New ad hits Bob Kerrey

Crossroads GPS has a new ad up hitting New Yorker Bob Kerrey, the Democrat nominee for Nebraska’s Senate seat. See it here:

This is a statewide buy to be played in the Omaha, Lincoln, Scottsbluff, North Platte, Sioux City, IA, and Denver, CO markets.

Interestingly, this spots knocks Kerrey for his actions AFTER he was out of the U.S. Senate. Obviously Kerrey would like to only talk about the swell things he did in Nebraska years and years and years ago, instead of his much more recent business interests while he lived in NYC.

As we noted the other day, Kerrey would like to reinvent himself as being for the things that Nebraskans are for (so they’ll vote for him). The problem is that he has a long public record of being the problem.

Which makes it difficult for him to claim he is the solution.


More later.


  1. Senator Snowplow says:

    Those Crossroads GPS people are so stupid, running a “Meet Mike Hilgers” ad against Bob Kerrey. Like that’s going to do anything. Typical politically tone-deaf Republicans.

  2. Senator Snowplow says:

    Now I’m confused. That wasn’t the ad that was showing before. Those sneaky crossroads people doing the old bait and switch. Can’t trust them.

  3. Senator Snowplow says:

    By the way, can someone fill me in on the Joe Ricketts proposed ad campaign thing bringing back up the whole Obama- Jeremiah Wright thing. I missed most of it. Just heard someone denounce it as divisive. Were they referring to the ad campaign as being divisive or were they talking about Jeremiah Wright? I’m not up on the story, so TIA.

  4. Lil Mac says:

    The ad isn’t as clear as it could be. But it does target Kerrey personally for conflict of interest but also for being just money grubbing.

    Coincidently, it was recently mentioned here about how odd it is that Kerrey is even running for an old job he quit; something his personality type normally wouldn’t think of doing. And money was one supposed reason for this anomaly. I don’t know if that’s true, but it makes more sense than a guy who was a pill pusher turned SEAL turned restaurateur turned politician turned Yonker teacher, suddenly deciding to be a Pharmacist or a Senator again. President, sure. But to rehash his old job as 1 of 100 as a Senator? What’s the point? Bob is eclectic, easily bored, and not prone to backtracking. And the cherry atop this odd Sundae is him coming out so very early for some positions that are guaranteed to piss off Nebraska Independents. That’s just bizarre. He certainly earns his sobriquet.

  5. I did see a brief spot on KHAS where Bob was talking to a group of geriatrics about the great benefits of PPACA. Of course, what seemed to go unmentioned was the fact that it doesn’t apply to any of them because they’re probably all eligible for Medicare.

  6. Paula says:

    The Grundke King,

    PPACA got rid of charges for annual check ups and preventative screening, closed the doughnut hole on prescriptions, and pays for house calls for the chronicle ill. It also applies the MLR to Medicare advantage programs and prohibits those plans from having a higher cost sharing than Medicare.

    So, for ppl on Medicare, the PPACA is good.

  7. Fed up with Govt Healthcare says:

    Those naive liberals who keep touting a single-payer health system — someone needs to go slap some sense into them. They dishonestly claimed, during the healthcare debate, that healthcare outcomes in European countries are better because, what, they live longer? They’re also a lot less fat than Americans but that couldn’t have anything to do with it, could it?

    Anyway, this friend who lives in north central Nebraska runs his own small delivery business. It’s just him. He’s a vet and gets VA healthcare benefits. He’s involved in a car crash last December and sees this private physician who comes to his area who tells him he has a torn rotator cuff and needs surgery. So, he goes to the VA to try to get the surgery approved. The private doctor is ready, willing, and able to do the surgery now. In fact, has been ready, willing, and able since January — but wants to make sure he’ll get paid (the greedy bastard.)

    It’s been 5 months and the VA still hasn’t approved. Instead, they want him to see their doctor, which is all well and good. Nothing wrong with that. But the earliest appointment he can get is the middle of August. Freakin’ AUGUST!!!

    Private doc could have done it months from now; VA doctor won’t even see him for several more months and then probably several months more after that before they actually cut on him.

    Meanwhile, he can’t work. He has a one-person delivery business. He has an arm he can’t use. He can’t drive. Can’t carry anything that requires more than just one arm. Has no way of paying his bills and is probably going to lose everything he owns because he can’t get prompt medical treatment through the VA.

    And these are the people you libs want to put in charge of all of our healthcare? You better hope you stay healthy and don’t need a doctor.

  8. Fed up with Govt Healthcare says:

    That should have said private doctor could have operated on him months ago, not months from now.

