New EndingSpending ad up for Fischer, the SuperPac Joe Ricketts is funding up, has a new ad up for Deb Fischer. See it here:

You might notice that there is NO B-roll from the Fischer camp contained in this spot, which may be in response to the Bruning campaign’s complaint over the weekend.

We have seen media accounts saying that EndingSpending made buys for these pro-Fischer spots statewide. As you see them please pipe up in the comments here and let us know. At this late date we don’t have a lot of heard evidence on who is seeing what.

In any case, we will be updating here all day today and tomorrow as things stay fluid.

We will also try to do another update very soon for you out-of-staters who have stopped on Leavenworth Street, wondering what is going on in Nebraska.


  1. Yep says:

    She is up 5 and outside the MOE per We Ask America website. Fischer 39%, Bruning 34%, Stenberg 18%, Elander 4%, Flynn with 3%, and Zimmerman laying a deuce.

  2. @3 says:

    Agreed, all ive heard from the bruning campaign over the past two weeks is how they will win by double digits and yet they havnt released a single poll supporting it. Anyone who believes that the Bruning campaign is not polling is insane.

    Their silence speaks volumes

  3. Senator Snowplow says:

    Sweeper, people have expressed doubts in recent threads that the Dems would have any ammo against Bruning that the Republicans would not already have uncovered. I’m suggesting there are certainly ways for that to happen. I could tell you what I know but I’m not going to post it publicly.

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