Late night robo-palooza

Some new robo-calls in the Senate race to keep you campaign types in-the-know.

First for the Jon Bruning camp, Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee:

Huck was an early supporter of Bruning’s.


And then for Deb Fischer, Nebraska 1st District Congressman, Jeff Fortenberry:

And then for Fischer (for some reason) former Alaska First Gentleman, Todd Palin

And we hate to say it, but if you were in the middle of your mashed potatoes and fish sticks, and you got up to answer that damn phone one more time, and it was …Todd Palin? Maybe it’s just us.


And then, just for something else to watch, Richard Carter has this campaign web ad-ish, that we are pretty sure was shot on a Samsung camera phone with a thumb over the mic. See it here:

And once someone buys Richard a decent mic, we see good things for him in the future.
(And for Lee tomorrow.)


Hey commenters, we know you are passionate about your candidate, but please keep in civil in the comments section.

And on Tuesday’s Primary Election Day, send us your camera phone shots of whatever is happening in your precinct, corner or after-party.

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  1. OH FU@#!!! says:

    Oh Fu@# Jack Heidel is on TV!!! With a real commercial! The Mayans are right! The world is coming to an end!

  2. Some Thoughts says:

    Jack Heidel has a large brain. Don’t knock it til you try it. Imagine if someone who understood math had a say in the debate about our bloated national deficits!

  3. I am pretty sure... says:

    I am pretty sure that no matter what happens tomorrow Trent Fellers should be done running any campaigns. (seeing as this was his first anyways… )

    How the hell do you mess things up this bad? Paul Johnson is praying it’s bruning that comes out on top tomorrow.

  4. SoWhat??? says:

    Jack Heidel is/was head of the math dept. at UNO. Don’t you think he’d know enough about statistics and probability that he could calculate he wasted a lot of his time running a losing race?
    In addition, someone please tell Don Stenberg no body wants to ever hear from him again…period.

  5. Street Sweeper should be fired says:

    Sweeps your pay for this blog should be cut after your glaring omission!!! How dare you show Richard “Cartier” Carter video’s without giving credit to the videos creator!! It was THE SPENCE that gave us ROAD WARRIOR KEYSTONE PIPELINE and once again he brings us this soon to be classic video. Tip of the cap Spencer Zimmerman you have captured lightning iin a bottle yet again. This is another classic for the books.

  6. UNO Alum says:

    Wow if being the head of the UNO Math department makes you qualified for congress, just imagine what a 6’4″ cross dressing UNO Poli Sci professor would be qualified to do. Mayor of Omaha?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Bet you the Bruning Trolls will be out in force today.

    Will also bet ya that the Stenberge supporters will be…… Oh wait there aren’t any. What a DORK.

    In other news….. Keep an eye out on the Hilgers/Haar race. If Hilgers is within 10 points of Haar, then he will win the General. Of course it may well be that Hilgers will be ahead of Haar!

    Otherwise it will be a GOP sweep in the legislative races.

  8. Kerreylovesdebbie says:

    Fischer supporter at 7:23. By calling your opponants’ supporters “trolls” you are saying that if Fischer wins the GOP primarythen you actually want all Stenberg and Bruning supporters to stay home in November. I can think of nothing more helpful to Kerrey or Democrats or more hurtful to the GOP than people like you. Your vision extends all the way to tonight. No wonder idiots are running this country thanks to the likes of you.

  9. Lil Mac says:

    Sweeper, I too don’t see the point of Todd, Was Sarah too busy washing her hair? I understand that Fortenberry’s liver is hanging on Fischer’s fate. But Todd? Its like Huckabee’s wife cutting an ad for Bruning.

  10. CC Music Factory says:


    Exactly right. We need to come together in the GOP after tonight, regardless of who wins, and wholeheartedly support the nominee against Kerrey. The only way to ensure a win in November is to unite and start the campaign tonight, after the results are in. We can’t afford to wait. Guaranteed, the Kerrey, Johnson and the rest of the verbal hitmen they have for hire won’t wait.

  11. Larry Kroger says:

    No matter how corrupt our candidate is, we must support them. Otherwise their corrupt candidate wins in November.

  12. So... says:

    What happens to the Bruning staff if he loses today? They will have blown an enormous lead, will it be hard for them to find jobs because they are either incompetent or a jynx?

  13. Anonymous says:

    We need more civility towards Jon Bruning. After all, has been a model of civility toward the likes of “hungry raccoons,” a “creepy” Republican State Treasurer, a “higher gas taxes” Republican State Senators, an “out of control” “rabble-rouser” District Court Judge, an “apologist for sex offenders” Republican Douglas County Attorney and “a temporary Virginian” Republican U.S. Senator.

  14. Father says:

    So one of Deb Fischer’s top qualities is that she is a Mother? Joan Crawford was a mother as well….look how that turned out.

  15. Interested Observer says:

    Street Sweeper, AKA “Mommy Dearest”, now I can’t even talk about Joan Crawford’s kids, EITHER?

  16. Some Thoughts says:

    Interested Observer, how many names do you have, exactly?!

    Oh, I know that Heidel won’t win, but I suppose his goal was to beat the drum of his #1 issue, the deficits. I hope he will succeed in getting the candidates to take this problem seriously. It seems that we haven’t yet learned our lessons from the financial crisis. Credit card and student loan debts are now looming on the horizon. We have to take fiscal responsibility seriously.

  17. Interested Observer says:

    Maybe if we have to take fiscal responsibility seriously, we could include a change in the Forest Service grazing permits and start having them leased at a public auction, open to all interested bidders, in the same manner that the Nebraska Board of Educational Lands and Funds lease that public property at fair market rates, as determined at an open, public auction. That system has served the citizens of Nebraska fairly since Statehood around 145 years ago.

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