Fischer has it!

**Update at 10:13**

We are terrible at math, but we don’t see enough major precincts left to flip it for Bruning.

We are calling the GOP Senate race for Deb Fischer!

Nebraska Senate results (continually updated):

1785 /1785 precint results



Lee Terry statement:

“I am honored to be nominated once again by the Republican party. As always, I’ll run flat-out and take our campaign to every neighborhood and every community in the 2nd district.

“I also look forward to a spirited discussion of the issues with my opponent. The differences between us could not be more clear—I want to continue to cut spending and shrink the size of the federal government. My opponent wants to do the opposite.”






  1. Some Dude says:

    I’ve been waiting since, what, the Friday after the last election to finally vote against Jon Bruning for Senate. Finally, my dreams came true today.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fischer leading in Douglas County? How the heck can that possibly be? That’s where supposedly no one knew who she was and hadn’t seen any yard signs and she didn’t campaign there and no one in Douglas County was going to vote for her and there were all these early voters who wouldn’t have heard about her recent push, etc. etc. etc. Hmmm. Guess someone on here was wrong. And it wasn’t me.

  3. Anonymous says:

    OK, so we have a hotly contested Republican Senate primary, which should bump Republican turnout and help Republicans running for other offices, right? Except in LD 29, where it looks like voters in the general election will have to choose between a pro-abortion, radical feminist, leftwing nutjob and a pro-abortion, radical feminist, leftwing nutjob to replace pro-life conservative Tony Fulton.

    Had Tony been elected State Treasurer, he would have vacated his legislative seat, Heineman would have appointed someone to fill out the term who would now be running as an incumbent with some name recognition, and the Republicans wouldn’t be facing the certainty of a radical feminist, pro-abortion, leftwing nutjob taking Tony Fulton’s place in the legislature.

    Nice job, Don Stenberg. If you needed another reason to hate the guy, there you go.

  4. RWP says:

    Bruning is way ahead in Lancaster and Douglas, where very few votes are in. Fischer is polling well in her unicameral district, not so much outside it.

    Early yet, but I’d say Bruning, and by a bigger margin than I thought.

  5. Lil Mac says:

    Hoping Stenberg will quit politics is like hoping an addict will give up crack. Don’t hate him. He’s like a retarded cousin who burns your house down by mistake with all your life’s savings in it. He’s GOP family. As a Republican you don’t have the right to hate Don no matter how much you hate him.

  6. Anonymostly says:

    That picture of him above makes him look like the retarded cousin. The distant third place retarded cousin.

  7. Lil Mac says:

    As for the Jon-Deb race, in theory he needs to be far ahead early in the eastern metros because of lag from the west that should raise her numbers later. On the other hand, he gets the mail-ins because she started her blitz late. But her peaking seemed fairly substantial. Jon hovering early where he was seems a rather iffy lead to me, and portends toward her, but what do I know? Anyone who says they have keen perspective at this point is full of it.

  8. Anonymostly says:

    Mike Hilgers better get busy, that’s all I can say. He can’t find these early numbers all that encouraging. I would have expected a much tighter race. The good news for Hilgers is that it looks like the Republicans won’t have to spend any money contesting LD 29, so they can stick it all in LD 21. The bad news is that the Democrats won’t have to spend any money in LD 29 either. Nice job, Republicans. Can’t even find a guy to make it into the top two in a traditionally Republican district. Asleep at the frickin’ wheel. Zimmerman still has a chance, of course, but if the race stays the way it currently looks …

    In other news, that’s one hell of a campaign Ernie Chambers is running without really running a campaign. “Oh, look, Ernie Chambers’ name is on the ballot. Guess I know who I’m voting for.”

  9. Anonymostly says:

    Meanwhile, Don has fallen below the 20% plateau. He used to be able to draw 1/3 of Republican votes in any primary just by showing up. Not no more.