  9. @ Fed up says:

    If you Republicruds had come up with a health plan, any kind of health plan, would it have been any better? Tell me, what is your proposal to make this better, other than blaming those damned liberals?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Dear @F.U. I am so sorry. I didn’t know you wanted me to offer you a GOP federal healthcare plan. You see, I deem all federal healthcare plans to be poison, but who am I to deprive you? I will have some sent right over.

    I want every Social Liberal to enjoy the VA-European systems of healthcare right down to the inability to sue for that funny little gram negative infection. It is your right, like abortion.

    Just imagine, ailing Democrats on a federal wait list for a new kidney sewn in by a GS-5 and pregnant Democrats lining up kill their own kids. Where’s the downside in that?

  11. Ikon says:

    I thought it was the GOPER way of doing things! Ever hear of Farm Welfare?? Ever see a local farmer who doesn’t drive a $40 K gas guzzling truck & a $ 1M Combine that has every amenity other than a naked chick, [oh, I forgot this is GOP country], naked boy with his legs spread! Talk about Milking the Gov Teat, you B tards take the cake!!! Ethanol that cost twice as much to produce than it sells for. You GREEDY freaks SUCK!!!

  12. RWP says:

    In the UK, with its state run healthcare system, your chances of dying within 5 years of being diagnosed with breast cancer are double those in the US. Double. Part of the reason is they won’t pay for many modern cancer treatments, because they cost too much. War on women, anyone?

    1/5 of patients sleep on gurneys because there aren’t enough beds. The hospitals are old and grungy, but chances are you won’t see one, because there are waits of over a year for some procedures. They ask patients’ families to come in and bathe the patients and empty their bedpans, because the nurses are too busy, or so the nurses’ union claims.

    They send 80 year olds home alone, without transport, in the middle of the night, to free up beds. You wait weeks to be seen by a doctor for symptoms like a nagging cough. Better hope that’s not lung cancer, because it will be too late.

    Those who would wish this on us are plain evil.

  13. TexasAnnie says:

    Fed Up:
    Why doesn’t your friend simply buy his own health insurance? He is under no obligation to use the VA, is he? Just like those of us who DON’T GET taxpayer-funded health care, your friend could look to the “free market.” What’s that you say: he can’t afford it? Hmmm.

    Is something wrong with capitalism in America? Has America become fascist?

  14. Macdaddy says:

    Texas Annie and I finally agree on something. When I was getting discharged from the Navy, the guy in the separation class told us to make sure every little thing wrong gets noticed and documented so that we can be eligible for care from the VA. I sat there thinking, no way, no how was I going to get treated at the VA. Everybody knows that place sucks. Yes, it’s expensive, but Fed Up’s friend should have known better than to rely on government promises and made sure he had private insurance. The government NEVER delivers on any of its promises. BTW, why doesn’t the car insurance cover it? It’s related to the accident.

  15. @ Macdaddy says:

    My brother, a veteran, worked as a pharmacist at a VA hospital. He carries a card in his wallet instructing any potential first responders to NOT take him to the VA under any circumstances.

  16. vet says:

    Some use the VA because they are unable to get life insurance or health insurance for the same reasons they use the VA. A 100% combat disabled cripple really is obliged to use the VA. Even under Obamacare, they cannot go to a contract civilian doctor. They must go to the VA and wait months to eventually see the lowest paid doctors in America.

    I worked as a manager in federal hospital and I later became a patient in federal hospitals due to my own combat injuries. I agree federal healthcare sucks. But even a VA hospital is better than Obamacare. Every doctor exist to ease suffering. Not so for bureaucrats. And government is nothing but bureaucrats. Obamacare puts layers of disinterested bureaucracy between you and your care givers. Bureaucrats neither feel the pinch when they waste your dollars, nor do they feel bad when your death on their rolls reduces their operating budget.

    The problem with government health care is that government cannot care about your health. It can’t. And the more layers of bean counting bureaucratic government jobs that are slid between you and your doctors, the more your problem isn’t just having a crappy doctors but a system that by will or neglect benefits from your neglect or demise.

  17. @ vet says:

    Then why don’t you Republicans get off your lazy, worthless asses, quit complaining about Obamacare, and come up with something to offer the American people that really works? I know why you won’t do it, it is because you are too stupid and lazy. It is easier to sit there, swilling your beer, and belching out crap against everyone that you hate.

  18. Macdaddy says:

    Good grief. Republicans had multiple plans, go look them up yourself. The Democrats refused to bring any of them up for consideration (they controlled both houses of Congress, just to remind you since you obviously don’t pay attention to anything). Even Obama brushed them off in his photo-op meeting with Republican leaders after the fact. Now, back to my beer swilling. You can go back to your champagne cocktails.

