or any other network news show for that matter, in Omaha? I get that weekend news shows aren’t the most watched programs ever but what else would you buy 4 days before the election? The Ricketts buy seems to be too little waaay too late.

  11. Political Scientist says:

    We have two candidates who have to rely on outside help to attempt to make this race close. Deb Fischer will owe her political life to Billionaire Joe Ricketts, Reality TV Star Sarah Palin, and Former Gov Kay Orr. Don Stenberg will owe his political life to Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, Freedom Works, and Club for Growth. The aother candidate, Jon Bruning, will not owe his career to anyone. You don’t get named the “People Lawyer” owing your career to anyone.

    Remember, Jon Bruning had to guts to take on Chuck Hagel back in 2008. Where was Deb Fischer? She was trying to increase Nebraska’s gas taxes when prices were almost $4. Where was Don Stenberg? He was licking his wound from his 3rd failed Senate Campaign. Remember Kay Orr lost to Ben Nelson and helped him to launch his political career. Look who she is supporting, Deb Fischer. Remember Don Stenberg could not beat Ben Nelson and helped him launch his Senate Career. What did Nebraska get us, Obama, Obamacare and the Cornhusker Kickback.

    This country can’t afford another Bob Kerrey term. We need to vote for someone who can beat Bob Kerrey. Jon Bruning can.

    * Joe Ricketts gave money to Stenberg back in Sept 2011. Now, he has given money to Deb Fischer via his PAC. This is nothing to do with Joe liking Fischer. It has more to do with Joe not like Jon Bruning. By the way Joe’s son Pete could not beat Ben Nelson. Cornhusker Kickback anyone.

  12. Gen. Smarmyism says:

    Jon Bruning and I have been friends for over 20 years and I highly endorse his candidacy for the U.S. Senate, Dog Catcher, or any other position of power where we can continue our ongoing relationship.

  13. Kortezzi says:

    These political robo-calls get worse every election season. They flat out suck. Candidates, if you want to give people a reason to vote AGAINST you, by all means, interrupt their dinner or evening family activities with a computer generated phone message.
    I can accept political junk mail (which occasionally informs) and TV or radio ads (which occasionally entertain). But these political calls always rub me the wrong way. Lee Terry, I plan to vote for you…but these audio interruptions of yours are making it harder.

  14. Octogenarian says:

    Anonymous May 13, 2012 at 10:07 AM.
    I do remember Brian Osborn and I certainly miss seeing him at our meetings. There are very few individuals in our party that are as dedicated to the people and the principles of our party than him. Yes indeed he was loud and disruptive at times but he was always that way for the right reasons. He got mad at people when they did things that were wrong. I wish more people would do that.
    I wish Mr. Osborn would run for chair of our party or at least get involved in it again. There are always those who complain about those that really work hard to do the right things. It upsets their own little apple carts.

  15. Robot says:

    Kortezzi-we are just as deserving of jobs so deal with the robo-calls and be thankful Lee Terry’s bill didnt go through otherwise you would be getting them on your cell.

  16. Anonymous says:

    With BTO’s newest anonymous character he’s created, Octogenarian, he’s continued the pattern of last week of attacking himself mildly by saying ‘he was loud disruptive at times’ so people won’t think it’s him.

  17. Tom Havelka says:

    Brian T. Osborn is an idiot. It took me three months to recreate the website we he left as webmaster. He barely knew HTML.

  18. Anon says:

    Poor little Jonnie isnt ready for the big leagues, so he had his mommy call the state and say “stop picking on my son”

    Whos the GOTV genius that came up with that?

  19. Very Similar to Osborne '06 says:

    This is very similar to the Heineman-Osborne match of ’06. Bruning simply has been re-defined in part to by getting hammered and hammered over the last 3 weeks. Much like Osborne was re-defined on the Class I schools/immigration piece on ’06. Bottom line—-Bruning, like TO, does not have a solid and credible message anymore, at least, a message that the regular voter does not question due to the hammering over the last weeks . In essence, his favorables have been stagnant for a good month and have dwindled over the last 3 weeks. He plateau’d and has nowhere to go but down . Without a good, coherent, strong and forceful message and response to the attacks, he slowly fades away and his support erodes. He is in a catch-22 now. The more he spends on his advertising, the more the voter questions his actual true conservatism/ethics. The less he advertises, the more he goes down……interesting to see what happens on Tuesday. Perhaps he still comes ahead due to strong absentee/early voting…..if he is not anchored by that, he loses.

  20. Politcal Scientist says:

    @ Very Similar to Osborne ’06- Do you proof? The truth is you don’t have any. If you did, you would have published it weeks ago. The commit you have just made proves to me that you have not be paying attention or you are Fischer troll. I beat a Fischer troll.

  21. @ Political Scientist says:

    Proof: I lived it. I remember it. I am seeing it again now.

    Take that in your Oldfather Hall piece of political science BS pipe and smoke it.

  22. Politcal Scientist says:

    @@ Political Scientist- Ok what are the numbers? Just because you wrote it, doesn’t make it true. The truth is you a Fischer troll and you don’t have any proof. If you remember it SOOOO well, then you would remember that we had polling done every night in the last week in 06. This race no poll have been release since the poll that showed Bruning with a 16 point lead. The quickly put together illegal ad by non-Nebraska resident billionaire Joe Ricketts, proves to me that the Bruning haters are scared of a Bruning victory. Again, I want hard facts.