  10. Anonymostly says:

    Currently in the Senate races, Deb Fischer leads with 42,894 votes. And Jon Bruning is second with 40,009 votes. Meanwhile, Bob Kerrey is in third with 39,338 (while garnering more than 80% of the Democrat vote.)

    (You see what I just did there?)

  11. Anonymostly says:

    While I’m here whistling to myself, Mark Sullivan, running unopposed for the Democrat nomination for Congressional District 3, has barely more votes than Bob Lingenfelter who’s running against Adrian Smith on the Republican side. That’s wild. The Republican running a distant second in the 3CD nearly outdraws the unopposed democrat.

  12. Anonymostly says:

    Bob Kerrey is now 4,000 votes behind Jon Bruning who is 5,000 votes behind Deb Fischer. Which means that Fischer leads Kerrey by about 9,000 votes. In a primary where Kerrey gets basically all (85% or more) of the Democrat votes that are cast, while Fischer is sharing her Republican votes with Jon Bruning and the retarded cousin who burned the house down.

  13. Macdaddy says:

    Congrats to Fischer. That sure was a way to campaign and it worked out for her. Hopefully she will get some major help for the general. This election, more than ever, needs Republicans to quickly get behind Deb and make sure that Kerrey never darkens the towels of the Senate again.

  14. Anonymostly says:

    I’m still ticked off about LD 29. I anticipate being bitter about this for a long time. Stenberg didn’t want to be Treasurer. Tony Fulton did. And, thanks at least in part to Don, we now get community organizer Kate Bolz set to join Senator Snowplow in the Legislature. Nice job, Donny boy.

  15. ricky says:

    Beginning of the end of the political career of Jon Bruning. It could not happen to a nicer guy.
    Now I hope he just does his A G job and forgets about running for something else on Wednesday.
    Face it AG Bruning; people do not like you; now go away.

    ricky from omaha

  16. Anonymostly says:

    Oh, wow, Larry Zimmerman has pulled ahead of Susan Scott. Now, maybe I don’t have to hate Don Stenberg so much. Won’t HAVE to. I’ll just hate him because I won’t to, not because I have to.

  17. Oh Mander says:

    Can someone please explain to me what just happened? I leave town for a week and when I come back Deb Fischer is the nominee?! How did Bruning blow that big of a lead in such a short period of time?

  18. Anonymostly says:

    Ricky, you’re a fool. You don’t know Jon Bruning. You only know the caricature you’ve created in your head, which, like the rest of your opinions, is divorced from reality. It’s a bit early to write the epitaph on Bruning’s political career. He’s still pretty young.

  19. @Anonymostly says:

    You’re right – don’t count out Jon! He’s only been campaigning for the position since 2007. What’s another five years of campaigning for senate?

  20. Jamie & Jordan says:

    Jon just texted us. Said we could be staffers in the Treasurer’s office 2 years from now. So…we’ve got that going for us.

  21. Anonymostly says:

    Oooh, Ken Haar slipping down to about the 50% mark. Not a good number for an incumbent legislative candidate. This race is going to get tough. And expensive. I think we need to see more pictures of the candidates and their families. I wish Ken Haar would send out more of those fliers with his Addams Family portrait. Great lookin’ group there, Ken. I hope you feature them prominently in all of your lit.

  22. 10:40,
    Well, seeing as no one by either of those names writes for Leavenworth Street, and that we NEVER took sides in the Senate race, and have a great relationship with all of the campaigns, I would say that we will write about how Deb Fischer will whoop Bob Kerrey.

  23. Anonymostly says:

    @@Anonymostly: Bruning is, what, 45 years old? Bob Kerrey is, like, 80. Or at least LOOKS 80. Maybe he’s only 70. Whatever. Still, plenty of time in someone’s political life. I’d say it’s just a bit too early to write the guy off but if you want to spike the ball a few more times, please do so. You’ve earned it.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Jon’s political career is over. He may have dodged the bullet this time, but its going back into the office safe in case he ever dares to run for anything again.

