Holy crap! Fischer LEADS Bruning by 5 pts in new poll

We Ask America has a new poll out showing Deb Fischer up by FIVE points over Jon Bruning.

Fischer: 39%
Bruning: 34%
Stenberg: 18%
Elander/Flynn/Zimmerman: 9%

Last week’s WAA poll showed the following:

Bruning: 42%
Fischer: 26%
Stenberg: 23%
Elander/Flynn/Zimmerman: 9%

Note that:

  • WAA polls 1,100 people.
  • This is an automated phone poll, and there are organizations that won’t even publish a non-live person conducted poll.
  • Margin of error is +/- 2.95%

That is a 17 point jump by Fischer, and an 8 point dive by Bruning. Is Don Stenberg out of this race? These numbers seem to say so, but there is a still a belief that his base WILL show up at the polls and will absolutely affect this race.

Crazy days.
Be sure to check back.


Don Walton of the LJS Tweeting the following:

Wenzel Strategies poll of 560 likely Republican voters yesterday: Bruning, 37.7 percent; Fischer, 35.2 percent; Stenberg, 15.7 percent.

No info on who commissioned it, etc.


And a complete FWIW, but a major local Democrat consultant is telling his peeps that Fischer will win. You can read that and argue any which way you want.


We know nothing about the dynamics of this race (we have not researched, and don’t have the time) but, here is something to think about in a recent We Ask America poll.

Back in March, We Ask America polled on the Kinzinger vs Manzullo U.S. House race in Illinois. A week out from Election Day they found Manzullo up by one point, 43-42%.

A week later, after the actual vote, the final results looked like this:
Kinzinger 56%
Manzullo 43%

Well, they got the Manzullo part correct anyway…

Lesson: The Nebraska race is tight, but it may be too difficult to say who is in the lead right now.


  1. Macdaddy says:

    Should Fischer end up winning tomorrow, she had better be ready to do some campaigning because she won’t have such an easy time of it against Kerrey. If she loses to Kerrey, she’s finished in this state. Hopefully my little speech will motivate her to get her act together and not follow the Tom White plan for campaign management. The real race starts tomorrow night as soon as the race is called. It does not start Wednesday morning.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That sound you just heard was Bruning’s intern taking the fall. There’s no way to spin this many close polls.

  3. Reporting says:

    The Breitbart site is reporting that Ricketts’ PAC Ending Spending commissioned the Wenzel Strategies poll showing Bruning up 3.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone else seen the Facebook ads Too Extreme For Lincoln that directs to a website that bashes Mike Smith and Larry Zimmerman in LD29? There might be 2 Republicans getting through that race. The democrats are desperate and have shrunk to a new low.

  5. Fake Brent Smoyer says:

    I have it on good authority that if Fischer wins the Primary, Bruning will resign as AG so that I can be appointed by the Governor. High profile donors are demanding it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ian Russell is an A-Hole who only does what makes him money…as soon as his candidates leave he skips town…look at what he did to White.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Bruning complains to tv stations to pull the adds against him were found to be without merit……go figure. So the spots will be airing again. Poor Jon, got into a fight on the playground and got punched in the mouth. Went crying to the yard monitor and now has to go back out to play with the kids.

    What a wuss, he dishes it out but can’t take it. I sure as heck hope the voters of Nebraska send Fischer on to the General Election. And send Stenberg back to Sarpy County!

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