Even NEWER poll has Fischer up

Newer poll* from PPP:

Fischer 37%
Bruning 33%
Stenberg 17%

Crazy crazy crazy day.

Oh, and it’s an Election Day as well.

*While these results are pretty much in tune with what we have been seeing — this was a small sample of 272 Likely Voters.


And here is an ad from Leg candidate Mike Hilgers to satiate your media glands.


  1. CC Music Factory says:

    I hope that Hilgers clobbers Haar too. And the final result in the senate race should be VERY interesting, though I still think the current polls don’t tell the whole story with early and absentee voting. I still think Jon likely wins, but I think the margin will be closer than what I originally predicted. Somewhere in the 4-8 % range rather than the 7-12 % range I had been thinking.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Of course I want Hilgers to take back LD#21 but TV ads for a legislative race seem a little over the top. A lot of money to spend? Was that James Arthur Vineyards they’re walking thru, the business of the former candidate to run against Haar.

  3. CC Music Factory says:

    You don’t think the NDP isn’t going to spend everything they think necessary to try and keep this seat? The Republican party really has to come out early and often, and hit Haar with everything possible. I think they took the right tone with the two mailers just prior to the election and then this ad for Hilgers. Hopefully, this type of campaigning will continue throughout the general. Education, both on who Hilgers is, and who Haar is, will turn this district for Hilgers. As someone else stated recently, if Hilgers is even close in the primary, he’s going to win in November. If he beats Haar in the primary, I think he wins going away in November.

  4. For Hilgers but... says:

    Why is he grilling in the front yard? I thought only people in Omaha from the North side did that. Just saying…..

  5. Slim Shady says:

    I was hoping for a Haar campaign commercial where he quoted “Alice in Wonderland” again. That stuff is priceless…

  6. Anonymostly says:

    It’ll be a pitched battle for Haar’s seat. One of Haar’s (current) biggest supporters told me many years ago (in general) that if an incumbent can’t garner 50% of the vote in a re-election campaign, it’s a veeeeerrrrry bad sign. It almost always means they’ll lose in the general. But Haar’s rep is that he works veeeeerrrrry hard walking his district. Which means he can turn things around. Maybe.

    But let’s say Haar gets thumped by Hilgers (which is a definite possibility considering Haar lucked into some breaks last time in order to get elected in a district at odds with his politics.) At that point, I’d say the smart Democrat money starts going to LD 29 and LD 31. Anybody wanna bet me?

  7. Anonymostly says:

    There is a certain percentage of Republican voters who voted for Tony Fulton for Treasurer and became angry with Don Stenberg when he announced his candidacy for Senate before the ink was dry on ballots electing him Treasurer. Don lost any hope of gaining those votes at that precise moment. Which means he carved out a big hunk of the pie and gave it to his opponents to divide between themselves. There was virtually no way for Don to ever win this election.

    But Deb Fischer, ironically, could not have gotten this close in the race (and certainly couldn’t win) without Don being in the race. Don dealt the blows to Bruning and bloodied himself in the process, which allowed Deb Fischer to emerge unscathed from the Bruning/Stenberg fist fight. She’s unsullied by either attacks or by negative campaigning. Johnny on the spot. Hand well played. See if it works. We’ll know in a matter of hours now.

  8. Senator Snowplow says:

    Oh, anonymostly, that is too funny. Had Stenberg stayed out of the Treasurer’s race, Tony Fulton would be treasurer now; the Republicans would have had a Heineman-appointed incumbent to run in LD 29 rather than leave that seat totally up for grabs; and he might have then had a shot at being the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate. In one fell swoop, Don managed to screw the pooch on all three! Congrats, Don!

  9. CC Music Factory says:

    Tony will be back in some form, whether that’s governor two years from now, or potentially challenging Fortenberry for the congressional seat, or even running for Treasurer again. But you’re both right, and it’s part of why I won’t vote for Don in another primary. He’s ran his course in Nebraska politics, and needs to let some new blood take over. Fulton will be back, I have no doubt.

  10. While I don’t really have a strong preference between Fischer and Bruning, I do find it puzzling that a group known as “EndSpending” is supporting Fischer, who supported an increase in the state gas tax, managed to get some of the sales tax diverted to road repair, and lives partially on the government teat through grazing on federal land. None of that screams “End Spending!”.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Fulton, Governor? Really? Don’t you mean Lt. Gov? Even that is a stretch. I’d vote for Sheehy for Governor before I voted for Fulton for anything. No wonder Flood is considering running for Gov, why would he hand it off to someone like Fulton?