  25. Irish Democrat says:

    Deb Fischer – damn it! Now we have a race. We were all hoping for Bruning – that would have been easy for Kerrey to win. So, the real race is on. We’ll hit the state hard, and with the President bringing out the turnout, we’ll keep Senator Nelson’s seat in the Blue. Now we need to dig up some dirt on Fischer.

    Obama Terry voters don’t exist anymore, so Terry loses to Ewing.

    Fortenberry wins. Whatever. With the new district lines, we control Lincoln, and Bellevue is a union town. Kim Robak or Chris Beutler will toast him in 2014. The Pope hisself won’t be able to save him. Plus, everyone on the “inside” knows the guys is an unstable nutjob with the most dysfunctional operation on the Hill (ridiculous staff turnover!). In the words of another great Louisianian – Mama from the Waterboy – “the chickens are coming home to roost, Bobby Boucher”!

  26. Ikon says:

    Get a life SS! The POWER of TV & Ricketts deep pockets won the race for Fischer. Not to mention that the Party Boy Bruning, [as in NEGOP] has been self-destructing with his inflated ego & a penchant for corruption that’s mind boggling! Let’s hope this is the last that NE hears from that self-serving JERK!

    About Fischer & Kerrey; I’m afraid it’s going to be J. Bob that does the whooping!! But then again this is Nebraska & it’s not called Fly-Over Country for naught!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Haha Irish Dem, so – in 2 years Johanns and Smith would be the only Republicans in the delegation, ha? You should be on stand up comedy.

  28. Tyson Larson says:

    I want to officially announce that Brook Curtiss and my mom Robyn are firing me as their campaign manager.

  29. Anonymostly says:

    So, Ivy Marie Harper is now calling herself “Irish Democrat.” Sorta fits, I guess. Hi, Ivy. Tell everyone there in Bethesda, Maryland to have a nice night. And please get over your Jeff Fortenberry obsession. It’s just getting too creepy.

  30. RWP's Mom says:

    Am I the only person who thinks an all rural Neb race between Hassebrook & Fischer would have been better for the state of Nebraska? No Kerrey. No Bruning. What? Am I the only one?

    Gerard, please remember to brush your teeth before going to bed.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Early yet, but I’d say Bruning, and by a bigger margin than I thought.
    Are you ever right, RWP? Anyone who bases predictions on early votes has a political IQ near zero. You should stick to your day job. The one taxpayers and students pay you for.

  32. Anonymostly says:

    You people being so smug about Jon Bruning don’t know a lot about politics. If Daffy Don doesn’t go bare knuckles against Bruning (getting himself bruised and bloodied in the process) Bruning walks away with the nomination and Fischer finishes a feeble third.

    Stenberg was like the first wave of Marines hitting the beach and getting pulverized but softening up the enemy’s defenses in advance of the main invasion. Deb was able to walk in fairly unscathed and, with the benefit of air superiority, finish the job. Bruning is probably not going to see anymore opponents who are willing to make the sort of suicidal hero charge we saw from has-been Don Stenberg.

    BTW, I was watching the returns on Channel 8 news (between interruptions) and I didn’t see them interview Stenberg or show him giving a concession speech or anything. Mr. Irrelevant needs to hang up the cleats.

  33. Some Thoughts says:

    Oh yes, sweet victory! I will try not to gloat too much, but this is a real nice evening for those of us who have been Fischer supporters since long before it became cool this weekend! Her victory speech set a nice ground for the general election.

  34. Anonymostly says:

    There were 80,000 democrat primary votes cast for Senate candidates (in basically an uncontested race) but only 62,000 democrat primary votes cast for President. Bob Kerrey got more overall votes for Senate (while only getting 80% of democrats to vote for him) than Barack Obama got for President. How the heck does that happen. Anyone who cast a vote for Kerrey would have had Obama on their ballot as well. But they didn’t fill in the little circle for him. Too much effort, apparently. Interesting.