  23. Well hell, I spend all day out of town celebrating Mother’s Day with my mom, and a super lady that stood in for Trish’s mom after she lost her’s at the age of 15, and what do I find on LS when I get back but that a bunch of morons have been taking dumps in the middle of Leavenworth Street again. Gotta get the broom out and help old Sweeper clean up the mess.

    Ahole@ 10:07, Yeah, unlike YOU, I was never anyone of significance within the NDP – only a county chair, an SCC delegate, a secretary of the 3rd CDO, secretary of the Veterans Caucus, and Associate Chair of the 3rd CD – which made me a member of the State Executive Committee. I only served on a variety of committees such as: Platform, Rules, Nominations and Technology. I worked on David Hahn’s gubernatorial campaign and Jay Stoddard’s congressional campaign. I only voluntarily created a website that many people in the NDP used as the most complete collection of grassroots activist information in this state, only to have it sabotaged by that 83 year old that I love to beat up on.
    So … WTF have YOU done, knock on some doors, make some annoying phone calls and put up a handful of yard signs? Big WHOOP!

    Octo@ 3:22, Thanks, but I am considering registering as an Independent. I think I would feel cleaner.

    Ahole@ 3:56, Since you dorks keep accusing me of posting under assumed names, from this date forward everything I write on Leavenworth Street will be done under a variety of assumed names, or when I am feeling especially heroic, as “anonymous,” and you can just go nuts trying to figure out whether it is really me or not.

    Ahole@ 5:01, How rich is that? An anonymous person attacking others for being anonymous?

    Ahole@ 5:17, Bud, Tom Havelka is not going to be happy that you are stealing his identity. It must have been quite a feat recreating that website. What did you then do with it, since it is nowhere to be found on the internet, take it down to the basement to do nasty things with it?
    If you want to complain about someone not understanding HTML, talk to whomever is getting paid big bucks to put lipstick on that pig of a website that the NDP runs. Honestly, the newest photos they’ve got is from a State Convention of four years ago? All the info on it is identical to what it had previously, only now everything is even harder to find than it was before.

    Signing off as BTO. See you all in the funny papers.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations BTO, only two days before the primary election and you’ve managed to make this blog post all about you. God I’m so sick of hearing about this idiot. Nobody cares, take a hint.

  25. @ Political Scientist says:

    MSR did the majority of the polling in ’06. There was no daily polling. There were snapshot polls that clearly showed Governor Heineman was gaining and the race was fluid. Rasmussen Reports showed Osborne up 1 with 2 weeks to go, then MSR showed a dead heat, then MSR showed Dave up 1 in the final poll going into GOTV weekend. The polls showed fluid movement and Gov. Heineman carried that wave to a solid win.

    What are the last few days polling showing? Bruning sliding. Fischer going up. What does this mean? Fischer message is connecting with voters. Bruning is not. Nor, has he not, in the last month. ….. Just like Tom Osborne’s campaign sliding and Governor Heineman’s campaign ticking up in 2006. Osborne did not know how to counter the in-state tuition and Class I schools attacks and his support eroded. Nebraskans instead picked a safe and trusted conservative, reliable incumbent Governor.

    I’m not saying Bruning is going to lose or Deb is going to win, or if Stenberg relies on his solid 30 percent and wins a splintered vote. All I am saying is history is seeming to repeat itself again. Bruning’s momentum has been non-existent in the past month, just like Tom Osborne’s in 2006, in large part due to a weak, uncoordinated, and flimsy response to negative attacks. If JB does win on Tuesday, he better game-up and get some new staff, new consultants, new media, and new donors, or Paul and Bob will pound him like a Phi Mu in a FIJI bathroom come October and November.

    By the way, fix your QWERTY texting, spelling, proofing, syntax, and grammar. It brings down the level of the posting that occurs on Leavenworth Street.

  26. @ Political Scientist says:

    1) Thanks sincerely for cleaning up your posting skills. Your last few have been absolutely atrocious. They look like Mississippi 3rd graders writing to Haley Barbour and Houston Nutt.

    2) Google the polling from 2006. Look for yourself. Compare to today. Separate the emotion and look at the fact. Don’t be a liberal and take it from a post on a blog or have it handed to you. Do some work and see for yourself. Epistemology is a beautiful thing.

    3) Work harder at your degree, or go back and redo your degree if your moniker corresponds to your profession. But for the common good of the people, stay off of campaigns completely because you don’t have a damned clue what you are doing.

  27. TexasAnnie says:

    BTO: By all means, yes, do register as Independent. Perhaps you should have done that already. No Democrat (nor Republican) should ‘count’ on your vote (nor on the vote of any of us). We cannot count on any allegiance to party platform once those candidates are elected, so to even up the uncertainty, they should be unable to count on the electorate…

  28. tryanmax says:

    It’s like sock-puppet theater around here! *polite applause*

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, Deb Fischer pointing the finger at her career politician opponents is just plain disingenuous. She’s been stepping-stoning on local boards, etc. her whole adult life. That’s a political career in my book.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I never noticed several of the most recent posters on here until Jon Bruning’s campaign went over the top and found a slippery slope on the other side. Look out for the trees at the bottom of the hill tyranmax.

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