  12. Anonymous says:

    I love how people get scolded on here for criticizing Bruning “for the good of the Party” and for “Party unity,” yet Bruning’s supporters feel free to say whatever damaging thing they want about the other candidates. Unreal.

  13. Kerry for NYC Mayor says:

    Did anybody else notice in the Hilgers video that he is walking through a vineyard? Huh…in Nebraska? I wonder if this was filmed at one of the eastern long island vineyards in Bob Kerry’s home state of New York…

  14. Wow says:

    Two things: 1. Tony Fulton will never challenge Jeff Fortenberry for Jeff Fortenberry’s seat. He simply won’t. 2. Why does the government own grazing land in Nebraska anyway? If that land was privately held and had been in the family for as long as they’ve been using it, they wouldn’t be paying the government or anyone else to graze their cattle on their land.

  15. CC Music Factory says:

    You do realize vineyards and wineries are a burgeoning industry in Nebraska? Over the last 10-15 years, it’s really become a cottage industry in Nebraska, and you can actually find different Nebraska winery tours. The Horticulture Department in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at UNL actually has at least one course that I could track down called “Wines, Vines, and You” as an upper level course. I also tracked down several articles that extension offers regarding the science of vineyards. Interesting stuff. I’ve told my wife before that I’d love to start a vineyard later in life.

    Someone above mentioned that it could possibly be James Arthur Vineyards, owned by James Jeffers, the guy that competed against Haar last time. Wouldn’t surprise me. It’s in the district, and only a few miles North of the Highlands, where Mike lives, I believe.

    Just thought it interesting that someone would comment on vineyards in Nebraska. They’re here, even if you don’t know about them. Quite a few, actually.

  16. CC Music Factory says:

    You’re right, Tony won’t. Mainly because he’s just not the type to jump into a race against an incumbent. Not that he couldn’t compete, just not his personality. I just threw that out there off the top of my head, but I’d agree with you that that likely won’t happen.

  17. To Kerry(sp)For NYC Mayor says:

    Last Saturday, we had a great lunch and some good wine at Cedar Hills Winery, located in a beautiful setting above the South Loup River east of Ravenna.

    Your ignorance about the wonderful vineyards and wineries in Nebraska–and your obvious lack of spelling and reading skills, leads one to believe that the dumbing down of America is in full bloom.

    I am happy to hear the news about Deb Fischer, and I hope she doesn’t get buried by all of the early voting that took place.

  18. Guvnuh's Race says:

    Sheehy Fulton teaming up would be a very good ticket. 2 Heineman picked candidates on 1 ticket? Might be a lock. But then again, we thought Osborne & Bruning were locks… Don’t see Flood going for it given he supported the illegals with 599.

  19. Anonymostly says:

    CC, it depends on whom the incumbent is that Tony would run against. If it’s, say, Don Stenberg for State Treasurer next election cycle, I could certainly see Tony running for that spot. Or, running again for LD29. But Tony and Jeff are not political rivals. They are personal friends and both are men of honor. Tony would never dream of crossing an incumbent Jeff Fortenberry by running against him for a spot that Jeff holds. Besides which, while both are very bright guys, Jeff is much more politically astute and, IMO, would be the more formidable foe.

  20. Common Sense says:

    Jeff Fortenberry and “politically astute” don’t belong in the same zip code, let alone the same sentence.

  21. Anonymostly says:

    By the way, I love the Hilgers spot. That guy is going to be Governor Hilgers some day. I’ve met him and he impressed the hell out of me.

  22. Anonymostly says:

    Common Sense, your screen name is oxymoronic. And you clearly don’t know Jeff Fortenberry like I do.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Governor HIlgers? You are kidding, right? The guy hasn’t even won a legislative seat yet for a district that he just moved in to. Where do you people come up with the cult worship of candidates who are simply starting out? Suddenly he’s Governor material. Thanks for the levity on a nail biting night.

  24. Anonymostly says:

    Yeah, cult worship. Riiiight. You sound very bitter, anonymous at post 27. Are you bitter because your boy Chuck Hassebrook got his butt whooped by some guy who just moved here from New York City? It’s OK. He’ll be headed back to New York City soon enough.

  25. Nate says:

    I generally like Fulton, but he was Jane Kleeb’s favorite conservative when the KXL situation came to a head a few months ago.

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