  35. CC Music Factory says:

    Interesting night, for sure. Anybody banking on Jon being done likely doesn’t know Jon very well. And the likelihood is that he finishes out his term and then runs in another statewide race, either in ’14 or ’16 depending on how things go. Congrats to Deb. She earned it, but things played perfectly for her too. I thought the early vote would be too much, but today’s voters seemed to go for her in such a big margin, it didn’t matter. One thing I do know, GOP now needs to coalesce behind Deb, and hit Bob hard from the getgo. I think this is still the GOP’s to lose. And ID needs to wake up. Ewing doesn’t win, Fort has that seat until another Repub takes it from him, and the delegation has a good chance to be all Repub next year. Nice fantasy world you live in. Deb bumper sticker goes on the car tomorrow, and likely a call to offer whatever support we can give. Here we go, folks!

  36. Kerry for NYC Mayor says:

    Fischer will prove to be Kerry’s worst nightmare. She is the only candidate that can unite the base and grab the female vote. Being a female, she will get more national attention and money. If I were Kerry, I would keep paying my rent and taxes in NYC.

  37. G.I. Joe says:

    Anonymostly, You obviously don’t know squat about naval invasion tactics. The airpower goes in first to decimate the enemy defenses, then the Marines move in to establish the beachhead. Once they’ve accomplished that the Army troops move in for main invasion. Deb’s shock and awe in the last two weeks allowed her to wade ashore like Gen. MacArthur returning to the Phillipines.
    Bruning has created a legion of enemies in the Republican camp. If he ever runs for anything else J. Joseph will zoom out of the sky to drive him back into his hole and everyone he’s kicked in the nads this time around will be waiting in the wings for a bayonet charge to finish him off. Jeff Fortenberry has played his cards and I’m certain that Dave Heinemann hasn’t forgiven Jon for backing Osborne.

  38. Victoria Powell says:

    Well, this just proves that Johnny should have hired me to run his campaign. I would not have gone down in defeat.

  39. Levi says:

    Well, she’ll take credit for it like she does everything. If Fischer had lost, Sarah would’ve blamed it on someone else.

  40. Anonymostly says:

    Can anyone imagine a more loathsome figure in recent American political history than Levi Johnston? He’s like someone else’s lingering fart in a small room with no ventilation. You hear his name and it’s like, good gawd, will his 15 minutes never end?

  41. Levi says:

    Yes, I can, Anonymostly. Sarah Palin. Since she never completes anything she ever starts, she should have been allowed only seven and a half minutes. She’s like someone took a dump behind the couch after eating a couple hundred bean burritos.

  42. Anonymostly says:

    GI Joe, you got me on the naval tactics. All I know is what I saw in “Saving Private Ryan.” And from my father-in-law who landed on Omaha beach. My apparently mistaken impression was that the first waves of troops to hit the beaches were basically mowed down by the entrenched German machine gun positions on the cliffs. The air support wasn’t there. The Naval guns were basically ineffective at softening up the German positions because they either fired too short or too long or quit too soon or something. And we put thousands of our boys through a meat grinder until they could knock out the German machine guns. And then everyone else just basically walzed in after that. That’s what I thought. Obviously, I defer to your greater knowledge in this area.

  43. Anonymostly says:

    Levi, your child support payments are late. Again. Perhaps you should hop off the computer and go find a job. And quit siring out-of-wedlock kids with any female who has a pulse. Just a thought.

  44. G.I. Joe says:

    Anonymostly, have you ever seen the pillboxes the nazis had built above Omaha beach? There wasn’t much of anything that was going to dent those things except a full frontal assault by ground troops with high explosives and flamethrowers. The traditional beach landings were repeated over and over again throughout the Mediterranean and in the Pacific. Omaha Beach on D-Day was unique.

  45. Levi says:

    Anonymostly, Why are you ranting about Levi Johnston? I’m Levi Horowitz. Are you always this confused? Maybe you should hop off the computer and go get some sleep.

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