  19. Kortezzi says:

    Ikon and @vet – – you must be the same angry and deranged person.

    And your comments give me second thoughts about Obamacare – – if only it can be voluntary. You can volunteer to get treated under PPACA, and pay the taxes needed to support it. I will opt out, refuse to pay into that system, and instead buy my own health care. Deal?

    Good luck with the death panels to ya!

  20. Paula says:

    So, setting a standardized product and exchanges, and requiring private insurance companies maintain a MLR is government take over?

  21. Some Thoughts says:

    vet, I totally agree with you, except that the insurance companies manage to do a bang-up job of inserting that same layer of overpaid bean counters between you and your medical care providers. I would like to see a health care solution which forces the insurance market to operate freely, so that consumers can compare plans and choose from among them. Without that crucial lever of competition for customers, the providers like hospitals can get away with charging exorbitant fees, and insurers don’t have to respond to consumer demands. Here in Nebraska if you’re an employer looking to cover your workers, you have a choice of Blue Cross, and maybe United Health Care, and what else? If your employees don’t like the policy, they’d have to convince you to change, in a market where you already have extremely limited choices. Meanwhile, providers are colluding with insurers to set artificially high prices.

    So yeah, it’s high time we did have a solution that utilizes the power of markets and competition to affect pricing and quality of options. We are not getting that with the status quo and I doubt we will get it with health insurance exchanges either.

  22. @ vet says:

    Kortezzi, Do you really believe that insurance companies don’t have “death panels?” If you don’t believe it, you are a fool.

  23. Anonymous says:

    It isn’t the role of government to watch out for you, whether a Democrat or a Repiblican, or any party affiliation. There is no need for anybody to “Develope” a plan. If you can’t afford care then either go to the ER, or a charity.

    The big difference between the two major parties, as seen by many, is the concept of Self Determination. I am responsible for what I can make for myself. That is what made the country great. A person can just show up, work hard, and reap the rewards of their individual labor. The follow on to self determination is the concept of Property rights. Democrats/Liberals would have you believe that ALL property is owned by the GOVERNMENT! That without the government being in place you would not have reaped the benefits you have, therefor when there is a tax incentive a Liberal will say “ok we will allow a Rebate of taxes back to the owner” A Republican will say ” ok we will let you retain the profits you created and will therefore take LESS”

    Liberals actually believe all property fundamentally belongs to the Government, and they will determine how much profit from your labors will be returned to you, and how much will be reallocated to others (to include themselves)

    If you are tired of all your efforts being owned by the Government then vote out those who support that way of thinking, like Kerry & Obama. Pretty simple all in all.

  24. Some Thoughts says:

    Anon, the problem is that when you’re broke and go to the E.R., we all end up paying higher costs. The other problem is that our current system is not a free market system, so costs are artificially inflated out of proportion to actual value. The way to run against Obamacare is not to abandon the field to Democrats and pretend that Republicans need no solution beyond “let them eat cake”. The health care status quo was broken, and the Obamacare plan is not a good fix for it, so it’s high time to hear some better ideas. Otherwise, you know what is going to happen? We’re going to hear for six months about how Obama helped cover your pre-existing conditions and your college-aged kids, and the reply is going to be “death panels!”, and that’s not going to cut it.

  25. Anonymostly says:

    Well, friends, today marks the 150th anniversary of one of the most massive government welfare giveaways in the history of our Republic. Yes, I’m talking about the Homestead Act. Just another big government giveaway. No different, really, from foodstamps or school lunch programs or WIC.

    Well, except that homesteaders actually had to DO something. Like improve the land and live on it for 5 years. Of course, the government NEEDED the land to be farmed and improved. It helped the nation that pioneers were willing to do it because it added the land to the tax roles and put the land to productive use. It was certainly a mutually beneficial arrangement in that sense.

    But, from the “Interested Observer” perspective that anything you get FROM the government is welfare, the Homestead Act would certainly count as welfare. As does the refund from my income tax return. That’s welfare because the government gave it back to me. So, just like my income tax refund, today I’m celebrating the Homestead Act. Thank goodness for welfare, huh?

  26. Lil Mac says:

    Listening to Liberals try to talk about rural matters is like watching The Three Amigos.

    The idiots are trying to get Nebraskans to dislike rancher Fischer for her grazing permit. That is trying get Black voters to stop supporting Obama’s White half. This is the Beef State, you idiots!

    The voters with most reason to dislike Fischer’s grazing permit are ranchers and rurals who came out in droves to support Fischer against city boys. Good luck getting the metro plumber’s union all in a tizzy over ranching matters. Hell, everybody wants to see a cowgirl kick a Navy SEAL’s ass.

    And so what’s next?

    Bob Kerrey quit running for President after coming in 3rd in NH and 4th in CO. He just stopped. And now he’s back here trying to re-marry an old Senate job that he also quit. I don’t suppose he’s going to drop out of this race but you never know with a guy they call “cosmic”. If his numbers don’t climb, we might see him walk-not-run the rest of this race from a latte stand in Manhattan.

  27. Anonymostly says:

    Lil Mac, it’s kinda funny how the libs try to disparage Sarah Palin by saying she’s a quitter. Of course, other than resigning as Alaska Gov, I’m really not sure what they say she’s quit. And, in fairness, Palin didn’t quit so much as she was driven from power by libs in Alaska who filed a buttload of frivolous ethics complaints that she had to defend herself against. But let’s indulge the “Palin as quitter” fiction for the sake of argument. If quitting is truly a trait for Democrats to despise, then Kerrey is a curious choice for them to back in this election, is he not?

  28. Macdaddy says:

    Some Thoughts, unfounded people going to the ER add 2% to the cost of health care. Medical liability adds 12%. What was missing from Obamacare? Any sort of tort reform whatsoever. Obamacare was never about increasing access to care, holding down costs, or improving care. It was a great big government power grab over the most personal part of your life. The feminazis keep hollering to “keep your laws off my body,” except when it comes to anything else but abortion.

  29. paula says:

    is everyone cool with Deb’s hundred of thousands she received in government subsidies for her ranch? In addition to the grazing permits?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Paula makes a good point. So many on this blog want reality to fit their ideology when facts easily contradict them. Use the Google. it’s not that hard.

  31. Anonymous says:

    The focus on the VA seems to me inherently contradictory. On one hand, several observers deride the care provided by the VA as some of the worst in the country and claims that this is an indictment of government healthcare. Yet they freely admit that these physicians and nurses are some of the lowest paid in the country.

    At the same time they spew this bile, Congressional Republicans continually fight any increase in funding to the VA and deride it as government run healthcare. Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

    “Republicans in this country have the greatest campaign strategy of all times. The run each election on the premise that government is ineffective. Then when they are the party in power, they prove it.”

    On a side note, there were nearly 400 Republican amendments to the PPACA. On policy level, everyone was heavily involved with the formation of this bill. However, it would have been impossible to give Barack Obama that kind of political victory, so we were left with a debate centered around “government takeovers” and “death panels.” It was only 4 years ago that everyone in this country agreed that something needed to be done about our healthcare system. How quickly Republicans set aside the welfare of the general public to pursue partisan rancor and score cheap political points.

    @Macdaddy – You should really provide some kind of reference for those statistics. Every study I have seen actually shows the opposite.

    Moreover, no one has yet addressed the fact that major insurance companies were turning record profits, during a recession, while premiums rose at several times the rate of inflation.

  32. RWP says:

    At the same time they spew this bile, Congressional Republicans continually fight any increase in funding to the VA and deride it as government run healthcare.

    The unexamined premise here is that if something sucks, and you throw more money at it, it won’t suck any more. Despite a million counterexamples, Democrats continue to believe in the premise. The best funded school districts in the country are among the worst performing. The states with the highest tax rates often have the worst infrastructure. And so on. Dems don’t need no steenkin data.

    A high fraction of the largest insurance companies in the country are mutuals, and don’t make a profit. But why let facts get in the way of a good anti-free-market rant?

  33. @ RWP says:

    I will never advocate “just throwing money” at a problem. However, when the issues with the VA center around not having enough doctors to provide care, and when the recruitment problems are largely due to some of the lowest salaries in the medical field, I think that additional funding here would greatly alleviate the problems.

    A similar flawed premise continues to be utilized by Republicans. Never fund anything, because all spending is wasteful spending. Until we can get past the notion that policy questions are all zero-sum, we will never get anything done in this country. Our leaders need to get back to the idea that public policy should not be debated as stark black and white conclusions, but is, in fact, always shades of grey.

  34. @ RWP says:

    Also, I support free markets in the same way Adam Smith supports free markets. But if you believe monopolistic/oligopolistic system that exists with health insurance in this country leads to competition, you should reread the Wealth of Nations.

  35. RWP says:

    Well, then, if you agree that reduce the (largely governmental) forces that push health care towards oligopoly are the problem, then you have an obvious route to improved health care. Wait, isn’t that what the GOP has been saying?

    This is a far better idea than ramping up governmental control, which is what PPACA does.

  36. Govt give aways are ok, if white conservatives only get them. The conservative red desert of Nebraska owes its existence to one of the biggest govt give aways in the history of this nation, the homestead act.

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